Worst Social Networking Sites

We live in a day and age where social sites such as the infamous Facebook and Twitter rest as internet juggernauts. But where does is the line drawn from entertaining websites to total time wasters?

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1 Musical.ly

I've never gotten into this site at all. I feel as if it's catered to people with a "cool" music taste, and if you aren't into it, bad luck. It's also stupid because it's full of a bunch of ten-year olds who shouldn't really have a phone lip syncing to inappropriate stuff they don't know is inappropriate. If this is going to be the ultimate '10's memory, I'm not sticking around. Young kids should be doing stuff with their friends and focusing on education to some extent, instead of worrying about what Zara Larson song to lip sync to.

All they show is dumb self centered 13-year olds who make sexually explicit "content". Obviously a hot spot for pedos.

Even the "best" ones feel like child porn. Makes me feel really uncomfortable. - naFrovivuS

This is the worst! I have seen online what some people lip sync to. It's terrible! It's ruining the brains of little kids. These days, all everyone cares about is technology. There are some very inappropriate songs. If it was just regular songs, it wouldn't be bad... BUT... there is some terrible language in some of it. I have never, and will never, get interested in this website. Why don't children read books anymore? They just sit on their phones all day every day. It's TERRIBLE!

I first heard of Musical.ly or the now called TikTok back in 2015, and I thought it was cool because I thought it was a place where musicians share their music to the public. But what I saw horrific, 10-13 year-old white girls who twerk at homecoming 🤢🤮🤮🤮. It was disgusting.

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2 Snapchat Snapchat Snapchat is an image messaging and multimedia mobile application created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, former students at Stanford University, and developed by Snap Inc., originally Snapchat Inc Snapchat was made in September 2011

Jesus Christ, it seems like I'm the only one at my school who doesn't get the point of this app. It's Instagram with stupid filters and the picture/video disappears during a limited time. People at my school keep telling me to get the app, but once I get it, I know I'll get addicted even though there is no reason to get addicted to it. - SkyElephantClan_

Snapchat is stupid. I hate it. It's basically am Instagram clone. It makes me want to smash all phones with this app.

The app that encourages people to sext and get away with it. Bravo!

*DOOT DOOT DOOT* oh huh? what's that you say? oh. nothing to see here. just your average generic wasteland where tween girls waste their lives *DOOT DOOT DOOT* - xXbfdi_bhabieXx

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3 Tumblr Tumblr Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website founded by David Karp in 2007, and owned by Oath Inc.

Tumblr is a breeding ground for SJWs, special snowflakes, gender/sexuality inventors, mental illness fakers, anti-social/socially awkward people, attention-seekers, etc. The pictures you get when you Google search "Tumblr Girls" are very misleading. G-Eazy obviously has some high-tech filters that block out the SJW trash. I'm jealous of him.

I recommend never going on there, especially if you're a straight white male. David Karp did make a cool social media, but the people on Tumblr ruined it and are what made it into the garbage it is today. It's quite depressing to actually see the things that these people post on there. If, for whatever insane reason, you still want to go to Tumblr, I recommend just watching from /r/TumblrInAction.

Straight white males should stay away from this site! They'll murder you.

A place where people come to be bullies and then they call it "social justice"

Too many SJW's and fanboys/fangirls that make creepy or disgusting fanart. - DarkBoi-X

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4 Twitter Twitter Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages, "tweets," restricted to 140 characters.

If you think Twitter is a bad site, then you're not doing it right. I used to think it was completely worthless until I decided to go hardcore and just do anything I pleased in the overnight hours when there didn't seem to be much traffic about. This was almost 4 months ago, but a few of those all-nighters started netting me people more along my interests, and I quickly jumped from 100+ people to over 400+. Now, there are the bot accounts, and the webcam hoes, but 95% of those following me are doing something I'm interested in. Now that the ball is rolling, I'm averaging 10 - 12 Followers every 2 - 3 days just from my daily posting. I'm pretty hooked. And I haven't encountered any hate as I don't crash in on people for selfish crap.

Abomination at it's truest. This ridiculous platform is apparently news worthy these days, with crybabies being offended by literally everything. It has brainwashed the media industry and almost taken over any brain cell that might have survived this apocalypse. If I could, I'd rather live in a time where this thing never existed. One day this is gonna fall or all the offended hypocrites had already killed themselves for not agreeing on opinions.

Wow I'm Surprised it is No1! I used Twitter for my business updates and used info but Twitter SUCKS Sometimes of the same post & retweet that they post every damn Day and malfunction errors! There are lots of things I can tell you what wrong with Twitter but you all why Twitter is Worst Social Networking Sites! But I do go it for business there ever know the sites has it problems!

Twitter is the curse of the 21st century.

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5 Facebook

Facebook is the site where corporations bully the little people. And those who make facebook accounts giddily accept that they are randomly allowing rich corporations to post anything they want on the user's behalf, to which these corporations then turn around and use that to control them. Anyone who doesn't have a problem with facebook should not be allowed to live on this planet with me. I feel threatened by your lack of foresight.

People posting ugly pictures of themselves, Girls getting tons of likes for simple stupid posts, stupidity at it's fullest and it sometimes cause depression for some people.

Facebook; the place where anyone can find out everything about you and stalk you. Gotta love stalkers.

This just ruins young peoples lies

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6 MySpace

Complete social dead zone, constant site updates that do nothing but frustrate and confuse, updates that don't make sense, updates that are optional that should be mandatory, updates that are mandatory that should be optional. Enjoy your slow death, Tom.

It's completely dead. The owners should just sell the domain.

Seemed like a good place to make a profile but only if you were some kind of a musician, actor, model.

Yo mama so ugly, when she online on MySpace


It turns into *puke*
It turns into *puke*


That's sick bro.

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7 Google+

Google+ needs to disappear off the face of the earth. It should not be connected with YouTube and the only reason why it is is because Google knows that no one cares about Google+ and a lot of people care about YouTube. Their thought process is probably "oh if we connect the two, more people will like Google+". They are wrong, and need to accept it already. I don't know a single person who actually uses Google+.

It's the worst but the Google empire that rules the internet shoves it down your throat by linking it to everything, to do anything online you need a Google+ account. Why Google, did you disgrace your kingdom and force the commoners in the internet from other empires that aren't as powerful, like the new rising empire you suppress, duckduckgo and your rival bing, by making them slave to you by forcing them to use your social media - AzaleanGirl

This idiocy for a social media website is the reason why I deleted my YouTube account. It's invading our privacy and it's slowly killing off YouTube. If you delete your Google+ but keep your YouTube and G-Mail account it doesn't let you use either unless you remake your Google+ account! Google forces Google+ probably because it's such a fail. IT'S SO STUPID! I HATE Google+!

come on

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8 Instagram

Everybody on Instagram gets negative comments on their pictures/posts, but they delete those negative comments immediately because they think their "perfect" and they think that everybody has to love them and they can't handle the negativity they get. They want people to think that they get "all positive comments", but really that's all nothing but a lie because everybody gets negative comments.

A place where pedophiles, rapists, and stalkers roam... And people willingly post half nude selfies here just for likes aka, attention! This site is only encouraging people to be vain and superficial.

But there's always exceptions, like the galleries full of (amazing) works of art. (photographs, drawings, paintings, etc. )

Same with every other social media site! It all depends on the users. Don't bash Instagram for this, bash society. - CamAsff

This should be higher up in my opinion. There is really no use out of Instagram except for posting pictures, and lots of cyber bullying happens because of social media stuff like Instagram. - matty925

ACK! Get that blasted Instagram away from me, it's giving me hives! Instagram has a good concept, but it got soiled by pop culture and society--OH DEAR LORD NAKED PICS OF JEWELZ MAZZEI 🤢 - xXbfdi_bhabieXx

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9 Wattpad

Quotev stories are worse (If you've been on quotev you would know about those bloody WEREWOLF MATING CEREMONIES). But I still see cliche on Wattpad. There are some good and bad sides of Wattpad. - Lunala

Many people there are retarded authors who watch Twinkle Toes and can't write a proper fanfiction


This place needs a rehaul and more definied rules. I’ve had my work stolen multiple times by teenagers and they do nothing about it.

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10 Vine

This site is literally useless. All you could do is post 6 second videos and apparently appeals to the juvenile Internet crowd. And even worse, the kids at my school won't shut up about the damn vines

So let's get this straight, all you do is on this website is watch a cluster of short awful 6 second videos most of which are pathetic atempts at comedy, and this garbage is popular, I'm sorry but there is nothing funny about people saying Dees nuts, what happened and a kid getting a math equation wrong is not funny, it's just sad that stuff like that is considered comedy on this website is really sad, warning to those who haven't seen vine before should also be cautious of twerk videos

6 seconds videos make for very limited content, and what's up with the Magcon obsession? They're just "attractive" teenage boys with no talent. - Elina


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The Newcomers

? Skinseed

The app is definitely revolutionary with Minecraft skins, but the major issues are that
1. The sexters/virtual sex on a 4+ app (check the App Store, it actually says 4+)
2. Mary Sues that are predictably boring, and always get the alpha male (most are based off of Aphmau characters)
3. The festering attention seekers (trolls, fake depressed people, people lying about being LGBT, etc.)
4. The Instagram wannabes (they don't cause me much harm)
5. The sheer amount of LGBT people on the app (it seems like 85-90% of all people on the app are LGBT in some way) - RossChastainGOD

The Contenders

11 Fanfiction.net

I don't know what this is but just reading the title made me vote for it

My Immortal was spawned here. - Cyri

12 Ask.Fm

There is no way of accomplishing anything with this useless social medium. This is basically an up close and personal interview, in which questions are answered to cater to the likes of the general public, solely for the purposes of attention. People are rated LITERALLY on face value, not to mention the amount of deprecation one will experience. Purposeless, shallow, and overall horrible.

This social network sucks! It allows people to get bullied and the bullies and cowards get a chance to hide behind their evil deeds through ANONYMOUS! I wish this network gets banned from every country, ESPECIALLY Canada! Plus, celebrity posers are there!

So damn true! I deleted mine due to 2 hate comments I got! If you're considering on getting it, please re-consider because that would be a HORRIBLE option to get it, unless you want to be hated on everyday!

I had this account when I was younger and I had gotten so many hateful messages under "anonymous". death threats, torture threats… and many more. it was terrible. and most likely still is

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13 Friendster

I have to agree this place stinks especially if you don't want your friends to know that you don't like them - gordokc77

Absolutely useless, boring, no necessary features at all

I once used it and my computer broke so I used it agein after I went throught getting a new computer and once I got on the site my computer died agein. I HAD TO GET A NEQ ONE. That actually was a true story. It didn't happen to my third computer. I don't know if it was the site or a strange coincidence

14 Omegle

I saw a Youtube video of an adult on omegle then some creepy old man came on. The creepy man started jerking off when the adult said she was TEN. She censored out the old mans small stick though thank god - Lunala

Omegle, the place where 40 year-old men go on video chat and attempt to show you them jacking off.

God. One time I video chatted on monitored, this guy was jacking off with such a small penis! It was hilarious

7 times in a row the person/bot tried to get me to have some "fun! " with them. Creepy.

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15 4chan 4chan 4chan is an English-language imageboard website. Users generally post anonymously, with the most recent posts appearing above the rest.

Get rid of satan of the Internet. Now

For when you can't be bothered going to the deep Web for your evil content.

Gas Station Bathroom graffiti, only on the internet.

This is the breeding ground for trolls, we need to destroy it or the eggs will keep hatching

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16 Flickr Flickr

People post pictures of themselves on there and their dumb enough to not realize that there are rapists and stalkers on the internet. People post fake pictures on Flickr too.

Flickr is how I learned B&W & color film developing. I follow those who document their work. I ask respectful questions and I share what I've learned as appropriate.

I agree people are becoming so dumb, the internet is not safe for any social media

Does anyone even use it?

17 Bebo

Awful site. People who you don't know will come to your page and attack you if you posted an opinion somewhere they don't agree with. If you don't set your profile to private. Never was much people on it was just a fad with Irish and English teenagers. Rubbish really

This is a truly bad site! I've read about it because my daughter wanted to have an account and after I read about it I was speechless

Never heard of it so it must be bad lol.

Original Bebo was better, now I'm past the age of Bebo so who cares. I quit Bebo years ago.

18 Wikia

It's not the worst

What's wrong with Wikia? Trollpasta is my favorite Wikia page, and its good. - UnlawfulMatron

Wikia is not all that bad. am a pretty active member of the (you guessed it) BFDI wiki and I have been around to other wikis too. My main problems are how crazy people do ships|fanfics|pages about things that don't relate to the wiki. Other than that Wikia is pretty good - xXbfdi_bhabieXx

19 Moviestarplanet

This should be up top. Your account has to be public, people take forever to respond, easy to hack accounts, people say sexual things. I used to have an account, but I can't go on because I forgot the password so I typed in the email address and guess what? I STILL can't GO ON. THE STAFF NEVER HELPS YOU

This website sucks, was on it for about a year and it kept getting worse and worse, I had people telling me that they knew were I lived and telling my little (9 year old) cousin that they were going to "make her have a baby"! I was awful.

Go to this link make an account and look on some forums and see how horrible and disgusting these people are

I don't know what I hate more~this or damn musical.ly. and I HAATEE musical.ly with a firey passion. firstly, if you don't have V.I.P. you struggle more than you ever have in school to get good clothes, ore more than ten coins. And let's not forget about how it scarred me for life when I was 6 or 7. So me as a sensitive, sweet, innocent 7 year old in like 2015, ya gotta expect me to like disney princesses, and get scared easily. Right you are, friend! Searching the photos people upload, I found this freaky girl who's pictures were literally disney princesses as ZOMBIES. ROTTING, BLEEDING, WALKING DEAD ZOMBIES. I was so scared, even after my mom talked to me about it. That experience left me with paranoia and extreme fear of the dark that still lingers with me as a 6th grader. I seriously can't go to the bathroom at night without fearing that Walking Dead Cinderella with an axe will pop out and murder me. It's not even funny, I need help. Also, it may be responsible for my fears of ...more - xXbfdi_bhabieXx

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20 Reddit

There are several sub-reddit groups that hate and insult women. There is even one that hates men that are gentlemen and good to women. Unbelievable to think such moronic people exists

Only signed up to it this morning, posted two things and the users started to just nit pick pointless irrelevant stuff, pretty bad community if you ask me.

If you are any female, there goes your rights and are told that you are a fake geek girl. Also told to go back to the kitchen.

A good place for vote beggars, not for a simple user.

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21 Binify
22 Whisper

One word: Extremism - naFrovivuS

''my secret I spit in all the white people's food at the white castle I work at'' racists on this app.

Whisper is hell. Everyone that the general public hates is there; racists, extremist atheist, extremist religious people, extremist feminists, extremist... etc. This sight is hell, basically.

So this one time this guy was like "I'm gonna become a woman in a few days guys! " So I replied with "Go for it! Don't let asses bring you down just because they can't accept it. Be the thing you've wanted to be". So this ass responded to me like "Oh so they're a thing now are they? Ass"
Like WHAT THE HELL? It's CALLED BEING NICE YOU DUMBASS. No need to be such a dick!
And they all think JUST BECAUSE we can't see them and because it's a social media app, means that they can all bully and act like pricks? No way man. No moderators as well! You can swear and bully until you get to the damn featured page which is where the autistic whispers lie

23 Miiverse

Haven't used Miiverse that much (plus, I had one bad experience there that convinced me that this site was not for me and I should never come here again), but after some stuff I did there when I was younger that I cringe at in the long run (I won't say what it is specifically) and hearing all of the flaws of the social network on this site, I honestly don't give a crap in the world about Nintendo finally shutting it down. Besides, I don't use social networks that much and I only use Twitter to a private extent right now. Otherwise, I'm not downloading anything I did on Miiverse into an archive. I'm just going to forget all about it and leave it in the past. All I need is my Nintendo 3DS and my good ol' Pokemon games. Not a crappy social network whose administration is honestly worse than the one here on TheTopTens and whose community is filled with immature pre-teens. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Accidentally voted for this one, meant to comment, but Miiverse is hilarious for the cringe. Who says you have to actively take part in the insanity? Just make an account, get some friends, and laugh.

I stopped using this site a while ago. The admins took down so many random posts that weren't bad at all. And with one update, you can't even post normal posts, it has to come from your "play journal" Dammit. - naFrovivuS

That site was un-needed in the first place, lot of teens beg for attention, likes,follow..
that was wise from Nintendo to close it.

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24 9GAG

Incredibly boring, site, updates are cringe enough, and the comunity there sucks.

25 Pinterest

Pinterest is stupid. Forcing people to sign up. Now whenever I'm on there all I get is a blank screen. Probably because they're now forcing people to download their dumb app. I just want to look for photos of an actress for my Instagram and their aren't many sites that have good ones. Pinterest had good ones I hadn't seen but it was always a pain in the butt to use for me...

Definitely one of the most infuriating websites. You see a pic of something you like and it links to a Google search image. Or to someone else's Pintrest page. No way to purchase the items you see or look at their sources. It is literally a bunch of people creating image lists. No one cares what you like. - Anonperson

It's a little difficult to understand and get the hang of. It has a simplistic and organized kind of look to it, but it's kind of complicated at times.

Pinterest was done wrong. The idea is decent but was poorly executed.

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26 gab.ai

By the way, please get this to #1. - PerfectImpulseX


Nothing but a cesspool of racists and Neo Nazis
I've heard almost nothing but bad things about this website. - PerfectImpulseX

27 Chatroulette

Where people can talk to strangers!

So many diiicksss - jamps

28 Hi5

Dumb site thinking that we are dumb enough to pay who likes and wants to meet us

29 Sodahead
30 Kik

This is a horrible app. rated 17 and up. and yet my 13 year old cousin has it. kik is a website where you talk to random strangers. the strangers ask for stuff like nudes and cell phone numbers. little do some of kik victims know the oh so cute 17 year old boy is really a 60 year old man. don't START KIK

Just like Instagram, it's stupid.

Kik is horrible that 13 year old girl getting raped and murdered just proves that this is a bad app

31 iFunny iFunny

I have the app, but I don't have an account. I rarely look in the comments, but all you see is people saying Kys or wow! Cringe!

Just a bunch of unfunny idiots.

It's like 4chan, except less porn and way more ignorant, arrogant, homophobic, and racist people

IunFunny is what this should be called - UnlawfulMatron

32 Tagged

Poorly managed site. Site is infested with scammers, offer a pet game that has no rules and players are scammed and cheated... Tagged does nothing about it. Way too many fake profiles laugh out loud men pretending to be women. Pron pics, web cam girls, child exploitation... Poorly designed and the site crashes often... A scammers paradise

I do believe Tagged is owned by a street gang laugh out loud. Hey the site has free pron and you can make friends with scumbags looking to scam you. Hmm Tagged address is a Po Box?

I had a Tagged account, for many years True to fact there are many from over sea's liking to pretend and scam, Experienced it more than I like to say, For the years on Tagged, I've not met one individual Being of True... Your Absolutely correct it is full of wannabe Gang idiots / retards... I would sit all day on that site not receiving one reply, The post just Facebook user's makes me want to Barf, I have never in my living history acknowledged such Ignorance.

The members are mostly scammers, hookers, 3rd world countries also looking to scam. Along with low class thugs with no jobs or cars. However a great opportunity to make money by filing a lawsuit against tagged, it appears that tagged is scammers as well!

33 Tinder

This allows other people see your location. This will let your kids get raped and even killed

34 MeetMe

This is the Sodoma and Gomorra of the internet, sex, drugs, weapons, etc are offered on a daily basis.

1. Lots and lots of spam profiles. No security whatsoever, if you accidentally open a spam link, your account gets hacked.

2. Most of the male population is there soliciting sex, and sending dick pics, thus making it difficult to meet new people due to stereotypes.

3. Server maintenance is performed with no warning, your account may be inaccesible for a long period of time making you think that your account got hacked or banned.

35 Habbo

They could have called it: site for anime hating drunkards and pedos!

36 Flipagram
37 Popjam

Popjam! Please stop trying to make your community rip off the GoAnimate community! Do you remember how you once said that "being you is what makes you so special"? Now you're a corporate business with no heart and control your current users to be those hypocritical hypersensitive 7-year-old special snowflakes that you would have seen around GoAnimate, before Alvin Hung allegedly "ruined" everything. Also, opinions should be WELCOME on your site. You frame scribbles that your brainwashed community worships like the greatest God. They draw scribbles and are so hypersensitive about everything. You suspend great users for no reason. The tattletales, spoiled princesses and manchildren are the only ones left. People also hate on the best users for being brave. Please delete your network from all app stores or just set a rule against hypersensitive hypocritical tattletale spoiled manchild special snowflakes. Thank you in advance. - thisisaveryrandomusername88

This community is the worst. They disrespect opinions on art and make it look like the OPINION SHARERS are SATANIC. NOBODY S AN ANGEL.

I took one look at the Popjam runner ups. You're right. OPINIONS for the win GUYS! - thisisaveryrandomusername88

It looks like some sort of art website for kids. Never heard of it, but just judging from a quick google. - Lunala

38 Scratch
39 Quotev

A lot of people were mean to me on Quotev. Usually they either call me "young" (but I'm not) or they just say I'm a liar about everything, even though I'm not a liar. Because of a mistake I made, the moderators took down my account for the second time! Are you kidding me?! It was a picture of two naked girls, and I accidentally posted that, but even though I'm sorry, I still got deleted. Luckily for me, I have other accounts, and they're still alive, so then I can still cuss online (not too much though, because they'll start to know I'm still on). - PhilTheCorgi

Admins took down my account for NO REASON (that happens to lots of people) but during my few months on the website I faced one problem: Edgy teens and the WEREWOLF MATING STORIES. 95% of the stories on Quotev go along the lines of "(Name) is a nerdy, shy omega. She goes the mating ceremony and hopes she isn't paired with Alpha (Name). The most feared alpha." Then in the book the Mary Sue protagonist goes to the mating ceremony then this happens: "Mate." He growled, huskily. GARBAGE! - Lunala

A crazy social website aimed at teenagers. Had experience there. Not too good. Especially for attention seekers.

The thing is, Quotev was a fun, small website that rarely had any mean people. Nowdays it's nothing more than drama and aesthetics and followers. People going on following sprees all of the time just to gain more followers. People bullying others into being more aesthetic. This is something that rarely happened back then, and now it's all over the place. There's drama everyday to the point where users nicknamed it Tumblr 2.0.
It's gotten ridiculous. What was once a fun website where you can post stories where you're not hated on is now a battleground.
It doesn't help that this website is poorly managed. There aren't many ways to contact Quotev's admin or staff, due to them all being anonymous. They allow drama to happen.
In conclusion, you may not want to join this website anymore. SJWs are joining too, making it all so much worse.

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40 Verpri

Lots of cool features, I like it

41 Deviantart Deviantart

DeviantArt is known for child pornography, fetish and MLP shindig. The site is also known for its corrupt staff and removing and relocating everybody's "deviations" for copyright infringement and other violations. They don't actually seem to care about child porn on some of the members' accounts. I mean, one member had hundreds of shindig that are clearly underage children as the the staff got more problems than Milo Yiannapoulos or Donald Trump as I NEVER draw or photograph anything inappropriate. In the end, the DeviantArt staff needs to man up!

DeviantArt is not perfect, it needs some updating and more care about the content in it, but overlooking all that, I've felt DeviantArt has been the best Social Network I've met; people there treat me way too good and at any rate admins are more pending than others Social Networks I've met... I really feel I wouldn't change DeviantArt for anything.

I agree it has garbage

Ugh, I hate DeviantArt, even though I love to draw. Somebody called my PetMoji (look it up, because they already took down the PetMoji website anyway) the N word, called me a 10 year old (I'm not a 10 year old), spamming my profile with the exact same comments, being rude to my drawings, etc. - PhilTheCorgi

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42 Photobucket
43 VK

Servers are always down, account deactivation is a total mess. On my top 10 it takes the first place, that's right, in my opinion VK is worse than Facebook.

Porn.if your a prev then this is for U.

44 KnowYourMeme

This is the reason memes suck now, trying to get tween girls into memes was their idea, all they wanna do is be like Michael Esnier.

Full of pron and crappy neckbeards who fart out UNFUNNY jokes about LGBT, autism, etc - Lunala

45 We Heart It

I find this website to be obnoxious because you can never find the source of the images on We Heart It. I don't want to see that brittany345 hearts this image, I don't care. I'm trying to find the image source for some reason, and this website doesn't seem to have sources for images. If I was a photographer or artist I would probably hate this website even more. Thank goodness for Google Image Search I guess.

It's a pinterest knock off that doesn't have pinning.

46 Live.me

This app is so annoying. The ads it shows up are extremely misleading. DON'T LISTEN TO THESE GUYS. EVER. - jackintheboxisgross

47 Line
48 YouTube YouTube YouTube is a global video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States. The service was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. In November 2006, it was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion.

I really hate YouTube's community, once I realized somebody stole other's video and I tried to make it aware, but YouTube's community is way too full of ignorance as for take it serious...

Remove the ads off the YouTube. Use ad block on YouTube.

That means people who create content earn less. Sometimes to the point where they have to ditch their youtube career. That basically destroys youtube - Nayan2003

The Youtube hierarchy has become so corrupt you'd think it was modeled after the US government. - Mangocave

Shut down the YouTube channel.

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49 Exploroo

The perfect social network... If your looking for basically all the other similar social sites out there

50 Batakay
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