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1 Season 7

Yes, I will admit that season 6 had some terrible episodes. But it also had some wonderful episodes, so at least it wasn't completely awful. However, when season 7 was bad, it was REALLY bad, giving us some of the worst episodes of the entire show. I'm talking about 'A Pal For Gary', 'One Coarse Meal', 'Stuck in the Wringer', 'Yours, Mine and Mine', 'Tentacle Vision', 'Rodeo Daze' and who knows how many more episodes. Eat that, season 6 haters!

Season 6 had the most bad episodes, season 8 had the episodes with the worst content, but season 7 had the most bad episodes with absolutely horrible content. Really this had episodes like Stuck in the Wringer, One Coarse Meal, and A Pal for Gary. The only top ten worst worthy episode not in season 7 was The Splinter. We got the "amazing" ratings trap known as The Legends of Bikini Bottom with Sponge-Cano! And Trench-Billies (which by the way has terrible stereotypes). The only episode that people hate that is part of this season that I don't mind is Rodeo Daze.

OH BOY. This season flat out sucked HARD. And I thought Season 6 was bad, but Season 7 is just somehow even worse ( DEFINITELY NOT A WHOLE LOT WORSE MIND YOU but yeah, I think it is just a bit worse). Why? Well, Season 6 was bad but at LEAST it had some creativity in their episode's and even the good stuff was still a bit enjoyable.

Out of all the 9 seasons so far, Season 7 was by far the most forgettable season to me. Next to 6, it really felt the most dragging. Why? A) THIS SEASON HAD 50 DAMN EPISODES MAKING THIS THE LONGEST SEASON YET. And B) Season 7 is just basically a rehash with things we've already seen before on this show. Nothing fresh or new, just ideas copied and pasted. Only 3% of this season at the top of my head felt new. The ONLY episode that I would personally go back to this season to was The Bad Guy Club For Villains. That episode actually was quite creative and was only 8 minutes. All the other episodes weren't even good, just average. Outside some episodes ...more

In my opinion this is The Worst Season ever

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2 Season 6

Oh, this season. Where do I even begin?

Well, let's start with the most infamous reason: the over-usage of gross-out humour. Apparently, we got to see Squidward's toenail getting ripped off, Plankton ripping his skin off, Spongebob getting a splinter in his thumb and his dirty, hairy feet! And this type of comedy is the cause for infamous episodes like House Fancy and The Splinter.

Also, there was an unbalanced screen time. The writers seemed to shoehorn Squidward into more episodes than usual, while Sandy only appeared in a few episodes with not much focus!

Then, there's the MASSIVE amounts of flanderisation. Spongebob had become a mind-numbing antagonist to the point of stalking Squidward in episodes like Boating Buddies, Patrick had become too dumb to live, and Mr Krabs' greed would make Plankton look like a 'hero'. Especially in Plankton's Regular.

Any decent episodes in this major suckfest of a season were lost in a sea of boring, uninspired and ...more

Season 6 was not just the worst season of SpongeBob but one of the worst seasons for an animated show. The ONLY redeeming quality was "Sand Castles in the Sand", an absolutely excellent episode, Even one of the top 5 episodes in the series. However, it couldn't make up for ripping off toenails, character flanderization, out of character moments (not that there's any character left), making SpongeBob EXTREMELY obsessive with Squidward for no reason, and killing off half of their fan base with the godawful special that is "Truth or Square". Honestly, the show's gone down the pooper thanks to Paul Tibbitt. And who thought it was a good idea to make Zeus a writer? Sure, SCitS was excellent, but... he's never made an episode other than that that was even average. And how about unnecessary cruelty to characters? Squidward gets tortured in just about every episode in this season, and if it's not Squidward it's Plankton (see "Plankton's Regular"). I can't wait for SpongeBob to just end. It ...more

Who made Casey Alexander a writer? He is absolutely the worst! Thank god he's leaving - sryanbruen

Now, this started all of the new SpongeBob. Anyways, SpongeBob was already annoying in season 5, but they thought it would be "funny" if they made him even MORE annoying and also stupid. NO. COMEDY DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY. They could've gave SpongeBob such a good name, if they cancelled it after the movie. But knowing Nickelodeon, they spoiled it for everyone. NICE JOB, Nickelodeon AND SPONGEBOB WRITERS. And no, not the old SpongeBob writers, THE NEW BRAINDEAD ONES. Then they thought if Scumbob and Pooptrick annoyed the living hell out of Squidward, it would be funny. Like I said, COMEDY DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY. Season six also revolves around gross-out humor, and Squidward's pain. Poor Squidward. Then they made Mr. Krabs be a gigantic jerk, again for NO APPARENT REASON. Anyways, they could've gave SpongeBob such a good name, but Nickelodeon spoiled it, just like they ALWAYS DO.

This is the worst Spongebob Squarepants Season ever
Worse then Season 7

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3 Season 8

I hate this season. Because it has terrible episodes like Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom, Pet Sitter Pat, Face Freeze and Demolition Doofus. But some of the good episodes are The Krabby Patty that Ate Bikini Bottom, It's a SpongeBob Christmas, Mooncation and the Way of the Sponge. These 4 episodes are great but this season sucks.

I often find myself wanting to turn the T.V. off whenever a Season 8 episode comes on. Even the best episodes (and there aren't very many of those) of this season have absolutely horrendous animation. On the flip side, the good episodes got better. It wasn't until Season 9, however, that the show returned to having consistently good episodes.

Are you happy now? And Demolition Doofus. Two of the worst episodes in my opinion.

A season that brought us Are You Happy Now? , one of the worst episodes of the show.

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4 Season 5

The first episode showed me what was coming. Rise and Shine, Waiting, and The Fungus Among is were all terrible, and one of the only good ones was "Bucket Sweet Bucket" a decent episode with a non-generic, decent storyline.

It's not the worst season, but while the good episodes tend to be better than the ones in season 4 (Friend or Foe, Krabs a la mode, Sing a Song of Patrick, etc), the bad episodes are also worse, and there's more of them. (Whatever Happened to Spongebob? , Atlantis Squarepantis, Spongehenge, etc)

I hate howi this season is really underrated to people. While Seasons 1-3 are my favorite, there is a lot of good stuff in Season 5 that I think can honestly compete with a lot of stuff in those seasons and even more than Season 4. Besides Atlantis Squarepantis, WhoBob Whatpants, and even To Love a Patty, there was really nothing here that was really damaging to the show. Even when things did fail, it was honestly kinda in a creative way like in SpongeHenge or Boat Smarts. Honestly I think this season is stronger than Season 4. This season also only had 1 Patrick's a prick shared with a Mr Krabs torture porn. Also Season 4 had a couple of Squidward torture porns. Season 5 only really had 2. There was also only 2 SpongeBob torture porns. Honestly I enjoyed Season 5 a bit more than Season 4.

It was the true downfall of the show.
Season 1 and 2: Excellent
Season 3: Great
Season 4: Good
Season 5 and beyond: Utter garbage

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5 Season 9

I thought this was a good season. After season5,6, and 7, it started to get better. While there were some bad episodes like squid baby, there were some amazing episodes. Don't get me wrong, it's not as good as 1,2,3, and 4 but rather an improvement from the horrid seasons. I fully expect season 10 and 11 to be om par with 2 and 4 ( my favorite season)

Little Yellow Book was pretty bad, but there were enough O.K. episodes that the show is beginning to get better, and will continue to improve- hopefully- next season.

When people say that season 9 is bad its really season 9A which ran from 2012-2014 and it had terrible episodes like little yellow book and squid baby. Call me weird but I enjoyed spongebob you're fired. Its depressing but I found it somewhat enjoyable.

A horrible season. There is probably one good episode and that is it. If you thought season 8, 7, and 6, were bad. They will seem good compared to this crap. - USGC

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6 Season 4

This is a great season but compared to seasons 1 through 3 this has the most duds like good neighbours which is also known as the first truly bad episode and the first ever "squidward torture porn". But many good episodes out weigh the bad ones. Plus, "gary come home" is the best song in SpongeBob ever and aside from "beasts of england" in animal farm cartoon it might just be the most emotional song in film history and is in my top 10! Good job guys

Except for a few overly gross or bad episodes, (I'm talking about you, SquidBob TentaclePants and Squid Wood) This season was pretty good. It began to go downhill a little at the end of the season but still had a lot of great episodes.

This is my absolute favorite season with my favorite episode have you seen this snail

Definitely one of the best!

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7 Season 10

Season 10 actually had some good episodes. In my opinion, spongebob is getting better, however, the damage has already been done. Despite that, it seems like patrick is a likeable character again, and the episodes became more enjoyable to watch. We deserve this season after a horrible season like season 9. - USGC

The season where the show became better

Worst spongebob season. It seems like they are trying to be Ren and Stimpy, but it doesn't work, giving us one of the worst spongebob episodes Snooze You lose. Only good ones are Burst your Bubble and MermaidPants. Hope season 11 fixes this low point in spongebob

After airing for 10 seasons, shouldn't that be enough?

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8 Season 1

This shouldn't even be on here! It's best season ever!

Oh come on, it's number four. The best season spot is all shared by seasons 2, 3, and 4. - Goatworlds

I like this season a little but not a lot like frog legs


I'm not a fan of this season. My favorite seasons are seasons 2, because Band Geeks, season 4, because great, season 10, because great start (with the episode, Mermaid Pants), and season 11, because Stephen Hillenburg saved the show. For this season, I feel like I have different opinions from everyone else. Opposite Day is my favortie and the worst is Reef Blower because I can't handle a boring and silent 2-minute episode. They should have extended Help Wanted and went straight to Tea at the Treedome. And plus, the problem is that there's no backstory of SpongeBob. How was he born? How did he get his house? What made him interested in working at the Krusty Krab? How about the backstory of Squidward? How and when did he start art and music? How did he learn them? How about Patrick's backstory? How about Krab's backstory? How about Sandy's backstory? How about Plankton's backstory? All of them were answered in Truth or Square. Makes no sense. They should have answered those questions in ...more

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9 Season 3

I think every episode in this season is AMAZING! This should be at number 10 below the (not yet made) season 10

Except for The Sponge Who Could Fly and SpongeBob's House Party! They're so annoying. - sryanbruen

What about chocolate with nuts

My favorite season


10 Season 2

What on earth is this doing at number 1 the third season was way better. In fact I think I like season 4 better than this don't hate me though

In my opinion, season 1 was the best, with episodes with very good plots and sheer wittiness

I totally agree, but there are episodes like I'm With Stupid, Squid On Strike, Jellyfish Hunter are poor in my opinion.

Band Geeks, that's why this season sucks

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11 Season 11

This one and season 3 are my favorite seasons - Spongehouse

Sorry I had to put this on the list...

I didn't want to vote for season 11. It's a pretty decent season, but hey. Someone has to vote for it so it'll be higher than 1, 2, and 3.

The first few episodes were great. They had the same kind of humor as season 3. But after the 5th episode of the season, it went straight back to the disgusting, gory visuals and dumb, cheap humor that was season 7. It showed promise, but it was a psych out. I don’t get why Paul Tibbitt can’t see how he ruined this show. He only continues to make it worse. Where is the old, witty humor? What makes him think that is is okay to show horrific gory scenes on a kid’s show? You’d think that a nearly 50 year old man would have some common sense as to what is appropriate for kids. This show either needs a new director or the show needs to stop, because it’s only been getting worse.

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