Worst Kirby Copy Abilities

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21 Poison

Actually one of the best ones, you can slide across platforms and spit out huge blobs of purple goo! - GigaDrill

Its not too bad against susie and haltmann

22 Tornado
23 Bubble
24 Refrigerator

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! The food does DAMAGE! (and you get THREE health back if you eat all the food)

Cute, but not that useful unless you have low health

25 Circus

Looks really stupid, and Circus makes you go backwards while doing a jumping stunt. And I HATE clowns! - GigaDrill

It's a finnicky ability. It's cute to look at, but... - mattstat716

It's just really useless and it looks stupid.

26 Cutter

I can only remember one good thing about this ability.

How to be good with cutter

Turn away from enemy
Spam B
Hold up

KILL EVERYTHING. - mattstat716

27 Magic
28 Wheel

Wheelie rider is fine but wheel Kirby isn't.

RoboCar was really neat, and Wheel Kirby is pretty good... - GigaDrill

29 Doctor
30 Esp

If this ability comes from Ness, it should have more moves. - GigaDrill

31 Archer
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