Top 10 Worst Things About Nigahiga

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1 His Comedy

The visitor that created this list is a hater of Nigahiga because Nigahiga is not a YouTuber with an ambience of haters ( very mini haters ) and he's funnier than Smosh! - CanadianGuy99

I'm only voting because I wanna say screw this guy who made this list

The person who said one of his worst things is his comedy sucks.

I IAM not racist but kind of dislike Asian people, but I have few Asian friends, and totally fine with them

Why I hate nigahiga is because his face is his info I mean that's why I dislike Asian people because their faces look like they're asses in side

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2 He Is a Troll

His videos are all about Trolling, nothing is new. He also can't Troll because he doesn't know how to troll!

3 He Rips Off Smosh

Nigahiga is way better than Smosh.

HE ACTS LIKE SMOSH like seriously! He is a plain rip off of Smosh

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4 He Farts In Every Video

He is disgusting every video!

5 He Has So Many Pimples

Worst game player ever because whenever you See NigaHiga's face. HE DOESN'T WASH HIS FACE! His pimples are everywhere in his face

Does it matter?

6 He Fails a Lot

He can't even do Parkour at all. He keeps jumping on the platform the Wrong Way!

7 He Likes Worst Games

Sonic Shuffle is the worst sonic game. HE LIKES IT? Rage mode on

8 Laughs at People

He is a plain noob. He is like 6. Don't you see TheTopTens?

9 He Is Afraid to Play Fnaf

When he starts his walkthrough, he ends automatically!

10 His IQ Isn't Powerful

He doesn't know how to beat an IQ game level

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