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21 Anger Point

Completely useful for fast Pokemon in double battles use storm throw

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22 Pickpocket

It requires you to not have an item for this ability to work, stupid ability

23 Keen Eye

Prevents your accuracy from being lowered; very rarely do you get your accuracy lowered and when you do it isn't a big deal.

24 Water Absorb

It's bad! Do you know what it does? Heals the Pokemon with that ability if hit by a Water Type Move! I hate it! Unless it's my Pokemon who has that ability! - AngusMacdonaldMii

25 Pressure

No. It's actually a pretty useful ability to PP-Stall moves like Stone Edge. - EminemXLilKim

People couldn't think of an ability so they put this on legendaries. Not bad, but not good either.

Very useful - Doggus

26 Magician V 1 Comment
27 Aura Break

Just cancels the effects of auras... - Doggus

28 Soundproof

Just cancels sound moves - Doggus

29 Magma Armor

Magma Armor prevents freezing
All the Pokemon that get it are fire types
Why would someone use an ice move on a fire type
Even if a non-fire type had Magma Armor, the only moves that can freeze only have a 30% chance at BEST.

30 Damp
31 Zen Mode

Darmanitan is a good Pokemon with high attack and good physical moves. It also has belly drum, which maximizes attack. Why should it turn into a special attacker psychic type. This mode doesn't suit it's moveset. It's Only good special move is Overheat, which lowers SpA by two stages, so it's a one time use. Some use special TMs. But this ability doesn't activate until Darmanitan has reached 50% health. So, Darmanitan's special moves are useless until it has reached half health. And it will be quickly KOd because of low speed.
Zen mode increases Darmanitan's stats to 540, but it's still quite useless.

32 Delta Stream
33 Swift Swim

Raises Speed when raining, but most of the time its never raining, #useless

34 Blaze
35 Overgrow
36 Iron Fist
37 Forewarn
38 Wimp Out

I mean, unless you would happen to keep a dumb wimpod, this is not a good ability.

39 Comatose
40 Inner Focus
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