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381 People Who Talk About All the Bad Things In Life

Instead of hating everyone and talking about how many horrible things there are in the world. Let's not be sore over the things we can't change let's celebrate the things we don't have to change

382 Getting Old

Getting old sucks... ask anyone who's old.

383 Superman 64
384 Falling Off A Cliff While Having A Seizure

It is the worst. It happened to a friend of mine a couple of years ago. He reckons it was worse than AIDS.

This is extremely specific. I don't think anybody has ever had a seizure and fell off a cliff simultaneously - ryanrimmel

385 Porky Minch
386 Frieza Frieza Freeza (Pronounced "Frieza" in the Funimation dub) is fictional character in the Dragon Ball series by Akira Toriyama as the primary antagonist of the Freeza Saga. He is a galactic tyrant who governs the Planet Trade Organization and is feared by the universe for his sadistic and brutal nature. He is more.
387 Louie
388 Count Veger
389 Fanboy and Chum Chum Fanboy and Chum Chum Fanboy & Chum Chum is an American 3D CGI animated television series created by Eric Robles for Nickelodeon. It is based on Fanboy, an animated short created by Robles for Nicktoons and Frederator Studios, which was broadcast August 14, 2009 to July 12, 2014 on Random! Cartoons. The series was first more.
390 Jasper Batt Jr.
391 Homework

It's Just awful - GriffinDoge

392 Political Correctness
393 Losing a Rabbit
394 The Problem Solverz The Problem Solverz The Problem Solverz is an American animated television series that aired on Cartoon Network. Created by Ben Jones, it follows Alfe, Horace, and Roba, a group of detectives in their troubled town, Farboro.

This creeps me out - TheKirbyCreeper999

395 The Person Who Put Cats On the List

I agree that cats shouldn't be on this list, but that doesn't mean that the person who put cats on this list is the worst thing ever. - Imreallyboredrightnow

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396 Cemeteries V 2 Comments
397 Spoiled Brats
398 Music

If u mean nowadays I agree, classic rock and older country and rap is better than this modern junk

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399 Creepypasta

Get scared, get panic, get shocked, get poisoned and get die.


400 Failing a Video Game V 1 Comment
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