Top Ten Worst Things About Boy Bands


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1 They have really annoying fanbases

I literally agree with every item on this list too - ryanrimmel

Please include BTS fans in here

Beleibers and Directioners are probably insane enough to become mini Adolf Hitlers.

2 Most of them suck
3 Most of them have stupid band names

I totally agree

4 They make the cheesiest songs

ALL of the songs from a boy band are about developing a crush on a girl. Or making out with a girl. Something that has to do with a girl. Most of them at least. There is one boy band who don't make all their songs about girls. Forgot the name though.

Every song goes like this:

Oh baby, I luuv you! And you luuv me! And baby, we bla bla bla whatever I could be a better songwriter for a boy band than their producers.

5 They are pop, never rock
6 A lot of people hate them
7 They fail on some occasions
8 They can be overrated
9 They can't play well
10 They only last five years

If you ask me, the whole boy band thing is just a joke. They'll never be remembered. - IronSabbathPriest

Which is usually about 5 years too long - Billyv

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11 They never get approved
12 Most of them aren't talented
13 Girls only like them because of their looks

If the members of One Direction were ugly, then they wouldn't be popular - Imreallyboredrightnow

14 Hardly any of them last

Isn't this one of the Best things?! - Billyv

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1. They have really annoying fanbases
2. Most of them suck
3. Most of them have stupid band names


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