Top Ten Worst Things About Dork Diaries

The Top Ten Worst Things About Dork Diaries

1 Rip Off of Diary of Wimpy Kid

Who are YOU calling a hater?! Why don't YOU get all LIFE yourself, and stop judging people's opinions! If you like Dork Diaries so much, why were you even on this site! Go choke on a stick and leave us alone! Free country!

It a girl book people come on, dork diaries is better then diary of wimpy kid any way.

You haters shut up! Has the person who created this site even read the books! It is NOT a rip-off and the best books ever! Just go and GET A LIFE! Rachel Renee Russell don't change a thing! Your books are awesome and that includes the Max Crumbly book. Ignore all these idiots.

It's not a ripoff have you ever saw a book where Greg finally got some attention - BoyGenius234

2 It Doesn't Get Enough Attention

This wouldn't make it bad, it would make it underrated. - RalphBob

I love how nf126 hates it - Fabricitem

And it’s also overhated.

3 Ripoff of Dear Dumb Diary

I agree with whoever wrote this here! Unlike Nikki, Jamie is funny, nice and always knows how to properly deal with problems. Nikki is another story. She's rude towards her parents, her sister and towards her friends too. And instead of dealing with problems in a proper way, she goes all sensitive and judjmental. The thing I hate is that every time it's not about her, she always has to say what SHE thinks so it WILL be about her. Unlike Nikki, Jamie actually handels problems in a mature way. She doesn't cry or have these over dramatic meltdowns. And no, lovers, don't even think about calling me a hater. First of all, do you see Jamie acting all mushy gushy and obssessing over Hudson Rivers like what SHE does over Brandon in every book? NO! Do you see her getting into babyish fights with girls? NO! Do you see her having these dramatic meltdowns instead of asking for help? NO! Nikki is an attetion seeking brat who only seeks for problems. Dork Diaries is so girly too! It's like Nikki's ...more

Dork Diaries is lazy as frick and all it did is make a barebone version of Dear Dumb Diary, add tons of girly drama, and make it 10x worse. Let's compare and contrast the main characters: Jamie is funny, sarcastic, and is loyal to her friends, she ROCKS! Nikki is mean, obsessive, and OVERTHETOPBAR annoying and all the too girly, Nikki SUCKS! I used to like Dork Diaries a lot when I was 8 years old, but now I hate it! And I can't believe the girls at my school like it so much! Such a terrible book, almost as bad as 50 Shades Of Gray, another terrible and damn awful book!

The only thing about Dork Diarhoea, Diary of A sociopathic kid, and Dear Damn Diary is that they end on ' cliffhangers

I actually thought it was a movie adaption at first. But didn't dork diaries come out first?

4 Unfunny

A complete waste of my life! Full of ENDLESS drama where some SELFISH "dork" has to be the victim for EVERYTHING! Nikki literally gets EVERYTHING she doesn't deserve handed to her on a silver plate and TILL THIS DAY, she still complains about her massively cruddy life. And it gets worse to the point where she even has these endless dramatic meltdowns all because of one MEAN girl at school. Some people have it way worse than her, and she still has to make herself the victim all in the name of Mackenzie Hollister. Seriously?
Even worse, she bullies her little sister Brianna when she's only five years old and she's over obsessed with writitng garbage about people, including her family in that stupid little diary of hers. Always, "Mackenzie did this to me! ", or "Brianna did that to me! ", or "Mom and Dad are braindead! ", or "Chloe and Zoey are so annoying! " And if it's not that, she's always fighting with Brandon and then him, being Mr. Perfect thinks HE knows better and never wants ...more

I'm kind of surprised no-one here really noticed the fortnite page in one of the books. - Dovewing303

There's a buttload of things wrong with this series. Its really, really bad. It tries far too hard to be funny, its unrealistic, stereotypical (especially to girls), and just so juvenile. However, a wonderful book to read before bed. It knocks me out like a light. - keycha1n

Now: What a waste of money and 10 days of my life. Let's review, shall we? Girl that claims she's a dork goes to school, meets the bully, the bully bullies her, then she falls for a guy and two girls that are scared of meatballs. It's horribly written, as it's mostly in capital, cliche similes and metaphors, all over the place, and Nikki is being so rude to her sister (who is the only character with common sense). Then she goes to an art show, Mackenize destroyed her artwork, and she still wins with all these crappy photos she turned in. The first eight books are all the same. She gets entered into an event, she is suck in a fine problem indeed, then she wins. Why can't she lose for once? It reminds me of every single book about middle school I ever read. Too many cliches. If that Latino didn't have enough time to actually think out of the box for once? And why is everyone complaining about ...more

5 No Good Books

To the person who said ''she's only 14 years old'', that's not a good enough answer for the way she's acting. I really despise how everyone keeps making lame excuses for why she's such a spoiled brat. So had it been Mackenzie or Brianna, it would've been a problem? Talk about HYPOCRISY in this dumb series! And why does everyone keep hating on Mackenzie because she's rich? I'll tell you why! This book is full of annoying, cliche stereotypes about how all non wealthy girls are dorky and perfect and all the wealthy girls are mean and rich and evil! Ooh, scary! Come ON! And all the stereotypical mean girls have names like Tiffany or Jessica! So basically what you're telling me is that say for example if MY name was Tiffany, would I automatically be the bad one? JEEZ! Jim Benton and Jeff Kinney write better stories than this crap! And also, I don't understand why Nikki is always obsessing over Brandon! When she's asked to play with Brianna, it's ''Oh no, crappy brain dead parents! I'd ...more

All the books are trash, and the books belong with in the same place with all the other trash. The author THINKS she's getting lots of love, just wait till she sees this list!

If anything, there are NO good books in this series. There are no new ideas for the books and that whole bug video thing went on for 3 whole books. Actually 4 if you count the whole Mackenzie getting in trouble thing. Seriously, this entire thing could've ended off well with Mackenzie saying,"Ok, I'm sorry for hitting you in the face like that, I will not do it again. But then she just CHOOSES to make the plot even farther by LYING right infront of everyone and for some reason, it's NIKKI who's being the cyberbully?! Don't make me laugh! And why does it always have to end with, "Sorry, I'm such a DORK! " Ok, great. You want a medal for being one?

I found the word retard in one of the books. :]

6 It Never Gets Mentioned On Other Websites

So? Why should it anyway? - ARTLOVER358

7 Overuse of the Word "Dork"

Fans of Dork Diaries, don't even think about saying, ''Oh no, she uses the word dork so much because that's what it's called, HATERS! DUH!'' Well I have a message for YOU! In Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, do you see the author always using 'wimpy' just because it says that on the title of the series! Um, no. So don't even think about it!

I have problems with this too. First off, because Nikki doesn't even know what a dork is. Secondly, she can just start calling everything and anything a dork. Like, what the heck?! What does dorkalicious even MEAN? Are you okay?! Why are you brainwashing kids with this garbage!?

She claimes that she and everyone of her friends are dorky. Heck, she even calls her CRUSH dorky! Read Dork Diaries 12 if you don't believe me!

Nikki at Area 51: I have the power of DORKS on my side! - RoseWeasley

8 It Makes You Angry When You Read It

I can't be the only one who thinks that Nikki is extremely disrespectful to her parents, right?

I remember in 3rd grade when I first started to read this book series I just went along with whatever Nikki said and didn't think a lot about it.
I always thought that Mackenzie was the villain of the story (she is the biggest villain, though) and was evil.

Recently I started to dive deeper into these so called "kid-friendly" books and realize that a lot of this behaviour is sociopathic (Greg Heffley), disrespectful (Nikki Maxwell), and plain weird.

These books make me really angry when I think about all the other children who read this and think that the way Nikki acts towards her parents and Brianna is normal. Nikki is also painted as this up to date teenager who needs a phone and cute outfits. I mean...?

-jane (ig; basicallyjaane)

The reasons why it makes me so angry is because it stereotypes girls as girly, and not a single tomboy character! I am so OFFENDED!

In the new birthday book they ligit did fortnite dances and... *gags* DABBED! *vomits* and no it's not a lie take a look yourself

RIGHT?! Like, every time I see Nikki's annoying cringy face like she's so perfect, it just pisses me off! I mean, I know that Tiffany being the biggest selfie addict was kinda annoying, but I have to agree with her when she said that Nikki was acting like she was perfect.

9 Brandon Is a Waste of Nikki's Time

Everything in that series revolves around Nikki and her stupid BFF's and tragic life. Every single day, there is a new problem. In every single book in the series, notice that she never wants to do anything important in life anymore. She's so spoiled and rotten and she always hangs around Brandon so much. There's never a book where the problem isn't Mackenzie or she's not fighting with Brandon or her, Chloe and Zoey get into mischief.
First off, let me start by telling you that I hate, and I mean HATE when Brandon and Nikki are together. I mean, I get it. They are in love and stuff, but really? Do you see her hanging out with Brianna anymore? Or doing important stuff in life? NO! They are like the only people who does stuff like that. Do you see a real couple acting all mushy gushy and disgusting together? No. The second she brings up Brandon, like, 10 times in her diary, she's all, "! SQUEEE! " (Did I mention that she overuses the word,? )
Secondly, not only are they disgusting ...more

EXACTLY. Nikki would throw Brianna off a cliff just for a chance to hang out with him! She's only a teen, knows nothing about relationships, but puts them before her own, REAL family relationships. - Staruli

There's not one book in this Crappy Diaries series where Nikki isn't obsessing over Brandon. Why does everyone keep saying that Brandon and Nikki are so cute together. If by cute, you mean lovesick and disgusting. It legit makes most people want to gag. In book number 6, she would not shut up about stupid Brandon. I mean, does she ever? She always thinks about him, flirting with him, hanging out with him, writing about him in her trash diary, listening to music that reminds her of him, yeah, basically all of that. Everything in here that has to do with drama and romance is so cliche, I hate it! And the fan base of this series is so annoying. There are girls who literally idolize Dork Diaries and want to be like Nikki. They think that Nikki knows everything apparently. They're literally getting advice from a spoiled bratty hypocrite! A HYPOCRITE! The thing despise the most is that everyone keeps talking about how great Dork Diaries is, but it's really not! It shouldn't even be worthy ...more

In every book, Nikki obsesses over Brandon. She always thinks about hanging out with Brandon, how cute Brandon is, etc. Not only that, I hate how fans say how cute they look together. Seeing those two disgusting "lovebirds" together only makes me want to throw one of Viridi's Reset Bombs at them (in case you don't know who Viridi is, or what a Reset Bomb is, play Kid Icarus Uprising)

What could Nikki possibly like about BRANDON? He never listens to anyone, he assumes that he knows everything and he's always making people guilty. Even a simple thing as making caramel balls with Brianna, they have to act so disgusting together! I can't even look at them without gagging

10 It's Not Real

Well, neither are all the other books, stupid

To the person who said "MOST BOOK STORIES aren't REAL", well this story was supposed to be based on real-life experiences. So don't be a smart ass OK?!

Ummm.. Newsflash, MOST BOOK STORIES aren't REAL GENIUS!

The Contenders

11 Nikki and Her Friends (Especially Brandon) Gets Expelled Into the Same School Where Mackenzie is and It Becomes Depressing Again!

All Dork Diaries characters suck (except Daisy, who is a puppy, and Daisy is not a terrible character, just a sweet innocent puppy), and I personally think Rachel Renee Russell (the author) should stop writing crap and get a job at Pizza Hut

I can't take this anymore! Why can't Nikki just focus on the bright side of going to North Hampton Hills, like making new friends there like what most people do? Instead, what does she do? Endless meltdowns, and drama which never seems to end all because she's going to the same school as her worst enemy, Mackenzie. Seriously though, there are literally so many people in school that she probably won't like and she's focusing on one person.

This book has BOREDOM, DISASTER AND DRAMA written all over it! Basically it revolves around Nikki having to go to North Hampton Hills. Which is lucky of her, right? Because it's known for it's rigorous academies and chic uniforms( I hate when Dork Diaries uses that word), a place that most people would dream of going. She should be happy instead of worrying about stupid Mackenzie. But since there always has to be a new problem, she's upset about it again, because apparently she's not going to be with DOWKY BFF's and DOWKY CWUSH, WA WA! POOW WITTLE BABY WABY! BOO! Get over it Nikki Maxwell! I can't believe she's so ungrateful about THIS TOO!

12 All the Girls are Tacky and Girly


Why are all of these girls so obsessed with boys and their skirts and purses. LIke, maybe in 2002!

These girls really remind me of 'Valley GIr

Mom: Look at this cute outfit!
Nikki: If by cute, you mean disgusting!
I really DESPISE this book because it's based off of some stupid girl who complains about getting these QUOTE UN QUOTE disfigured outfits so stereotypical. Everything and everyone are so cliche they're lives only revolve around being cute and stylish (when I mean stylish I mean tacky clothing that Nikki loves to wear, just look at her disgusting JOJO SIWA outfits! ) Or being afraid of balls coming their way, come on! Not one of them is good at music or sports!

IKR, all the girls are super girly, and not a single tomboy! All the girls in the series do are obsess over makeup, pretty clothes, boys, and gossip. I like video games, animals, and I don't care about being popular, while the girls always care about being popular! So annoying!

Exactly - and I don't just mean that they should all be super athletic (that would be nice, though) - we never see any girls who are amazing at lessons, play board games or anything along the tomboy lines except Zoe, and she still isn't that nerdy. People think just because other girls my age read this, they think I love it.

13 It Wastes Your Time

Why are people even into reading this? All Nikki ever does is be a spoiled attention seeking brat, and she's never humble. She can't stand it when people tell the truth about how much of an ididot she is, but then it's perfectly fine to start talking about how everyone did THIS to her or everyone did THAT to her. NO one can tell her anything anymore.

It's so easy and short you can read like three of them in a day. It doesn't waste you any time.

Dork diaries is so useless, all it does is talk about materialistic things and boy stuff, it does not do kids any good reading it. Kids should find something better to d.

14 Everyone is White

Zoey is black I think. The author is black

- Anonymous


This is so racist! You don’t even know the color, so shut up!

15 It Makes Fun of People with Braces

The author tried making Mackenzie getting bullied a good thing for wearing braces in grade 6, but for some reason when something happens to Nikki, it's automatically Mackenzie's fault? This just proves how everyone including Nikki are hypocrites. You can see how the author is just favoriting Nikki, but she's the one who's always going on about how "bullying is terrible and don't let Mackenzie do this and that to you and always let your inner dork shine through" nonsense. All the characters and series itself is annoying and plain boring.

So when it was for Mackenzie since she's the antagonist and all, it's okay when she got bullied for wearing braces, but then for Nikki getting bullied, everyone has to give her all the attention because she's Miss Attention seeking brat. Wow, talk about HYPOCRISY. In real life, this wouldn't be happening, but the author tries to make it a good thing because Nikki is miss perfect.

MacKenzie was bullied in Grade 6 for having braces. The author tried to make it look like a good thing, because of how MacKenzie is the bad guy and stuff like that, but it's not okay to do that. That is just straightforward bullying, and what the heck is Dork Diaries teaching people.

I feel bad for Mackenzie. She was probably bullied by Nikki and that shaped her into the person she is today. - RoseWeasley

16 Over use of the word 'OMG'

For GOODNESS sake, would it kill you to last one book without using?!

OMG like stop sating OMG so much

17 Characters are Idiots

Yes, especially the Fortnite dance challenge page. I will buy the book only to burn it. Other than that, I am not interested in this book. The worst part is the Fortnite page.


I'm done. Next time I see that book again, I will destroy all of them. She and her BFFS are honestly SO cringy-they RUINED all the fortnite dances.😲

18 Nikki is a Selfish Jerk

I find it extremely unfair that all these people are getting treated like garbage by that shallow jerk, Maxwell. My biggest question, is why does she have to get everything to go HER WAY? Why does she always have to hate on Mackenzie because she's rich? This series is like an insult to rich people! Just because Mackenzie's more rich and going to be more successful than a loser like you, doesn't mean you have to be such a dream crusher and hog the spotlight. Nikki stole every chance Mackenzie got to have success in life, including Brandon. The thing is, with Nikki, she wants Brandon all to herself. I bet you a billion dollars that Brandon was probably Mackenzie's boyfriend first! Maybe Nikki's the real bully!
Secondly, her tone-deaf band, Actually I'm Not Really Sure Yet is such a huge fail! But in spite of all that, SHE gets her own reality T.V. show, something that most girls are dreaming to have! And she still complains!
Third of all, she's always complaining that she never ...more

Yes, in fact. Nikki IS a selfish jerk. She always complains that no one does what SHE wants and nothing ever goes her way. She says that Mackenzie has a lot more than her. Um, need I remind you that you got everything you didn't deserve and that other people (girls in this case) don't have? Like you're own hit reality T.V. show and the trophy for the skii competition? Even though you're such a bratty loser? Even worse, she calls her parents brain dead. She is so ungrateful. Is she even aware that she is surrounded by parents who love her and care for her? There are literally kids in the world who have it way worse than her with no parents or family and she still complains because literally ONE girl has fashionable clothes and hates her? So first, she has these meltdowns because of her Dad's job as the exterminator. Then she bullies her little sister and expects everything to go her way. Why is she always talking about how annoying Brianna is? She's her little sister, and she's only ...more

I couldn't agree more. Nikki is always complaining that nothing ever goes the way SHE wants life to go. But I find it so unfair that SHE get's everything SHE wants and still complains! It makes me so mad! She's so self centered and she only cares about herself and wanting to be popular and better than everyone else. She disrespects her parents by calling them brain-dead because they don't get her whatever SHE wants, like cute'n chic clothing like Mackenzie or a hot phone! Um, excuse me?! Nikki does absolutely nothing, she just sits around writing in her stupid diary about her massively cruddy life! For your information, Miss Perfect, YOU GOT EVERYTHING IN LIFE THAT YOU DIDN'T EVEN EXPECT TO HAVE! And this girl still whines over literally NOTHING! Wow. This is a whole new level of being a spoiled brat. If that's not annoying and stupid, then what is?

I just don't think it's fair with all the STANDARDS it holds. She just talks trash about everyone in her diary! She should be studying and trying to get good grades. AHEM MS PRINCESS, If you wanna be a fashion designer, ya need good grades. She's constantly on her phone the entire time, and got no achievements WHATSOEVER. And she complains about her "cruddy life" WELL MAXWELL THERE ARE ORPHANS OUT THERE WHO DON'T LIVE WITH A FAMILY AND ARE FORCED TO LIVE TOGETHER WITH OTHERS. And she keeps saying that her parents are poor and brain dead. She's lucky to have parents like that with a stable job and maintain everything. She did nothing remarkable in her life whatsoever and keeps getting rewarded. In the first book, she had character flaws that made her enjoyable. But as the series progressed, she just became more selfish and "perfect" obsessing over her looks. WELL HUNEY academic life is important too! She swoons over the flat dimensional character Brandon only for his looks. And she ...more

19 It Provides Very Unrealistic Expectations for Kids and Tweens

I find it so unfair for everyone who has to deal with this spoiled jerk, Nikki! She manages to get everything she wants in life, stuff that she never really expected, but she's only focusing on one girl who has like, 1% more than SHE does?! I literally feel so bad for not only Brianna, but her parents. She spends useful time in her life writing in her diary about the "big mean scawwy girl" and corny bff's and bratty sister and brain dead parents! Her parents literally provided everything for her just to get a good education in school, and instead of being grateful, she literally SHAMES them at school by calling them brain dead! LOOK WHO'S TALKING ABOUT BEING BRAIN DEAD! SHE'S BRAIN DEAD! If I was her Mom, I would literally give her a huge whopping so we'll really see who's BRAIN DEAD!

First off, I find it so unfair that she always has to get everything HER way. Why does she have to be so RUDE to her parents about the outfits they give her? And it always has to be ...more

All these books are basically teaching kids-ESPECIALLY teenagers to be disrespectful to their parents or realize that school doesn't matter or think that they're better than everyone else and be people who their not. I saw on that dork diaries website, these girls who were commenting stuff like, "Oh, my mom won't let me do this! " "Oh, my mom won't let me do that! " "My parents gave me the worst present ever for Christmas! " "My crush is not into me! " "I wanna fit in with the CCP's! " "I wanna be popular! " "I want this! I want that! My parents made me babysit my bratty sister or brother! " So basically, always letting your inner dork shine through means you have to be a whiny, spoiled, selfish brat?! I would like to be myself, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

It's just not fair to me! Nikki has a phone in 8th grade, and I don't! And teens/tweens shouldn't be constantly worried about fashion and crap. I mean SERIOUSLY! Your grades are important too! Nikki gets away with c's and gets everything handed to her! And I got straight a's and got 20 bucks! AND STILL NO PHONE (Asian parents) I just don't get it. I liked the first book because her life was ACTUALLY miserable! But her life got more and more perfect until the point she complains about her crush not liking her and not having a "cute" outfit to wear. And Mackenzie? GET OVER HER! Report her or something for bullying! Or just ignore her! But why is that girl even mean in the first place? Anyway, it tries too hard to be HIP and COOL but it's just not. Nikki isn't a dork. It's more like BRAT diaries. because she's a brat now. ok imma go now.

The real message from this book is to act as spoiled and selfish like Nikki Maxwell. She has this unhealthy obsession with writing garbage about people in her diary. Like, this girl thinks that a diary is gonna solve all of her problems? Well, it doesn't, if you haven't noticed. Every single darn day of her pathetic life, A NEW PROBLEM! Always, "Oh, my parents won't let me do this! My parents won't let me do THAT! I got these ugly oufits! I want to spend money somewhere but my parents won't let me! WA! "
I don't know if she's noticed but she's even a bigger whiner than Brianna! So SHE should talk about being a BRAT!

20 Nikki is a Mary Sue

Seriously, I don't understand why people say that Dork Diaries is a RIP OFF of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. First off because Dork Diaries came BEFORE Doawk. Secondly, it's based off of Ms. Perfect (Nikki) getting everything SHE wants and how she criticizes people because they're not as perfect as SHE is. In Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, Greg actually has a good friend, doesn't complain as much as SHE does because her life is more CRAPPY than anyone else in the world, plus stupid BFF's like Chloe and Zoey.

Of course, because Nikki is so perfect and everything, she always gets what she wants, and boys have a crush on her. Nikki is just your typical average spoiled princess.

Exactly! She thinks she's too perfect for everyone else and she always gets what SHE doesn't deserve. You never see protagonists like that in any books or T.V. shows. However, she's like those type of spoiled girls who wear these tacky clothing to try and fit in the popular crowd and she tries too hard to be someone she's not or those type of spoiled girls who's life revolves around trying to fit in the "CCPS" or complaining that they don't have what other people have or complaing about 1 girl who's popular than they are. You never see protagonists like Greg Heffley or Jamie Kelly like that, so why is it okay to recycle the same things over and over again?

True! She is as flat as a boerd. She handles situations in the best way. She easily gets everything she wants (Ex: Her own T.V. show, Brandon, Getting a spot on T.V. after her band got in even though they practiced for one month). I think the author should put more thought into creating Nikki and her flaws to make her a more likable character.

21 It's the Same Plot Line Every Time

Can she make at least ONE book where Nikki doesn't fight with Mackenzie or one where she doesn't get mad at Brianna cause she's not as "perfect " as her. I seriously don't know who she's trying to call a brat. What part of, SHE'S ONLY A LITTLE KID does this wasteute not understand. I bet you a billion dollars that SHE was way WORSE than Brianna when she was her age. But then again, Brianna was screaming on a plane and she finally chose to sleep when they were out of the airport.

I agree. For three books, the Bug Drama thing continued. JUST GET OVER IT. One of them apologizes, and it ends. Instead they DRAG IT ON. UGHHH

"You stood me up," this, "You stood me up that! " Like, for real?! Why can't you just SHUT UP, and get a darn life!

I mean come on! It's always "Oh no! Makenzie did this! Oh no! Brandon that! "

22 Mackenzie Is the Worst Character Ever

Where to begin with Mackenzie Hollister?
Girl that claims she's a CCP socialite, goes out her way making everything and everyone miserable. Seriously, what is her deal? If she didn't start hating Nikki Maxwell in the first place, there wouldn't be all these over repetitive dramas. Why does she even hate Nikki in the first book? She was a new student for crying out loud! She never did anything to her! I think SHE'S the one who started all this drama. Not saying that I like Nikki Maxwell, because what's not to hate about her, but she's new. Come. On.

Ya THINK? Why else is she the antagonist of this dumb series. I mean, come on, even Dear Dumb Diary is better than this!

Mackenzie has no excuse for being such a jerk and a snake. She bullies people and expects to get away with it. - ARTLOVER358

The whole series revolves around a stupid dork trying to deal with a big popular scary girl

23 Nikki Can Remember Everything Everyone Says

Ok, so if you keep a diary, you'd know the main layout of your day and roughly remember your conversations. But Nikki SOMEHOW has all her chats stored in her brain. Every single WORD. If this was realistic like a proper diary, she wouldn't.

24 Wimpy Kid Rip Off
25 It Makes Kids and Teens Turn Into Spoiled Brats

These series is setting a horrible example for kids like to focus on being mean and popular or being better than everyone else

I legit saw on the dork diaries website this thing called, "WORST PRESENT MY MOM EVER BOUGHT ME! " And I already predicted how this book would turn out. It went:
! I can’t believe what my mom did!

This year, like every year, she decided to spend a whopping $50 on my back-to-school clothes, which means I got five cheap things that looked like stuff Annie the orphan would wear.

(by the way, Can’t wait ‘til that movie comes out! )

So of course we had our usual August fight.

Me: Seriously? You want me to wear this stuff? Like you haven’t given me enough traumatic memories to fill a million future therapy sessions?

Mom: They’re all cute and stylish, dear. Stop being so dramatic.

Me: Sure, they’re cute and stylish. If by “cute” you mean “ugly” and by “stylish” you mean “gross”!

Mom: You’re being incredibly ungrateful. Do you know how hard your father and I work to provide for you and your sister?

Me: ...more - ARTLOVER358

26 Nikki Doesn't Even Try to Put Herself in Other People's Shoes

She never considers what Mackenzie feels. Maybe Mackenzie was bullied long ago and that's why she bullied Nikki. She just doesn't consider other's feelings except her own

I mean just think, she's always acting so innocent when really she's probably the bully. Mackenzie might have had a bad past, maybe even she was bullied when she was little. Probably by Brandon. In book 9 he was laughing about when Mackenzie had braces in year 6!

27 Nikki is a Brat

Nikki is a phoney. She bullies her little sister who's only five years old. She's always saying stuff like, ", I can't believe you did this, Brianna! " Shut up, ok? She does the same things and she always has to find a way to throw it back on people because no one can say what they think about her anymore. She treats everyone like robots and starts making decisions for them, which is clearly why I hate Nikki more than Brianna.

Okay, so do you ever have those really annoying younger siblings who throw tantrums because they don't get what they want? Yeah, Nikki has that, infact, but she's setting a terrible example for Brianna by complaining a lot not only to annoy her parents, but it's like she's tatteling on people to a diary, as if that diary is going to solve all of her problems. Now how weird does THAT sound. So I don't know who she thinks she's trying to call a brat.

Now, HOW to describe Nikki Maxwell? Brat wouldn't be my first choice to describe Nikki. She is an inconsiderate, lazy, stupid, annoying brat. She's a selfish, spoiled jerk and all she does is write in that stupid diary of hers, writing about how "EVERYONE DID THIS TO ME! " And "EVERYONE DID THAT TO ME! " Like she's the perfect one around here, while she is WORSE than everyone. And I never thought I would say this but Mackenzie...I'd rather even prefer her than Nikki.
Ok, anyone who wants to start saying, "OH, shut up you hater! ", I understand why you like Dork Diaries so much, but this is MY opinion! 😐 I don't know if you've noticed but this is a free country, and we all deserve the right to speak up.

28 Makazenie is Mean

She is mean.i wondwe where she gets the crusty musty cloths from


29 It Never Has New Ideas

Its always recycling the same darn drawings and lines

30 It is Full of Cliches

Everything in it is a cliche. Such as a popular, girly mean girl or a perfect love interest boy.

31 It’s Boring

It always has the same enemy does nothing new and it the same picture in 3 books! It always has the same words tales a not so! What really gets wired it was released in 2009 but on the internet it says 2001 and every one believes it so do not trust internet bull crap.

32 It Teaches Kids to Be Ungrateful and Disrespectful to Your Parents
33 Nikki Overreacts About Everything
34 It's Predictable

So true. I already knew how Tales from a not so Secret Crush Catastrophe would turn out. Someone would get jealous because a boy is hanging out with another girl or a girl is hanging out with another boy, Yada, yada yada. Same song

Yeah, when I read the books, I could easily guess what was gonna happen next and how it would end!

35 It Encourages Kids to Write Mean Things About Others
36 Nikki is One of Those People Who Tries Too Hard to Be Someone She's Not

She wants to be one of those people who never fit in, and are special because of that, but she tries way too hard

37 Too Many Acronyms
38 It Doesn’t Go Over Topics that People in Middle School/Junior High Actually Go Through

All Dork Diaries is about are cheesy girly drama, no actual school stuff. If school is what Dork Diaries describes it as, then I would've dropped out of middle school already.

39 It's Stereotypical to High School Students and Middle School Students
40 Brandon, Mackenzie and Nikki are Flat Characters with Only One Personality Trait
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