Worst Social Networking Sites

We live in a day and age where social sites such as the infamous Facebook and Twitter rest as internet juggernauts. But where does is the line drawn from entertaining websites to total time wasters?

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1 Facebook

Facebook is the site where corporations bully the little people. And those who make facebook accounts giddily accept that they are randomly allowing rich corporations to post anything they want on the user's behalf, to which these corporations then turn around and use that to control them. Anyone who doesn't have a problem with facebook should not be allowed to live on this planet with me. I feel threatened by your lack of foresight.

People posting ugly pictures of themselves, Girls getting tons of likes for simple stupid posts, stupidity at it's fullest and it sometimes cause depression for some people.

Facebook; the place where anyone can find out everything about you and stalk you. Gotta love stalkers.

I hate facebook I use instagram,google plus,twitter

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2 Twitter Twitter Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages, "tweets," restricted to 140 characters.

If you think Twitter is a bad site, then you're not doing it right. I used to think it was completely worthless until I decided to go hardcore and just do anything I pleased in the overnight hours when there didn't seem to be much traffic about. This was almost 4 months ago, but a few of those all-nighters started netting me people more along my interests, and I quickly jumped from 100+ people to over 400+. Now, there are the bot accounts, and the webcam hoes, but 95% of those following me are doing something I'm interested in. Now that the ball is rolling, I'm averaging 10 - 12 Followers every 2 - 3 days just from my daily posting. I'm pretty hooked. And I haven't encountered any hate as I don't crash in on people for selfish crap.

Wow I'm Surprised it is No1! I used Twitter for my business updates and used info but Twitter SUCKS Sometimes of the same post & retweet that they post every damn Day and malfunction errors! There are lots of things I can tell you what wrong with Twitter but you all why Twitter is Worst Social Networking Sites! But I do go it for business there ever know the sites has it problems!

There's a lot of hate but it's still my favorite - Ajkloth

Too exposed and u can barely rite anithing

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3 Musical.ly

All they show is dumb self centered 13-year olds who make sexually explicit "content". Obviously a hot spot for pedos.

Jacob Sartorius comes from this crappy autotune users site, damn this is so terrible. - malamJONES

This is more satanic than a Lucifer, Hillary, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, Nero, and Caligula fusion.

This app is cringe

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4 MySpace

Complete social dead zone, constant site updates that do nothing but frustrate and confuse, updates that don't make sense, updates that are optional that should be mandatory, updates that are mandatory that should be optional. Enjoy your slow death, Tom.

It's completely dead. The owners should just sell the domain.

Who even uses this anymore? - AzaleanGirl

Nobody uses MySpace anymore.

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5 Tumblr

Straight white males should stay away from this site! They'll murder you.

A place where people come to be bullies and then they call it "social justice"

Tumblr is the place where youtubers get their material for cringe compilations. From the 13 year olds that constantly put posts about gender equality, to constant posts about how all white men need to die, this site is truly cancer.

"Warriors of Justice" my ass lmao. Cringe 12 year olds online. Honestly, my first time using it I posted a piece of artwork. What did I get? Spam saying that I should delete my post and that I should credit the artist ragers. Rofl, the world these days. They don't seem to understand that not everyone wastes their time on looking through thousands of reposts of a picture and finding the real artist.

This site pure cancer

A toxic cesspool of a website where people claim that you're allowed to speak freely, but is filled with a great deal of intolerant morons who take any chance they have to snap at you and send death threats via anonymous ask. Generally divided into the 'hipster' and 'fandom' halves that are supposedly at war. Lots of social justice 'warriors' that will spew hatred even for people who are innocently ignorant of issues and tell them to educate themselves without helping them (and being right by 'default' since you're evil to argue with them), people who ...more - IEatYou

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6 Snapchat

Snapchat is stupid. I hate it. It's basically am Instagram clone. It makes me want to smash all phones with this app.

The app that encourages people to sext and get away with it. Bravo!

Snapchat sucks nuts

It is cancer. I don't know why some ridiculous percentage of my school uses it (probably at least 70%) or WHY PEOPLE WANT ME TO GET IT WHEN IT IS FULL OF INAPPOROPRIATE CANCER

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7 Google+

Google+ needs to disappear off the face of the earth. It should not be connected with YouTube and the only reason why it is is because Google knows that no one cares about Google+ and a lot of people care about YouTube. Their thought process is probably "oh if we connect the two, more people will like Google+". They are wrong, and need to accept it already. I don't know a single person who actually uses Google+.

It's the worst but the Google empire that rules the internet shoves it down your throat by linking it to everything, to do anything online you need a Google+ account. Why Google, did you disgrace your kingdom and force the commoners in the internet from other empires that aren't as powerful, like the new rising empire you suppress, duckduckgo and your rival bing, by making them slave to you by forcing them to use your social media - AzaleanGirl

This idiocy for a social media website is the reason why I deleted my YouTube account. It's invading our privacy and it's slowly killing off YouTube. If you delete your Google+ but keep your YouTube and G-Mail account it doesn't let you use either unless you remake your Google+ account! Google forces Google+ probably because it's such a fail. IT'S SO STUPID! I HATE Google+!

Google+ sucks. But Facebook is way worse that it.

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8 Instagram

Everybody on Instagram gets negative comments on their pictures/posts, but they delete those negative comments immediately because they think their "perfect" and they think that everybody has to love them and they can't handle the negativity they get. They want people to think that they get "all positive comments", but really that's all nothing but a lie because everybody gets negative comments.

A place where pedophiles, rapists, and stalkers roam... And people willingly post half nude selfies here just for likes aka, attention! This site is only encouraging people to be vain and superficial.

But there's always exceptions, like the galleries full of (amazing) works of art. (photographs, drawings, paintings, etc. )

Same with every other social media site! It all depends on the users. Don't bash Instagram for this, bash society. - CamAsff

This should be higher up in my opinion. There is really no use out of Instagram except for posting pictures, and lots of cyber bullying happens because of social media stuff like Instagram. - matty925

Instagram sucks

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9 Omegle

What is the purpose of the site when one one can contact another in a few seconds, all you see are flashes of people. Many as any other site don't want to chat with you Period...

Omegle, the place where 40 year-old men go on video chat and attempt to show you them jacking off.

God. One time I video chatted on monitored, this guy was jacking off with such a small penis! It was hilarious

You never know WHO you're talking to!

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10 Ask.Fm

There is no way of accomplishing anything with this useless social medium. This is basically an up close and personal interview, in which questions are answered to cater to the likes of the general public, solely for the purposes of attention. People are rated LITERALLY on face value, not to mention the amount of deprecation one will experience. Purposeless, shallow, and overall horrible.

This social network sucks! It allows people to get bullied and the bullies and cowards get a chance to hide behind their evil deeds through ANONYMOUS! I wish this network gets banned from every country, ESPECIALLY Canada! Plus, celebrity posers are there!

So damn true! I deleted mine due to 2 hate comments I got! If you're considering on getting it, please re-consider because that would be a HORRIBLE option to get it, unless you want to be hated on everyday!

I had this account when I was younger and I had gotten so many hateful messages under "anonymous". death threats, torture threats… and many more. it was terrible. and most likely still is

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11 Pinterest

It's a little difficult to understand and get the hang of. It has a simplistic and organized kind of look to it, but it's kind of complicated at times.

Stupid and dumb confusing website. It shouldn't have existed in the first place. The website makes no sense at all and it's stupid.

Whats wrong with pinterest? Its not supposed to be on here

It's an amusing, unreliable reposting site. Experts say the majority of postings about products are not based on any first-hand experience with them.

I've seen people use sites like this to steal images form deviantart and such to get veiws on there pinbords, and that's just sad.

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12 Friendster

I once used it and my computer broke so I used it agein after I went throught getting a new computer and once I got on the site my computer died agein. I HAD TO GET A NEQ ONE. That actually was a true story. It didn't happen to my third computer. I don't know if it was the site or a strange coincidence

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13 Bebo

Awful site. People who you don't know will come to your page and attack you if you posted an opinion somewhere they don't agree with. If you don't set your profile to private. Never was much people on it was just a fad with Irish and English teenagers. Rubbish really

Never heard of it so it must be bad lol.

This is a truly bad site! I've read about it because my daughter wanted to have an account and after I read about it I was speechless

14 4chan

Get rid of satan of the Internet. Now

For when you can't be bothered going to the deep Web for your evil content.

Gas Station Bathroom graffiti, only on the internet.

Ewww people post dirty images and dirty stuff on there. Never looked at it, just heard of that about crappy 4chan.

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15 Binify
16 Miiverse

Accidentally voted for this one, meant to comment, but Miiverse is hilarious for the cringe. Who says you have to actively take part in the insanity? Just make an account, get some friends, and laugh.

Pure garbage because of the updates, the little kids asking for dates, and the pure idiots. The only good part is the trolls.

This is the only good one

One word: Admins.

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17 Flickr

People post pictures of themselves on there and their dumb enough to not realize that there are rapists and stalkers on the internet. People post fake pictures on Flickr too.

I agree people are becoming so dumb, the internet is not safe for any social media

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18 Hi5

Dumb site thinking that we are dumb enough to pay who likes and wants to meet us

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20 Kik

This is a horrible app. rated 17 and up. and yet my 13 year old cousin has it. kik is a website where you talk to random strangers. the strangers ask for stuff like nudes and cell phone numbers. little do some of kik victims know the oh so cute 17 year old boy is really a 60 year old man. don't START KIK

Just like Instagram, it's stupid.

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