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1 Baby Characters

I have no idea who the heck is the mother of these 5 babies. Why is baby rosalina and baby daisy in this game they are pointless and took up 2 of the character spots. - jbella9000

Baby Mario doesn't even appear in the Yoshi games anymore. What's the point of having them around?

Baby Mario doesn't even appear in the Yoshi games anymore. Why the hell are there babies here?!

Along with metal characters this roster can go to cuphead hell

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2 Pink Gold Peach

It's a bad idea but it's not as bad as baby characters - Nateawesomeness

I never liked Peach anyway! - Pony

I wasn't happy with nintendo for thinking of adding pink gold peach and I hope she dosen't appear in mario kart 9 - jbella9000


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3 Clone Characters

Replace the four powerups and Animal Crossing characters and replace them with:
Diddy Kong (Last seen in MKWii),
R.O.B (Last Seen in MKDS),
Clemont (Pokemon XY),
Sonic the HEdgehog (Isn't it obvious? ),
Kamek (Super Mario World),
and Paratroopa (Last seen in MKDD).

4 No Mario Kart Wii Items Brought Back

I would say that I would wish to have the Mega Mushroom and the other stuff in Wii to 8 it would be much better but I think the Piranha plant and the air horn replaced these items. - bugger

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5 Every Item In Existence Hits You

No it doesn' depends what place your in,and do you even know how to dodge items? - Nateawesomeness

6 Coin Item

Yea,1 item,it so makes it the worst game ever - Nateawesomeness

7 Item Distribution
8 Time It Takes Time to Recover from Being Hit by an Item

It does in every Mario kart - Nateawesomeness

9 The Blue Shell
10 Rosalina Keeps Being In Every Mario Game

To be honest, Peach is better than Rosalina because I don't like how hot Rosalina is. And why did Nintendo made her fast

Note: This is my dumb part of this list I just don't like Rosalina - bugger

I'm laughing so hard because everyone is just finding things to complain about - hunnyqueen09

She was the worst part of one of the worst Mario games, we don't want her!

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11 It's Not Super Smash Kart

Smash kart? that's a terrible idea! and the non Mario characters are their because their only DLC - Nateawesomeness

Ok, this is MK, why is Link, Villager, Isabelle, Captain Falcon's maps are in Mario Kart 8, even Sonic as an Amiibo costume? It's making more like Super Smash Kart now.
Mario Kart Wii and Double Dash is better. - bugger

12 Koopalings

Ugh. These bastards."Oh, boy. We get to play as those seven crappy clones who do the same thing and are defeated in the exact same way in multiple games." They can die.

It's because of these stupid clones we can't have boss variety in the adventure games anymore.

Are the koopalings suppose to suck? They suck.

Good but not Morton.He is the worst.Whoever thinks Morton is the worst is with me and stop all the hate about them. Stop calling them craplings

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13 Only Being Allowed to Save Six Replays

Theirs more then one page! - Nateawesomeness

14 Getting Bumped Off the Track
15 Battle Mode

There were no remakes, so sad!

Why isn't this in the top ten? MK8 ruined Battle Mode by putting more focus on racing instead of battling. Now you can barely hit anybody and nobody can hit you. People hitting you wasn't fun, but it was the competitive-ness that made MK Wii's Battle Mode fun. This is one of the biggest things people hate about Mario Kart 8. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

16 Weak Character Roster
17 No Funky Kong

Come on Nintendo, why you didn't add Funky Kong in the first place? He would punch PGP in the face and her Gold/Metal cracks and take the he can take her roll. He is the fastest MK character ever

Don't rage: I don't have Funky Kong in MK Wii - bugger

Actually,I thought that funky kong needed to go,and I glad it did in Mario kart 8,and besides,my best wasn't even funky kong for Wii,it was Bowser - Nateawesomeness

18 Dry Bone Dunes Without Drybones
19 Terrible Online Mode
20 Holding One Item at a Time
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