SpongeBob SquarePants

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SpongeBob SquarePants is a fictional character and the titular character and protagonist of the American animated television series of the same name.


His change was probably the most annoying, not the worst but the most annoying, let's see, we'll first of all his feelings toward squid ward, in the old episodes all sponge bob wanted was for squid ward to be his friend, but in the new episodes it's like he wants him to be his boyfriend or something, which has led to WAY too many creepy moments and episodes involving these 2. The other major problem with this character is that for the majority of a lot of episodes, he acts like a child, he had childish moments in the old episodes but it was balanced out with small mature moments, in the new episodes sponge bob all he does is act like a toddler, he cried about squidward not visiting him, cried when he stubbed his toe, cried when Patrick ate a toy, cried when Patrick ruined a card, and now you get it, he cries WAY to much nowadays, overall SpongeBobs change wasn't the absolute worst but it's definitely up there

I have been brainwashed by too much the love of him. Until I saw this list's comments. Not completely, most likely when I'm watching the show now. Let me tell you my critizicm about SpongeBob. He seems like a very compassionate person to people but not actually deeply enough, like sarcasm. He doesn't even know sarcasm! Also it annoys me that he likes work. Sorry nobody likes going to work as much as you. It's okay to like your job, but I don't see how you like your job, it's a filthy place, not a magical clean wonderland. I hate that he is such a kiss up to people, especially Mrs​. Puff, except Vice Versa in the first part of this comment. Who even tries to study so damn hard to try to even kiss up to your teacher! Your teacher doesn't like it! Going back to the point where he's not compassionate deeply enough. This also includes him with Squidward. Do you have to be really loud next to your neighbor? Is it necessary? He is really sick and tired of your annoyance, that he wants to ...more

I actually think the true antagonist of "A pal for Gary" was SpongeBob. He stole Puffy Fluffy, brought it into his house, was completely oblivious to its monstrous form, and scolded Gary for nearly getting killed by it. So SpongeBob created the conflict, did nothing to solve it, and tried to kill the hero (Gary). Maybe it was his incredible stupidity, maybe not. You decide

New SpongeBob is terrible. While Old SpongeBob was annoying to a certain extent New SpongeBob just breaks the limits of annoying. Old SpongeBob also didn't cry all the time. Seriously I feel like new SpongeBob could stub his toe and end up crying because of it. Also how in the bloody heck is he TEACHING a drivers ed course in prison when he repeadetly FAILS the course Mrs. Puff teaches him. I expect several fish to be dead in SpongeBob's ocean in the following weeks. If we are talking about New SpongeBob then he does deserve this. However Old SpongeBob is better than this.

He was still mad at Gary even after the snail saved him from Puffy Fluffy! What's with you, sponge?! Your own pet who was neglected by you throughout most of the episode saved you from a monster even though you told him to put Puffy Fluffy down when he was actually in his mouth! SpongeBob may not be blind, but it seems the writers clearly were, since they don't know how to make SpongeBob a good pet owner in the Post-Movie era. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I'm glad that he's on the list because of how much of a troublemaker he is. Hell, he's worse than Alvin Seville of Alvin and the Chipmunks. In fact, SpongeBob is troublesome that he:

1. could make Peter Pan and Lazlo of Camp Lazlo! look like adults

2. give Peewee Herman, Dennis the Menace, and Fred of Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island lessons in troublemaking

The things that I hate most about SpongeBob are these:

1. antagonizing the hell out of Squidward, who happenst o be my favorite male character in that show as well as my second fave character in the series

2. provoking Mrs. Puff into murdering him

As far as I'm concerned, that sponge's bad behavior has reached levels so high that I wish for him and all of his fanatics would get killed by Mrs. Puff and Squidward.

I absolutely love the old SpongeBob more than the new SpongeBob because the old SpongeBob is more serious, gentle, and nicer. His voice is less annoying too.

How the hell can something or someone so stupid can be this popular?! I don't find him and this show funny at all (I have a different sense of humor, you know). I hope he and this show get cancelled eventually because I can't stand how extremely annoying this stupid show is.

Have you guys seen "SpongeBob you're fired"? Well if you have, I think SpongeBob deserves it for how he he treets squidward. he him kiked out of his special lodge, stole his spot in the singing class, wouldn't leave him alone when all he wanted was a quiet sunday and when he got a ticket for a concert patrick ate it (patrick also treats him like trash) then when they were playing backstage, SpongeBob got to preform on stage! Do you see where I'm going with this

Old SpongeBob and New SpongeBob are two completely different characters. If we're referring to Old SpongeBob, then he shouldn't be on this list. But if we refer to the New SpongeBob...


Up until the Post Sequel era, this little sponge has been wreaking havoc on our childhoods. He was involved in One Coarse Meal and was responsible for the abomination known as A Pal for Gary. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

What ever happened to the old SpongeBob we all know and loved? The one who actually had a brain and personality? This new one makes me wanna throw my T.V. out the window.

Patrick is dumber than SpongeBob but Patrick smarter than him at understanding people in some episodes. Like in SB-129, he said that Squidward wants to be left alone. But SpongeBob says he's just getting his jellyfish net. Look at Squidward's anger SpongeBob. And Mrs. Puff is in jail and Patrick says I think she means it by want them to get out. Mrs. Puff says he's right. They put the CD on the radio tower and Patrick says it's and angry mob coming. But SpongeBob says their cheering. Can't you see?

To all those who don't like sponge bob how about we make a show about Tom Smith the least favorite character? I mean when you get down to it every one is going to hate at least one character!

SpongeBob is a psycho stalker that's beyond creepy. I remember when cartoons had morals, but when the people making the shows have no morals, what can we expect.

Well, I hate to say this, but not all kid cartoons are designed to teach morals.

SpongeBob and Patrick really are idiots! Because there was an episode about Squidward going to Boating school, and SpongeBob was being very, very CHEEKY!

Oh come on, why is spongebob in the top 10? Season 1 Spongebob = Funny Season 2 Spongebob = hilarious Season 3 Spongebob = hilarious Season 4 Spongebob = Funny Season 5 Spongebob = 70% Funny Season 6 Spongebob = OK Season 7 Spongebob = Corny and Stupid Season 8 Spongebob = Corny and Stupid Season 9 Spongebob = OK

SpongeBob should be the #1.just take a look at him... He is getting "annoying" "play-hero" and "not the real SpongeBob that I remember and I see".

Dear GOD, he's gone downhill. - Garythesnail

SpongeBob used to be intelligent, naive and nice. Now he's the embodiment of pure annoyance - bobbythebrony

He's the reason why Mrs. Puff went to jail! Poor Mrs. Puff!

What happened to SpongeBob? He's nothing like he used to be. It's like someone took a hammer and hit him in the head about a thousand times.

Spongebob is not to be blamed. ITS KRABS THAT SHOULD! - Gamecubesarecool193

I like the old episodes where SpongeBob was funny and stuff now he is annoy and even more stupid. :(

As you get older, you like Squidward more and start realizing that SpongeBob is annoying. - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak