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1 Sleep

This is by far the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my life. IT DOES NOTHING. It is the perfect ability for Kirby pedos who are waiting to ATTACK poor innocent Kirby when he's sleeping! And what are you supposed to do when a waddle DEE comes up and kills you? A waddle DEE! Waddle DEE! Who would want to be killed by an enemy that simply walks around naked?! I beseech you; don't copy this ability because you WILL regret it. I'm lucky that I haven't been killed while using it yet... - Qadzooks

I agree! Sleep ability needs to be replaced by something, like triple slash. - GigaDrill

I don't even know what the crap this is supposed to do for you. all I see is Kirby goes to sleep and then... Nothing. don't even copy this. just spit the stupid thing out as a star. its much more effective - llamabaconllama37

What even is the point of this ability? Did they put it there to troll players? I'm that type of person that wants to get things done, and this ability just wastes my pink puffball time.

Why did they even bother coming up with the idea of laying there doing nothing.

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2 Copy

Boring. Kirby can already do it so what is the point (aside in milky way wishes)

"Kirby copies abilities. why should he need a copy ability that copies copy abilities? It has the Coolest look in all the copy abilities, tough, and the helper is great, but nothing' else

Even the fact that Kirby can copy things doesn't really matter. Kirby should stop copying abilities and instead fight with his Robobot Armor. Hal Laboratory is unable to accept small changes like this because they worry they'll lose their tiny fanbase of 7 year olds who don't know how to write a long game review yet. - GigaDrill

This is the worst ability. It's worse than Sleep, because Sleep is cute and a joke ability.


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3 Cupid

Only really required once in squeak squad.

Really babyish, and not that strong - GigaDrill

It is good but, It is annoying how other kirbies have the cupid ability in Amazing Mirror

4 Wing

This can actually be really helpful in some ways like if your flying you can shoot at enemies above your head

Most attacks are boring I only used it in gourmet race.

Actually a pretty good ability, fast, swift and very effective. - GigaDrill

The Wing ability makes you look like an Indian that can fly.

5 Jet

Really hard to control and its just for flying faster anyway.

Why is this so high? Jet is a great ability. - Garythesnail

Jet demolishes bosses, though... - mattstat716

Used to hate this one but now like it. The jet enemy looks more like a real enemy than some cartoonish thingy, and it goes fast. - GigaDrill

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6 Metal

You go SO SLOW UGH. but not the worst.

You're not even completely invincible! And floating is just a nightmare. - Garythesnail

Slower version of stone!

too slow

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7 Mini

Just used for gaps. No attacks.

Bland! - GigaDrill


8 Parasol

The only thing you need that umbrella for is when it's raining and it almost never rains in Kirby games so this umbrella is useless!

Parasol is amazing because you can float in the air!

I don't agree either. You don't even have to attack and it deals damage.

Only good when in Robobot Mode. - GigaDrill

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9 Suplex

Actually a really neat ability, Suplex can make you beat the daylights out of your enemies - GigaDrill

Backdrop is worse. - mattstat716

Are you crazy once I swallowed buggsy and I became suplex kirby and I was unstoppable

Throw kirby (Suplex kirbh) is useful in the boss of Amazing Mirror's 3rd world. It can be useful for speedrunners for that boss

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10 Melting Ice Block

I can't comment on the others so I'm just going to say it here. The copy copy ability isn't that bad. In fact if Kirby comes back in Death Battle and fans of the other person say "Kirby can't suck them up", then we respond with,"Okay, all he has to do is scan him with either the copy copy ability or the Robobot armor" And then Kirby will have their Powers and be able to improve them and destroy the other person.

Low ranged attack power with a boring looking animation that can only be made by two GOOD abilities? Joy.

There's really no point in ever using this ability, as it has awful range, doesn't look any cool, and is just all around awful.

Kirby 64 Internal 64 Edition (Everything blows up)

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11 Light

This ability is easily the worst. It does nothing if you aren't in the dark, and even in the dark, it is see-able without light!

Not the worst, there are much more useless ones than this, it is helpful in the dark... but it isn't useless!

Sleep Kirby was redeemable in Squeak Squad. Metal Kirby and Ball Kirby can still attack. This ability along with Mini Kirby are the worst two.

Sleep is definitely not the worst ability since you can at least heal with it in Squeak Squad.

Alright, time for my list of Abilities That Should Actually Do Attacks.

MIKE (I'd wish I could bash people with a microphone)
Any others? - mattstat716

12 Ball

One of the STUPIDEST and WORST abilities ever created. Since when does a Pink Ball need an ability to turn into one? And it only works in closed places with no pitfalls...EXTREMELY OBSOLETE

Too hard to use; only use in case of suicide

How are Suplex (base Kirby on stetoids) and Metal (where only bosses and minibosses hurt you) higher on this list than Ball? This is among the worst-controlling abilities in the series in my opinion.

The attaks are imposible

13 Plasma

I love Plasma, but I have to say it is a little OP. - Garythesnail

Its broken and noobs use it. but the problem is you attack by... using the control pad and not the buttons if you have played SS or SSU

... It's spark, and heavily nerfed. - mattstat716

14 Dynamite

The Rock and Bomb combo in Kirby 64. It damages all enemies on the screen, but it can even hurt you if you forget to wear the hard helmet.

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16 Beam

Beam was kinda mediocre until Super Star. Then it got really strong with its new moves. - Garythesnail

What's so bad about beam ability. I am completely used on beam

Beam isn't really that bad, it's Masahiro Sakurai's favorite Copy Ability. But it's cooler in Robobot Mode, though the Robobot beam's moves are a bit too limited. It just shoots out big balls of light. - GigaDrill

17 Mirror

Mirror is an EXCELLENT ability. You just don't guard. Oh, and invincibility frames. - mattstat716

Is it bad I like mirror? D:> - Mariomaster63

Mirror was the best in Kirby Super Star Ultra. - GigaDrill

This is my favorite power! Are you kidding me!

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18 Clean

What's clean? Oh yeah the BROOM!

Because it's a baby ability. :P - GigaDrill

19 Broom
20 Hammer

THIS is a good ability. - Mariomaster63

Because Dedede is the worst Kirby character. - GigaDrill


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