Top 10 Worst Things Ever

The Top Ten Worst Things Ever

1 War

War is... simply part of human nature. It is one of human nature's instincts, for one group or individual to will their dominance over the other. World peace can never be attained because of our primitive instincts that are not peaceful whatsoever. If you read Lord of the Flies, which is a truly powerful novel, you will find out the quest for order is much, much harder than it seems and that chaos and savagery can occur under quite extreme yet primal conditions. I understand that people cringe when the thought of war comes to them, but it's okay, for war is a natural and primitive thing. And no, people who fight in wars are not all innocent; they fight for nationalism, for pride, and for a cause in their lives (which is another theme in the Lord of the Flies, the loss of innocence). For all those dinks who think of world peace, world love and no hunger, they are all wishful morons who don't see reality correctly. See reality through the eyes of our ancestors, the mistakes they made, ...more

War terrifies me. The thought of senseless, blind killing is simply unimaginable but an unfortunate reality for many parts of the world. To be forced to fight for a government and pull the trigger on innocent people who just happen to be on the enemy lines... It's terrible. - SearchingForSunsets

you can survive cancer but war? having a thought of killing each other and you can't even imagine if there is still tomorrow - ronluna

Although history is very interesting, war is very horrifying
War makes me feel extremely scared - BorisRule

2 Death

I'm not afraid of death. But.. The only thing that bothers me is how much people close to you are gonna go though a lot of pain without you. But.. Leave aside that. I'm close to no ones heart but.. I still don't wanna die because I have a lot to accomplish and do before passing out of this life. That's the only worst thing about death. And what happens after death is a mystery.. - SytachiRed

I am not afraid of death. Not at all. But I still don't WANT to die. Very sad thing, for anything that dies.

We need it as a perceivable aspect of reality. We can't change nor escape death. If it's non-existent, the human race shall be ceased in existence. That's just how it is, you have to accept that. - Kevinsidis

I'm not scared of death to be honest... I'm fact I don't even care about my life - Manlypants

3 Murder

Murderers, no matter what, should always be sentenced to death!
If I ever saw a murderer in front of me, I would just start beating them until they faint and then, call the police!

I think this is unforgivable - MatrixGuy

In their small brains, hate equals murder, which is good in their cases. - TheAwesomeDude54

If there’s murder out there, I would run away and call the police

4 Cancer

Cancer is bad and all, but I think it would be better to make this entry something like "disease" or "sickness". Again, cancer is a terrible ailment, and there are plenty of conditions people would rather have, but certain conditions are debatably worse. Think of ALS or Alzheimer's/Dementia, these diseases that eat away at the brain, one robbing you of bodily control, the other your very self. Rather than arguing about which disease is worst or the worst, I think it would overall be a better idea to put a blanket over the whole thing.

I've had it and been cured. The treatment was tough but Ann Wilson's music and voice has helped a lot to get through it.

Cancer is by far the most horrible disease known to our race other than very rare diseases that very little people have been diagnosed with. I can already imagine myself committing suicide if I ever get diagnosed with it.

When will they find a cure. We want to stop waiting so cancer won’t be a threat anymore - MrSnuffleupagus

5 Terrorism

This day was the worst, I was 2 years old when this happened, I remember seeing videos on youtube and saw how scary it was, I discovered 9/11 in school when we watched part of the World Trade Center movie in science class in grade 10 - trains45

Bro terrorists are horrible people. People that just hurt people out of pure malice suck - Manlypants

I want to destroy the person who said "I'm glad it was Americans who died instead of anyone else." I'm glad that I reported that comment. It really upset me to see sucha harsh and racist comment. - DrayTopTens

Yes! It kills many innocent people! This needs to be higher on the list. How in the world is Justin Bieber higher than this?!? - missyweirdo

6 Hell

Hell is the worst thing forever. Nothing is worse than Hell. I believe in Jesus Christ forever. Jesus Christ is the best forever. Jesus Christ is the Son of God and God forever. If you believe in Jesus Christ, you will be saved. I am written in the Lamb's Book of Life, because I believe in Jesus Christ. I pray that everyone will be written in the Lamb's Book of Life. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Hell is the worst thing. If you believe in Jesus Christ, you will be saved. If you believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us from our sins, you will be saved. I will go to Heaven, because I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us from our sins. It is also a fact that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us from our sins. God is the best.

No, No, No put this #1 on this list, It's endless pain and torture. Plus this is supposed to be the worst thing ever. Oh boy, what could be worse than Hell.

I know it seems unlikely. But what else would happen when you die? - Transformers234

Hell is the worst thing ever and should be number 1 on this list; also, some of us, people, to have lived in the world, believe Hell is fake, fake like imaginary, but Hell is real, real like existing. - Zachary_2

7 Sickness and Disease

Its an incurable virus, and don't even get me started on " Everyone Has AIDS" by Team America: World Police. - TheAwesomeDude54

You can survive Cancer but AIDS, no way. freddie mercury is one of the victims of it. - ronluna

AH-CHOO! I had a cold in February, and it sucked... My younger brother wouldn't stop asking me to play with him, but I was too sick to tell him yes, he made me play with him anyway... AH... AH... AHH-CHOO!

If you watch RENT, you'll realize how terrible AIDS actually is.

8 The Devil / Satan / Lucifer

If it wasn't for him, none of these terrible things would happen! He is the bane of our planet.

Yeah, but without hate and crime, life would be pointless. I hate it too, but, it isn't going away anytime soon. - NoEntranceHere

Can't believe he isn't even on this list. He's the one creating the worst. He is one full **** up. I wish someone can just kill him already. C'mon Winchester Brothers. Kick his ass from the U. S. to the U. K.!

The devil is just a made up idea. The only thing that threatens us, is ourselves.

This should be number one. No matter how hard he tries, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ shall win! Praise the Lord!

9 Rape

Dude, what is with rqpists. How can you not keep it in your pants. And people that get let off the hook, I hate you - Manlypants

What kind of sickening person would try to have sex with random people. - DrayTopTens

It's disgusting and horrible! Imagine someone who has been going through life after this traumatic situation.

People have bullied me and spread rumors around that I did this just to make me feel bad. ( Like 2 people.) I never did this of course. - Transformers234

10 Racism

It is pure stupidly to be racist. We all bleed the same color.

Racists suck. Like they suck a lot. There's one race, the human race - Manlypants

There's nothing bad about being proud of your race, unless you're a jew.'' That's a racist comment!

So racism and THE KKK ARE BELOW JUSTIN BEIBER? Justin beiber shouldn't even be so high on the list. How is a stupid singer above racism, one one the worst things in the world. that's just sad.

The Contenders

11 Bullying

A bully can only do what you let them. Fight back! No matter if you'll get in trouble. Never let anyone think you are a wimp, or you will become one. - mikeperez222

I literally ALWAYS get into fights defending myself - TheAwesomeDude54

Bullies almost ruined my life, they suck, only if there is a punishment for them which chops their stupid brainless heads, that would be better - Cobbleborg

I was bullied mostly for being a redhead, so this summed up in having the worst experience for.

12 Pain and Injury

A lot of people will upvote this because they know what its feels like to get a cut, or break a bone, so on and so forth. But there is so much more. Pain is that feeling in your throat that makes you want to throw up. Pain is always being paranoid, or anxious. Pain is telling people "I'm fine" because they will never understand what is going on or what is happening. Pain is racism, sexism, and homophobia, and falling into a category of black, hispanic, female, gender-neutral, gay, bisexual, or something similar, and having pressures building onto you. Pain is depression, wearing sleeves 24/7 to hide the cuts, fresh from this morning. Pain is losing someone or something, especially those of important value. Pain is knowing that because of society, a hospital is being bombed and hundreds of sick kids are dead. Pain watching loved ones die in front of their children, grandchildren, etc. Pain is wanting to throw up. Pain is suicidal thoughts until you get on top of the chair, attach the ...more

Actually, I Think Pain Helps People, Imagine Braking Your Finger And Not Noticing It Until A Day Later - Oliversky

You may not fear death, but Pain is another matter - Raptork

Pain is vital to survival. If you didn't feel pain, you would never know if you were healthy, or unhealth. It may suck, but, ironically, pain can save your life. - mikeperez222

13 Poverty

I dislike school quite a bit but Poverty is absolutely worse. - Soulstealer

Imagine seeing poor, little kids suffer, and adults as well. Would you want to see this and leave them like that? Nope! I would help them and make sure they have enough food, medicine, and water, - Katildalover93

This list should be only containing things like war, poverty and natural disasters

Basically it's hell on earth.

14 Physical Abuse

My dad has told me that when he was growing up, his mom would spank him with tree branches called switches, and there was nothing called abuse back then. - TheAwesomeDude54

That is something when your parent is so mad that he/she hits you with an object that feels HARD

Yes, has that ever happened to you? It happened once to me. *Shudder* - Swiftdawn

Get this to the top 10! I hate abusers so much! They deserve to die!

15 Heartbreak

Not true I think water polluted water shod be in the top 5 things this is so bad

We’ve all been there, and it’s the worst feeling ever. It can ruin your life for a couple days. It just sucks - MrSnuffleupagus

I have it all the time. #1 most cheated on person in the school. Yet I'm naive enough to want another boyfriend. I'm stupid - Copenhagen

It is the worst thing ever. I just went through it and it is worse then death in my opinion

16 Animal Abuse

Don't punch your dog bro that's mean as hell he don't know he do something wrong

-walkin' down the street- -look through window and sees animal abuse-

They need their punishment to be what they did to the animal but times 10.

Let’s they they stabbed a cat 6 times

They should get stabbed 60 times
And the knife should be covered in salt - PICKLEMAN

What's wrong with you people?! This should be number 4 at LEAST! Or better, number 1! Why would you hurt a poor little defenseless animal? I am going to join the ASPCA as soon as I am old enough! If I went to the shelters, I'd feel bad for everyone though, and then I'd adopt all the poor animals! You don't realize how bad an issue this is, do you people?

17 School

For the person who put "What the heck is this doing here? Get this off the list now! Without school I would have never achieved the things that I achieved all the way until today and will continue to achieve it in the future too. School is here to helps us get great grades so that we can get into university and graduate and get a good job. And to the person that said teachers are bad you're wrong. Teachers are here to help you learn and teach you thing that your parents can't teach. They are also here to help you graduate everything including university so that you can find a suitable abd good job! " We can't because once it is on the list, it cannot be taken off. I hate school because bullies and annoying people. Also once last thing, do you get in now? Good! Thank you! LEARN!

School is possibly the worst thing I have ever experienced. Homework, bad teachers, and every monday morning you wake up thinking "just (insert number) more years, (insert number) more years... "

School has a lot of changes. One second you're the popular kid, another second you're dirt. One time your school experience is awesome, and the other time it sucks. - Aquastar_of_DewClan

The fact that school is higher on this list than poverty, abortions and Nazis just proves how low some people's IQ can get.
School is necessary in life so that you can learn life skills and how to get a job. Without school(Including home school) you'd most likely be poor and even on the streets. I mean, the most illiterate countries on this earth are also some of the poorest countries in the world. - DarkBoi-X

You really think school is worse than serial killers, ISIS, and the holocaust? - shadomatrix

18 Pedophilia

Better check the age of consent laws in your state or country, it is probably lower than you think.

Should be higher! What can be more disgusting than having sex with a child! - Votebotingsucks

It ruins lives. The youngest person to get pregnant was a 5 year old. People keep raping children probably for the reason of wanting to get them, as I like to call it, preggy. It kills emotions, it makes people preggy. - TheAwesomeDude54

Do you mean pedophilia? I am pretty disgusted by that. - Smash64

19 Child Abuse

Piplup you can rot in the pits of hell!

Making fun of shows and yelling at me is abuse!

Piplup. - TheAwesomeDude54


20 Torture

There is always a better way to attain information. Always.

Why is this ranked so low? It's worse than death!

Worse than death.

Torture plus pain times one hundred using Please Exuse My Dear Aunt Sally is death so that is why pain and torture are under death. - mathguy37

21 Hatred

these kids tho

22 Sexism

There are many types of sexism that I hate:

"I have a crush on that girl." "Who doesn't? "
Uh, me. I'm a girl and I'm not lesbian.

"How to look good for your girlfriend:"
What if girls are looking at that?! Not everyone has a girlfriend!

"Never punch a girl."
How is punching girls any worse than punching guys?!

"Here are some of the greatest things: chocolate, baths, girls, etc."
EXCUSE ME?! We girls are not things, we are one of two sexes, and the opposite sex from boys. We can't be on the list of the greatest things! We aren't even attractive!


"You need to be gay to have a crush on men."
WHY?!?!?! There are more of us women who like men than gay people! People who think there are no girls on the internet need to get a life.

1. People say "you throw like a girl"
2. Gender stereotypes.
3.Girl's can hit guys, but guys can't hit girls. This is sexism to both sexes. It's stating that you can't hit a girl because they are weak and girls can beat you up and its no problem.
4.Guys and girls don't ruff house.
5. Gender segregation in sports

Kids in a nutshell

23 Global Warming

It sucks...I sweat easy...

It makes us sweat. - TheAwesomeDude54

I hate it. - Smash64


24 Religion

Seriously just Christianity itself has caused a bunch of judgmental hypocrites who say normal things are a sin just because they don't like them and the bible said so but they never go by the bible when a sin has to do with something they do. There are the constant wars that are caused from it and just the concept of multiple religions thinking they have the right answer while no one knows for sure if they are right about it so they decide who has the most loving God by killing each other. Not to mention cutting a part of your infant's dick off against its will (circumcision). I hate the fact that as soon as I was born I was raised catholic and put into a catholic school that had teachers who had biased opinions on theories like evolution or the big bang. Not until I was twelve I actually grew a pair and decided to go against religion, sit back and look at it's faults. Not that ...more

If there were no Religion, we would be more technologically advanced by 1,000 years.

All Religion does is make people fight and kill each other. It's the sole reason why groups like Al-Quaeda and Isis exist. And I'm not just talking about Islam.

You would think people would be mature enough to respect each others' beliefs, and simply not bring it up. Well, why do Christians feel the need to knock on everyone's front doors and tell them "if you don't believe what I believe, you're going to hell". True story, I'm a pizza delivery driver, and one time, the customer told me that I need Jesus in my life, and handed me a pamphlet on Christianity. That's what I hate about religion, pushy people and extremists.

And why bicker and kill over something so simple? You wont find out who's right and who's wrong until you die, so what's the point? Just live your life and leave Religion out of everything.

Rant over - ryanrimmel

With the first sentence I can see why China is so advanced since the start of this decade. Good one! - MChkflaguard_Yt

Being a Christian honestly sucks. I don't know why anyone would wanna be one considering that certain Christians I've met in real life are very nasty people (I'm not saying they're all like this but the majority of them happen to be so in this day and age). Plus Christianity has done certain terrible things like mistreatment of homosexuals and denial of evolution and climate change (I know that Christianity has done some good things but it's also done bad things as well. I just wanna point that out there).

Plus I don't really comfortable giving my heart to some random guy I've never even met. I mean to each their own but it honestly just doesn't work for me. Just saying and I'm not trying to offend.

I'll get thumbs down for this, but I hate Religion. And on the topic of the Bible, I am sick and tired of people telling me that I need Jesus, I'm going to hell, and people knocking on my front door about it. Pushy Christians are the reason why Christianity has a bad rep. Think about that next time you try to persuade somebody to join your religion - ryanrimmel

I'm a Christian and I completely agree! Missionaries are the most useless part of my religion I've seen in a while! I never understood why we can't leave others alone. If you want to believe another religion, go ahead. I can't understand why some pushy Christians are constantly running around screaming Satan when somebody is an Atheist or Islamic. - NoEntranceHere

25 Climate Change

This should be at least in top 3, plus, war is not that common today, and rascism is dying off as well. We have become a better society, except the only thing destroying us is climate change. - wren6

Our planet is slowly being destroyed because of this! if we don't do anything about it, we could be toast!

I don't know if it should be number 1, but I am surprised it isn't higher up on the list.

For sure - Smash64

26 Sexual Fetishism

I understand people have their fetishes and all, but please keep this eating fetish to yourself. - Katildalover93

There's nothing particularly wrong with being attracted to boobs, butts, penises or even feet. But if it's one of those more bizarre fetishes like boogers, feces, vomit, family members, children and even animals then you definitely have a problem (but hey, people grow out of them anyway so I'm not too worried).

The most horrible and immoral fetish next to pedophilia (I personally think it's far worse).

It’s ok sometimes but when it gets dangerous it’s bad or illegal - PICKLEMAN

27 Weapons

The only gun that should exist is water guns, because the rest are used for murder. - TheAwesomeDude54

Guns don't suck. Only the people that use them for murder, they suck! - Katildalover93

Man, guns don't suck. Their actually interesting, but if you think about it if their were no guns then their would be less deaths, but then you have knives and spears so if you got a gun they'll think twice about messing with you so yeah guns rule

I could not help but notice that one person said "Actually, strict gun laws are the main reason for all these awful terrorist attacks. It prevents citizens from being able to defend themselves" What? No! Where did you here that? You are essentially saying the more guns are a solution to...guns. Even if that made sense, way more deaths are caused by U.S. citizens who got their paws on guns than by terrorism. I also noticed that Justin Beiber is higher on this list than pain, murder, and Hitler. I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't like him either, but he is in a very different ballpark than most things on this list.

28 Abortion

Most of the cases is killing an innocent human life because it is "inconvenient" how degraded our society has become where prisoners get more rights than our children.

Its worse than death becouse it is only its babys

Abortion is ok - Luckys

No it's not idoit

29 Injustice

The mane problem!

Literal injustice: crap
DC's injustice: awesome - GGGofluckyourself

30 Pornography

Will people ever shut up about porn? It's so stupid. It's fourth or something on the Greatest Things of all time list, and that is beyond sad. - pandagirl

Oh no. People doesn’t have clothes on sometimes run for your life - PICKLEMAN

I don't know why some people, some not all are getting high on this trash! What's the point of this? - Katildalover93

I haven't seen it and I am thankful I didn't. But it so gross and disturbing I am not saying anything because I will not allow anyone to get sick about it. - Katildalover93

31 Feminism

Feminists are awful. They try to put women above men, and I believe that both genders should be treated equally. I hate when people say it’s never okay to hit a women, as if hitting a man is any less worse - MrSnuffleupagus

Especially today’s feminists. Feminists in the 1900s were very charismatic and could at least take some criticism - KingSlayer93316

Its to the point where they are destroying men and there needs to be a Equalism no more about Male or Female leading. Both need to have rights equally. Seriously!

I was indifferent to this until I saw the 6 to 8 year old girls who were most likely abused dropping f bombs about feminism which doesn't deserve to exist

32 Mental Disorders

Especially brain tumors, they make you crazy. Once I heard a guy who had a brain tumor that peeked up a woman's dress and licked her butt. And before he had the tumor, he was really nice and would never dream of doing that. - TheAwesomeDude54

Hey! I know I'm just but a simple girl, but I have a say too. I am a sufferer of OCD, and I constantly get made fun of for it. Mine is kind of bad, I woke up at midnight just TO CLOSE MY BACKPACK! And at school. when I adjusted the chairs to make them perfect, a kid made fun of me and taunting my OCD. But if you're like me out there, don't care about them. I have OCD and I'm proud. It's not fair that people judge you because of your disorder. So please people, love yourself for who you really are!
-Signed, a simple girl

The world would be a lot better if disorders like autism and bipolar disorder didn't exist. That way everyone can control what they do and be themselves. - Smash64

I vote this because I have a mental illness and it's just hell. Not knowing how to act in front of other people, the constant anxiety of failing, the need to be perfect and the boatload of stress that comes with it and the knowing that you're not perfect and are never going to be. I have to wear a 'mask' when I'm talking to other people because I'm afraid people won't like me if they find out I have a mental illness. I even go to a 'specialist' school and when I'm on the bus home everybody looks at me weird because I wear a different tie. That embarrassment is worse than anything you could dream of.

33 Violence

This the worst when this happens especially in elementary schools - trains45

School shootings are a horrible thing - DrayTopTens

34 Anxiety

As someone who suffers from social anxiety, you can never fully understand how it feels unless you have it.- Even then, everyone's anxiety symptoms are different.

35 Cannibalism

Who will eat their DuCking own kind. - LittleAria

Some people don't know what is this, it is when you eat human

So Pokemon, Peach, and WoW being added is worse? - TeamRocket747

But I want a heart. JK - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

36 Social Justice Warriors

SJW feminists are making feminism a bad name. We want a real feminism like back in the days.

According to them, learning Spanish is cultural appropriation. That makes sense, not.

This is highly offensive, I identify as an Icelandic fidget spinner. Go die you cis scum.

This needs to be number 15 at least - LeetHaterz

37 Depression

I hate it when people joke about having depression - Maya159610

It is basically a disease. It kills you by suicide. - TheAwesomeDude54

Why is this not at the very top?

This should be (at least) top 20. - Qryzx

38 Sexual Assault

Don't be a piss

39 Nothingness

Imagine when you live on world of nothing, just totally a blank world for eternity, after you die.

40 Hunger

Bad feeling. - Katildalover93

41 Capitalism

Why do rich people get everything? - Smash64

How in the world is this bad whoever added this is dumb

Probably Greedy. - 50

42 Divorce

One of the most draining and painful things you'll go through. - RobertWisdom

It just plain sucks

43 Prejudice
44 Corruption
45 Cruelty
46 Suicide

The loss of a family member sometimes leads to depressioneads to suicide. - TheAwesomeDude54

Should be top 10. - Randomator

47 Domestic Violence
48 Child Abduction


49 Dishonesty

Fk fake friends we don't need them. The only thing their good for is leavin' - TheAwesomeDude54

50 Debt

Our society would be a lot better without potheads like Obama who think they have a gold thumb. We can't keep spending money, Oval Office. - everton96

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