Worst Lists to Make

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1 Top Ten Cities In Vatican

1: Vatican City
2-10: Err... - keyson

2 Top Ten Reasons Why Betting With Pennies Can Lead You to a Big Financial Loss

This will actually be rather entertaining - PositronWildhawk

Umm.. But imagine if I get lucky and earn millions from the pennies I give up for betting. Wow! - Kiteretsunu

3 Top Ten Reasons to Enter an Elevator

Thank you! I'll keep this item in my head for future reference... - Britgirl

I might actually make this - simpsondude

4 Top Ten Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Are Called 'Guinea Pigs'

I want to know why they're called that?

5 Top Ten Reasons to Jump Into a Drain
6 Top Ten Reasons Why Wedding Rings Are Not Made of Mercury
7 Top Ten Things to Find In a Grain of Rice

1. Soy
2. Atoms
3. Electrons
4. Protons
5. Neutrons - mr_crossover27

8 Best Reasons to Be Racist

Mean, with its only use being laughing stock - MChkflaguard_Yt

9 Worst Lists to Make

Every thetoptens list which is about thetoptens lists has to include itself

This is pretty insulting for me - yatharthb

10 Top Ten Reasons Why Two Venus Flytraps Cannot Eat Each Other

That's an interesting concept...

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11 Reasons to Love Anime

Because every single anime is perfect. According to all the biased anime fans that call you biased for not liking something they like

12 Best Things About Justin Bieber
13 Top Ten Reasons to Love Miley Cyrus
14 Reasons Why Eminem Sucks
15 Reasons to Love Justin Bieber
16 Reasons to Hate Zendaya

This list has to be made! - TimeToGoToWorkClockIn

17 Worst Sage the Gemini Songs

All of his songs are AWESOME!

18 Worst Cities in Easterhouse
19 Best Shawn Mendes Songs

If someone ever makes this list, TheTopTens will be messed up. - SelfDestruct

20 Top Ten Lamps

What is so interesting about lamps anyway? There aren't ceartain models of them like cars.

21 Top Ten Worst Things About PositronWildhawk

No one touches my Nizzas inappropriately. If you hit Britgirl, TurkeyAsylum, Pulga, Gem, and HyperRabdomDud3 (right? ), then I'll go caps girl on y'all!

22 Top Ten Schools

School is so gay, that even gay people think it's gay!

23 Top Ten Reasons Why This List is Lame
24 Top Ten Reasons Why People Are Gross

Ew, they're not gross at all! I think the gals (that're hot like Nicki) are especially good.

25 Top Ten Sexualities

No sexuality is better than the other, as long as you're gay in a good way and not in a bad way!

Ew, it doesn't matter what sexuality you are, as long as you are gay in a good way and not in a bad way!

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