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Mrs. Puff is a fictional character appearing in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants and both films based on the franchise.


Hey, if you're gonna kill SpongeBob, make it heartwarming or something. At least make it GOOD! Just because Squidward wins or SpongeBob gets punished doesn't mean it's automatically good. The reason why we love Band Geeks is because they executed the episode and Squidward winning well. If Band Geeks wasn't funny, we wouldn't like it just because Squidward wins because they wouldn't execute it well. See how people hate House Fancy even though Squidward wins. Yes, they acknowledge it, but still hate the episode. If you're going to kill SpongeBob, or any character, like with Squidward winning, you have to execute it well, like, have a natural cause or at least have the character have a good reason to get killed, and no, just because you hate them is not a good excuse. That's like killing your neighbor just because they're annoying you. So yeah, if you're gonna kill a character, you have to make it heartwarming and good. Murder is a serious topic. If we had another Demolition Doofus where ...more

Mrs. Puff is really crazy! I mean, do you see the picture of her! I know the only reason why she's crazy is because of Spongebob, but on "No Free Rides" she really unlikable. It starts out when Spongebob failing the last test, and Mrs. Puff really doesn't want to spend another year with him. So she says he could get extra credit by writing an ten letter word S.A on what he learned he learned in Boating School.(Which is not allowed because you actually have to learn if he's safe enough to go on the road, which he's not) Then when he writes it, he thinks it's bad and wants to start a new paper. But she tries to take it out of his hands anyways. Then when she finally takes it out of his hands, she sees random doodles and scribbles. But she approves it anyways. Spongebob's denying saying he didn't really do anything. But she gives him his license. Then at night she thinks that she will get arrested because Spongebob might destroy the city because he's a wreckless driver and that she ...more

You Mrs. Puff haters really have no idea what that gal's been through. Instead, you make up lies about her. I bet that's because you've been brainwashed by SpongeBob. He has been nothing but a pain in the neck to her since her first appearance. And that's why me and Squidward can relate to her.

Instead of passing judgment onto Mrs. Puff, put yourselves in her place and try to experience what she experiences 24/7 with the sponge.

The reason that mrs. Pouff is evil to spongebob is because he provokes her into being that way. As for her being ugly, that's only in the beholder. So calling her ugly is superficial.

You mrs. Puff haters are just shallow and closed-minded 'cause you don't know what she's been through. I wouldn't mind of she and squidward blew the hell out of you.

"Mrs. Puffs needs to get a grip! She's so mean to SpongeBob! Are you Mrs. Puff LOVERS blind? She wanted him to get killed in Demolition Doofus! That's beyond extreme! The pain SpongeBob caused her was different because it was an ACCIDENT! That's inconsiderate teacher needs to take time to teach SpongeBob something instead of letting him accidentally almost kill her all the time! Sure he causes her physical pain, but she shouldn't yell at him or try to commit homicide on him! "

You're such a ' liar! You don't know what the hell she's been through. If I didn't know better, I'd say that you've been brainwashed by SpongeBob. Seriously, how the hell would you feel if you had to deal with that stupid sponge every day of your life?

If you want him to kill you because of his incompetence, be my guest. I sure as hell won't miss you.

Dear Mrs. Puff haters,

Do me a favor and get off your high horses. She's not as bad as she seems. If anyone should be blamed, it's SpongeBob because of all the crap that he gave her. Have you seen all the way that he treated her?

You try teaching SpongeBob 24/7. In the end, you'd regret it. Hell, you'd wish that he's dead. And he deserves to die because he's a huge pain in the ass.

I agree with all of that, except for spongebob deserving to die - themets05

People who hate Mrs. Puff are narrow-minded jerks who can't get past her faults and blame her for them when it's really SpongeBob who's at fault. But those haters fail to see that because they've likely been brainwashed by that sponge and his antagonism.

I really wish that Mrs. Puff killed that damn sponge and her haters.

Mrs. Puff turns out to be the villain & not SpongeBob SquarePants! I know that bad things happen to her when she's with SpongeBob SquarePants... But reasons why she's a villain & not SpongeBob is that she is always wanting bad things to happen to SpongeBob, is happy when bad things happen to him like Squidward is, wants to kill SpongeBob, doesn't think about how SpongeBob's friends & family will fell if he's dead, & more! SpongeBob has more stuff to do than her (for example: he needs to take care of Gary, has to do lots of work at the Krusty Krab, goes jellyfishing with Patrick, does karate with Sandy, has more friends than Mrs. Puff has, has a bigger heart, has & shows more love & care to Bikini Bottom, & more). So he isn't really trying to kill her & just has a harder time than everyone for all the stuff he needs to worry about! - TravisRichardWhite

Leave her alone! SpongeBob is the villain when it comes to boating school! Why does that little backstabber always give her a hard time? When it's driving day, he is just like yeah whatever let's ruin the boat! Though SpongeBob is smart at the learnings but actually pay attention to learn how to drive the vehicle! You can't just put too much pressure of driving! Stupid! Driving is important and a calm thing you can't just treat it like crap! Mrs. Puff has had it with SpongeBob!

Why don't you Mrs. Puff-hating jerks lay the hell off of her? SpongeBob's the real culprit. I justify her for trying to kill that pain in the neck of a student she has. Maybe all of you should try teaching the sponge how to drive. But if you make that decision and suffer the consequences for it, you have only yourselves to blame.

I suddenly realized how Mrs. Puff's is in some pain when I see the comments months ago. Sure SpongeBob is a pain in the ass to her to the point where I want to yell at him, but he doesn't deserve to die! All he needs to do is to go into some camp retreat or some help. Come on Mrs. Puff supporters think better! Also, I don't want any negative replies to me like how I'm blind, should die, etc.

Mrs. Puffs needs to get a grip! She's so mean to SpongeBob! Are you Mrs. Puff LOVERS blind? She wanted him to get killed in Demolition Doofus! That's beyond extreme! The pain SpongeBob caused her was different because it was an ACCIDENT! That's inconsiderate teacher needs to take time to teach SpongeBob something instead of letting him accidentally almost kill her all the time! Sure he causes her physical pain, but she shouldn't yell at him or try to commit homicide on him! - JHLover321

I know a lot of people respect this character because she has to deal with SpongeBob, but I HATE this character. She used to be so nice to SpongeBob, while still trying to avoid him, but now days she says mean stuff about him all the time, repeatedly shouting at him when he fails, and goes way to far across by trying to KILL him! SpongeBob might be annoying, but at least he is nice! But this lady is just over dramatic and a total sourpuss. - Disneylover1959

To be honest, I like Mrs. Puff and I feel bad for her, but I respect your opinion and you are right about SpongeBob being nice. I honestly wish that he didn't call her "Mrs. Pop" though, but I see your point of view. I honestly feel bad for both SpongeBob (because he still can't drive) and Mrs. Puff (for obvious reasons).

Are you kidding, Demolition Doofus epsiode makes the episodes worse. I understand that you hate SpongeBob, but killing him ain't the solution. Doesn't she ever stand up to herself completly? Why does she let SpongeBob torture her? And you are so mad in the worst way. Reprimand SpongeBob with a mature manner and not yell at him with mean words so he can stop torturing you. Be the adult of him and tell him to stop and no means no! Don't just lose your anger in the worst way possible just lose your anger in the simple, not crazy way. She is so stupid to not knowing that.

The writers really put emphasis on how much SpongeBob has ruined poor Mrs. Puff's life. She is always tormented, injured and thrown in jail because of SpongeBob. I hate the modern episodes with mrs. puff because of this. I don't think she should be on the list though. - SammySpore

Congrats, Mrs. Puff. The fact that you were psychotic and hellbent on killing SpongeBob in this episode, regardless of what he put you through, makes this one of my two least favorite episodes in the entire series along with Pet Sitter Pat.

Not as mean as she seems. Spongebob annoys her in modern Spongebob. He causes her to crash her boats into buildings and get sent to the hospital. Though the episode where she tried to kill Spongebob does take it a bit too far. - Lunala

Mrs. puff was only bad in one episode ( demolition doofus) sponge was annoying in various episodes - PatrickStar

How does one still like her after Demolition Doofus?

Mrs. Puff was so corrupt in No Free Rides. Illegally giving SpongeBob his license and trying to hijack his car when she realized he didn't deserve it? So Demolition Doofus is not the only episode where she is corrupt.

Mrs puff NEVER let's SpongeBob pass his drivers test and he really wants to and SpongeBob THINKS Mr. puff likes him

I don't like Mrs. Puff. She keeps not letting SpongeBob get his driver's license, not even in his dreams. Nickelodeon, please have Mrs. Puff give SpongeBob his License, then get rid of Mrs. Puff from the show. Please.

She always gets jailed when sponge-bobs to blame and she used to be nice until SpongeBob the boat terrorist came. It's really sad to see a antagonist go through so much crap that they are pitiful - Bubblegumrage456

I ship Mr. Puff and Squidward because they both think SpongeBob is the 'Bane of their existence', as Squidward says in 'Boating Buddies'.

Why doesn't she just say to SpongeBob that he doesn't have to skills to drive safely and kick him out of her class