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1 Depression

It's like being out at sea, with nothing around you but endless water, and you try to keep your head above water, and for a while it works, but without rest staying afloat gets tiring, and eventually you can't take it anymore, so you go under, but the moment you try and come back up a wave washes over you and pulls you back under. Keeping concious no longer seems like a good option, and all you want to do is stop fighting, but your body won't stop. No matter how hard you try, you're stuck in this endless cycle of misery.

Depression is nothing. By that, I mean LITERALLY nothing. You feel nothing, you see nothing, you hear nothing. Nothing seems the same anymore.

Definitely, 100%, no doubt from me, loneliness is absolutely NOTHING compared to it.

This sums up about everything. Loneliness, fear, sadness, anxiety, paranoia. Etc. it fees worse than ACTUAL pain. My mom calls me w crybaby when I have a meltdown. And then she makes me go to school crying. It hurts.

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2 Fear

Yes it sucks when your afraid of something, I remember when I am scared about something it feels the worst - flaggy0666

The basis for all insecurities and also is everyone's biggest bully. The start to hopelessness. - Gminus

Your not afraid of anything your afraid of what is going to happen next

Not even being alone is this bad.

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3 Loneliness

Humans are a social species. No matter how extroverted or introverted you are, everyone needs human connections and love. If a person doesn't get those basic needs, don't expect that individual to feel very content or proud of their life.

I have passed the stages of my fear of death finally but now I'm dealing with an even bigger problem. Loneliness. I'm really scared of leaving my loved ones behind. Does anyone know how to help this

One of the worst feeling but make you strengthen: "When you have a big family & friend circle at your home town but still you stay alone and miss them in all the occasions at there"

It's the hardest thing to see others with friends and family and u sit wishing you had one friend that you can trust and talk to

4 Helplessness

You throw everything you got at it or them and there's nothing you can do about it. Pull every trick up your sleeves, in your pocket, sacrifice an arm and a leg and even your heart and soul... and yet your efforts are in vain.

5 Stress
6 Heartbreak

You are very complicated. And no... I don't know anything. But I'm glad you replied and I hope that you didn't regret it because nobody can harm you here. I think that certain people miss you, you should come back in The Top Tens and you shouldn't feel insecurity about the impressions you left. Impressions are not all the truth after all, and I think that we all people are insecure more or less. You don't have to be personal and give any kind of explanation. I think that I kind of understand now. Take your time if that makes you feel less stressed and try to make it easy on yourself. Don't feel threatened please. It's important not to feel this way. Take care and be well. Give it a chance.

It is the worst feeling; it's an intense physical pain. It actually feels as though your heart is splitting in two. And the numbness... The crying... The memories... The longing... Even if you know it's for the best; letting someone go is awful. Saying goodbye... It hurts like nothing else you can imagine.

Today I was rejected by my crush

Like when I found out 1, that my friend has a crush on the same person and said to me: You can have that other crush of yours(who I don't like anymore)but this one's mine. And 2, that he likes someone else

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7 Paranoia

The most fearing feeling ever - Gminus

8 Anxiety

It's true :(
I have a big anxiety disorder and trust me nothing's worse, especially when your just a little kid like me and you can barely live up your life because the voices in your head are telling you what bad things will happen to you :(

9 Guilt

That horrible guilty feeling when you feel like something is eating at you throat. Can make me feel sick for days!

It's annoying that I feel guilty even for doing something I shouldn't feel guilty about at all - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I know this feeling. It makes a me feel sick for hours!

Been there done that

10 Unrequited Love

It can go either way so long as the feelings are one sided. I've loved her my whole life and this has caused her to hate me and distance herself from me. This probably shouldn't be as high as depression, but it's a horrible feeling you can do nothing about.

This is really one of the worst feelings, knowing someone will not be with you yet you're so obsessed with that person, who will eventually be with someone else, and someone else will get to have your crush in their life, but not you.

Does that mean that someone likes you but you don't want them to? If so, then that's just sad

From their point of view

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11 Being Hated
12 Emptiness

The god show me the path of Emptiness, without expresion..1.there's no trouble come near to me 2.i bored about tear or cry when someone bully me..the Emptiness is my friend now

13 Embarrassment
14 Regret

Especially when you would do anything to make things right and cannot due to circumstances.

I think It's the worst feeling, You think and then you feel sad - because you think you shouldn't have done that. - Ananya

I don't know why, but I feel regret over almost anything I do for no particular reason... - FireWasp2004

15 Anger
16 Pain

Pain is when you love someone deeply and you know you can't have them for millions of reasons and you know they like someone who doesn't love them and u know there's someone in love with you but you feel bad for them because they're going through what you are going but stay strong

17 Shyness

Dream destroyer, is one of the reason I'm lonely (shyness is holding me back from doing everything, which includes making friends), makes me look weak, makes me fail, etc. You may think shyness is the best trait in the world because it's "cute" (yeah, a trait that NEARLY completely destroyed my dreams of becoming famous, how cute! ). To me, my shyness is one of my worst enemies - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Shyness is the root of heartbreak. Can't get the girl because I'm too shy so I sit here brokenhearted, wondering how much simpler life would be in first-world culture if I was able to speak my mind with no internal force holding me back every time. - Dorito

Oh... Shyness can be crippling. Things you so desperatly want to say but can't. People think you're aloof or anti-social when that couldn't be further from the truth. I feel for you, anonymous because I can relate to everything you're trying to say. You are not alone, my friend : )

Same with messing up and sounding stupid because of how shy you are

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18 Jealousy


19 Bitterness
20 Not Being Good Enough
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