Top Ten Worst Scooter Brands

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1 Razor

This Scooter Brand Is Horrible My Dad Only Bought It Because It Was Cheap.Razor Scooters Suck!

The razor brand is horrible. All of there scooters are made out of cheap aluminum that dents and scraches easily. They are just a chaep money hungry company.

Razor is the worst scooter made and the bars suck and you can't do anything on them, and they are really cheap that is the only reason people would bye these crappy scooters

They break easily, crappy quality, they only focus on the teams not the quality, so watch out.


Tons of snaps on YouTube

Cheap tat decks and worst than razor

Extremely fragile and have a bad name for scooters

98.00$ before taxes at walmart so

3 Fuzion

Not true at all. Good quality. Fuzion X-3 is the best and most affordable Fuzion yet.

I have one and I was at the skate park and I did an 180 on the half pipe and the fork snapped in half when I landed

Terrible its not strong and it rattles a lot and you can't dial it

4 My 1st Scooter

Doesn't help the fact that you can change the number of wheels

5 Flashing Storm

The worst

6 District
7 Tesco

Fragile and only bought as they are cheap

Awful and crap


Tesco is crap for scooters

8 Damaged

Highly priced and rattle tons


9 JD Bug

Every time I ride on it the wheels go in there own direction and my deck is almost snapped

Don't make good scooters and are unreasonably priced

10 Micro

Horrendous and a safety hazard! Prevents children from learning to ride a proper scooter. I saw a child who was used to riding a micro stepped on to a proper scooter, tilted the bars and hit their head! Avoid!

It sucks

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11 Flip Tech
12 5star

You have no money you get the cheapest scooters in the world and you can't even do any tricks on it so and your not rich enough to have every scooter you find them in the dumpster and clean them so you don't look bad I have every scooter and way more expensive then anything you have you said Lucky sucks it doesn't you found it at the dump

I got it and rode it and went to grind and the whole front end snapped waste of $300

13 Team Dogz

Overpriced and fragile

14 Lucky

Lucky sucks right when I put together and went to the skate park after on damn jump the deck broke! It is the worst scooter company in my opinion and it cost like $400!

Sucks crap

15 Envy

Well u think it's go but it's not I have one it dose no rid well

16 Mongoose

Total crap

17 Avigo
18 Apex

Just expensive. Best in the world. BUT TO OVERPRICED.

Over priced, just as good as any. Just over priced.

19 Madd Gear

I like maddgear for my 4 year old at least it's better then razor which broke quickly

20 Slamm

I think slamms are really good but you do get some really bad slamm scooters

21 Flavor

I give the scooters 4 stars out of 10 they are better than razors and some fuzions

22 Grit
23 Xspec
24 Oxelo

Horrible, I got one and it was too heavy. I tried to make it better by buying better parts but it still sucked. Worst $200 dollars ever spent on a scooter.

Really Heavy And Does Not Let You Whip

Heavy and does not whip

25 Ozbozz

They say its stunt scooter but it can't be.

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