Top Ten Worst Things About the Five Nights at Freddy's Community


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1 The fanart

I'm fine with a majority of the fan art, most of it looks really scary, some of it is funny, and it is cool to see what they might look like if they were human. But it's the shipping fan art and the porn that really drives me nuts. I'm sorry but in real life foxes eat chickens, I'm sorry but you know your shipping little kids right? I'm sorry that you didn't want to not have Chica with melons on her chest. I'm getting really sick of this crap -___-

Don't mention Foxes eating Chickens cause you might give them ideas. - Super64Mario

I'm fine with most fanart, it's the shipping fanart that can be well strange.

10% of fanart: normal scary stuff

40% comics

50% foxy

Agreed.50% of the fan art is just perverted.-DarkBoi-X

2 Annoy the hell out of everyone

There are plenty of people I know who hate the series solely for its popularity, just like the Flappy Bird game or the My Little Pony cartoon. I try to avoid talking about it around them because of this, but that doesn't mean I'm not a fan of Five Nights. It's a matter of respect we're talking about here.

The truth of the matter is that all it takes is one person shoving it down your throat to make you hate something. We've all been on both sides at one point or another. If you don't obsess over something, everyone will get along with it just fine.

That's every fanbase for you. - DCfnaf

Eh, yeah. One of my friends is a HUGE fangirl, and makes me not really like it as much as I did. She shoves it down my throat, and does the same thing with Hetalia. - Wereweegee

Deez people are retards

3 'I want to be an animatronic'

So they want to be stuffed into a suited be dead? People these days... *sigh* - Powerfulgirl10

It is the younger, less mature fans that say this. They are the fans that don't think about what it would mean to be one, or become one, let alone the requirements! Is there a fandom for criticizing? - BrokenSoulshard

Why would you want to be murdered and forced to live out a torturous existence as a robot?

A lifeless drone? No thanks, I'd rather not have fans obessing over me (or hating me like crazy simply because I'm a small balloon vender that disabled their flashlight), especially if I were a stupid pirate fox. - KennyRulz244444

4 They drive Scott crazy

EXACTLY! That must be the reason why Scott doesn’t release the games in the correct day. BECAUSE THE FANS DISTRACT HIM!

Yes because they always want another game and rush him when he makes a game. Give him a break and let him make a good game!

'Scott where's FNAF 4, Scott I know the killer' give the poor man a break! - Pizzaboy456

I hope Scott is okay.

5 Most don't even play the game

I played the 1st, 2nd, the 4th, and UCN. - TeamRocket747

SHEESH! Why are you so obsessed if you didn't even play the game! - Pizzaboy456

And that is another reason why I hate the fanbase. - Powerfulgirl10

At least I've played the games! - DCfnaf

6 They're obsessed

They put their life into the game, I get it's interesting but they take it way to far - Pizzaboy456

The fandom becomes toxic because of over obsessed fans.

Yup. Cause their fans. - DCfnaf

"FNAF is the best game. Anything other FNAF sucks" -Every FNAF Fanboy

7 Made up of 10 year olds

What about 12 year olds that are more mature than the majority of the 12 year old fans? Is that something to criticize? Honestly, it isn't age, it is maturity level. - BrokenSoulshard

It's not that I'm against that but they can be annoying - Pizzaboy456

Children get on my nerves. - DCfnaf

Erm I'm 10 but I HATE fnaf

8 Making everything about FNAF

Yes. On Scratch (a website I go on) EVERYTHING is FNAF! But why? And a majority of these people are 10-12! Don't they realize that FNAF is a flipping HORROR game? - RiverClanRocks

For Christ sake please stop making your own dumb fan made games! I'm so sick of seeing everything about FNAF.

If any of you know Xenomorphs, they're extremely fast blue aliens with acid for blood(Most famous alien made). I was reading a novel named "Alien" that had the face of the alien on the cover with an extra row of teeth in it's mouth. Right as I showed my friend the cover he starts going crazy and points out that the animatronics in FNAF also have teeth.

I know Scott Cawthon is working extremely hard and getting a lot of hate from his games, but it's the fans, that think FNAF is the best game when they've never actually tried Outlast or Dead Space, games that I think are actually FUN. - IAmNotARobot

I've seen some crappy rip offs about this. Watch Zabusy's video of "2 fnaf ripoffs" and maybe leave him a comment. He plays Fright Night: Horror Asylum and Seven Nights at Buddy's. Yeah, both suck. - DCfnaf

Please just stop making fnaf fan made game

9 Shipping bad couples

Foxy and Mangle is fine but I've seen some weird ones...Foxy and Chica shippers can go die in a hole! Heck, I saw Mangle x Balloon Boy *gags*

I once saw Withered Bonnie x Toy Chica - TeamRocket747

Foxy x mangle ok but foxy x chica what foxes norm on chickens - HATOOTEH

Why do people do this? There's no point to it.

10 Making MatPat crazy (GameTheory)

Th poor guy deserves a break from all the hate.

This was when good matpat disappeared and his shadow self took over (persona reference). I half expect to here a distorted version of his voice his shadow has so much control over him.

All I see on MatPats videos are 'Where is FNAF' and 'stop complaining' - Pizzaboy456

False, matpat was always crazy even before youtube existed


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11 The obsession over Foxy

I really like Foxy but I've liked him less and less the more people love him. It seems like I'm the only one who likes Bonnie the most despite my love for foxes and the fact that I really don't give a hoot for bunnies. It's like Frozen; the more people love it the more I HATE it!

There might as well be a religion dedicated to Foxy cause his fangirls treat him like some god.

Foxy and Mangle are by far the most overrated characters in Five Nights at Freddy's, if you hate either one of them you are sent death threats (so hating BB is totally fine, but hating these two annoying asses isn't? ) and down votes straight to hell. - KennyRulz244444

Everything is "Foxy this, Foxy that, Foxy is the best." No...not all people love foxy.

12 They ruin the comment sections of Splash Mountain videos

And Chuck E Cheese videos.

Any video to be honest. - DCfnaf

13 Five Nights in Anime

I hate this game with all my heart... - TheEvilAlpaca

I hate this with a passion

It's so cringy - TeamRocket747

Oh God! Not FNIA! it's the worst! #HATEFNIA4EVER

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14 The Ships

Springllora-one of the WORST shippings ever! All because rabid canon fans lie about Ballora being "Mrs Afton"...seriously?

I ship a few couples. Sometimes it's cute. But sometimes, it's just overly dramatic and unpleasant to the eyes. Don't even get me started on that Tony Crynight series. If Scott sees that, he's gonna get all shocked that a supposedly horror game got transformed into a soap opera series. Another thing. When a YouTuber that makes FNAF videos doesn't ship their subscribers' favorite ships, they will unsubscribe to them and even lay hate even though it was majority's decision.


Thank God that Tony Crynight dose not FNAF ships too sexy. (But I still think that the story is kind of weak but I still like his FNAF series.)

I don't mind shipping. There are even some pairings that I actually support, like Fonnie (Foxy x Bonnie) and Fredica (Freddy x Chica.) However, I hate it when people draw or write porn of them (there are dead children in those suits), and also when people shove their ships down your throat. For example, I watched a Springtrap x Mangle video once, and the comment section was an endless crapstorm of "NU MANGEL LUVS FOXEH."
Pardon my language, but calm your ass down. None of these ships are canon, because in canon, none of these robots can feel emotions at all.

15 Annoying arguments

A problem in every fandom in existence.



See what I'm saying? It's all stupid Animatronics don't LOVE each the and mangle could be either gender. It was never confirmed

One word. Agreeable. - BrokenSoulshard

Robots cannot date. It's a fact. And I don't even like FNAF! - RiverClanRocks

16 The fans

* hates on one guy’s opinion*

I hate when fangirls get obsessed with an animatronic and then they ship themselves or their OC with the animatronic. It's just so disgusting DAMN!

Also they ship their FURRY OCs. - ARS3Y

17 Fangle

I used to support this. Now I see Mangle and Foxy as siblings and though the fan art can be quite cute I am annoyed at how many people support it.

There supposed to be scaring us in a whole different way! Not with love an kissing!

A pointless couple, shipping the two most overrated characters in Five Nights at Freddy's... they're robots (or DEAD children) for God's sake! - KennyRulz244444

Garbage. Mangle is most likely a GUY and the fandom is stupid - DCfnaf

18 People like the killer

Yeah those people have watched to much "I hope you did in a fire" music video,one of them might be a Jason Voorhees lover

People are like, he's so hot, I would kill kids for him same which Spring trap! What there f$$$ing killers who killed children! :(

People can like the killer if they want to! It's their life, they can do what they want!

Technically spring trap is a super hero - HATOOTEH

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19 Animation from SFM

I don't like some SFM because some put the Classic and the Toys together...I mean both of them not existed in the same year! The Classic existed in 1993 while The Toys existed in 1987. So because of it I rarely watch SFM videos, instead, I watch some theory video! Maybe someday I will know FNAF truth story. (and yes I write this whole comment with LOGIC)

Most of the animations are so weird. Can't they at least just play the game?

I only like TF2 SFM. NOT FNAF - SoloPotato

20 They are obsessed by Foxy and Bonnie

Honestly, you are worse than the FNAF fans if you made it this far in the list. - BrokenSoulshard

Ugh - DCfnaf

21 Chica fan art

What the crap. It is afull and gross. Stop making this crap and posting it all over the internet. This is just so horrific that they make Chica have big parts and putting it all over the place. Can I look up Chica and not have to go through sexy big boobs.

22 People Hating BB for no reason


People hate him for being annoying and disabling the flashlight. But honestly, he's not even a real threat. He's even the only animatronic in the second game who doesn't even kill you. The only reason why he's a threat is because Foxy is not fooled by the mask and only the flashlight can stop him. If anything, Foxy deserves more hate.

I'm surprised that there are people on here that actually LIKE him, people treat him as if he is the hardest character to deal with in FNaF2... but really he's by far the easiest one to fend off. You put on the mask when he's there and he proceeds to leave, simple as that.

But nope, the stupid fandom treats the character the same way SuperMarioLogan treated Toad in his videos... he doesn't even deserve it. Yes, he's a fictional character but do you really need to go THAT far because he 'laughed at you"? No.

I also love the hypocrisy when it comes to hating other characters;

If you hate Balloon Boy, then no one will care... some will support your opinion.

But if you hate Mangle or Foxy (or any other character) then you will receive death threats and hate from the community who is clearly triggered by the fact that you hate the "best character(s) ever"... wonderful.

The fanart (or should I say, HATEart) is cringeworthy as hell, most of ...more - KennyRulz244444

Foxy is the one who kills you and yet he is the fan favorite - DCfnaf

23 Stupid theories

All good guy theories

oh yea

10% are related with story line
90% out if story line

Wow I can't believe someone believe that stupid foxy is a good guy theory and really? you say the child murderer is not bad my God you fans are retarded

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24 Gender arguments

Please stoppp

Mangle is a yes. Now shut up. (Even the joke I did gets annoying)! - DCfnaf

If you don't agree with the gender just wiki it. Plus, animatronics have no actual gender.

True, true.

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25 Pizza jokes

Enough with the exotic butters joke!

Enough with Chica and Pizza! - DCfnaf

I agree. Garrett Williamson started that joke. But it's not his fault. Because after that,people went crazy about it.

26 Thinking Scott's a god

A bunch of people worship Scott. I mean,yeah,he's famous. It's not like he's president of the United States.

The current president is liked by only a rough quarter of the american population. - BrokenSoulshard


27 Crappy OCs

*cough* Animatronic World *cough* - TeamRocket747

Some of them don't fit in the game whatsoever. I'm looking at you, Bloom Luna.

28 The Haters

The haters who love shoving their hatred of FNAF down everyone's throat. If doesn't matter if you prefer Sims 4 over FNAF, or you prefer FNAF over Sonic the Hedgehog, or if you like both FNAF and Angry Birds equally-you'll have these people shoving their hatred of FNAF down your throat. These people NEVER grow up-they want to stay in their college frat house and act like they're 18 for the rest of their lives. These people even go as far as to harass,stalk,bully and threaten the lives of FNAF fans,Bronies,furries,Naruot fans, Call of Duty fans,Sims 3 fans,Angry Birds fans,Mario fans,Crash Bandicoot fans,Disney fans,Harry Potter fans,etc etc etc.

29 Weird fan games

A lot of people are making weird fan made game. Like five nights at maggies. Or five nights at boys.

There is a lot of weird fnaf fan games. Like Five nights at Maggies. Its craazy!

30 Paper plate thief

Why is everyone crazy about it. everyone is fighting about who took it!

31 Debate over bite of 87



32 Troll Videos

Yup - DCfnaf

33 The obsession over Bonnie

Bonnie is my favorite. But I'm not obsessed. But other people are. Because I never made a song about him. Or making animations all about him.

I used to like Bonnie because he was my favorite but now I just want to Nuke the pizzeria. - IAmNotARobot

And Foxy, and Chica, the list goes on and on... - RiverClanRocks

Ad FOXY - DCfnaf

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34 Toy Chica fan art

Toy Chica Fan Art

Please just Please stop making Toy Chica so Sexual people its Disgusting

If you don't like Toy Chica fan art, don't complain that Chica didn't look like a girl!

This is why we can't have nice things

Toy Chica made the fandom go insane

35 The songs

Ugh, they're stuck in my head, playing over and over and over. It literally got to the point where I was about to throw up. Not even joking, I had a cold sweat and sprinted to the bathroom.

Some of the songs are good. - Powerfulgirl10

36 Song covers

I just saw the video where like, all these kids are singing with bad webcams. Urgh... I remember the days where not all things were songs and shipping...

37 New game obsessions

None of the new games are actually positive in any way, shape, or form. It should've died after the second or third game. - KennyRulz244444

Every time a new game comes out it's flipping crazy how many people make stupid assumptions of how the games are going to be like, and just. UGHH!

38 Fan made animatronics

Ugh they're AWFUL - DCfnaf

39 Chica and pizza!

PIZZA (face palm) - DCfnaf

40 Cheating

People are just watching videos of how to beat it. Can't they just figure it out on they're own?!

Everyone does this - DCfnaf

41 Fan judgements

This is why you can trust my reviews - DCfnaf


42 Too many game theories

Game Theory is trash. - DCfnaf

43 Hating fnaf world for stupid reasons

1. It's not a horror game
Why that is stupid
1. It's a spin off
2. Not all fnaf games have to be horror
3. What's wrong with that
4. Much better reasons (too short, too easy)

44 Five Nights at Freddy's 3 was disappointing
45 It's taking over DeviantArt
46 The Fourth Wall of the game

This one is just so annoying really it’s the worst thing about the fnaf fandom

47 Fangirls

Most Fangirls ship themselves or their OCs with their favorite FNaF Characters. Ugh, it's quite disgusting... - ARS3Y

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1. They ruin the comment sections of Splash Mountain videos
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3. Annoy the hell out of everyone
1. The fanart
2. Annoy the hell out of everyone
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