Top Ten Worst "Isms"


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1 Racism


Nature’s play shouldn't be the cause of color discrimination.

2 Sexism
3 Homophobicism

Don't we normally call this homophobia? - PositronWildhawk

It's called "homophobia", - Swellow

4 Ageism
5 Feminism

Sadly have strayed totally from the original, noble views. Switch to the word "egalitarianism" if this is what you want to achieve in society, and to every feminist who are truly sexist bigots with inproper education in what they speak in disguise as people who want something better for society, I tell you all: End your existence or change your mind, for you set back society thousands of years. More than one year each year.

I have nothing against feminists that actually want gender equality. I just hate the ones that act all superior over men and are against video games just because of how women are depicted in them. The worst thing I could imagine are feminists who hate anime simply because of how women are depicted in them despite there being a lot of strong female anime characters. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It's pathetic.

I think you mean feminaziism. Unless you don't want equal rights. - IronSabbathPriest

6 Weightism
7 Religionism
8 Poorism
9 Gingerism

Gingers are no different from other people. If people are going to judge them because of the "red head is evil" crap, well... - Swellow

10 Nazism

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11 Ismism

What does ismism mean? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

12 Accentism

I doubt the so-called "gay accent" actually exists. - Swellow

I am very well spoken and because of this, I get called a snob or Rich Bitch. I am neither. A person's accent shouldn't define who they are. - Britgirl

13 Capitalism

Capitalism kills over 25 million each year and has a kill count of over 2 billion, yet they complain over communism because the poor soviets had a drought.

Capitalism causes greed. In today's world, so much of the war, famine, inequality, etc that many people face today is due to the greed of the wealthy.

How could anyone think that capitalism should not be on the list.

14 Communism

Communists are losers who can't compete in the real world and need oppressive central government to create artificial "equality."

Only to the ignorant reactionaries and the bourgeoisie, it is... - DieGedankenSindFrei

15 Gangsterism
16 Animalism

This is even worse than racism

Animal ferm

17 Genderfluidism
18 Terrorism
19 Anti-Semitism
20 Theism
21 Islamism
22 Carnism
23 Plagiarism
24 Fascism
25 Heterophobism

I don't believe this exists, not as a real 'ism' but I was once called a "homophobe" when I told a lesbian I'm straight. "You're a homophobe because you're 'straight', meaning I'm 'bent'" I sloped off at that point. She was probably still ranting when I got home. - Britgirl

26 Transgenderism
27 Hedonism
28 Nihilism
29 Misotheism
30 Maltheism
31 Creationism
32 Fetishism
33 Nationalism
34 Satanism
35 Speciesism
36 Animism
37 Totalitarianism
38 Infantilism
39 Autism

Why is this on here? - Cyri

40 Paraphilic Infantilism
41 Americanism
42 Transhumanism
43 Abrahamism

Yeah... Non-Abrahamic religions are way better.

44 Vandalism
45 Jaredism
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1. Racism
2. Sexism
3. Homophobicism


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