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1 Sheila Broflovski Sheila Broflovski

Most annoying character on the show. If there is one little thing she doesn't like, she will always protest against it and for some reason always succeeds.

I HATE Sheila Broflovski so much. She wasn't Kyle's mom, it was his true mother Suzanne Broflovski. That's why I was lucky she died in the movie. I'm very happy that jerk is dead for good on South Park.

This is all Sheila Broflovski's fault when my mom says don't ever, that is so mean, you be nice to someone, I do't like that talk, yells at me, puts soap in my mouth, tells me to say hi and goodbye to relatives, tells me bad news about relatives. She's responsible for all these.

I happy that annoying nut job jerk is dead on South Park.

I’ve always found her to be just as annoying as PC principal, all she does is complain about EVERYTHING. it’s no wonder Cartman got the best musical number in the movie since she’s a big fat bitch

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2 Shelly Marsh Shelly Marsh

Your brother has asthma (mentioned in "Sexual Harassment Panda") and you beat him up? That's sick. And "shut up turd" is getting really annoying over time. I don't understand why you hate Stan so much and you abuse him when he's near you. Was it because of your braces? Do you have too many problems of your own? What?

I hope one day you'll apologize to Stan like he apologizes to you. But you don't care, you'd rather beat him up and get away with it. :(

I get that South Park is full of jerks, but at least there's usually comedic value, it adds something to the story, SOMETHING useful or redeeming. I don't know what the creators are trying to accomplish with her. Are they trying to shoo the audience away that can't deal with how ANNOYING she is? If so, it's about to work on me.

She should be on the top of the list- she's painfully rude and doesn't seem to care about any one else, the exception of broadway bro down. And the poor kid who was trying to win her heart had to be relentless, and put up with her making fun of him

Is she that abusive brace girl from nemo? Looks like it, I mean she has the dentist outfit on too. But just more angrier.

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3 PC Principle

South Park is too PC and full of liberal, feminist, crap now. I member when the show made fun of these things and wasn't afraid to offend anyone. Cartman after all was originally a kid version of Archie Bunker. Hell Cartman once said (democrats piss me off! ) What happened to the South Park I grew up with? This character needs to die slowly and painfully. He reminds me of my old principal too much too. I either wants Cartman, Garrison, Chef (return from the dead), or Saddam Hussein(to return as well) to kill him. To prove a point that the old is funnier and better. I'm pretty sure Chef wouldn't allow this character to exist. I watch South Park to make fun of the annoying things in this world! NOT TO EMBRACE THEM AND GIVE IT THERE OWN CHARACTER! Someone please kill it with fire!?!

How the heck Cartman is higher than PC Principal?! Sure, Cartman is completely out of character on season 20 (And when he tried to be the old Cartman he was at the last episode, he was just lame.) but seriously, PC Principal is the one who caused everything which make South Park unwatchable! The continuity, the gentrification of South Park, the awful "Safe Space", that abomination of yaoi episode, the ads, the member-berries, Garrison as president, the internet troll, and more... I don't forget to mention he's an horrible character, he's completely unfunny (I swear there is not the least moment I laughed with him), he's an awfully annoying who forces everyone to be politically correct and who has an anger issue... There is no way to laugh with him... If we don't kill him in the Fractured But Whole, I swear I'll destroy my game copy and stop watching South Park! I didn't plan to watch season 21 anyway and I'll never do if that principal is still alive after the game.

I agree with the guy who said that south park is too pc. to start off with ever since they got this character on the show it has become nothing but ultimate liberal bias and pro-hillary propaganda (I don't really care about the Trump jokes in the show though). Seriously, dial the bias down and get back to offending everybody for the sake of being satirical. Please bring back racist Eric not Liberal Eric because I know for a fact pc principal had completely brainwashed him to be so pc like him. Heck even other shows alongside south park are shoving left wing propaganda down our throats and the majority of the shows get cancelled (like the nightly show, thank god). Is our corrupt system bribing them to do it anyway?

I honestly can’t stand this guy and that’s because I hate political correctness and SJW’s

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4 Stephen Stotch

I hate Steven, I just hate him so much.

He's one of the meanest characters on this show, he constantly grounds Butters for the smallest of reasons (eg. accidentally making a face in a school photo), he also doesn't give a crap about any sort of danger that he's in and he's in all honesty worse than Shelia Broflovski.

He also treats his wife, Linda, like trash as shown in Butters' Very Own Episode and most likely, off-screen, she actually cares about her son and is only trying to punish him to make her so-called "husband" happy.

Jared Has Aides just proves that he needs to be imprisoned, the fact that he is so stupid to not determinate his son's voice from Eric's just makes me sit there thinking "why can't they kill this off? *.

I hope Trey and Matt kill this ass off, he really doesn't deserve to be a character on this show. I'd rather have my mother start a war over a movie than be grounded for I don't know... losing a nosehair? - KennyRulz244444

He's mean and the grounding butters thing was pretty funny but it kinda got old and repetitive. Butters probably needs some damn foster parents. This guy is just messed up. I thought he was equally bad as his wife but when I saw the episode when he was cheating on his wife just made him seem like a even worse character. I don't hate on him so much though. He just puts down a funny character, butters.

Butters is the best, so it pains me to see him repeatedly getting hurt by his abusive father. Also not very funny. Homer and Bart do it better: "Why you little..." Stephen just makes me sad and I want to safe Butters. Give him better home.

Make Stotch become the worst character again.

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5 Eric Cartman Eric Cartman Eric Theodore Cartman is one of the main characters in the animated television series South Park, created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and voiced by Trey Parker.

Take Eric off this list right NOW! Eric's one of the best, most radical, and funniest!

No one should be on this list. Expect for Towelie. A real fan likes all of the characters. I like all of them. Even Towelie. But he admitted that he is the worst, so it's okay. But neither Eric, Kyle nor Stan are bad characters. Who created this list anyway?

Honestly, many of the characters seem like hypocrites, in my perspective. But Cartman is definitely the biggest one! He acts that way only to get what he wants and 'just because'. If you're calling characters like Kyle and Wendy (my favorites) hypocrites, I can see what you're getting at. But in my opinion, they have reasons. Like to actually make things right or get their points through to people, if possible with hypocrisy. Or other times, they're not lying and they've actually come to a conclusion that nothing they say or do is gonna change anything. I apologize if I'm starting to go off topic, but this is why I'm not such a fan of Cartman.


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6 Towelie

I love that scene 'You're the worst character ever Towelie' 'I know' - Luke72New

Towelie is a funny character. I don't think he is the worst.

I can't watch him. Easily the worst.

A VERY close tie to mr hankey the christmas poo. mr hankey made me feel like fasting for a year. towelie might be even worse, since he's not as insightful as that grotesque piece of sugar honey ice tea.
mr hankey's season 4 episode "a very crappy christmas" was kind of insightful, and even the season 1 episode "mr hankey the christmas poo" was insightful because it taught us that "christmas is that one day where you forget about the bad and focus on the good".
the "circle of poo" song was disgusting, but it actually tried to teach a lesson.
yeah towelie's bad. I'm buying an "i hate towelie" t-shirt in adult large and wear it with my favorite pair of jeans.

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7 Grandma Stotch

Yeah, she is pretty awful, but that is the whole reason for her even being created. It is obvious that she probably won't come back in an important role unless Butters needs more character development or something, but for what she was created to do and act, she was pretty funny.

She's abusive towards her grandson (AKA best character)! She doesn't deserve to be on this show, to be honest.

Butters did good for telling her she will die alone

I know SP is just a cartoon, but I stg I felt like crying whenever Grandma Stotch came onscreen. Poor Butters, he didn't deserve any of that.

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8 Wendy Testaburger Wendy Testaburger

Wendy really pissed me off in the hobbit episode. She lectured Butters about how calling girls fat is horrible, but she called Lisa Burger fat and ugly the entire episode. I understand the point of the episode but her character development turned me away from the overall message and really did make her look like a hater. I don't find her to be a good moral character because shes hypocritical. She's the female version of kyle except she isn't funny, charismatic, or interesting.

"I hate her recent voice she doesn't even sound like a kid anymore but sounds like a feminist who goes to school with kids and gets pissed off when kids act like kids. Also, every time her student report is about some global issues (that's fine) she talks about it like she is some sort of an adult, she is so annoying."

I don't like her new voice either, although as much as I love the new South Park episodes, she was way better when she was voiced by Mary Kay Bergman from 1997-1999.

Wendy Testaburger is a stupid, spoiled skank! She thinks she is such a big star at everything well she isn't. She treats Stan poorly, She is an annoying little smart-ass. Instead of Breast Cancer Show Ever I'd rather like to see Cartman getting beaten up by Kyle. I hate the way she acts like a college student when she's not even close to college. She never acts like a kid & She always wants to make Stan a better person when he's fine the way he is. She is a stupid tattletale & she never let's kids be kids. She is such a buzz kill. I hope Trey Parker & Matt Stone do an episode where Stan stands up to Wendy. If not then I hope they kill her off the show by actually killing her like Pip. WENDY TESTABURGER, I HOPE THEY BURY YOU!

Guys. I think we need to take a break of hating Stan’s lovely girlfriend. Because there are worse characters than her. I mean Shelly is the biggest to hate more than Wendy. Plus Stan and Wendy need to make out for real! Plus Chef Goes Nanners is the only episode I didn’t like about her. CARTMAN NEVER DESERVES TO LOVE WENDY! GO TO HELL FATA** - asantalo

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9 Gerald Broflovski

Season 20? Well, this is the main reason WHY I hate Gerald Broflovski! That season 20!

I hate Gerald after I saw season 20 he was the main antagonist acts like a jerk to Women with breast Cancer and drived danish woman to suicide I wanted Denmark to Start Troll trace So Kyles mom saw his Internet history

Season 20

A massive douchebag

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10 Liane Cartman

Why? She's so nice. She was better when Mary Kay Bergman voiced her but she's just always been a nice mother that basically lets Cartman walk all over her. - Luke72New

I don't understand why Liane is on here. Sure, she was a push over in the earlier seasons, but that's what made her funny. Plus, have you guy's watched HUMANCENTiPAD and The Coon and Friends trilogy? She is starting to wise up to Eric.

I don't actually hate her... She's just too nice and I wish she's actually do something about it

Well that s because of Annoying bitch fatass Kyle s mom made her company with her I don t think she is stupid she is totally best mother of my life cause I love as her social confession with Eric s friends and Kyle too and why they on this list? I guess list is more stupider cause choices are actually wrong Sheila is wost than Kyle and Shelly is worst too I hate two sluts in my life So Mrs Cartman is the best parent as also Mr Marsh too of course they not my characters but l actually love Eric s mother and Stan s father

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11 Gregory of Yardale

Gregory is someone who just steps in when ever he wants to he hates people for no reason at all.he acts like he's the boss of everything just because smart

12 Clyde Donovan

But Clyde is awesome! What? Why is he #9 on the list of the worst characters... ?! He's my favorite :/

If Clyde saw this he'd definitely cry like he usually does.

Clyde is a good character and however but that he cries I have never seen him cry in eny episode's at all

13 Kyle Brolovski

One of the things about Kyle that are detestable are these: He's done things in his past that are embarrassing, he acts all holier than thou with anyone he's come in contact with, he's abusive to Cartman (well he pretty much deserves it but he is funny though), his innocent baby brother Ike, and even his super best friend Stan Marsh. He's been involved in things that were downright criminal. He's always right, he's never wrong. In all the objectionable misdeeds he's done Kyle always gets off scot free and never gets any comeuppance.

He even continues to live from all the pain and suffering like getting a hemorrhoid, getting a negroplasty, having his mouth surgically sewn to a Japanese man's b-hole and violently eating feces after that, drinking a full jar of urine, eating farts, getting AIDS, and getting hazed by Randy. Boy, how the hell does he survive after all that? Oh right, it's South Park, but still, at least he was better developed in the earlier seasons of the show, ...more

I don't think you should bash Kyle just because he is supposedly "foul mouthed". Are you people blind? WHAT CHARACTER ON SOUTH PARK doesn't CUSS AT LEAST ONCE! If your going to hate him for that reason, then you might as well hate every character on the show. Also, you shouldn't compare him to other characters just cause you don't like him. For example, people that say Eric is awesome and Kyle sucks, okay, I get it, but whats your reasoning for hating kyle? Just cause you don't like him as much as Eric? If your going to sprout your opinions about things, then at least have a supportive reasoning for it. For example, I like Kyle because I think that he has funny dialogue and I can sorta relate to him at times. (this was a reply to someone else's comment.)

Kyle is so annoying. He always has to be right. Type of character that just gets on your nerves. I really don't like when Matt and Trey make Kyle shine whilst having Cartman treated like crap. Let Cartman have a full episode off glory.

To add to my comment Cartman has on multiple times faked Kyle being gay just because he thought that all African Americans should be together

I am not homophobic

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14 Karen McCormick

Karen is so loving and sweet, how could she be hated? Besides, the bond she shares with Kenny is just so adorable. I wish they'd show more of them and build upon their brother-sister relationship. It's just too adorable.

Why would you hate Karen? She's really sweet and cute, and isn't a bratty sister. - Popsicles

Yes, I know South Park girls are not great generally, but WHY KAREN SHOULD BE ON THE TOP 10?! She's much better than every female character here! She's also my favourtie South Park girl!


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15 Pip Pirrup

I love him but I wanna beat his face in with a bat

I'm glad they replaced him with Butters.

I always felt bad for Pip... Nobody likes him, not even his crush, Estella, or the character who he's shipped with, Damien. His best friend, Pocket, is dead, and if you watched his episode (literally called "Pip"), you'd see how hard his early childhood was. And he acts so nice through it all!
Plus, he isn't really from South Park, he's from Great Expectations. And he was killed in an unaired episode by Mecha Streisand.


16 Jimmy Valmer

This one surprised me a bit since Jimmy hasn't really had a major role in much (aside form a few episodes where he is the main character, or a bunch of short speaking lines just to tell some jokes), therefore not really doing much for anyone to hate him on. If you ask me, I think Trey and Matt should give him a little more to do and some more screen time. Besides, you guys are asking him to be complex, when he is a character from South Park, a show that stuck a gerbil up a gay man's ass. Sure, they have a few complex characters, but that doesn't mean everyone has to have a deep backstory behind them or a tragic event with them (though Jimmy is crippled so...)

Jimmy is just a terrible character in my humble opinion. The creators stretch his stuttering way to long, he isn't funny, he is the inferior cripple, and just generally makes each episode he is in worse.

I tend to think Jimmy's jokes are really good and he's an interesting character and one underrated thing that makes him hilarious is him stuttering.

I disagree completely! Jimmy is a character that holds a special place in my heart!

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17 Terrance

I hate both Terrance & Phillip all they do is fart on each other & laugh. Most boring & unfunny characters

Phillip should also be in the list because Terrance and Phillip act like the same

"Don't Convict Terrance Of Murder, Or He'll Kill You! " - Phillip - BeatlesFan1964

Phillip is on the list he is on the next page - YoshiApple

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18 Kenny McCormick Kenny McCormick Kenneth "Kenny" McCormick is a main character in the animated adult television series South Park, along with his friends Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Eric Cartman.

When I made this list, Kenny wasn't on it at all. TO WHOEVER PUT KENNY HERE: SHAME ON YOU!

Why is he on this list take him off - silverfish238

And what exactly did Kenny do to be on this list - CommentandList

How would u like it if u can't die as whole!

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19 Nathan

This kid, is a TROUBLEMAKER. He illegally sold medication to Jimmy causing him to beat up his girlfriend. And he's the one who ended Stan and Kyle's friendship. Thank God he got what he deserved when Classi beat him up.

I feel like this guy is slowly becoming a major character... - Popsicles

The only thing worse would be PC Principal..

20 Randy Marsh Randy Marsh

I understand why people don't like him, but he is just so damn funny. Besides, he is only the focus of a lot of episodes because he is Stan's dad, who is (arguably) the main character from the show, so it only makes sense. Maybe Trey and Matt intentionally focus stories around him or intentionally make him annoying just to piss off you guys.

The humor Trey and Matt gave Randy is that of Trey's father so it is a very pure humor that is completely intentional. He's my favorite character, plus Randy's humor is that of the show itself. If anyone lets themselves get pissed off at what Randy says or how he acts then they are watching the wrong show entirely. What seems to be the officer, problem? - SpaceCakes

A Cartman 2.0 is not what would make me like Randy anymore he is just lame and the cliched child hearted dad that takes up a lot more of the show than he really should. - Jaylop97

Stupid and only mildly funny
Its annoying that now every single new episode of south park he is basically the main character
He, like other characters such as jimmy and wendy have just taken over the show and have made it boring, unfunny and even in circumstances kinda uninteresting

This dude here should be way high up the list. In the later episodes, he just go so much more unbearably annoying and unbelievably stupid at times (it's like his IQ dropped 10% every new season), creating unnecessary scenarios, trying to bring up lots of attention to himself(attention whore) that would make you literally facepalm. He could be a lot worse than Sheila Broflovski since he took up pivotal roles in a lot of the episodes, much more than Sheila did. Just shut him out for a season already, damn.

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