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41 The Secret Life Of Pets Haters

Ummm no, secret life of pets lovers suck. They always don't respect your opinion. If you like this movie & respect opinions, your cool.

42 GoAnimate Haters
43 Human Haters
44 Animal Haters
45 Islam Haters
46 Canada Haters
47 Creepypasta Haters

Drives me nuts one of my friends has never even heard of CreepyPasta but when my other friend and I are talking about it and she wants our attention she starts saying how bad it is but yet 10 minutes later she's talking about how much she loves it I mean COME ON u don't even READ CREEPYPASTA One day I said hi to her and she responded this way" NO! I'm not in the mood for CreepyPasta today so don't even try it " Yet at lunch SHE was the one who brought it up

Creepypasta has never given me nightmares but my brother hates it because I showed him a pic of jeff (he is 11) he now sleeps with a night light because he thinks jeff and laughing jack are going to kill him. I find it amuseing

Well, the most famous stories are badly written, but that doesn't mean that all of the stories are poorly written, contrived garbage. I don't think all Creepypastas are bad just because of Jeff the Killer. After all, I love The Showers.

Its because you guys have way too many Nightmares.

Actually, it may not just be because they have nightmares. They might at one point actually really liked CreepyPasta, but someone they knew really just ruined it for them. I know these two girls that have been pretty close to me for along time, but about 2 years ago I introduced them to CreepyPasta. However, they think that an Eyeless Jack Role Play account on Facebook is REAL, and make up stories about how their Slenders proxies like Masky and Hoodie. Well, now they say things like they're dating the killers, or that they see them a whole lot, hell, they even make unnecessary drama when they "think" that the Pastas "fight". The worse part is, I think they really believe it. I started to have a strong disliking for Jeff the Killer after one of them said they had a kid with him and that the daughter "died". Yeah, she's on like 14 or 15, and way to young to have a kid. It'd be impossible, she never even looked swollen to have a kid in her womb. It's funny, ...more

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48 Star Wars Original Trilogy Haters

These haters just need to shut up

Don't know if you refer 2 haye towards the OT bu the hate some OT fans show to the PT is sickening they need to get a life and move on.

49 Animal Jam Haters

People get mad that there are too many rules it's a kid game - lbelle0527

50 Five Nights At Freddy's Haters

They do get really annoying. If you hate the game and think it's dumb, I respect your opinion, but when you keep whining about it it get's really frustrating. People complain there are no weapons like other survival horror games, but guess what? That makes it scarier. You feel helpless and vulnerable, and an impending feeling of doom overwhelms you. I do agree the game can get repetitive, and it is flawed, but I still love it. If you hate it, I encourage you to express your opinion, but don't around offending the fans. They have feelings too.

I had a really nice friend who liked Five Nights at Freddy's but got bullied because he said that he liked it to some people and killed himself because of people telling him to die because of it, I really miss him.

I don't like this game because it scared me once it is not a game for me but other people like it so - lbelle0527

It's awesome!

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51 Cat Haters

Hating on an animal seriously? Why?

How can you hate an adorable animal who gives so much love in return ( cats loves and respect their " owners " ). It's common knowledge that there are doglovers and catlovers. I don't like dogs as a companion but I don't hate them.

People who hate cats very rarely give valid reasons for it and they are always dog people, it's never the other way around always dog people hating on cats and they are always:



close minded


That's about a cat haters personality in a nutshell. (ok maybe some good traits but still they always have these three traits when someone ignorantly hates cats)

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52 The Force Awakens Haters
53 Mario Haters

Oh Come on! Mario games are Fun Bitches!

54 Windows 7 Haters
55 Earthbound Haters
56 Haters That Hate Everything

Should be number 1 as they will not let people like something although their are rabid fans that have no reason to hate on something other than to be jerks.

Haters that hate everything are egoists. They like only themselves.



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57 Rainbow Dash Haters
58 X-Men Haters V 2 Comments
59 Genwunners

They hate all the other Pokémon generations except for one!

They are so obnoxious. I saw them hate on the new Pokemon movie where they do a retelling on when Ash first started his journey because "It doesn't 100% fit the original"

They are never satisfied. Even with all of the nostalgia fan service gamefreak has been throwing at them throughout the years. - Rue

60 Nostalgia Critic Haters

He mentioned Flight of the Navigator in one of his videos and gave it a positive review, so I love him. - RockFashionista

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