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1 Rip Off of Diary of Wimpy Kid

Who are YOU calling a hater?! Why don't YOU get all LIFE yourself, and stop judging people's opinions! If you like Dork Diaries so much, why were you even on this site! Go choke on a stick and leave us alone! Free country!

It a girl book people come on, dork diaries is better then diary of wimpy kid any way.

Actually, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid came out AFTER Dork Diaries.

This book is a rip off, idiots.

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2 It Doesn't Get Enough Attention

This wouldn't make it bad, it would make it underrated. - RalphBob

I love how nf126 hates it - Fabricitem

3 Ripoff of Dear Dumb Diary

Dear Dumb Diary was released in 2013 and Dork Diaries was released in 2001...

I actually thought it was a movie adaption at first. But didn't dork diaries come out first?

I think it came out before Dear Dumb Diary - TwilightKitsune

Jamie acts like a tomboy Nikki doesn't, and also Angeline's friendly and Makensie isn't so I don't know why you call it a ripoff - BoyGenius234

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4 Unfunny

A complete waste of my life! Full of ENDLESS drama where some SELFISH "dork" has to be the victim for EVERYTHING! Nikki literally gets EVERYTHING she doesn't deserve handed to her on a silver plate and TILL THIS DAY, she still complains about her massively cruddy life. And it gets worse to the point where she even has these endless dramatic meltdowns all because of one MEAN girl at school. Some people have it way worse than her, and she still has to make herself the victim all in the name of Mackenzie Hollister. Seriously?
Even worse, she bullies her little sister Brianna when she's only five years old and she's over obsessed with writitng garbage about people, including her family in that stupid little diary of hers. Always, "Mackenzie did this to me! ", or "Brianna did that to me! ", or "Mom and Dad are braindead! ", or "Chloe and Zoey are so annoying! " And if it's not that, she's always fighting with Brandon and then him, being Mr. Perfect thinks HE knows better and never wants ...more

There's a buttload of things wrong with this series. Its really, really bad. It tries far too hard to be funny, its unrealistic, stereotypical (especially to girls), and just so juvenile. However, a wonderful book to read before bed. It knocks me out like a light. - keycha1n

Now: What a waste of money and 10 days of my life. Let's review, shall we? Girl that claims she's a dork goes to school, meets the bully, the bully bullies her, then she falls for a guy and two girls that are scared of meatballs. It's horribly written, as it's mostly in capital, cliche similes and metaphors, all over the place, and Nikki is being so rude to her sister (who is the only character with common sense). Then she goes to an art show, Mackenize destroyed her artwork, and she still wins with all these crappy photos she turned in. The first eight books are all the same. She gets entered into an event, she is suck in a fine problem indeed, then she wins. Why can't she lose for once? It reminds me of every single book about middle school I ever read. Too many cliches. If that Latino didn't have enough time to actually think out of the box for once? And why is everyone complaining about ...more

Its funny, you guys are just jealous
I love all type of diary books same - SnowyAqua

5 No Good Books

I honestly think that this book series is ok, the author has definitely improved. The idea came from a good place as the author probably wanted to make a wimpy kid series for girls. There is some good writing and jokes in this but some may find NIKKI annoying and it’s understandable since she is very… expressive, but it is her diary so… 😂
There are a few words in this that are obviously replacing curses, but what did you expect, she is a 14 year old girl! Overall it is a nice series for beginner readers or tweens who are insecure because they can relate with Nikki as she doesn’t fit in at school and has low confidence. I would recommend to 9-14 year olds

6 It Never Gets Mentioned On Other Websites
7 It Makes You Angry When You Read It

In the new birthday book they ligit did fortnite dances and... *gags* DABBED! *vomits* and no it's not a lie take a look yourself

RIGHT?! Like, every time I see Nikki's annoying cringy face like she's so perfect, it just pisses me off! I mean, I know that Tiffany being the biggest selfie addict was kinda annoying, but I have to agree with her when she said that Nikki was acting like she was perfect.

So true, Nikki is such an attention seeking brat and it makes me so mad

Has anyone seen the fortnite page in the birthday party one also that book was literally the worst of the series, the series has totally gone downhill. it went from her to having genuine problems to "oh no my mom wont let me spend $500 on a birthday party"

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8 Overuse of the Word "Dork"

I love rhe books and all but its true. Overuse if the word dork.

Oh, that's dorktastic. Yes, very dorkcharming indeed. I'm such a dorking dork, I will dork you all up. Dork off if you don't believe me. - TwilightKitsune

9 Brandon Is a Waste of Nikki's Time

She spends the whole series obsessing over him. I get that he's cute and nice, and that's great. But why? He has no personality beyond that. She constantly slights other characters for him, but there are more intersting characters than him. Like her little sister, I love her. Brandon just needs to be more intersting. He is one of those one dimensional characters that you could literally replace with a lamp. The book itself is funny as long as you understand not to take it seriously. It's not realistic, it's just funny. I actually like the writing, even if it is cliche.

I love whoever put this I like Mackenzie and him better than Nikki. at first it was cute but it got annoying

What's so good about him anyway? He's not even that cool

Why does Nikki even like him? He's just some one-dimensional pretty boy.

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10 It's Not Real

To the person who said "MOST BOOK STORIES aren't REAL", well this story was supposed to be based on real-life experiences. So don't be a smart ass OK?!

Ummm.. Newsflash, MOST BOOK STORIES aren't REAL GENIUS!

The Newcomers

? It’s Boring

It always has the same enemy does nothing new and it the same picture in 3 books! It always has the same words tales a not so! What really gets wired it was released in 2009 but on the internet it says 2001 and every one believes it so do not trust internet bull crap.

? It is Full of Cliches

Everything in it is a cliche. Such as a popular, girly mean girl or a perfect love interest boy.

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11 Nikki and Her Friends (Especially Brandon) Gets Expelled Into the Same School Where Mackenzie is and It Becomes Depressing Again!
12 It Wastes Your Time

Dork diaries is so useless, all it does is talk about materialistic things and boy stuff, it does not do kids any good reading it. Kids should find something better to d.

It's so easy and short you can read like three of them in a day. It doesn't waste you any time.

13 All the Girls are Tacky and Girly

All the problems that Miss Prissy Princess (aka Nikki) and her friends have either revolve around being 'single' (this series uses that like it's a swear word) or really stupid, shallow and stereotypical 'girly girl' problems, like not having nice enough clothes and dealing with the big, bad mean girl she's so scawwy! Come. On.

I know! They only care about what they look like and how popular they are. I mean, not one of then is a tomboy

Like seriously, not one of them plays football, doesn't care about their clothes and watches interesting things on the T.V..

14 Mackenzie Is the Worst Character Ever

I think Mackenzie started to get extremely EVIL in like, book 8. She hits Nikki with a dodgeball, makes her faint, gets detention and then she accuses Nikki of putting a bug in her hair, making a video of it and she steals her diary. Then she convinces her parents to move her to a different school, and then as Nikki said it was said but true that she's so cruel that she cyberbullies herself online.
All this I brought up is to prove how EVIL she is.

I know right! Even Draco Malfoy wasn't that bad! Well maybe he was, but dude, his parents were death eaters so I get that. Mackenzie however, didn't learn magic, her parents weren't servants of Voldemort, she has NO excuse. She's a selfish brat and a jerk and a bully!

Mackenzie isn't like any other school bullies in real life. When I read book 9. She wanted to have Nikki expelled from school. Dude, no school bully in reality would do that! Neither are any of the school bullies in movies, cartoons, books and comics and stuff.

Hell No! Mewberty Is By FAR WORSE. And Mackenzie isn't real. Why? Because THIS SERIES DOES NOT EVEN EXIST - TheKirbyCreeper999

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15 Everyone is White

- Anonymous

This is so racist! You don’t even know the color, so shut up!

16 It Makes Fun of People with Braces

I mean they were all like, SORRY CHLOE IT WASN'T ME though and then when the see Mackenzie their just like, OOH UGLY CRAP LMAO. Not a good lesson for young kids.

Ikr! Nikki was laughing at Mackenzie's 6th-grade photo and Mackenzie was harassing Chloe for that too!

Will that drama addicted WASTEUTE ever learn? And by drama addicted watseute, I mean Nikki CRAPwell. Hardy har har

17 Characters are Idiots

Yes, especially the Fortnite dance challenge page. I will buy the book only to burn it. Other than that, I am not interested in this book. The worst part is the Fortnite page.


18 It's the Same Plot Line Every Time

"You stood me up," this, "You stood me up that! " Like, for real?! Why can't you just SHUT UP, and get a darn life!

I mean come on! It's always "Oh no! Makenzie did this! Oh no! Brandon that! "

19 Nikki Doesn't Even Try to Put Herself in Other People's Shoes

I mean just think, she's always acting so innocent when really she's probably the bully. Mackenzie might have had a bad past, maybe even she was bullied when she was little. Probably by Brandon. In book 9 he was laughing about when Mackenzie had braces in year 6!

20 Wimpy Kid Rip Off
21 It Provides Very Unrealistic Expectations for Kids and Tweens
22 It's Predictable

Yeah, when I read the books, I could easily guess what was gonna happen next and how it would end!

23 It Encourages Kids to Write Mean Things About Others
24 Over use of the word 'OMG'
25 Nikki is a Brat

Now, HOW to describe Nikki Maxwell? Brat wouldn't be my first choice to describe Nikki. She is an inconsiderate, lazy, stupid, annoying brat. She's a selfish, spoiled jerk and all she does is write in that stupid diary of hers, writing about how "EVERYONE DID THIS TO ME! " And "EVERYONE DID THAT TO ME! " Like she's the perfect one around here, while she is WORSE than everyone. And I never thought I would say this but Mackenzie...I'd rather even prefer her than Nikki.
Ok, anyone who wants to start saying, "OH, shut up you hater! ", I understand why you like Dork Diaries so much, but this is MY opinion! 😐 I don't know if you've noticed but this is a free country, and we all deserve the right to speak up.

26 Nikki is One of Those People Who Tries Too Hard to Be Someone She's Not

She wants to be one of those people who never fit in, and are special because of that, but she tries way too hard

27 Nikki is a Selfish Jerk
28 Nikki Can Remember Everything Everyone Says

Ok, so if you keep a diary, you'd know the main layout of your day and roughly remember your conversations. But Nikki SOMEHOW has all her chats stored in her brain. Every single WORD. If this was realistic like a proper diary, she wouldn't.

29 It Makes Kids and Teens Turn Into Spoiled Brats
30 Makazenie is Mean

She is mean.i wondwe where she gets the crusty musty cloths from

31 It Never Has New Ideas

Its always recycling the same darn drawings and lines

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1. It Doesn't Get Enough Attention
2. Rip Off of Diary of Wimpy Kid
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