Top Ten Worst Moments In Simpsons Episodes

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1 Wiggum Telling Bart to Commit Suicide (The Boys of Bummer)

My god I hate that Fat ass cop. he is a sad excuse for a cop!

At least LaBoot tried. By the way Boys of Bummer sucks so hard it made it more than once on the list. - Gollum

Chief Woggum has always hilariously failed at being a cop (taking cash bribes, wanting pretzels when the Simpson House exploded with beer, etc.) But Bart. A TEN YEAR OLD KID IS ABOUT TO ATTEMPT SUICIDE! CHIEF WIGGUM ENCOURAGES HIM! Stupid ass. At least Joe LaBoot tried. - Gollum

2 Bart Attempting to Commit Suicide (The Boys of Bummer)
3 Everyone Being a Stupid Jerk to Bart (The Boys of Bummer)

This is like, the third time that a moment from this episode made it on this list. RALPH Wiggum would make a better cop.

Yeah, but the episode puts them in the wrong for it. - Puga

4 Homer Trying to Poison His Muslim Neighbors (Mypods and Boomsticks)
5 Ned Arguing With Apu About Religion (Midnight RX)
6 Ned Getting Homer, Apu, and Himself In Trouble (Midnight RX)

Diddles Ned, I thought you were a nice guy. Really uncool of you

7 Homer Being Rude to Marge (A Streetcar Named Marge)
8 Marge Beating Up Everyone At The Bar (The Strong Hands of the Ma)
9 Kids Bullying Lisa (Lisa Goes Gaga)

You are just as bay as your parents.

You get mad over fictional bullying? - gemcloben

10 Nelson's Mom Being Mean to Nelson (Sleeping With the Enemy)

The Contenders

11 Homer Getting Raped By a Panda (Homer vs. Dignity)

Panda raped Homer? Was it someone in a costume like Homer.

12 Mr. Burns Torturing and Annoying Santa's Little Helper (Dog of Death)
13 Lady Gaga Kisses Marge (Lisa Goes Gaga)

Is this encourageing gay couples this should be higer - epictoonsfan1

14 Ke$ha's Tik Tok Being Used as an Opening to To Surveil with Love (To Surveil with Love)
15 Moe Attempting to Commit Suicide (Whiskey Business, Moe Baby Blues, Season 14 Treehouse of Horror, etc.)
16 Lisa Rejects A Cat Because it Had an Infected Eye (I Annoyed Grunt Bot)
17 Ralph Getting Beat Up Twice in the Same Episode (Girls Just Want to Have Sums)
18 Lisa's Stick (On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister)
19 Homer's Face Melting Before Saying "Now How About A Hug?" (Big Brother From The Same Planet)
20 The Bar Rag Tells His Story (Moe Goes From Rags To Riches)
21 Calling Judas Priest "Death Metal" (Steal This Episode)

I'm not a huge fan of metal but even I don't see Judas Priest as death metal.

22 Ned Flanders Flipping out (Hurricane Neddy)
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1. Wiggum Telling Bart to Commit Suicide (The Boys of Bummer)
2. Bart Attempting to Commit Suicide (The Boys of Bummer)
3. Everyone Being a Stupid Jerk to Bart (The Boys of Bummer)


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