Worst My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Episodes

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1 Putting Your Hoof Down

I absolutely loathed this episode. Easily my least favorite of season 2. Mysterious Mare Do Well was bad, don't get me wrong, but this was beyond aggravating. Don't get me started with Angel abusing Fluttershy. At one point she kicks her out of her own house! Almost all of the background ponies here are turned into complete jerks! Fluttershy loses all logic while she's in assertive mode in the second part and the first few minutes of the third part. At one point she kicks the garbage wagons, getting the two ponies covered in trash, instead of flying over them! But the absolute worst part was when Fluttershy completely chews out two of her closet friends, Rarity and Pinkie Pie, verbally! Then, they just forgive her and put the blame on Iron Will instead! This was irritating to watch! UGH! Only season 5's What About Discord is worse than this. I am never watching this episode again. - TexasBro93

OH MY GOSH! WHERE DO I BEGIN WITH THIS AWFUL EPISODE! What kind of bossy pet is Angel? Poor Flutter shy gets the ingredients at the store, everyone was an idiot and boom! She makes it with no cherry! NO CHERRY? Angel calm down it is just a stupid cherry! There is no reason for you to beat her up and make her leave her house! Then comes Iron Will... The ugliest snob ever. Turning nice personality ponies into BAD BAD IDIOTS! After, she goes around insulting everyone, including Pinkie and Rarity! The worst part is she insults and yells at them. OH. MY. GOSH. THIS. IS. THE. WORST. PART. EVER! Flutter shy realizes she is the monster. Oh don't be sad Flutter shy, it's not your fault, it's Iron Will's. Who agrees with me that this is a horrible episode?

Putting your hoof down is the most mean-spirited episode. First Fluttershy gets abused by angel bunny, and he gets no punishment. The market ponies are also cruel, and when Fluttershy can't get a cherry angel throws her out of her house. Then we meet Iron will who gives her bad advice about how to deal with being a pushover. The worst part is when Fluttershy tells Rarity and Pinkie that their life's are pointless. There is nothing positive about this episode, is even worse than The mysterious mare do well for being more cruel and have nothing funny or enjoyable about it.

Of all the characters who would do this, nobody comes to mind. Sure, sometimes the Mane Six are out of their element, but this is so much worse than corrupted Fluttershy in Return of Harmony, and that was intended to be them completely betraying their elements.

Everybody hates on Mare Do Well, buy nobody in that episode verbally assassinated two of her or his closest friends.

I can't find anything in this episode that would make me want to watch it again. Even Mare Do Well had its moments, mostly the Rainbow Dash Fan Club, aka Bronycon. Boast Busters had Twilight showing amazing magic, and it led up to Magic Duel.

Tell me this is better than Mare Do Well and have a strong belief of that statement.

2 28 Pranks Later

This episode is just a 22 minute fight to see who can be the most unlikable. I wasn't rooting for anybody by the end! Yeah, some of Rainbow's pranks were very mean-spirited (I'm looking at you, brick sandwich), but others like the sewing machine cake were harmless and funny, but everyone reacted just as negatively, which makes them look uptight and petty.

The townsfolk took it REALLY far in response. I mean, making someone think they made an entire town sick, possibly without a known cure? So you'd think I'd end up feeling sorry for Rainbow? But she continues to try and justify the prank by saying "it was supposed to be funny" until literally a second before the town reveal they were pranking her.

The entire ending just screamed "Status Quo Is God" cliche with that forced laughter from everyone, and I can't believe how patronizing Rainbow's apology scene felt, even for a kids' show. I don't know if the writers think Rainbow is a bit dense or the ...more

Am I the only one that doesn't mind how rude Rainbow Dash was at the beginning of the episode, or how mean spirited it was to Rainbow Dash later on? I don't dislike this episode for being man spirited or anything, I dislike it because the episode is BORING. Seriously, the fact that it is so boring, and nothing happens should be the reason why this episode gets hated, not for being "mean spirited". - scienceLover10

Honestly, this episode deserves more hate than the Starlight episodes, and this is coming from a Starlight defender. Yep, you can get angry at me all you want, but this was one of the worst written episodes in the whole series. They butchered pretty much everyone's character here, Rainbow Dash's pranks were mostly mean-spirited, and worst of all, Rarity actually encouraged Rainbow Dash to put more effort into her pranks instead of just stopping. Even the pranks I thought were actually funny weren't funny to Rarity or Applejack, apparently. Oh! And don't even get me started about the opening where Rainbow Dash completely forgot that Fluttershy is sensitive to pranks. Sorry zombie fans, the zombie apocalypse scene may have been fun for a while, but it gets old quickly. This episode belonged in season 1.

Honestly, after being a fan for this show for 5 years, never have I been more upset of an episode than this one. Which is weird because I originally thought this episode was gonna be just a sequel to "Griffon The Brush Off' where Rainbow Dash just pranks everypony and then there would be zombies. But as soon as I started watching this, I lost faith in Rainbow Dash as a character and a friend. All of her pranks would either go from harmless or just plain cruel, starting off with scaring Fluttershy, which Pinkie told her not to do back in season 1. Also, the zombie part was just disappointing because they look nothing like zombies. I know it's suppose to be a kids show and they would never go that route of showing guts or blood, but when they're presented as zombies, it's just uninteresting. And the moral was completely pointless, because after all the things that Rainbow did, she doesn't deserve to learn anything because she's was just being selfish and unkind to not just her friends, ...more

3 The Mysterious Mare Do Well

I honestly done see where people got party of one, fall weather friends, Sweet and Elite, Too Many Pinkie Pies, Magical Mystery Cure, and May the Best Pet Win from, those episodes are truly amazing and build upon characters. They are written accurately and make sense with the show! On the other hand... The Mysterious Mare Do Well is awful and stupid. Nothing makes sense and everyone is horrible here, they forced rainbow dash to learn the lesson that she didn't even really need to learn in the first place. A story with a narrative like this should have been given to Rarity.

OK- after rethinking things, here's what I think:

This episode is terrible because it's completely mean-spirited, and it's a pathetic attempt to ruin the fan-favorite that is Rainbow Dash. Here's what should have been done:

-Mare-Do-Well should have been some other heroic pony on the scene that tries to take Dash's spot as the town's biggest hero.

-The Mane Six should have shut up, because when you save someone's life, you have every right to brag. You've earned it. It's not like a walk-off homer in the bottom of the ninth. In this case, you can completely say truthfully," If it weren't for me, this person would be dead."

-If Rainbow Dash was feeling as depressed as she was, it should NOT be at the hands of her own friends.

-Twilight should have sat down, kept calm, and TALKED it out with Rainbow Dash.

Here's what The Mane 6 did:

-Bragged about themselves like hypocrites

-Nearly got Rainbow Dash killed

-Drove ...more

So, I'm supposed to dislike Rainbow Dash for bragging a little because she saved someone's life? What!? Cause that's apparently what the writers think I should feel. Rainbow Dash was just punished by her closest friends for no good reason, and the only thing I can feel throughout this episode is pity and rage. I feel bad for Rainbow Dash, and am angry at the writers for thinking this was a good idea. This and 28 Pranks Later are without a doubt the most revolting, mean spirited, piles of garbage the writers have ever created.

I don't really HATE this one. It isn't good, it's a little bad, but it's not AWFUL, like SpongeBob's "One Coarse Meal", Fairly Oddparents'
"Fairly Odd-Pet", Sanjay and Craig's "Fart Baby", or Family Guy's "Screams of Silence".
The humor is pretty good, but a little short on timing, everything else is average, but to put it all on Rainbow Dash is just unfair. This episode got its priorities mixed up. Rainbow Dash should be able to get a little arrogant if she wants to; it's who she is, and she's got every right to do it, considering she's saved a
crud-ton of lives. The other Mane 6 should have sat down, stayed calm, and had a talk, and not upstage her to the point where everyone forgets about her and she gets depressed. Instead, they almost get her KILLED to try and teach her a lesson that she doesn't need, they brag about themselves (which wasn't revealed to be them yet) when Rainbow's clearly upset, and they make HER seem like the bad person here. I don't hate this one, but ...more

4 Dragon Quest

So what this episode was basically saying is that all dragons are naturally pig headed greedy bullies and Spike is better than them because he is more like ponies and not other dragons. Totally not speciest at all!

I Have No Idea Why Dragon Quest Isn't Number One, honestly Who's Going To Sit Through This Monstrosity Again? First Of All The Plot Is Predictable Spike Is Obviously Going To Return To Ponyville, Second Fluttershy Doesn't Want To Pay Back Rainbow Dash, So She Kicks Her On The Floor And Leaves Without Mercy, Third, The Dragons Are All Stereotypical Teenage Bullies, That's Quite Offensive, Fourth "The Fight Scene" When Twilight, Rainbow Dash, And Rarity Reveal Themselves Ready To Defend Spike and Peewee, It's Like "Oh My Gosh! The Best Flyer, The Best Magical Unicorn, And The Drama Queen, Are About To Fight Three Guys Who Were Outsmarted By Three Baby Phoenixes" But No Spike Just Said "RUN AWAY" And That's all It Took For Them To Do That! " SERIOUSLY!?! They Could Have Taken Them Easily!, Again The Show Judges Them Based On Their Appearance, Again Stereotypical and Offensive, This Episode Ends With a Cliche Moral And Sad Fans Who Will Never Watch This Episode Again, It's Worse Then ...more

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic May Be Targeted For Girls, So It Makes Sense For The Show To 6 Strong Female Leads as The Main Characters.

However, That Doesn't Mean The Show Should Completely Downgrade Every Male Character, To Be Portrayed as An Idiot, Bully, or Unhelpful Background Character.

Garble and His Friends are No Acception, They Literally Represent Brute Jerky Adolescent Males Putting a Bad Influence on A Character Who's Gotten GOOD Advice From Females.

Even If Bronies Weren't A Thing, This STILL Wouldn't Be a Good Thing To Teach Little Girls Watching, If This Show Teaches Lessons About Harmony and Friendship, Shouldn't They Equalize BOTH Genders?

Three quotes can show how horrendous this episode is...
"'I don't act like other dragons? '"
"'Oh, not even close.'"
"'But why would you want to, Spike? '"

1) The main six show no respect for Spike and are in the right 2) "All dragons are bad, all ponies are good"
3) Rainbow Dash gets beaten up by Fluttershy 4) Flanderization 5) "One group represents a whole" 6) "Dragons are too rare to study" 7) Cruelty to Spike 8) Filler 9) Predictable Plot 10) "Boys<Girls" "Teenagers<Adults"

Cringe-Inducing Audio: 0
Cringe-Inducing Visuals: 0
Lackluster Writing: 6
Annoyance: 6
Disturbing Content (Out of Place): 2
Unnecessary Cruelty: 5
Rancid Morals: 4
Low Production Values: 0
Unfortunate Implications: 10
Character Derailment: 9

Animated Atrocity Points: 42/100

How is this NOT the most hated episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?!

5 The Last Problem

Since the entire final season beforehand has given Twilight the biggest role in Equestria that makes her worry so much, you'd think it'd all go logically well to see how it all makes sense now, right? Well, if you ask me, you'd be wrong. Instead of spreading all of what's revealed here from the beginning of the season, we're given a bunch of unnecessary SHOEHORNS worth of plot points put in out of nowhere at the VERY LAST SECOND! Everything wrong with this catastrophic disaster of a series finale feels so rushed that apparently no one had time to think, “Hey, maybe we should do an entire rewrite on the finale itself... or on the final season as a whole! ”

I'll just say: Worst Cartoon Finale EVER!

The design they made for older Spike in this episode is horrendous! Nor does it make any sense because he's supposed to be younger than Smolder in the show. Yet here they made him suddenly for no apparent reason look like he aged over twice her post time skip age in the future!?

Twilight's new design is laughably bad. It's basically just a re-color of Celestia.

6 A Trivial Pursuit

Literally, Twilight has THE worst character development in Season 9, and this episode certainly doesn't help as she's literally a selfish idiot in every sense of the way throughout!

What was the message of this episode again? Oh yeah! "If you bully your friends, then they'll always be there to help you." What a horrid thing to teach to little girls!

The comedy also sucks in this episode. Tell an actual joke instead of having a character make a bunch of creepy and uncanny faces.

I really hate this episode, the only 2 reasons is Twilight making all those stupid creepy faces and her becoming a massively unholy cheating idiot!

7 One Bad Apple

This is an episode that knows what it wants to do, but it has absolutely no idea how to do it. It seems to want to teach two morals, and it fails miserably at both.

First, there's the moral that two wrongs don't make a right. Well, if that's the case, then why did Babs get off scot free for bullying the CMC? And don't say it was because she was being bullied back at home because 1) the CMC technically have the same excuse, and 2) Babs was shown to take things even further than DT or SS without their influence. Babs' background explains her actions, but it in no way excuses them, which is not a sentiment that the episode shares.

Then there's the moral that if someone is bullying you, you should tell someone about it instead of fight back. Okay, fair enough, but here's my question: what if that doesn't work? What if the adults don't believe you, thus leaving you helpless, or what if the bully decides to retaliate again because you were a snitch? Sometimes standing up to a ...more

Finally, someone who hates this episode!

Babs seed made me so angry the first 20 minutes of the episode.

Let's list some common cliche's: 1.) Episode introduces a one-shot villain (Babs Seed); 2.) Viewers will hate that character throughout the episode; 3.) They will just quickly reform by the end of the episode; and 4.) By the next appearance (Bloom and Gloom), they will suddenly just be forgiven! It is just an repetitive formula used to poorly reform those types of characters. And in case you didn't know, Lauren Faust hates the idea of redeeming villains!

8 Yakity-Sax

What was the moral of this episode again? Oh right, encourage someone to do something that makes them happy even if that something is making everyone else miserable. Also, Pinkie has never overreacted to this degree! She's never actually started to lose her color! This is so stupid and makes Pinkie look really selfish. The only saving grace this episode had was the scene where the main 6 minus Pinkie ask Maud where Pinkie went, but even then the episode is still the worst I can think of off the top of my head.

It's official: Every single episode with Yak involvement in any shape or form is awful. And why can't Pinkie play a bagpipe? She was a one-pony-band in Swarm of the Century (S1), with lots of instruments to blow into, and she was amazing at it! Why not make it a guitar? Pinkie seemed to be inexperienced with that, as seen in Honest Apple (S7).

What was even the moral of this episode? Here's how I would've written it: Pinkie is actually awesome at playing the instrument, like Busindre Reel awesome! The Yaks don't like it, because they never like anything new and different from their traditions. Now Pinkie desperately tries to show the conservative Yaks that music can build bridges by showing them that their instrument is capable of bringing joy to all races if a beautiful song is played on it. At least that's a moral I can get behind...

Add "naming this episode after one of the best pieces of sax music" to the list of everything wrong with this episode. Seriously, THIS is how we end the hiatus?

9 The Last Crusade

The implications of Scootaloo's parents being child neglecters really brings this episode to a huge low.

Like Stare Master and Make New Friends but Keep Discord, I find the Crusaders to be OOC here.

To be fair, this was actually pretty good. We finally get to know Scootaloo's parents.

You stole the good title of Indiana Jones 3!

10 Ponyville Confidential

Diamond tiara forsing the cmc to right bad things about there friends and threatening to embarrass them if they does make it a bad episodes

Those stupid writers can do better than this and that, can't they?

One if the best writers makes this abusive crap!? I despise this episode and needs to be hated. Diamond tiara ruined this episode. And I wish a pony with similar feelings was in the scene like they caused world war II.

Honestly, pin the blame on Cheerilee, because if she wasn't so oblivious, she would have demoted Diamond Tiara as soon as possible! And Diamond got off too easy, because being sprayed with ink was way too weak to be considered a punishment, I mean, TELL HER FATHER! Or she should given Ponyville a public apology, because she was BLACKMAILING the Crusaders, or Featherweight should have sold Diamond out to Cheerilee.

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11 Boast Busters

This episode is just wrong. Seriously seriously wrong. The Mane 6 were acting like jackasses as a pathetic attempt to villify Trixie, not to mention they acted like hypocrites, (Hey, let's 1-up the show-off by being an even BIGGER show-off! :D). Also, Spike's constant fanboying in this episode gets really grating REALLY fast. This episode also introduced Snips and Snails, my most hated characters in the whole show, (Yes, I hate them more than Diamond Tiara, SUE ME! ). Finally, the ending where these two earn mustaches is so insulting it would fit better in a modern SpongeBob episode, not to mention sends out some highly unfortunate implications, (Hey kids, if you send a gigantic monster into town to attempt to destroy it, you get rewarded for it! )

I am honestly baffled how an episode this bad can even exist. BY FAR the show's worst episode.

At least I could relate to Fluttershy in Putting your Hoof Down. Also Mysterious Mare Do Well at least also had a good moral. Just it wasn't executed very well. Boast Busters however sucks in EVERY regard. Rarity, Appleajck and Rainbow Dash acted reprehensible. Instead of leaving Trixie's show, they heckled her and challenged her doing what they do best. At least the showoff Trixie managed to 1up the offensive showoffs. And Spike is just so annoying trying to get Twilight to do something when SHE CAN and Twilight isn't any better. She isn't doing something when she very well can and end this whole charade. It also ends with a stupid anticlimax and... ugh. The stupid dipspits Snips and Snails. I hate these 2 and I know lots of others do as well. I HATE THIS EPISODE SO MUCH!

Despite my bias, I really enjoy magician characters, I will agree that arrogance is annoying. However that wasn't the problem, the problem was that Applejack, Rarity and RD were doing the same exact thing. I was actually glad when Trixie humiliated them as it taught them a lesson. Also it was not her fault that the Ursa Minor attacked, it was Snips and Snails and their punishment was so stupid. Mustaches, what the heck? 1

The ponies attitudes were terrible in this episode, Trixie was just trying to put on a show, but NO the ponies still insulted her and she was just trying to do her job (Yes. The bragging was a BITT overboard, but we all have our moments)

12 A Bird in the Hoof

This episode has got problems of it's own, first of all, I know Fluttershy has to be kind and care for animals, but even she would know VERY better to ask Celestia if she could borrow Philomena rather than KIDNAPPING HER! Not to forget, Philomena was CRUEL to pretend to be dying AND eventually "die" and suddenly just manifest, revealing that it was just a stupid stunt. Maybe it was to teach Fluttershy a lesson not steal, but it already KILLED the episode for me.

I don't hate any episodes or anything, but this one is really boring. I've watched it about 3 or 4 times and I still don't completely understand why this is even a thing.

We were just watching a sick bird no real storyline here

Well this episode is about Fluttershy so it is gonna be bad their so boring Fluttershy's episodes are about facing your fears or animals and that's it.

13 Baby Cakes

The baby designs were hideous, some scenes were actually creepy, making pinkie cry makes me want to punch them in the face, logic is thrown out the window in favor of saying screw that unicorns are OP, and most importantly, the lesson is said over and over again! Responsibility. Keep hammering it in, episode!

The cakes making Pinkie cry is what ruined it... For me. I hate them. - TylertheTitan

I hate this episode on so many levels. I think it deserves to be at least number 5.

This episode is probably the reason why Flurry Heart is unstoppable.

14 Between Dark and Dawn

SPOILERS: This episode is ungodly derivative of Pinkie Apple Pie, A Royal Problem, Once Upon a Zeppelin, and Road to Friendship. (The writers, like I said are STILL out of ideas! )

(NOTE: I watched this just recently when it leaked online)

I'm really sick of those facial expressions that are supposed to be "meme-worthy." They're so ugly that they don't even look like they belong in a show like this.

The Princesses pretty much learned nothing from A Royal Problem. Their fighting just came off as even more petty and childish.

This episode just proves that making Twilight the new ruler of Equestria is a terrible idea.

15 A Canterlot Wedding Part 1

The concept of the finale was pretty nice, though I despised the fact that everyone around Twilight abandoned and ridiculed her all for the attention of a princess... Especially since she knows that Cadence is much more than just Shining Armor's girlfriend who wants the perfect wedding. Part 1 was meh, but Part 2 was pretty epic and I liked it.

They should have known better than to not believe Twilight after all they have been through with her. Rainbow is supposed to be the element of Loyalty, for crying out loud! Even if the rest of them weren't always shallow from the start of the episode, I'm pretty sure Rarity was the worst derailed of all since she was the only one who really swooned about the wedding being in Canterlot, she was the last to take off her dress when the other 5 ponies left to go fight the Changelings, and she hogged the flowers away from the other bridesmaids at the end of the episode.

I hate everyone in the entire episode, including Twilight's friends, Celestia, Shining Armor, etc. simply because no one listened to Twilight! Well, you're supposed to be her friend, so at least LISTEN to what she has to say, discuss it, talk it over and stuff. So much for 'true friendship' when you can't even listen to a friend and their problems! I mean, those guys were obsessed with becoming bridesmaids that they didn't see Twilight having a hard time, and didn't support her. Not even Celestia suspected Cadence! I mean, even if it sounds stupid- that Cadence is a 'fake' (which she was) then there must be a reason your 'most faithful student' is telling you something! And I've just completely ranted about this entire episode. Still, I do not regret a single word- the episode was- quite frankly- crap.

Ugh it was a coincidence that Twilight was actually right about Cadence. She was completely disrespectful to her brother and Cadence and she was so quick to judge, just because she was jealous that Cadence was getting married to her brother! THIS IS WHY I HATE TWILIGHT WITH A PASSION. AND WHY DID SHE HAVE TO TURN INTO AN ALICORN AT THE END OF THE SEASON MY GOD SHE IS THE WORST CHARACTER EVER

16 The Point of No Return

As much as I didn't like Sparkle's Seven, at least I can see why people enjoyed it. This episode, however, has nothing to enjoy. The story is boring and unoriginal, the cameos made by Moondancer and Derpy are just there to pander to the older fans, the humor with Twilight panicking is unfunny (as usual), and the message (while okay) feels rather forced. It just feels pointless!

Worst episode of the show. This plot was done way better with Amending Fences! It is simply pointless in EVERY possible way. (Just goes to show Friendship Is Magic's crew/writers really HAVE run out of ideas after all)

I'm seriously getting tired of Twilight out over every little thing! I seriously just want to slap her in the face multiple times and tell her to knock it off and get a hold of herself.

This is literally the finale season, and they wanna go out with crap like this? This is just sad.

17 Daring Doubt

Hey, characters like Discord and Tempest have done well, but how many villain redemptions do we seriously need before this gets agonizingly old?!?! - TylertheTitan

I've found a new worst episode of the entire show right here! Reforming Caballeron is one thing, but reforming Ahuizotl?! REALLY! I'm gonna echo off VoiceOfReason and Thespio on this one: "This is without a Daring Doubt (pun intended) the WORST way you could have had a final Daring Do episode! It fails from a story standpoint, it fails from a character standpoint, it fails from a moral standpoint, it's just all-around horrendous! "
Yeah, my thoughts, exactly. Worst. Episode. Ever. - TexasBro93

18 Applebuck Season

Its solo funny and great

Uhh...did you watch the episode...its awesome

Yuck the most worst.this onei s the most I hate

19 Frenemies

What's worse than a catastrophic episode about villainous characters pacing around (The Mean 6)? An unneeded spinoff to a catastrophic episode about villainous characters pacing around. Tirek, Chrysalis, & Cozy were all immature and argumentative idiots, the song (Better Way to Be Bad) derails the former two for the worst (since the very latter was already terrible to begin with), and learning a friendship moral like what they learned at the end should NOT be something done on villains who are NOT destined to be reformed!

Boring, unfunny, stupid, and painful. Way to go making the villains lame, writers. Season 9, so far, is just a huge disappointment. This episode, along with Sparkle's Seven and The Point of No Return were the just the worst. The only episodes that I actually found good so far were Uprooted, Common Ground, and She's All Yak.

I don't get why people enjoy this episode. There was literally nothing in there for me to enjoy! The only entertaining thing was watching Tirek shaking Cozy Glow violently (I hate that little abomination).

Um. This was the best episode in season 9. All of u who don't like it must just hate mlp in general. Ugh! Anyways the episode was very funny. Especially when Cozy Glow was like, "ARE. YOU. KIDDING ME?! " LOL

20 2, 4, 6, Greaaat

You know it's going to be a bad episode if the title card doesn't sound like it's excited. Anyway, it's just another "Rainbow Dash is a moron" episode (at least she didn't put the students lives in danger this time). And if that weren't enough, we also get to see Twilight manipulate Rainbow Dash, and was put in the right for doing so.

Yeah Rainbow Dash's character portrayal in this episode was kinda embarrassing. - FireMarshallBillBurns

21 What About Discord

This is my least favorite episode for many reasons. The jokes would've made sense if we actually knew what discord and the others did. Sure, we get told about two, but how are they funny? And the peanut butter thing? No explanation because I don't know. Every second discord was on screen, he made me feel hatred for him. He was an annoying, unlikeable in this episode. The ending wasn't funny, made little sense, the joke there wasn't funny either, twilight was being stupid, spike barely even did anything to try and calm her down, and to be honest, the ending would've been much better if discord didn't get a happy ending. This was a train wreck, and the new writer definitely messed up.

I don't like this episode, I didn't think any of the jokes were funny, looks like the rest of the Mane six is trying to make Twilight jealous the entire episode, and the entire idea for the episode was a junction of "A character is jealous" with "A character don't trust in the reformed villain", and I dislike both of them.

Seriously? The Mane 5 almost picked Discord, the villain and trickster, over Twilight. Not only do the others 5 act completely out of character, but Discord pits into question whether he's even reformed, and his punishment is not severe enough. This episode makes me hate Discord.

Bad. Remarkably bad. The worst episode in the history of the show. Discord was portrayed poorly here. He was more tolerable in Three's A Crowd, not here. Starlight episodes get WAY too much undeserved and unnecessary hate. This episode deserves all the hate it gets.

22 Non-Compete Clause

I suppose the moral was "learn from others' mistakes and make it better". But instead we got an episode about two irresponsible teachers who endangered the lives of their students. In real life, they would be fired and never allowed to work ever again. But in MLP, they only get a mild slap on the wrist and left in charge, even though Twilight knew they were competing all along. That could easily be misinterpreted by kids as "the end justifies the means", and that's a horrible moral to teach!

This episode is what I call Fall Weather Friends done horribly wrong. Especially since Rainbow Dash and Applejack clearly should've know by now (for over seven years) NOT TO BE SO IMMATURELY COMPETITIVE!

Yeah, this one was a waste of time...

Spongebob did this right, Rainbow and AJ should have grown out of their competitive nature so to me they are completely out of character

23 Somepony to Watch Over Me

In my opinion, this epsisode should be number 1 on this list. Applejack was disgracefully out-of-character, I mean, the way she treats Apple Bloom is unbelievably ridiculous and against her nature! This episode contradicts the other episodes in the past involving the relationship of these sisters. This episode was a horrid portrayal of Applejack and obviously it was not a smart idea for the creators of the show to hire a brand new writer that clearly has no idea about the personalities of the characters. I can't believe his script was even accepted considering the awful out-of-character Applejack he created. "Somepony to Watch Over Me" should be NUMBER ONE. End of story. /:(

To be honest, I couldn't get through this episode. The only other episode that I stopped watching halfway through was Putting Your Hoof Down, and that's deservingly at number 1. However, I'm frankly surprised this isn't higher on the list. Applejack is supposed to be the practical one in the group, not some freaky stalker! Besides, Applebloom has gotten herself into plenty of situations way worse than simply being left home alone, so Applejack's behavior is irrational and stupid. It was just grating to watch. I could buy Applejack being a little bit apprehensive, but nowhere near this level. NOTHING warranted this behavior. This is paranoia I would expect from Twilight, not Applejack. It wasn't funny at all. In fact, nothing in this episode was funny in the slightest. I'm done. This episode sucks.

This episode is absolutely TERRIBLE! I can't see why Applejack has to act like a absent minded jerk. I mean, Apple Bloom has been here for FOUR seasons at the point this aired. This is why Applejack is now by far the worst pony in the episode. And that song that's so short- "Make My Sister See": I would like to hear at least one verse. That part where Applejack goes Kung Fu Panda was ok, but Terrible

I can describe this episode in one word: PAIN! "Somepony to Watch Over Me" was nothing but pain! What would have been an episode where Applebloom has a chance to prove to her sister that she's responsible instead devolves into an Applejack is overprotective of her sister episode. Applejack was unbelievably out of character! The real Applejack would NEVER, AND I MEAN NEVER, baby Applebloom around and check up on her every five seconds! It became so aggravating, I almost punched my laptop in rage! But the worst part of the episode is the moral. The moral is a destructive and toxic message for younger kids! This episode is AWFUL! - TexasBro93

24 Hearts and Hooves Day

The song didn't appeal to me, and the silly-talk was extremely fitting for this episode, but for the most part, it made my face cringe with agony. I don't necessarily hate it, it's just that it doesn't appeal to me. It's the same thoughts on what Scootaloo thinks of songs. I didn't like it.

The song was terrible and they dumbed the synopsis down immensely

This is teaching kids don't force love but the only problem is little kids won't know about boyfriend and girlfriends until they're in middle school

So much about love for such little kids

25 The Ticket Master

Disney's Weekenders already did this plot, and it was just as stupid, because the characters acted stupid. Like in this one. Here's an idea: "Dear Princess Celestia. Thanks for these wonderful tickets, but I've already made more than one best friend here in Ponyville (as you should know, because you've already met them at the end of Friendship is Magic pt. 2). Could you send me 4 more tickets, so we can all go? Thanks in advance. Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle." Problem solved... oh wait, we wouldn't have an episode then.

I don't like this episode! It shows how greedy the ponds can get! Pinky pie, applejack, rainbow dash, rarity, EVEN FLUTTERSHY! She was honest and kind about it but still! They learned a lesson in the end and I know that's what they do every episode but this was not so good

Man, any and any other writers of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic didn't have to portray the negative girl friendship drama tension between the Mane Six just to easily affect us and make us complain, did they?

It's all because of the girl drama tension between the Mane Six about tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala.

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