Worst Serena Moments in the Pokemon XY Anime

The Top Ten Worst Serena Moments in the Pokemon XY Anime

1 When she thought Ash was confessing his love to her when he was about to collapse (XYZ Episode 22)

That scene is so disgusting! It's like the writers hired the people who animated Boku no Pico to do the animation for this scene! Shouldn't Cartoon Network censor that scene, let alone ban the entire episode?! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I think Serena is decent but I find this scene gross. The way he talked was strange. He was barely was wearing anything...the writers need to stop this shipping nonsense. - Staruli

I believe if Ash and Serena got married, they will break up soon cause they are totally different to each other. Ash is a boring boy when it comes to love.
Amourshipping might be canon for a while, but this kind of love will never last long.

So they censor her kissing him (most likely on the cheek), like it's so 'inappropriate', yet they keep scenes like this and have objectifying camera angles up girls skirts as well as zooming in on their prepubescent chests? God, I really hate these writers sometimes.

2 When she kissed Ash. (Ep. 140)

Serena has many annoying moments, but this one takes the cake for me. Forcing a kiss on someone is sexual assault! And you can see from Ash's reaction that he wasn't pleased from the kiss! I can't believe such a scene made it in a kid's show... Young girls (and boys too), please don't sexually assault your love interest. - Liinde

Yes, I agree, she should have made a confession instead. But that's what the animators decided, blame Cartoon Network. After that moment, they gave back Ash's innocent personality, (Hence the Sun and Moon anime) and forcing a kiss? She didn't force him, she did it herself. She made stupid mistakes, (Especially in the beginning) but I didn't see much proof of Ash being upset or angry about it. He just seemed neutral. I never actually said he liked her in a romantic way, but that he wasn't actually hurt by a KISS. Kissing someone without knowing if they like you isn't something you'll get arrested for. (You'd be surprised how much it actually happens.) - Staruli

It's just so random & stupid. Serena & ash aren't even close to dating or lovers & she randomly goes back to kiss him! Gross! Just a confession would of been fine, but no Serena has to be a controlling bimbo like always! And if this was on the lips, it would make it 10x worse because not only are they not even the closest of friends, BUT THEY ARE TEN YRS OLD! YUCK!

I swear the writers only threw in this god awful kiss so the shippers wouldn't throw a temper tantrum over there ship being pointless not going anywhere

When she was leaning in for the kiss she should have lost her balance and fall face first onto the ground

3 When she let herself get brainwashed because she didn't want her face to get messed up. (Ep. 19)

I hate misty too but at least she saved Ash in some important times. This is better than Serena, who chose her face over her friends.

Ah, that moment... I agree, this was ultra annoying! See this is why we say that Serena's girliness is obnoxious at times. If she really cared about Ash and the others, she would have accepted. I mean this is just scratches! They fade away with time! The safety of your friends and love interest isn't the same, you should choose their safety over your looks! Serena is really a shallow "friend"... - Liinde

This was the moment she became my least favorite character. This was just idiotic. I would understand if she froze out of shock, but WILLINGLY letting herself get brainwashed because she didn't want Meowth to slightly scratch her face, thus letting her friends in mortal danger? That's unforgivable. She is the worst/ most shallow friend someone can have

I don't really care about my looks in the first place but I would 100% chose the safety of my friends over my looks. If Serena really loved Ash she would have chose him over her face

4 When she said that she will be a much more attractive girl the next time her and Ash meet (XYZ 47)

If Ash starts to like Serena after she becomes older and "more attractive" I will start to hate Ash too. I mean what kind of message is that to young girls? That only if you change yourself and dedicate your entire self worth to a boy is when he starts to like you back? She even admitted Ash was her goal from the start. I can't believe I wasted precious time watching this pile of garbage called Pokemon XY hoping that Serena would get proper character development. I kept my hopes up that she would find her way but this scene ruined everything. She didn't interract with the group much and when she did she only craved Ash's attention and advice. I hated how she would willingly serve as a doormat for Ash's sake (aka the scene where he hands her his jacket and backpack arrogantly and Serena gets flattered). There wasn't any connection between her and Ash and their non-existent relationship feels forced and weird. It would make more sense if Ash got together with Misty, May, Dawn or Iris ...more

People who change themselves for their crushes..
Honestly, don't you have any self worth? You shouldn't do that... Also, it proves that Serena still hasn't evolved or changed her mentality, she should let go since he isn't interested... - Liinde

I never said she meant physically, don't make me say things I didn't. And if she said it to him it means she would do it for him. If she wanted to change for herself, she would've said it to herself and not saying she'll change for the next time she meets Ash. - Liinde

Serena: "Because once I get boobs and an @$$, I'm sure to catch his attention! "

Watch the original Japanese version. She quite literally says this. The English version is toned down and less romantic.

5 When she wore the Fennekin outfit. (Ep. 21)

I don't necessarily blame Serena herself for this, but... What is wrong with the writers sexualizing a 10 years old? - Liinde

A 10 year old should not be dressing like that. It's so perverted and gross.

God this is like those sexualized costumes that are advertised for preteen girls to wear on Halloween in western culture

When I see this scene, it makes me realised that something wrong with pokemon company. I mean a ten year old girl wearing that outfit? Seriously? And everyone says that iris is so annoying

6 When she said Ash was her goal (XYZ Episode 47)

This is kind of a good moment because this is where it was proved that Serena is the most useless character in the entire anime. She exist solely for a boy

I'm getting sick of having to take pictures of her annoying face. So I uploaded a pic of Ash's actual reaction to her saying this. Seemed appropriate.

Other Pokemon character have a goal related to Pokemon... Sure she has her Kalos Queen thing, but she admits Ash is her goal. Do you understand why I call her boring shojo girl? - Liinde

(Thank you, Ruee and Eventer51314 for the recent information during election day, lol) I can totally imagine her saying that by whispering in to his ear. Oh, Dear God. Why did I have to hear this?! I understand she told this to him, but if it's true about what I said, then I don't want to know.

7 When she threw a tantrum. (Ep. 121)

The fact that this manipulative scene was accepted into a children's show makes me sad. Ash needed time for himself, and Serena cries and makes it all about HER. To make it worse she was at the verge of confessing and straight out admit she liked him because of his optimistic/ happy go lucky personality. Ash isn't perfect and Serena has a hard time accepting that. Physically attacking a depressed friend and leaving them in the cold is NOT a right way to treat someone you care about. When Ash thanked her by the end of the episode I wanted to punch my computer screen. What the hell are they teaching kids?

Good God, this scene was one of her worst. At least, it shows that it's just an immature crush she has on Ash, she doesn't even KNOW that he can be depressed... I mean, he's human, he has negative emotions as well! She then makes everything about herself while Ash was the one who was depressed, not her. Those anime girls whining about their crush when people are suffering or depressed for more legitimate reasons are so annoying! - Liinde

She "defends herself"? Did he insult her? Did he treat her badly? No. He didn't do anything to her for her to have the need to "defend herself"". He ran off alone meaning he wanted to be alone. He would've most likely tried again later as this happened a million times before, but for the time being he needed some time for himself. And she makes everything about how she loves the perfect image of him she made in her mind rather than understanding he needed some time for himself. And once again you invent things I never said. I didn't say she was whining about him not noticing her. I said she was whining about him having flaws and refusing to accept them. - Liinde

Ash ran off into the woods because he clearly wanted to be alone. He did not even take Pikachu with him, which is a big deal because they're together 24/7. Even when Serena shows up, his body language screams, "leave me alone! " (Notice the way he pulls his hat down over his eyes) Yet she's too absorbed in her little fantasy to see it. He has to yell at her to get the point across. Amourshippers think they have this great relationship going on, but Serena doesn't understand him at all. She can't even pick up on Ash's obvious cues because A: she's self-absorbed and fantasizing, and B: she's trying to manipulate him (and failing at it). You know, the nice thing she could have done was to be attentive to him. Use some logical reasoning, put two and two together and figure out that HE WANTS TO BE ALONE.


True but at least she saw Ash for who he really is and treated him like a friend who gets angry at him when he dose something stupid or acts like a jerk instead of her prince charming who can do no wrong and gets mad at him just because he dares to be upset

8 When she wore the Florges outfit and stuck her butt out. (Ep. 82)

These writers have a huge problem with sexualizing a 10 years old... - Liinde

I remember I was in Junior High, I had gym class in 8th grade, and I remember that a student said, and I quote, "BEND OVER! ". This is some kind of perverted situation here. It's like she's about to be F'd, I hate to say it, sorry.

That dress is hideous!

Ugh. Where's the closest place for me to throw up?

9 When she dressed in Ash's clothes. (Ep. 115)

I would have had a 1% chance of liking this episode if Ash wore Serena's clothes. That would have been a huge troll and revenge by him. - DinoRB12

I know all you Serena haters were going on about how it was stupid that she dressed in Ash's clothes, but I didn't expect it to be that stupid until I saw this image! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Lol, and that's just one picture. Try watching the whole episode!

This episode was just AmourShipping filler. The idea of the episode, having Pikachu battling with another trainer than Ash because Ash can't at the moment, was interesting in itself (there was a glimpse of it with Korrina vs Team Rocket), but was all the AmourShipping fanservice necessary? Again, this is a show about POKEMON, NOT ROMANCE! - Liinde

But is it a reason to hate her? Moments like when she let herself get brainwashed or got possessive were more negative then when she dressed up as Ash to help him. If she didn't have feelings for him, I suppose it would've been a bit more meaningful as a demonstration that she is caring, but that's what we got, and I don't find it a reason to hate her. - Staruli

I'm not sure that Serena can fit through those clothes, but what?! Are you serious?! It's like saying that a boy is going through a girl's clothes to dress up like her. Imagine if the Amourshipping perverts thought that Ash should wear Serena's clothes to get even?! Why? Dear God, why? Why does this obsessive fan girl (just like you guys say) have to exist?

10 When she chopped off all her hair. (Ep. 60)

She should chop off her head - TwilightKitsune

I didn't mind this moment that much when I was watching the show... I thought she was going to mature and develop... But she didn't that much. At least, I like her new look better, she looks less like a stupid girl even if she still acts like one. - Liinde

LET ME CUT MY HAIR because LIFE IS NOT PERFECT AND I MESSED UP IN MY FIRST COMPETITION. Cutting your hair is a drastic change, and this girl just made it meaningless. Serena sucks!

She cut her hair. You're hating her for that. She wanted a new look. - Staruli

I never understood why she would do this, even if it was for her to "CHANGE" like...she lives in Kalos. Which is basically France.

The Contenders

11 Serena Kisses Ash (Final Episode)

(I am aware that another one made by Ruee has been made. Please redirect to, "When She Kisses Ash" as Ruee's edition is way better than mine.)
She really gone south, kissing him like she belongs to him for the rest of her life. The amourshippers have made a farewell to her, and they say, "SHE KISSED HIM, FINALLY! YAYY! ", I saw on Instagram from a user called "datamourshipper" said that "Now that's character development! " About Serena, LIKE what?! How did Serena have character development if the only thing she did was to stalk Ash, cut her hair, ignore her friends, have no goals, impress Ash and a whole hell of a lot of crap! HOW IS THAT CONSIDERED CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT?! At least it's over! Oh, yeah, have I told you that amourshippers debate that Serena "KISSED ASH ON THE LIPS"?!

12 When she started a rivalry with Miette for no good reason. (Ep. 26)

Serena acts like Ash belongs to her when he really doesn't. If Ash liked Miette better, he would have every right to. Serena was really petty in that episode... - Liinde

Whatever kind of rivalry is that Serena wants against Miette, I'll place a $10 bet that Miette will win. Also, Miette looks way better than Serena with that look in my opinion.

Lol there is a big chance that miette doesn't care or like ash. she's just doing it for a reaction because serena is too stupid to actually ask out ash

Oh no, Serena's the one who started the rivalry, all because Miette's Slurpuff ate her Pokepuff. -_- Yeah, that's totally not petty and ridiculous, is it?

13 When she got angry at Miette for asking Ash on a date (when Serena had already asked Clemont!) (Ep. 105)

Talk about such a petty hypocrite! Hey Serena, if you were jealous Miette was asking Ash out on a date, why didn't you ask Ash in the first place instead of bashing Miette and abandoning Clemont?! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Ash doesn't belong to you, Serena.

Talk about RUDE! Poor Clemont.

It was Serena's own fault seriously. Ash can date whoever he wants and it doesn't have to be Serena. *Waits for amourshippers to get butthurt and throw caps lock tantrums * - TwilightKitsune

She could have asked Ash but didn't she has no right to get jealous - Chibipokemonmaster

14 When she worried Penelope would "steal" Ash. (Ep. 13)

As I said before, Ash can do whatever he wants and doesn't belong to her just because she is obsessed with him! - Liinde

Clemonts face lol he judging her

Clemont's judging her so hard - SaltyMcSalt

She was just jealous. There's a difference between jealousy and possessiveness. - yungstirjoey666

15 When she lipped off to her mom. (Ep. 2)

Another example of her obnoxious girliness and worrying too much about her face. Seriously, I can understand that she didn't want to be a Rhyhorn racer and Grace was a bit forceful (and even so, if Serena just bothered to TALK to her maybe Grace would've understood), but throwing a tantrum over ONE bandage on her face? Seriously? - Liinde

Ladies and gentlemen, never trust Bulbapedia for information on Serena! Serena is just another one of those stupid characters that might sound okay on paper, but turn out to be a huge flop-up when put into execution! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Kids in 2020 still think this is okay.
Any girl watching this will think:

Oh if I'm mean tO my mom I’ll be POPULAR!

As her relationship with her mom got better, this moment was still uncalled for and just plain rude. - Rue

16 When she made this face. (Ep. 105)

Also someone used this as "Serena's reaction to Ash's ass shot in the most recent episode" and I want to vomit - Rue

And people wonder why a lot of people say Serena is ugly lmao - Rue

BURN THE BRAT IN LAVA. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I was thinking of that, but cooking her. Any one ready for supper?

Gorgeous face - Murphypaw

17 When she went shopping instead of helping the group find a mega stone. (Ep. 31)

I think the bimbo thought a mega stone would be in a jewelry shop for some reason, then got distracted by the pretty jewels. Hopefully she wasn't fantasizing about her never happening wedding there.

I don't recall any other female companion ditching the group to do petty crap like this. Man, looking at this makes me wish Korrina was the female companion..

How inconsiderate do you have to be to just ditch the group when they are going after something important? but then again, she wouldn't even do anything if she was in the group anyway

A Magikarp would be more useful than her. - TwilightKitsune

18 When she acted as a personal clothes valet for Ash. (Ep. 120)

This moment truly marks that Serena's relationship (no, character relationship, not romantic relationship! ) is going too far! Come on, writers! When is the XYZ anime going to end?! So we can finally take out Serena and put ourselves out of our misery! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yeah, I miss the previous female leads. And you're right, Serena doesn't even have a relationship with Ash. All it is is just a prop role. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Does this girl not have dignity?

Omgsh! This moment is even worse in the english dub! He literally says, "Here, take this." She is such a tool! I laugh but then I rage when I think about how pathetic this is. Screw Serena and Amourshipping! She's left a gigantic stain on the otherwise great XY series.

I bet she was sniffing his jacket and looking through his bag like the creppy stalker she is - Chibipokemonmaster

19 When she forgot to cheer for both Ash and Clemont and only cheered for Ash at the Lumiose gym battle. (Ep. 67)

I could understand if Bonnie cheered more for Clemont because he is her brother who's been with her and took care of her her entire life. And even so, Bonnie cheered more for both than Serena did! But Serena is equally friends with both, she should cheer for both and be happy whatever the outcome of the match is. Had Clemont won and Ash lost, she would've been sad for Ash's loss and not care about Clemont, and she would've helped Ash against Clemont. I mean come on! What kind of "friend" is she to Clemont?! - Liinde

I never said: Yes, she totally cheered for Clemont, I'm saying, It wasn't a real big deal in the episode, and while she did cheer for Ash, it didn't mean she hated Clemont. They both cheered for a few minutes, and it cut to the battle scene. - Staruli

Is anyone here noticing how derpy she looks in this picture? - SaltyMcSalt

I will cheer for May and Dawn and Misty
Especially Haruka!

20 When she attracted a herd of Ryhorn for no reason. (Ep. 109)

Most comments: *give good reasons why Serena sucks*


I get she is kind of experienced with Rhyhorns, but she never particularly liked them and hated racing them, so I don't see why they were so attracted to her. The others girls kind of deserved it more, because they actually used their Pokemons and didn't stand there doing nothing like her. - Liinde

Oh my. Now folks are hating her for being good with Pokemon. She was kind and gentle, and handles them because of her mom. She kindly helped a lonely Rhyhorn, but who cares about that? She's girly and has human emotions. - Staruli

Too bad it wasn't a herd of angry beedrill that repeatedly stung her in the face

21 When she made fun of Clemont. (Ep. 26)

Is it when she commented about his invention? I don't think it was that bad, everyone except Ash makes fun of Clemont's inventions and names especially Bonnie. She has much worse moments with Clemont like when she didn't cheer for him against Ash or when she wanted to ditch him to go to the ball thing with Ash despite inviting him before. - Liinde

Iris making fun of Ash is better than this. Clemont doesn't deserve this at all. Ash is an ass so I don't care if someone makes fun of him. I mean we do it irl so Iris can too, even if it's annoying.

I agree with the Iris thing, Ash is an idiot who deserves to be teased, but she didn't really make fun of him. She just said "Seriously? " And literally everyone makes fun of the names of Clemont's inventions, since they are strange. - Staruli

Okay, he's weird and dorky but he's so nice to you there is no reason you should make fun of him serena!

RiverClanRocks would want this at number one, lol.

22 When she insulted her mom's taste in fashion. (Ep. 3 & Ep. 80)

Who bought you that hat you're wearing, and the clothes, huh bitch?

I already hate girls who think they're above all because they "have a good taste in fashion" but this is a whole new level of disrespectful! She ASKS her mom what hat she should wear then starts being a bitch. Grace should've slapped her. - Liinde

If I remember correctly, she even ASKED her mom which hat she should wear. What a b***h being so rude after her mom tried to help her! Her mom should've slapped her for being so disrespectful!

23 When she thought her and Ash being alone together counted as a 'date'. (Ep. 59)

I would like to remind everyone that Ash was enjoying his time being alone with Iris and didn't plan to ditch her. You can tell in this scene that Ash is about to find a reason to ditch Serena before it even happens. - Rue

I support Serena and all. However. I will admit that this is pretty darn stupid. If simply being alone with somebody is a "date", well then Ash would be a pimp at this point. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Why is she even thinking about dating? Aren't Ash and Serena only ten? - SeeU

She's an idiot.

24 When she caught Eevee. (Ep. 89)

This poor Eevee looks so sad... Serena did stalk this Pokemon until she finally caught it, and it was so shy and uncomfortable after she caught it... Ugh. - Liinde

I know. After is after. She caught it, and it was awkward with the other Pokemon. - Staruli

It's more frustrating that it evolved with very small showing of serenas affection. She just harassed the poor thing till it agreed to come with her, then shoved it into the lame wifeu wars competition. Then while she just let it have its first battle, it evolves for a deus ex machina for her to win when most the episode she spent obsessing over trying to dance with ash! How she treated it, it should have attacked her & ran off!

Serena was the only human Eevee trusted. Serena never treated Eevee badly. She helped it calm down, and she literally shielded it from an attack from team rocket. And ALL POKEMON trainers force Pokemon into battle. - Staruli

That outfit looks so uncomfortable to wear. Poor Eevee. - Rue

It isn't crying because of the outfit. It's crying since it fell down, it was scared that it failed her, and didn't want her to be sad. - Staruli

The eevee looks so sad - nao

25 When she screamed at Fennekin and Pancham. (Ep. 64)

If we exclude Misty and her Psyduck and Jessie and her Wobbuffet, Serena is the main character that treats her Pokemons the less goodly... Even Jessie and Misty are kind to their other Pokemons. Serena just... Doesn't give the impression to care or particularly love her Pokemons. That's sad. - Liinde

She was frustrated. You seem to expect Serena to be the peak of perfection. Both of them, while trying their best, were on the peak of hurting each other, this would drive her mad. After messing up once, she wasn't going to mess up again. She accepted Pancham's smug personality, and Eevee's shy one. But she's not going to be okay with it if they use it to hurt each other. While, yes, she was treating them a bit too harshly, she could have been having a bad day, and she even felt bad about it as she finally had the time to think it through. - Staruli

LOL that picture. - TwilightKitsune

That picture though! - Neonco31

And Misty literally abuses her Psyduck. - yungstirjoey666

26 When she freaked out at a 'scary' cave. (Ep. 31)

Well I can understand that she was scared, not everyone is fearless. This moment wasn't that bad, she did way worse. - Liinde

Here, even Bonnie is NOT looking scared, at least not that much like Serena, as you can tell if you look closely at this pic

What kind of traveling trainer are you? My gosh! Grow a backbone, Serena.

27 When Aria had to tell her to apologize to her Pokemon for yelling at them. (Ep. 64)

Seriously, she should stop being so self centered and start caring about others than herself. Other trainers don't need to be told to apologize to their Pokemons they hurt, they do it on their own. Why can't she do the same? - Liinde

I'm not kidding. She was too busy feeling sorry for herself and whining about how she's the worst Pokemon performer ever' (all because she made a mistake in her FIRST performance? ). Well, I actually agree that she's the worst. But really? Aria also had to tell her that her Pokemon are her special friends. And Serena just vomits those words back out. She can't ever figure stuff out on her own. She has to be spoon fed everything. Ugh.

No. She needed to calm down. She said she felt really bad, and Aria helped her calm down. - Staruli

28 When she didn't even thank Clemont for cooking a celebration dinner for her. (XYZ Ep. 16)

Clemont didn't have to do this. He did it out of pure kindness towards her. But of course, she has to be selfish and ungrateful... - Liinde

I personally generally say thank you, maybe not at every single normal dinner, but if someone cooked a special dinner for me I would. Of course not everyone does and that doesn't mean they're not grateful. Some people say thank you and they are ungrateful. That doesn't mean a lot. When I said she wasn't I wasn't talking about just saying two words, but that she never really seemed to be particularly grateful to anything he's done for her in general. - Liinde

Any of the other Pokegirls would have. Even Misty wasn't this self centered. She definitely would have thanked Brock if he had done this for her. *sigh* Pathetic.

She’s like Amy Rose and princess peach!

29 When she stared at Ash instead of congratulating him on winning his rematch with Wulfric (XYZ Ep. 29)

Get out of your little fantasy world and congratulate him! Ugh... This girl is so aggravating sometimes... - Liinde

How hard is it to say "Congrats on your win, Ash! "? Like, I have social anxiety and all but if I was traveling with Ash for so long, I'd be comfortable enough to say stuff like that to him, and the fact that it's something you should do in order to show consideration. - Rue

She just stood there mooning at him! Pull your head out of your butt and congratulate him! Ash finally lent out an awkward fist bump because she wouldn't say or do anything! And Clemont and Bonnie joined in too so, no, Amourshippers, it wasn't a special thing just between her and Ash.


30 When she gave Ash's handkerchief back to him. (Ep. 7)

While giving the handkerchief back in itself didn't bother me that much, the fact that she started her journey and travelled the region in order to find Ash was pretty creepy. - Liinde

Ash looks confused.
He does not remember her
This is somewhat creepy.

This one is just stupid no matter which way you spin it. Like he really gives a crap about a piece of cloth from like 5 years ago that he used to bandage a scrapped knee. The main reason I added this is because it was a manipulative gesture. She did it to get a reaction out of him. Course, she may have actually thought that he did care about getting it back. In that case, she's an even bigger idiot. I mean, she already thought she was important enough for Ash to be "excited to see her", let alone remember her. Ugh.

Looking at ash's face, u can tell he's even thing "...w t f? "

31 When she freaked out at Miette when she teased Serena about stealing Ash. (Ep. 79)

Why does Serena treat Ash as a love object and not as a human being? Ash will not love her for treating him like that.

True... She doesn't love him nearly as much as her fans pretend. She treats him as her perfect boy toy that she has to get at all costs. This is more of an obsession than love. This attitude of hers is so annoying! - Liinde

32 When she ditched Clemont for Ash, who was dancing with Miette

Clemont really gets the short end of the stick in the anime. I'm just saying, Serena hates him, he got kicked out of his own gym, and Ash and Bonnie tend to overlook him. - Synchronocity

33 When she worried that Ash would think Aria was "cute." (Ep. 21)

So what if Ash indeed thought Aria was cute and not her Fennekin? He doesn't belong to Serena! - Liinde

Lol! I never noticed this before but Fennekin looks TICKED in this picture. A reflection of her trainer's true, inner feelings?

Lolol Serena looks like a five year old in that very picture. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Now I understand why you say she looked too young in her old design - Rue

When he was only referring to Aria's Fennekin. And, you know, so what if he did? -eventer51314 (offline! )

34 When she made a big deal about baking cookies for Ash but gave Clemont and Bonnie the leftovers as an afterthought. (Ep. 7)

Another proof that she doesn't give a rat's ass about Clemont and barely about Bonnie. It's just trying to manipulate Ash. So annoying! - Liinde

Bonnie's all like, "why just Ash? " Then when Ash thinks the cookies are amazing, she looks...disappointed? Is it because he slobbered over the cookies instead of her? This scene just reeks of more manipulation. You know the saying,'the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach'? Nice try, Serena. Wait no, more like epic fail, Serena. Ash is too uninterested to have even food turn him on. And Ash loves food.

A lot of these ones were back when I actually thought that she was actually bad, hence I agree with them. She sucked so darn hard at first. Especially in the very beggining. It was the latter half where I actually started to like her. But even then I don't *LOVE* her just like how I *LOVE* Misty, May, Dawn, Cynthia, And Zoey. - HeavyDonkeyKong

This just really pissed me off for some reason.

35 When she stood at the end of the road, directly in the path of the rampaging Megalith in order to 'protect' Bonnie and Mairin. (XYZ Ep. 43)

Wow, I didn't know someone could be so stupid as to lack a self-preservation instinct. And then she attempts to use her Pokemon to defend. Like really? Every gym leader in Kalos, plus three different CHAMPIONS are barely able to make a dent battling this thing and you think you can defend yourself with two weak, severely undertrained Pokemon? Just run away, stupid! She could have easily moved herself, Bonnie and Mairin out of the way WELL before the Megalith was anywhere near them.

What's so bad about her staying around to fight? Fighting a battle that she knows that she cannot win shows signs of bravery. She is MUCH BRAVER THAT SHE WAS IN THE VERY BEGGINNING on my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

This should b higher. Like clemont said to make sure they are safe. SHE WAS PUTTING THEM STRIGHT INTO DANGER INSTEAD! What an idiot! And she just stood there. Not sent out/get any of her Pokemon to try to slow it down/stop it from crushing them. Like w t f was the point of her running right in front of it? To get a better view of 'ash-sama'? DUMB@$$!

Writers were trying to make her look like she's doing something "useful" or "heroic" or some crap.

While this moment didn't bother me as much as other moments from her... Move them and yourself out of the way, stupid. You don't want to be like Hinata Hyuga. Just. Move. Them. Out. Of. The. Damn. Way. - Liinde

You didn't say it but you still made the comparison. It's really great and admirable to be ready to sacrifice your life for others. But standing in the way of the enemy is not the brightest thing to do. That's what I'm saying. The reasons I dislike her have nothing to do with that scene. - Liinde

36 When she tried to hold Ash's hand (Ep. 59)

The episode in general was poor AmourShipping bait. Would've been way better if it centered on the trainers' bonds with their Pokemons instead of stupid shipping bait. - Liinde

But failed.

When you try your best,
but you don't succeed. - SaltyMcSalt

Just like the "Amourshipping: The Decline" video by PokéCorruptions, with NumbusTemplars74's sentence mixed voice, "F@$#k Amourshipping" when she was attempting to hold his hand and when they were walking together.

37 When she thought that walking in town alone with just Ash was like a date

Ash should be able to take a walk with a friend without said friend having stupid thoughts like that. - Liinde

She legit thought:
Is this fate?

This is poor amourshipping bait.

This somehow rhymed

This was just wrong. Ash was just normally walking while she was thinking disgusting thoughts about it being like a date!

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