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1 Season 7

This season contains:
One Coarse Meal
Stuck in the Wringer
Yours Mine and Mine
Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy
Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful
Summer Job
The Curse of the Hex
Krusty Dogs
The Abrasive Side
Buried in Time (not a terrible episode, but a total ripoff of Wishing You Well)
The Play's the Thing
A Day Without Tears
Greasy Buffoons - KalloFox34

This season was home to one of the worst SpongeBob episodes of all time. It was the season that made me quit watching SpongeBob until I heard the news that Season 9 was an improvement.

Why? Simple.

Rehashed plots, abysmal content, and much more cruelty. Remember that one moment when SpongeBob flat-out ignores about the fact that his pet snail is about to be eaten by a monster and yet blames him for picking up the monster? Or how about that one moment when Mr. Krabs nearly drove Plankton to suicide? Way worse than that painful and graphic toenail scene from Season 6.

Yeah, this season was the worst. It was also an excruciatingly long season that the series had gone through. Thankfully, the show nearly recovered by its 10th and 11th season.

Yes, I will admit that season 6 had some terrible episodes. But it also had some wonderful episodes, so at least it wasn't completely awful. However, when season 7 was bad, it was REALLY bad, giving us some of the worst episodes of the entire show. I'm talking about 'A Pal For Gary', 'One Coarse Meal', 'Stuck in the Wringer', 'Yours, Mine and Mine', 'Tentacle Vision', 'Rodeo Daze' and who knows how many more episodes. Eat that, season 6 haters!

Worse than season 6. At least I remember one good episode from season 6, but I don't remember anything good from this season. I just remember stuff like "A Pal for Gary", "One Coarse Meal" (which is also the worst episode ever) and more. Season 6 had stuff like "The Splinter" and "Choir Boys" but it still had Sand Castles in the Sand. - Zombo1336

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2 Season 6

I don't think that the seasonal rot started until the first half of this season, which was honestly decent. The second half, however, was bad. - IcetailofWishClan

I don't care what critics say, season six is one of my favorite spongebob seasons.

Please Respect My Opinion, Super Metro

It's still better than seasons 7 and 8.

This season mostly relys on gross out humour. Which is why it's the worst season! - Peppapigsucks

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3 Season 8

Sandy gets drunk in this one

At least season 7 had ONE memorable episode (The Inside Job). I can barely remember any episode from this season.

The best episode from this season is honestly just decent.

This season is overall bad, but not the worst. Demolition Doofus and Are You Happy Now in particular are among the worst in the series. - KalloFox34

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4 Season 9

I thought this was a good season. After season5,6, and 7, it started to get better. While there were some bad episodes like squid baby, there were some amazing episodes. Don't get me wrong, it's not as good as 1,2,3, and 4 but rather an improvement from the horrid seasons. I fully expect season 10 and 11 to be om par with 2 and 4 ( my favorite season)

This was honestly the worst season ever. - USGC

Spongebob, Your Fired!, Squid Baby, Little Yellow Book, etc. Do I need to say more? - Datguyisweird666

When people say that season 9 is bad its really season 9A which ran from 2012-2014 and it had terrible episodes like little yellow book and squid baby. Call me weird but I enjoyed spongebob you're fired. Its depressing but I found it somewhat enjoyable.

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5 Season 4

I'm probably the only person who doesn't really like season 4 (outside of a couple of episodes).

One of the best seasons. It has its flaws (namely All That Glitters and Funny Pants) but it was overall a great season. - KalloFox34

This is a great season but compared to seasons 1 through 3 this has the most duds like good neighbours which is also known as the first truly bad episode and the first ever "squidward torture porn". But many good episodes out weigh the bad ones. Plus, "gary come home" is the best song in SpongeBob ever and aside from "beasts of england" in animal farm cartoon it might just be the most emotional song in film history and is in my top 10! Good job guys

This is my absolute favorite season with my favorite episode have you seen this snail

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6 Season 5

I think this might be my favorite season of the show (even most of the bad episodes were not that bad).

Most underrated season. Yes, it has a few bad episodes (To Love a Patty and Fungus Among Us in particular being terrible episodes) but for the most part it's decent. - KalloFox34

The first episode showed me what was coming. Rise and Shine, Waiting, and The Fungus Among is were all terrible, and one of the only good ones was "Bucket Sweet Bucket" a decent episode with a non-generic, decent storyline.

I hate howi this season is really underrated to people. While Seasons 1-3 are my favorite, there is a lot of good stuff in Season 5 that I think can honestly compete with a lot of stuff in those seasons and even more than Season 4. Besides Atlantis Squarepantis, WhoBob Whatpants, and even To Love a Patty, there was really nothing here that was really damaging to the show. Even when things did fail, it was honestly kinda in a creative way like in SpongeHenge or Boat Smarts. Honestly I think this season is stronger than Season 4. This season also only had 1 Patrick's a prick shared with a Mr Krabs torture porn. Also Season 4 had a couple of Squidward torture porns. Season 5 only really had 2. There was also only 2 SpongeBob torture porns. Honestly I enjoyed Season 5 a bit more than Season 4.

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7 Season 10

Season 10 actually had some good episodes. In my opinion, spongebob is getting better, however, the damage has already been done. Despite that, it seems like patrick is a likeable character again, and the episodes became more enjoyable to watch. We deserve this season after a horrible season like season 9. - USGC

The new animation kind of ruins the show in a way.

The season where the show became better

Actually, it became much worse. I wish that season 9 was the season finale.

Worst spongebob season. It seems like they are trying to be Ren and Stimpy, but it doesn't work, giving us one of the worst spongebob episodes Snooze You lose. Only good ones are Burst your Bubble and MermaidPants. Hope season 11 fixes this low point in spongebob

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8 Season 1

The reason I don't really like this season (set aside about 14 episodes) is because I find it to be rather boring.

It's just a meh season. - IcetailofWishClan

This shouldn't even be on here! It's best season ever!

I think the reason why this kid put this here because he thinks that the new Spongebob is better than the old, hardworking graphics. - Datguyisweird666

Worst season ever! (jk, this should not be on the list) - Zombo1336

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9 Season 2

Not a bad season, but it's got a few REALLY bad episodes such as Dumped and I'm With Stupid.

This is the most overrated season of the show in my opinion - Spongehouse

What on earth is this doing at number 1 the third season was way better. In fact I think I like season 4 better than this don't hate me though

I love season 1 and 2. Why is this on here?

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10 Season 11

The WORST! Episode is in this season that is:Squirrel jelly. The torture that is that episode. The same thing happens in that episode is sandy getting electrocuted even at the ending the very ending. This episode would of gave me dirrehoea

This season is so overrated in my opinion. I'll be honest, I've seen only half of the season, but from what I've seen there are only a few good episodes (which are actually amazing), but the rest are complete bullcrap. They are so boring and frustrating at the same time.

Season 11 is so cringy with those facial expressions the characters make.

I prefer the second half of the season to the first half.

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11 Season 3

I admit that episodes like The Great Snail Race and Party Pooper Pants were mediocre, but I'll say it's one of the best seasons. - KalloFox34

This one should be higher! VOTE IT TO GET TO NUMBER 1! These episodes include Krab Borg, One Krabs Trash, Clams, The Bully, and all the others.

The bad episodes from this season is Clams, Krab Borg, The Sponge Who Could Fly, One Krabs Trash, and The Billy.

I don't see any issues with those episodes you listed, and "The Billy" doesn't exist. - KalloFox34

Chocolate with Nuts. That's why.

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12 Season 12

People say that the previous season is bad, yet they ignore how bad this one is so far.

Only good episode so far is The Krusty Slammer.

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