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1 Truant

Um, guys! Feint goes through protect/other moves! Guess who can learn feint... Slaking himself! If you ask me, defeatist is the worst, cause you can cripple teams by swapping slow start onto them. Plus, no one expects feint!

Um, this was made to balance Slaking. If he didn't have this, Norman's Slaking probably wouldn't be possible.

It doesn't have any redeeming factors: It makes you immobile doing every other turn. The opponent can just use Protect every other turn and you can't do anything.

Seriously, this ability is a disadvantage.

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2 Slow Start

At least with Truant, you can use recharge moves for that turn you miss. Slow Start on the other hand...

I just don't understand why they made this ability. Regigigas is a legendary, it is supposed to be strong and hard to catch.

For FIVE whole turns you get decreased speed and attack! This is why Regigigas is an unpopular Pokemon. - LugiaLover87

Please buff regigigas, it needs it! Maybe do 3 quarters of attack and speed... Oh yeah, and regigigas can learn substitute. You could do substitute-heal pulse, and infiltrator isn't that common. Just beware of taunt, but u can switch

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3 Defeatist

My friend loves Archeops, I think I'll just use one surf and set up like 20 swords dances and then hit it when I'm bored

Why would any Pokemon have an ability that halves it's own stats... Game Freak does odd things sometimes.

Doesn't do anything clutch, just harms you for getting hurt - Doggus

But it's fast sweeper. Can kill before being attacked - porytom

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4 Stall

Slow Start and Truant are given to Pokemon that would be broken otherwise, but THIS is just bad. I mean, really bad. And I know, Payback, but that doesn't stop it from being terrible.

The thing about Sableye. Would you rather have the ability that makes your Status moves go first or the one that kills your Speed stat?

If paired with analytic, this may work greatly - Doggus

It just makes you go last like useing quash it's dumb and just horrible in any type of battle unless you use payback,revenge or avalanche

5 Run Away

Run away is an ability that lets you run away. That's pretty much it. This ability is worthless in battle and is just a waste of an ability slot

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6 Klutz

Nothing can be held and used... - Doggus

No held item? Really

I voted only to say that it's not good, but not terrible. You know how many times I've battled Lopunny w/ Switcheroo Flame Orb/Iron Ball? Annoying.


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7 Illuminate

It makes encounter rate higher why would unless your are hunting shiny Pokemon?

No effect in battle, horribly annoying effect outside of battle. - EminemXLilKim

Boring unless looking for rares - Doggus

8 Infiltrator

How is this bad? It ignores the godly magic bounce dual screen espeon

Doesn't do anything bad - Doggus

9 Weak Armor

Weak Armor is mainly used by defensive Pokemon with barely any speed, this ability is so backwards that it turns a physical tank into a failure, Thus it should be higher.

This is actually a pretty good ability. Skarmory can troll with Guard Swap while keeping the Speed boost without keeping the Defense drop, and meanwhile, it can also force switches. It's also a pretty good ability on Vanilluxe. - EminemXLilKim

Truant is the worst in my opinion, but I voted Weak Armor to get it into the top ten.

Very very bad. - Doggus

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10 Normalize

Makes all abilities the Pokemon uses Normal-Type. This is useless as Normal is the worst of all types, being super effective against nothing. If it turned all moves into moves of a better type such as Ice, it may be better. Well, actually, it wouldn't, since your coverage is still pathetic. - EminemXLilKim

It makes your pokemon's move useless against ghost rock and steel types

It's like giving up when

The worst possible - Doggus

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? Forewarn

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11 Gluttony V 1 Comment
12 Frisk

How is this bad? Helps scouting, which is great in competitive play. - EminemXLilKim

An ok move if you want to be predictive - Doggus

I love Frisk! She like meets Sans I think :D

What's the point of this ability?
Every pokemon with this ability, have other, A LOT better ability.
Alolan Exeggutor have Harvest.
Yanma have Speed Boost.
Stantler - Sap Sipper.
Duskull have levitate.
Even Noivern's telepathy is more usefull.

13 Wonder Guard

Who the heck put Wonder Guard on this list?

Do you think this is worst because it's annoying - porytom


14 Honey Gather

Honey is bad anyway, just use sweet scent.

Completely useless for competitive

Honey is just useless outside of the Sinnoh games.

Honey..? - Doggus

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15 Heavy Metal

Why this is bad? Low kick and grass knot require weight to deal heavy damage, making this bad if you do not predict it - Doggus

My favorite music genre - Yungstirjoey

Autotomize halves the weight, but wastes a move - Doggus

16 Hustle

If an ability has the original Japanese name allude to seppuku and its French name literally as "agitation", you would be better off without it. And it's especially unnecessary for strictly special attackers like Togekiss.

I mean, it may boost your attack, but it's still pretty bad. Especially with moves that already have 70% or 80% accuracy. And Dynamic Punch? Forget it.

Accuracy is EVERYTHING! Attack RELIES on accuracy!

Lowers accuracy, by 20%? HOW IS THIS GOOD - Doggus

17 Pure Power

What? Why is this here? - noo7na7

18 No Guard

so? - Doggus

Dynamic Punch Machamp with No Guard
Your argument is invalid

I probably am using this for one or max 2 moves with low accuracy and meanwhile my opponent swaps to bull horn driller and takes me out. Yay.

19 Skill Link

Mega heracross can also learn arm thrust

Its actually not bad. mega heracross has it and can learn pin missile, bullet seed, and rock blast


20 Emergency Exit V 2 Comments
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