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1 Overrated

2002: billy gates announces tablet pc, nobody cares.
2010: ipad announced, steve jobs is now the igod.

Creator of C coding language which runs 90% of all electronics: dies and nobody cares,
Steve jobs: dies and is all over the news. - Harri666

2 So expensive

Ipad 4 is better But NEW IPAD sucks too many costs - SpencerJC

My Ipad Cost $600 - ChipTheGamer

Macbooks are over 1000 dollars. Come on, how am I supposed to get a computer now?

I hear PC calling me from the depths of hell

3 Breakable

I seen iphone get dropped and break like glass, I dropped my old samsung on something hard on the and it survived there was hardly no damage just a small scratch on the screen, it only screwed up my phone and I had to reset it, and it worked fine after, I bet if I had an iphone that day, the screen would or broke like glass, and my iphone would of been busted - trains45

My screen on my MacBook NOO!

4 Not innovative
5 iPhone or iPad being released every year

" Hey look at my new iPhone 6! I'm so happy! " "You idiot, that's old technology now. The iPhone 7 has just been announced. Oh look, now the iPhone 8 is out! iPhone 9! iPhone 100000000"

6 Chargers and earbuds don’t last that long

My old iphone the charger broke after 1 year, my replacement charger broke, after 6 months - trains45

7 iPhones
8 Responsible for destroying the video game console industry
9 It randomly restarts
10 Low battery life

My iPhone will have a full battery in the morning, and lose all of it by the afternoon.

My iPod Touch runs out of battery power after 1 day of school. what?!

No way! Samsung, Android and many kinds of phones have low battery life too, you know! - Adamshane1999

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11 No Headphone Jack on iPhone 7

This should be number 1. This was by far the stupidest thing apple has ever done to their products. I don't think a single person was happy about this. - KeyboardHero

This is stupid, I couldn't use the iphone headphones on other devices, like my laptop, 2ds xl, ps4 controller, and mp3 player, and if I bought headphones I couldn't use them on the iphone I would have to pay more money to buy a separate part and I heard the sound quality wasn't the best - trains45

12 Crashes
13 iOS
14 It requires so much storage just for an update
15 Touch ID
16 iTunes on windows is designed to be bad
17 Apple never made the iPhone 2

Don't believe me? Here's the timeline.
1. iPhone
2. iPhone 3G
3. iPhone 3GS
4. iPhone 4
5. iPhone 4S
6. iPhone 5
7. iPhone 5C
8. iPhone 5S
9. iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus
See, I told you. There's no iPhone 2.

18 iOS 8 Needs 5.8 GB for Nothing
19 Samsung rip off
20 Bad Wifi

I allways lose wifi - ChipTheGamer

21 Mice only have 1 button
22 The hashtag
23 Mice on MacBook
24 No paint
25 GarageBand
26 iMovie
27 iTunes

Yeah can't put music on without itunes, you have to buy music, or use itunes on a computer to put music on, samsung, you could put any mp3 or aac file on without itunes - trains45

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1. Chargers and earbuds don’t last that long
2. Breakable
3. It randomly restarts
1. Overrated
2. So expensive
3. Low battery life
1. Overrated
2. Not innovative
3. So expensive


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