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1 Rip Off of Diary of Wimpy Kid

You haters shut up! Has the person who created this site even read the books! It is NOT a rip-off and the best books ever! Just go and GET A LIFE! Rachel Renee Russell don't change a thing! Your books are awesome and that includes the Max Crumbly book. Ignore all these idiots.

I agree what someone else said these are good books good clean humor and a good message! - Ilovedolphins4b

It's not a ripoff have you ever saw a book where Greg finally got some attention - BoyGenius234

To the person who said "You gaters shut up" It's a free country and I can say whatever I want about that garbage of a book. It's also very immature call people against Dork Diaries "idiots". What are you, 6? And yes this book is a rip-off of DOAWK because DOAWK was released in 2007 and DD came in 2009. DD basically recycles the plot in DOAWK, but makes it sound cliché.

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2 It Doesn't Get Enough Attention

This wouldn't make it bad, it would make it underrated. - RalphBob

I love how nf126 hates it - Fabricitem

3 Ripoff of Dear Dumb Diary

I actually thought it was a movie adaption at first. But didn't dork diaries come out first?

Dear Dumb Diary was released in 2013 and Dork Diaries was released in 2001...

I think it came out before Dear Dumb Diary - TwilightKitsune

Jamie acts like a tomboy Nikki doesn't, and also Angeline's friendly and Makensie isn't so I don't know why you call it a ripoff - BoyGenius234

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4 Unfunny

There's a buttload of things wrong with this series. Its really, really bad. It tries far too hard to be funny, its unrealistic, stereotypical (especially to girls), and just so juvenile. However, a wonderful book to read before bed. It knocks me out like a light. - keycha1n

Now: What a waste of money and 10 days of my life. Let's review, shall we? Girl that claims she's a dork goes to school, meets the bully, the bully bullies her, then she falls for a guy and two girls that are scared of meatballs. It's horribly written, as it's mostly in capital, cliche similes and metaphors, all over the place, and Nikki is being so rude to her sister (who is the only character with common sense). Then she goes to an art show, Mackenize destroyed her artwork, and she still wins with all these crappy photos she turned in. The first eight books are all the same. She gets entered into an event, she is suck in a fine problem indeed, then she wins. Why can't she lose for once? It reminds me of every single book about middle school I ever read. Too many cliches. If that Latino didn't have enough time to actually think out of the box for once? And why is everyone complaining about ...more

Its funny, you guys are just jealous
I love all type of diary books same - SnowyAqua

5 No Good Books

I honestly think that this book series is ok, the author has definitely improved. The idea came from a good place as the author probably wanted to make a wimpy kid series for girls. There is some good writing and jokes in this but some may find NIKKI annoying and it’s understandable since she is very… expressive, but it is her diary so… 😂
There are a few words in this that are obviously replacing curses, but what did you expect, she is a 14 year old girl! Overall it is a nice series for beginner readers or tweens who are insecure because they can relate with Nikki as she doesn’t fit in at school and has low confidence. I would recommend to 9-14 year olds

6 It Never Gets Mentioned On Other Websites
7 Overuse of the Word "Dork"

I love rhe books and all but its true. Overuse if the word dork.

Oh, that's dorktastic. Yes, very dorkcharming indeed. I'm such a dorking dork, I will dork you all up. Dork off if you don't believe me. - TwilightKitsune


8 Brandon Is a Waste of Nikki's Time

EXACTLY! Be a loser and date the guy who EVERYONE chases and assume that he likes you. Unlike the cool person who have accepted reality and went to chase one of the guys not everyone follows. - Fandom_Lover

Brandon is as interesting as a background character. The way Nikki obsesses over him is weird and stupid. - TwilightKitsune

Why does Nikki even like him? He's just some one-dimensional pretty boy.

What's so good about him anyway? He's not even that cool

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9 It Makes You Angry When You Read It
10 It's Not Real

Ummm.. Newsflash, MOST BOOK STORIES aren't REAL GENIUS!

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11 Nikki and her friends (especially Brandon) gets expelled into the same school where Mackenzie is and it becomes depressing again!
12 Mackenzie Is the Worst Character Ever

Mackenzie isn't like any other school bullies in real life. When I read book 9. She wanted to have Nikki expelled from school. Dude, no school bully in reality would do that! Neither are any of the school bullies in movies, cartoons, books and comics and stuff.

Hell No! Mewberty Is By FAR WORSE. And Mackenzie isn't real. Why? Because THIS SERIES DOES NOT EVEN EXIST - TheKirbyCreeper999

No way. Nikki is far worse - mayamanga

Nope, Nikki is. - mayamanga

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13 It Wastes Your Time

It's so easy and short you can read like three of them in a day. It doesn't waste you any time.

14 All the girls are tacky and girly

Like seriously, not one of them plays football, doesn't care about their clothes and watches interesting things on the T.V..

15 It's predictable

Yeah, when I read the books, I could easily guess what was gonna happen next and how it would end!

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1. Brandon Is a Waste of Nikki's Time
2. Nikki and her friends (especially Brandon) gets expelled into the same school where Mackenzie is and it becomes depressing again!
3. Overuse of the Word "Dork"
1. It Doesn't Get Enough Attention
2. Rip Off of Diary of Wimpy Kid
3. Ripoff of Dear Dumb Diary
1. It Doesn't Get Enough Attention
2. Rip Off of Diary of Wimpy Kid
3. Ripoff of Dear Dumb Diary

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