Worst Things About Camping

The Top Ten

1 It's either too hot or too cold

Sometimes you're being fried like you've got your head stuck in a nuclear reactor, and sometimes you're so cold that the air around you is solidifying. - PositronWildhawk

In my case, the weather was very humid and hot too! So there was no chance of my body cooling down by evaporation of sweat (because the air was humid) - Kiteretsunu

Shut up your ugly

2 Stupid toilets that nobody cleans

I remember this one campout... The toilets were literally so bad, you had to stand back, get a big breath, then run in, pee as fast as you could whilst holding your breath, and run back out. They cleaned that toilet once a year...

3 Having to sleep in mud at night

Oh, god. Lots of sogginess - MangoFruitJuice

4 Rain

It's always waiting for you.

I swear basicly flooded EVERYTHING. ALL THE TENTS COLASPED. - Thatgirl

5 Wind
6 Vomit-inducing food

I've goten sick from camp food before. haha it sucked... - MoldySock

7 No electricity or internet
8 Little privacy

A change of clothes here can be too awkward.

When camping with school... - CityGuru

I went on a big campout once, and we had to get changed in front of everyone else. The good thing is, it was all girls, so at least it wasn't awkward.

9 Insects

So annoying they don't stop bothering you.

10 Boredom

The Contenders

11 When your sleeping bag is freezing cold
12 Tent poles
13 Sleep deprivation
14 Total strangers after your spot
15 Large Snakes

Small snakes are fine, but anything over 10 feet can cause a disturbance.

16 Dirt
17 Homesickness
18 Having to pee while you're in your tent
19 Gets hot in the morning and cold at night
20 Makes You Think Of Hunger Games

Its kinda like. the environment. - MChkflaguard_Yt

21 Bears
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