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41 Dennis

He's a pretty cool character with a pretty cool name. and he's also voiced by Alec Baldwin.

For a villain, I actually liked him. He is a badass character and I believe they could have done so much more with him.

He's pretty cool for a villain, way better than Plankton as a villain, in fact, why not Plankton just hire him to steal the secret formula?!

Why is he on the list? I like him.

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42 Eugene Krabs

He's already on the list and is the worst.

He's already on the list at #1.

The Mr. Krabs who's been appearing ever since "Born Again Krabs" - Goatworlds

He has been a nasty, narsacistic, sadistic, money-obsessed bad apple from the start.

43 Karen 2

Just ruined the original Karen

I hate jetsons so I hate her

What the hell do the Jetsons have anything to do with SpongeBob? - Anonymousxcxc

Oh, that's helpful! (s)HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE ARMS! - mattstat716

44 King Jellyfish

It's Queen Jellyfish that is the robot. King Jellyfish is real.

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45 Big Peanut Guy

Dude he was friends with SpongeBob and patrick so why is he on this list

What wrong with him?! What did he ever do?!

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46 The Foxy Grandpa Hat

It's a hat how in the crap can you hate it - Nascar888fan

What the hell? It's a damn hat for Pete's sake! - bobbythebrony

This Guy Is a troll He is so mean to people

It is absolutely VILE what this hat did. How can it be so low on the list?
This inanimate object should be number one.

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47 Mrs. Wormsley's Baby Worms

They're gross, ugly, and disgusting.

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48 Krabby the Clown

More like Cheapy the Cheapskate!

At least Mr Krabs learns his lesson in the end.

Mr krabs at his worst

That's Mr. Krabs again - BlueSheepYT

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49 Jim

Why is he even ON HERE!?

You mean original fry cook?

I hated this guy he was employee of the month once! and he rubbed it in poor SpongeBobs face like imagine if you were SpongeBob and met jim!

Jim really did rub it in Spongebob's face. He could've said "Wow, nice job! " on all the Employee's of the months... but no, has to go "meh" and have Mr Krabs knock down ALL OF THEM. Just to "Glorify" Jim some more.

I wish they'll make a 2nd episode where Jim's spot gets REPLACED by Spongebob, and then Spongebob rubs it into Jim's face. - mattstat716

50 Betsy Krabs

Is she Mr. Krab's mom? If so, then I like her.

Both Betsy and her son suck. - Goatworlds

I love it when she grounds Mr. Krabs - BlueSheepYT

"She all the time gets on Krabs' nerves"

Do you suck to her son? FYI, he deserves to be antagonized for all the abd things he did.

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51 Harold SquarePants

Not only is he always so rude to SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs, and Squidward, he always complains about the Krusty Krab service for no reason. He's the worst Bikini Bottomite EVER!

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52 The Cyclops

Ugh couldn't stand him and that laugh of his I mean he killed SpongeBob and patrick for no reason what the heck! I hated his voice and his sadistic personality I'm glad the fish killed him he totally ruined the movie for me he's just awful

I like him because he's one of only favorite character out of the franchise. I like his design, his personality and his look. I hope he comes up in a future episode.

The Cyclops is just a man in a diving suit. just saying. have nothing against the character.

53 Tony Fast Jr. V 2 Comments
54 Mrs. Krabs

Seriously! What were the writers thinking while writing some of these horrible episodes?!?!? Anyone who thinks that Mr. Krabs nearly making Plankton drive himself to suicide by scaring him to paranoid w/ a whale suit is just sick!

... Again, like Mr. Puff, why is Mrs. Krabs on this list?! SHE doesn't EVEN SHOW UP ONCE AND WE don't EVEN KNOW IF SHE IS A KRAB OR A WHALE OR A WHATEVER! I don't understand this list!

Mr. Puff was actually mentioned once in an episode, but Mrs. Krabs wasn't so I don't know why Mrs. Krabs, whether she's a whale or a crab, is on here.

One of them has shown up and played major roles (Mr. Krab's mom) but Mr. Krab's wife wasn't even mentioned and is she dead? See kids if a mommy Krab and a daddy Krab are in love they make a WHALE?! - Goatworlds

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55 Madame Hagfish

Extremely gross and ugly. She COMPLETELY overreacted to not getting a Krabby Patty.

I hate her because she won't accept not getting a Krabby patty!

Throw her in a hole and bury her alive - Goatworlds

I actually liked her

56 Rocky the Rock

It's just a rock! Patrick is so dumb! The rock somehow won the racing trophy! Why Patrick?! WHY?!?!

What is this even?!

It's just a rock. How... is... a... rock... a... character... IT'S A ROCK! - greenshyguy

Not a character, it's a rock... - BlueSheepYT

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57 Alexander Clam Bell

The fact that this catapulted past Nasty Patty on the list as the highest ranking inanimate object speaks volumes.

Worst character on the show, hands down. I mean, Mr. Krabs drove Plankton to trying to commit suicide and laughing about it and Patrick may have nearly killed Gary while petsitting him and SpongeBob may have nearly gotten his own pet snail killed by being a neglectful ass, but a character who appeared for less than a minute in a film and said absolutely nothing? Worst. Character. EVER!

Swap him with the jellyfish.

Who is this character?

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58 Squidbob TenticlePants

I don't know if this counts but it's desgusting

You spelled it wrong, but it looks ugly, especially in the ending.

He is just some ugly fusion of SpongeBob and Squidward

That's just SpongeBob & SquidWard - BlueSheepYT

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59 Squidward Tentacles Squidward Tentacles Squidward Tentacles is a fictional character voiced by actor Rodger Bumpass in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants.

Screw you, Squidward haters! You're so blind to see if him for who he is on the inside. The only reason you hate is because you only see his faults. FYI, it isn't his fault that he's like that.

Put yourself in his shows. How would you feel if you dealt everyday with troublesome idiots like SpongeBob and Patrick? Wouldn't you go nuts?

I sympathize with Squidward because he's like me in terms of personality. He maybe grumpy. But deep down inside, he's a good guy and NOT a sociopath, which is what Mr. Krabs is.

You Squidward haters are the ones are brats and deserve to die. Same things go for Patrick and SpongeBob.

You know, I think Squidward deserved to read SpongeBob's diary! The sponge has literally gone from a lovable idiot you couldn't hate to a Makoto Ito-like, unlikable character that is so annoying that he isn't even funny anymore! He and Patrick were responsible for so many Squidward torture porns, he was a stupid jerk to Gary even after the snail saved him from being eaten by Puffy Fluffy, he arrested innocent people (and a sheriff over a Krabby Patty!), and he supported a crustacean bully who drove his enemy to suicide! Squidward may have been a bit of jerk for reading the diary, but the rest of Bikini Bottom were being no better than him! Finally, Squid Baby is NOT one of the best SpongeBob SquarePants episodes ever. Squidward barely did anything to deserve the abuse he received in that episode. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

There is only 1 logical explanation for Squidward yelling more often. It's New Spongebob. He is more annoying and less funny than he used to be, especially in Funny Pants, where he constantly laughs at things that are not actually funny. He is a bigger crybaby, like in A Day Without Tears in which Spongebob cries about every little mishap. Both episodes are bad, and he is also misguided like that edible, immoral monster Mr. Krabs. He is treated unfairly also by Mr. Krabs. He is just angered by Bikini Bottom citizens doing rude things to him and misunderstood like most, like in Pizza Delivery where he showed compassion for Old Spongebob. He should live in a different area away from Spongebob and Patrick and the Krusty Krab, which have the biggest impact on his anger.

Who on earth hates squidward he is the only character that is original. And you know whats sad about squid ward? PATRICK AND SPONGEBOB! Those two morons keeps on tourcering squidward causing him to get hurt a lot and they sometimes stole squidwards fame by doing something stupid.

He missed them in that one episode though (the one with the new town)

RELAX! IT'S ONLY #64! Like with the other lists, I'm sure this guy wanted every character to be on here.

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60 Larry the Snail

He was so a jerk


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