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1 Sheila Broflovski Sheila Broflovski

She is awful - ElSherlock

She's so annoying and hateful!

She’s to overprotective and manipulative for most people. She killed Terrance and Phillip in the film and she started a war with Canada because a stupid movie. Over reacts for dumb reasons.

Most annoying character on the show. If there is one little thing she doesn't like, she will always protest against it and for some reason always succeeds.

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2 Shelly Marsh Shelly Marsh

Your brother has asthma (mentioned in "Sexual Harassment Panda") and you beat him up? That's sick. And "shut up turd" is getting really annoying over time. I don't understand why you hate Stan so much and you abuse him when he's near you. Was it because of your braces? Do you have too many problems of your own? What?

I hope one day you'll apologize to Stan like he apologizes to you. But you don't care, you'd rather beat him up and get away with it. :(

One thing I never understood is, why does have next to no focus in the T.V. show itself?

I get that South Park is full of jerks, but at least there's usually comedic value, it adds something to the story, SOMETHING useful or redeeming. I don't know what the creators are trying to accomplish with her. Are they trying to shoo the audience away that can't deal with how ANNOYING she is? If so, it's about to work on me.

She pissed me off all the time

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3 PC Principle

Worst character ever. I get it that his character was meant to show how people take PC (Political Correctness) too seriously.
It might have been funny for a few episodes, but the fact he's been on 4 seasons, he's basically killing the show.

I stopped watching in Season 19 because his character is just so horrible and needs to go. The fact they haven't gotten rid of his character by now (from what I searched online) shows that South Park is going so downhill, I can see it probably ending in a few years.

South Park is too PC and full of liberal, feminist, crap now. I member when the show made fun of these things and wasn't afraid to offend anyone. Cartman after all was originally a kid version of Archie Bunker. Hell Cartman once said (democrats piss me off! ) What happened to the South Park I grew up with? This character needs to die slowly and painfully. He reminds me of my old principal too much too. I either wants Cartman, Garrison, Chef (return from the dead), or Saddam Hussein(to return as well) to kill him. To prove a point that the old is funnier and better. I'm pretty sure Chef wouldn't allow this character to exist. I watch South Park to make fun of the annoying things in this world! NOT TO EMBRACE THEM AND GIVE IT THERE OWN CHARACTER! Someone please kill it with fire!?!

How the heck Cartman is higher than PC Principal?! Sure, Cartman is completely out of character on season 20 (And when he tried to be the old Cartman he was at the last episode, he was just lame.) but seriously, PC Principal is the one who caused everything which make South Park unwatchable! The continuity, the gentrification of South Park, the awful "Safe Space", that abomination of yaoi episode, the ads, the member-berries, Garrison as president, the internet troll, and more... I don't forget to mention he's an horrible character, he's completely unfunny (I swear there is not the least moment I laughed with him), he's an awfully annoying who forces everyone to be politically correct and who has an anger issue... There is no way to laugh with him... If we don't kill him in the Fractured But Whole, I swear I'll destroy my game copy and stop watching South Park! I didn't plan to watch season 21 anyway and I'll never do if that principal is still alive after the game.

I would like to punch both him and Strong Women in the face.

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4 Stephen Stotch

*cracks knuckles* Start running, Stephen. Cause I got a Lucille with your name on it.

I hate Steven, I just hate him so much.

He's one of the meanest characters on this show, he constantly grounds Butters for the smallest of reasons (eg. accidentally making a face in a school photo), he also doesn't give a crap about any sort of danger that he's in and he's in all honesty worse than Shelia Broflovski.

He also treats his wife, Linda, like trash as shown in Butters' Very Own Episode and most likely, off-screen, she actually cares about her son and is only trying to punish him to make her so-called "husband" happy.

Jared Has Aides just proves that he needs to be imprisoned, the fact that he is so stupid to not determinate his son's voice from Eric's just makes me sit there thinking "why can't they kill this off? *.

I hope Trey and Matt kill this ass off, he really doesn't deserve to be a character on this show. I'd rather have my mother start a war over a movie than be grounded for I don't know... losing a nosehair? - KennyRulz244444

Cheats on his wife for some guy at a gay club. Grounds Butters for stuff that isn’t his fault.

He's mean and the grounding butters thing was pretty funny but it kinda got old and repetitive. Butters probably needs some damn foster parents. This guy is just messed up. I thought he was equally bad as his wife but when I saw the episode when he was cheating on his wife just made him seem like a even worse character. I don't hate on him so much though. He just puts down a funny character, butters.

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5 Wendy Testaburger Wendy Testaburger Wendy Testaburger is a fictional character in the animated television series South Park. She is best known for her on-again, off-again relationship with her boyfriend Stan Marsh, and being more intelligent and mature than most children her age, which is utilized by her activism and feminism.

Wendy really pissed me off in the hobbit episode. She lectured Butters about how calling girls fat is horrible, but she called Lisa Burger fat and ugly the entire episode. I understand the point of the episode but her character development turned me away from the overall message and really did make her look like a hater. I don't find her to be a good moral character because shes hypocritical. She's the female version of kyle except she isn't funny, charismatic, or interesting.

She killed the smurfs

Wendy should have been the one who died in 201 instead of pip.

I hate Wendy so much... she is so annoying, hateful, hypocritical, and mean spirited. I hope Kyle beats her up.

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6 Eric Cartman Eric Cartman Eric Theodore Cartman is one of the main characters in the animated television series South Park, created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and voiced by Trey Parker.

Take Eric off this list right NOW! Eric's one of the best, most radical, and funniest!

What what what?! No. Get him off. - Limeyy

What what what?!?!

No one should be on this list. Expect for Towelie. A real fan likes all of the characters. I like all of them. Even Towelie. But he admitted that he is the worst, so it's okay. But neither Eric, Kyle nor Stan are bad characters. Who created this list anyway?

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7 Grandma Stotch

Yeah, she is pretty awful, but that is the whole reason for her even being created. It is obvious that she probably won't come back in an important role unless Butters needs more character development or something, but for what she was created to do and act, she was pretty funny.

She's abusive towards her grandson (AKA best character)! She doesn't deserve to be on this show, to be honest.

Butters did good for telling her she will die alone

Haven't seen her dude

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8 Pip Pirrup Pip Pirrup

He sucks! There's a reason They killed him off because he was that stupid

Ugh... I hate Pip. He always try to take Damien away from Kyle. I hope Damien and Kyle kill him and burn him and torture him. DamienxKyle is FOREVER

Pip is one of my favorites, why is he one the list?

Come on its pip by far the worst

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9 Terrance

I hate both Terrance & Phillip all they do is fart on each other & laugh. Most boring & unfunny characters

Phillip should also be in the list because Terrance and Phillip act like the same

"Don't Convict Terrance Of Murder, Or He'll Kill You! " - Phillip - BeatlesFan1964

Annoying, and every episode he's with in, sucks! Exactly the same with phillip!

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10 Towelie Towelie

Towelie is forgettable. - Limeyy

Towelie is overhated. - SanicWantsHisSandwich

It's between him and Mr. Hankey. They're both pretty bad.

I love that scene 'You're the worst character ever Towelie' 'I know' - Luke72New

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11 Karen McCormick

She's adorable, but a Mary Sue, and her relationship with Kenny is so forced feeling.

Bruh she's like 5 lmao why pick on her

Karen is so loving and sweet, how could she be hated? Besides, the bond she shares with Kenny is just so adorable. I wish they'd show more of them and build upon their brother-sister relationship. It's just too adorable.

Why would you hate Karen? She's really sweet and cute, and isn't a bratty sister. - Popsicles

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12 Sharon Marsh

I like Sharon, honestly. But I do agree she is the Lois Griffen of South Park (With that being said, Sharon does Lois better than Lois does herself. Just goes to show you that Trey and Matt can one up family guy any time). She isn't supposed to be a complex mom character like Beth from Rick and Morty, she is just supposed to be a regular, caring mom with a bit of a crude spin on her. Besides, even if she is one of the worst mom characters on the show, at least she isn't Linda Stotch

She doesn't do anything. The best episode she was the shake weight thing. That was funny

No interesting traits, usually just yelling/complaining to Randy/Stan.

She's the "Lois Griffin" in South Park.

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13 Kyle Brolovski

He is a massive jerk and pretends to be the good guy

One of the things about Kyle that are detestable are these: He's done things in his past that are embarrassing, he acts all holier than thou with anyone he's come in contact with, he's abusive to Cartman (well he pretty much deserves it but he is funny though), his innocent baby brother Ike, and even his super best friend Stan Marsh. He's been involved in things that were downright criminal. He's always right, he's never wrong. In all the objectionable misdeeds he's done Kyle always gets off scot free and never gets any comeuppance.

He even continues to live from all the pain and suffering like getting a hemorrhoid, getting a negroplasty, having his mouth surgically sewn to a Japanese man's b-hole and violently eating feces after that, drinking a full jar of urine, eating farts, getting AIDS, and getting hazed by Randy. Boy, how the hell does he survive after all that? Oh right, it's South Park, but still, at least he was better developed in the earlier seasons of the show, ...more

I don't think you should bash Kyle just because he is supposedly "foul mouthed". Are you people blind? WHAT CHARACTER ON SOUTH PARK doesn't CUSS AT LEAST ONCE! If your going to hate him for that reason, then you might as well hate every character on the show. Also, you shouldn't compare him to other characters just cause you don't like him. For example, people that say Eric is awesome and Kyle sucks, okay, I get it, but whats your reasoning for hating kyle? Just cause you don't like him as much as Eric? If your going to sprout your opinions about things, then at least have a supportive reasoning for it. For example, I like Kyle because I think that he has funny dialogue and I can sorta relate to him at times. (this was a reply to someone else's comment.)

He’s my favorite out of the main 4, but why is he all the way up here? He has dislikable moments, sure. But he still has charm! - Limeyy

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14 Ms. Crabtree

Annoying stupid woman. Her voice makes me wanna push through the screen and strangle her. BITCH!

15 Randy Marsh Randy Marsh

I really don't like this character, he makes south park into a crappier version of the Simpsons and takes away from all the great parts that south park is about. I'm so tired of seeing the retarded dad archetype that's in every animated show especially when south park didn't have the archetype for half the show's airtime. - kyleslonelyheartsclubband

The most overrated cartoon character there is

Funny jerk - JazzyJulie

I understand why people don't like him, but he is just so damn funny. Besides, he is only the focus of a lot of episodes because he is Stan's dad, who is (arguably) the main character from the show, so it only makes sense. Maybe Trey and Matt intentionally focus stories around him or intentionally make him annoying just to piss off you guys.

The humor Trey and Matt gave Randy is that of Trey's father so it is a very pure humor that is completely intentional. He's my favorite character, plus Randy's humor is that of the show itself. If anyone lets themselves get pissed off at what Randy says or how he acts then they are watching the wrong show entirely. What seems to be the officer, problem? - SpaceCakes

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16 Liane Cartman

South Park should do an episode where a new family moves in where the parents are actually good at parenting and it causes the apocalypse. Liane isn't a bad character, and she is very nice, but being a nice parent doesn't always equal a good parent. - 445956

She dates so many guys like Wendy

I'm not sexist or anything, but she's the only female character in the show that isn't annoying. - SanicWantsHisSandwich

Why? She's so nice. She was better when Mary Kay Bergman voiced her but she's just always been a nice mother that basically lets Cartman walk all over her. - Luke72New

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17 Gerald Broflovski

The one who ruined relationship in elementary school especially Stan and Wendy. Make boys destroy Cartman's devices. Kills the Denmark Olympian. The person who ruined Season 20 and now the Broflovski become the most hated parents ever since.

Season 20? Well, this is the main reason WHY I hate Gerald Broflovski! That season 20!

I hate Gerald after I saw season 20 he was the main antagonist acts like a jerk to Women with breast Cancer and drived danish woman to suicide I wanted Denmark to Start Troll trace So Kyles mom saw his Internet history

Season 20

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18 Nathan

Disgusting he is such a stupid character and should be killed off want to fight with jimmy and timmy then you will pay

This kid, is a TROUBLEMAKER. He illegally sold medication to Jimmy causing him to beat up his girlfriend. And he's the one who ended Stan and Kyle's friendship. Thank God he got what he deserved when Classi beat him up.

I feel like this guy is slowly becoming a major character... - Popsicles

The only thing worse would be PC Principal..

19 Mr. Hankey

Mr. Hankey is gross - SanicWantsHisSandwich

Also stupid songs from the 90s.

Gross and annoying

Annoying voice is annoying.

20 Philip

What's the difference between him and Terrance

Lol why do people hate this guy

21 Tweek Tweak

I've googled "tweek is the worst character on South Park" just because he annoys the hell out of me and makes me what to skip episodes where the story focus is on him

Yeah, he stinks.

He's ok but I don't understand why everyone loves him. he's never cute or funny in fact.

Tweet is the most annoying character on South Park. He's the reason I even googled the phrase "tweek is the worst character on South Park"...something about how he talks and the entire idea behind is character annoys me. He's a character so tweeked up that he always speaks in an annoying voice and winks his eye. His voice is annoying, his character is annoying, it's such a bad character I feel like a kid could have come up with it. Hopefully they kill off this annoying character. His parents are funnier characters than he is

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22 Principal Victoria

First PC Principal, and now Victoria? You people can't be happy. Yeah, her voice isn't the greatest, but not liking her because she complains about something wrong with the school? Like, isn't that her job? Let me answer it for you, yes it is. But it isn't so much complaining as it is she points something out, says something, or 'complains', then fixes it, which is usually the joke with her as the way she handles it or comes up with a solution to it is the punchline or something.

It gets very annoying when all she does is complain about something wrong with the school.

I can't stand her complaining...

Much better than PC Principal

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23 Linda Stotch

Tried to kill butters

Doesn't care that her husband abuses Butters... Not to mention attempting to murder Butters, crazy woman. - Horhi

24 Bebe Stevens

I Hate Her More I Hate Kyle!


She's such a skank, not to mention, they were just tissues

Yeah, Bebe has never been good. Just Wendy's annoying friend - by the way I do like Wendy. - Luke72New

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25 Jimbo Kern

Just like Barbrady, a useless, dumb and annoying character

In the episode Volcano, he taught to use weapons, drink alcohol and kill animals to the children. He's the worst character! - Yona_db

Bad remodel to kids...

26 Trent Boyett

The only reason he hates the boys is because he was jailed because they framed him. him hating the boys and going through such extremities to hurt the is the only reason I can come up with for people disliking him. That being said, that's a pretty dumb ass reason to hate a character. Trent isn't the best, but he also isn't the worst. Lay off him.

I mean, he was framed for burning Miss Claridge twice. He doesn't deserve to be that high

27 Jimmy Valmer

This one surprised me a bit since Jimmy hasn't really had a major role in much (aside form a few episodes where he is the main character, or a bunch of short speaking lines just to tell some jokes), therefore not really doing much for anyone to hate him on. If you ask me, I think Trey and Matt should give him a little more to do and some more screen time. Besides, you guys are asking him to be complex, when he is a character from South Park, a show that stuck a gerbil up a gay man's ass. Sure, they have a few complex characters, but that doesn't mean everyone has to have a deep backstory behind them or a tragic event with them (though Jimmy is crippled so...)

I tend to think Jimmy's jokes are really good and he's an interesting character and one underrated thing that makes him hilarious is him stuttering.

Jimmy is just a terrible character in my humble opinion. The creators stretch his stuttering way to long, he isn't funny, he is the inferior cripple, and just generally makes each episode he is in worse.

I disagree completely! Jimmy is a character that holds a special place in my heart!

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28 Scott Tenorman

How would YOU feel if your parents were killed and made into the chili that you ate? - CommentandList

This guy is just as bad as Cartman is.

Accidentally upvoted that idiot 'commentandlist'.
The piece of filth deserves it.
What 16 year old that you know would sell a 9 year old pubes, burn money, steal more, make him beg like a pig, etc, and then you think he's a good kid? The only reason it's a bad thing is that his parents didn't deserve it. The manipulative ginger pissant did.

29 Saddam Hussein

Oh come on! He's hilarious!

Hate him! He's annoying as hell

Yeah but he is hilarious in the show

I hate him because is terrorist

30 Justin Bieber

Cartman had Cathulu kill thim in the coon episodes

He's Justin bieber enough said

Bandwagon of Bieber haters.

31 Ms Choksondik
32 Mickey Mouse

I wish his died

He's horrible
How could anyone find him even remotely likeable

He's a horrible prick
I hate his guts the despicable wanker

Perhaps the most dispicable character ever on SP
He's most remotely likeable in any way

33 Big Gay Al

He is funny!

34 Kenny McCormick Kenny McCormick Kenneth "Kenny" McCormick is a main character in the animated adult television series South Park, along with his friends Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Eric Cartman.

When I made this list, Kenny wasn't on it at all. TO WHOEVER PUT KENNY HERE: SHAME ON YOU!

Who the hell put Kenny here?

Why is he on this list take him off - silverfish238

He is like Jerry from the short lived cartoon The Three Friends and Jerry, yeah The Three Friends and Jerry was made after South Park, The Three Friends and Jerry is a kids cartoon with controversy which banned it. The one difference is Jerry never died but the similarity was he wanted to be best friends with Frank, Thomas and Eric but they hated him but allowed him to help them with whatever they wanted to do like Frank had a crush on his cousin Linda.

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35 Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj is a Trinidadian American rapper/pop music artist. Nicki is most known for songs like "Anaconda", "Only", "Truffle Butter", "Super Bass" and "Stupid Hoe" . Her real name is Onika Tanya Maraj. She was born on December 8, 1982 in Saint James Trinidad and Tobago. ...read more.

Why would anyone put this skank on South Park? She's vulgar, dirty, talentless and extremely irritating! And talking about vulgar and dirty, I know that's South Park's thing, but at least they know how to do it right. Nicki Minaj does not do it right.

WHAT? Someone put this piece of garbage singer on SOUTH PARK? I hope someone killed her like they do with lots of celebrities - CardboardBox

I hate Nicki Minaj so much I wish Cartman killed her(i don't like Cartman either but he is good at revenge for annoying people) Even Mrs. Broflovski is better

36 Heidi Turner

She's really nice in the new seasons. - Popsicles

Heidi really gained some pounds - YoshiApple

God I can't stand her anymore

She was much better when she was a minor character.
Not only, she's too "sensisitve" and also, she's too stupid because she kept getting back with Cartman despite how he mistreat her!

37 Clyde Donovan

The guy got blamed for his own mother’s death the mother deserve to be here more than him - 015804

But Clyde is awesome! What? Why is he #9 on the list of the worst characters... ?! He's my favorite :/

If Clyde saw this he'd definitely cry like he usually does.

Clyde is a good character and however but that he cries I have never seen him cry in eny episode's at all

38 Craig Tucker

Craig was a fine character but he started sucking when Creek happened. - Limeyy

Completely overrated. He's just a pathetic guys who barely care about anyone. And now he's gay, he's just reduced as a gay stereotype. And because of that, all the four boys are overshadowed. Due to the last one (AKA overshadowed.) I hate Craig Tucker. Seriously, fangirls? Why don't you want to give more love to Big Al Gay? He's a good gay character, not Craig Tucker. I prefer so far watching every moments of Big Al Gay instead of the least drawing of Craig Tucker. Really, you girls are disgusting, supporting Craig Tucker as a gay just because you find that cute... You're disgusting. You're not even better than men who support lesbian. Besides, I'm a guy and I hate Craig Tucker and I support Big Al Gay.

I love Craig. He's AWESOME. He flicks everyone off and is like the quieter, second Cartman. He speaks his mind, only kid in school not afraid to tell Stan, kyle, cartman and Kenny that they suck and no one likes them.

Fat and ugly

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39 Lisa Burger

I hate that fat girl and how she became so popular

40 Mr. Garrison Mr. Garrison Herbert Garrison is a recurring character in the American animated television series South Park. He is voiced by Trey Parker.

Depends what version of Mr. Garrison where talking about to be on this list, He's a great character except for the two versions that I can't stand that being Mrs. Garrison and Trump Garrison. But other than that a really funny character. - kyleslonelyheartsclubband

I don't understand this. Like, yeah he doesn't like the kids and is mostly an ass. But this is South Park we are talking about. He is damn funny, too. Besides, if Trey and Matt changed him to what you all wanted, he would be an awful character and everyone would want him back the way he was or killed off. Seriously, if you're going to complain about Mr. Garrison, stop watching the, dude. You obviously don't get the show's premise.

Should be way higher on this chart

Why the hell? He's awesome... Watch Mr Garrison's Fancy New Vagina

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41 Dr. Janice
42 Ike

I want to twist him like a pretzel

YoshiApple, (don't kick the baby)

Oh come on how could this be on the list he always gets kicked at the window

Ike is adorable. Anyone who dislikes him is evil.

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43 Gregory of Yardale

Gregory is someone who just steps in when ever he wants to he hates people for no reason at all.he acts like he's the boss of everything just because smart

I hate him! He thinks he’s so smart and that he’s the boss of everyone! I wish he was dead! There should be a whole two-parter when Gregory returns and Stan has to defeat him and save Wendy! TFA: Optimus and Stan vs sentinel and Gregory!

44 Timmy

How could you hate Timmy?!

Jimmy is better than timmy he can't even talk what is that

Timmy is better than jimmy thou - YoshiApple

He messes everything up and is retarded.

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45 Captain Hindsight
46 Mr. Hat

Mr. Hat is a legend

One of the worst characters along Mr. Hanky and tweak.

Lol Mr. Hat sucks

He's just a puppet

47 Richard Adler
48 Father Maxi

The people who downvoted Maxi are people who played Stick of Truth too much and didn't watch South Park as much. In the show he doesn't do much.

49 Starvin' Marvin

He sent that stupid idiot cartman to Ethiopia! He is awesome

50 Token

There is absolutely no reason for him to be there; every time I see him it just gets me so mad. He's not funny, he's just there for the sake of being there. Craig is almost as bad, but the episode Tweak x Craig was so funny. Token is just insolent, spoiled, dumb, and generally aggravating.

It is not racist to hate on a character, you have the right to an opinion.

I hate Token but I can't because people will think I'm racist

I hate tokens voice so much

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