Worst Things About Apple


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1 Overrated

2002: billy gates announces tablet pc, nobody cares.
2010: ipad announced, steve jobs is now the igod.

Creator of C coding language which runs 90% of all electronics: dies and nobody cares,
Steve jobs: dies and is all over the news. - Harri666

2 So expensive

Ipad 4 is better But NEW IPAD sucks too many costs - SpencerJC

My Ipad Cost $600 - ChipTheGamer

Macbooks are over 1000 dollars. Come on, how am I supposed to get a computer now?

I hear PC calling me from the depths of hell

3 Not innovative
4 iPhone or iPad being released every year

" Hey look at my new iPhone 6! I'm so happy! " "You idiot, that's old technology now. The iPhone 7 has just been announced. Oh look, now the iPhone 8 is out! iPhone 9! iPhone 100000000"

5 iPhones
6 Responsible for destroying the video game console industry
7 Low battery life

My iPhone will have a full battery in the morning, and lose all of it by the afternoon. - naFrovivuS

My iPod Touch runs out of battery power after 1 day of school. what?!

No way! Samsung, Android and many kinds of phones have low battery life too, you know! - Adamshane1999

8 iOS
9 Breakable

My screen on my MacBook NOO!

10 iTunes on windows is designed to be bad

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11 Apple never made the iPhone 2

Don't believe me? Here's the timeline.
1. iPhone
2. iPhone 3G
3. iPhone 3GS
4. iPhone 4
5. iPhone 4S
6. iPhone 5
7. iPhone 5C
8. iPhone 5S
9. iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus
See, I told you. There's no iPhone 2.

12 iOS 8 Needs 5.8 GB for Nothing
13 Samsung rip off
14 Bad Wifi

I allways lose wifi - ChipTheGamer

15 Mice only have 1 button
16 Crashes
17 No Headphone Jack on iPhone 7
18 The hashtag
19 Mice on MacBook
20 No paint
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