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1 Advertisements

Ads are just plain annoying, I absolutely hate them, and for the millionth time, I do not want a Nissan, I don't want progressive insurance, and I do not want to eat at chili's

"I have sad news...you have BUG EYES! THEY'RE DESTROYING THE WHOLE TOWN! " I hate that ad so much, and is one of the million reasons why ads are just damn stupid. - OnyxDash

I absolutely HATE advertisements! They're just a waste of time and it bothers me a-lot that I have to see those! Can't I just enjoy some videos in peace?! - Stazemar000


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2 Google+

Google+ is a rip-off to Tumblr.

No one likes you Google plus

Google plus you got no fans! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Google plus sucs

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3 It's Not Good Anymore



4 Buffering

I wanna demolish buffering - toshdeluxe

Buff buff buff buff buff bufff

Buff Buff buff that's all YouTube do even when it's important 😣😣😣😣

5 The Comedy Is Gone

Amen to that

6 Reliance on Shock Value
7 YouTubers Now Become Bad People

So many of the big name channels that we all loved like Smosh have just fallen from grace and turned into garbage, there's almost no good channels anymore

*cough* Logan Paul - AliciaMae

Pewdiepie doesn't deserve subs. He is racist.

Normally I’d just say the old talent is departing and new talent is stepping in but that’s not the case here, the old talent is departing but I’m not seeing any new talent

8 Swearing

Why don't you shut the hell up? That's the majority of YouTube.

I would be surprised if this entry isn't a joke - UnlawfulMatron

Oh my god stop saying swearing is totally unacceptable and is one of the worst things about youtube

The entire world isn't politically correct you know. This should not be number 8. Swearing is acceptable. It doesn't destroy buildings, so shut up you SJWs

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9 9-12 Year Olds Having Accounts

They ruined FNaF. - DCfnaf

I have a 9 year old cousin and she has an account

This is age-racism essentially.

Let me tell you about things you can get now, and things you have to wait for
this is one of those things you have to wait for, just use it anonymously - UnlawfulMatron

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10 Plagiarism

This have plagiarism because different language top channels copy english channels by translating

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? Stupid challenges
? Constant Layout Changes

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11 Copyright Strikes

The worst!

Sometimes I want to watch something but a company blocks it! e.g. music

I tried to watch "Hercules and the Apollo Mission" on YT but Disney blocked it because "it's their property"! >:(

12 The Channels Aren't Good Anymore

Smosh is a good example of a good channel gone bad. - AliciaMae

Metts is right

13 YouTube Kids Cartoons

They are just inappropriate. - DumbFriesNub

14 Google Buying YouTube in 2006

YouTube is dead. Letting Google buy it was a mistake. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

15 Inappropriate Videos

What, do you want everything on the internet to be appropriate for kids? - SammySpore

Videos need to be safe to watch, those with profanity or sexual content can harm our minds and negatively influence us, this is especially our biggest problem with YouTube these days. - nelsonerica

Yes, There are criminals out there that post bad images to YouTube.

Thank god they block inappropriate videos from where I live! - Stazemar000

I swear, I encountered 6 UNCENSORED porn videos right on youtube.
a lot of the videos are ALMOST A YEAR OLD.

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16 Clickbait

Don't forget the clickbait video titles! That's just a waste of time. You see a certain title of a video, you click on it and the whole video is not related to the title like what

I'm looking at you MatPat and Game Theory! - DCfnaf

There's always eye catching thumbnails now just to attract viewers, when the videos don't match the thumbnails.
YouTube sucks.

You will never believe what happens in that comment:

N O T H I N G.

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17 YouTube Heroes
18 Copy and Pasters
19 Video Not Available On Mobile

Very pointless and stupid. I hate these

Someone take it off please

Why does thia even exist?

This sucks when you want to watch a music video and it doesn't work, the only way you could watch it is on computer or YouTube T.V. or video game app like videos unavailable on moble work on my ps3, and being unavailable I can only watch I got a feeling music video and I don't like the music video

20 Copyright
21 Bad YouTubers

That's who we all have now, and we're getting more of them, even the best ones are turning into bad YouTubers.

22 Ridiculous Copyright rules

I remember back in the early 2000's when you could get away with this stuff, like using other people's music in your videos or using a famous brand, nowadays doing that for even a few seconds will get you flagged for copyright

This is the reason why all the apps that were used to watch videos offline have stopped working. Stupid inconsiderate twats. - ThePwoperMuser101

A YouTuber, Cosmodore, recently uploaded a video talking about Summer Camp Island. He used a few clips from the show, each were a few seconds long, and he got copyright notices for it. He later reupload the video, and by the way this happened just yesterday. - AliciaMae

23 The Video Takes A While To Load
24 Profanity

A complete waste of time watching.

Sometimes I have a habit of using it, but I see why you don't like it! (not to memtion the f word)

25 Misleading Thumbnails

No joke, I literally saw one video that which it's thumbnail was a picture of SpongeBob having anal sex with Princess Mindy. I clicked on it (I was just curious what the video was about. I'm not a pervert) and it had absolutely no sex in it at all.

26 "Message to the Haters" Videos

If you make a video like this, then that proves you take opinions too seriously.

The only "hater" around here is you, for "hating" on your "haters". Haterception.

People are allowed to have opinions on your channel. Not everyone is going to like it. Deal with it.

1: "People are hating my youtube channel! What do I do! "
2: "ignore th--" 3: "Make a video hating on them! "
1: "Brilliant idea 3! "
*1 proceeds to make a video, and gets more hate. never make these types of videos* - UnlawfulMatron

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27 Weird Songs In Videos
28 Annoying Users
29 Darude - Sandstorm

Most of the time when I ask that question on YouTube, that is the answer I get.

If they don't know real song name, then they don't need to reply with "Darude - Sandstorm"!

It's that simple. They ask for the song title, TELL THEM THE TITLE!

This meme is getting annoying. It's very overused and I don't see why it's still funny. Stop with this people. Please! - Userguy44

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30 10 Year Old Bratty Girls Who Post Videos With Their Boyfriend
31 Pewdiepie Pewdiepie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian video producer, and commentary channel. He is best known for his Let's Play commentaries and Vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 60 ...read more.

Untalented piece of crap YouTuber with the most stupidest fans ever!

At least he's gone.

You are a dumbass for not respecting peoples opinion so be a ass hole somewhere else

Watch lief the attaker wrek pewdie pie

32 Dumb Comments

Comments of questions about who watches an old video in the current year is just simple and dumb. Well, it was fine for me the first when I saw someone ask it, but now I can find it on about every single old video with at least 1 mil views, and that's hella annoying!

I saw retarded comments on Joel's Vinesauce channel

One person confused Grand Theft Auto Vice City with Sonic Adventure

Another idiot confused Grand Theft Auto San Andreas's character Big Smoke with Bob Ross

And worse of all, they went along with those brain dead comments... - Gehenna

Some comments that adventure time "fans" post on YouTube are sooo disrespectful!

Pseudo adventure time fans are very good at writing dumb comments on yotube...and not only there!

33 Popular YouTubers are immune to Flagging

It is because people type in the word porno and flag and terminate all users that made the results

34 Trolls

How is angering someone fun, again? Try doing it in real life.

Trolls are stupid

Those are bad here too. - DCfnaf

How to spot a troll/hater

They have a Minecraft profile pic

They have no content on their channel

They have bad grammar

They tell you to go kill yourself and then they run away

35 Hateful Comments

I agree. I'm really starting to not like YouTube anymore, because it went from a bunch of weird, but funny viral videos, to non-stop drama, unoriginal and mostly unfunny videos, and people being rude, saying hurtful things like kill yourself! I actually had to delete one of my comments because people were still starting arguments with me after 2 months! So yeah. It's official! You are pretty much no longer allowed to voice your opinion unless the whole world agrees with it.

I was a victim of the hateful comments thing myself, when I wasn't trying to be mean to someone on YouTube to tell them what I felt about how they're acting by clearly saying "not to be mean," before my response, the person then tried to argue with me as if I insulted or embarrassed him/her. (Then again I couldn't tell the person's gender because they had a anime profile picture)

All these comments are just a bunch of whiny 12 year old pussies who hide behind the comfort of the internet because they don't have the balls to say that stuff in the real world

This makes me pissed off. What do you achieve with hating? - Userguy44

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36 "Fake and Gay" Comments

Illogical 12 year olds.

37 You Can No Longer Customize Your Channel

Go to Vidlii and BitView. They have those mechanics - Gehenna

38 Getting Suspended for No Reason

And unless you have a billion views & subscribers, you're not getting your channel back.
If YouTube could care less about you, they definitely would.

39 Cyberbullies

THIS is the soul reason why I think YouTube should have to approve comment. If it's mean/offensive it DOSE NOT get approved, or maybe they should just get rid of commenting all together? You would just be able to like/dislike videos. - MJfan119

And the worst part of it is YouTube doesn't seem to give a flying banana about them. :( - MJfan119

Comments should be moderated

40 Twerking Videos

Especially the one where Miley Cyrus does it - Stazemar000

41 Harsh Comments
42 An error occurred. Please try again later.

YoutTube errors--- they're here to annoy us all! - Stazemar000

Oh yeah, like there’ll ever be a later! Seriously!

43 Logan Paul Logan Paul Logan Alexander Paul is an American social media entertainer and actor. He first gained fame through videos shared on the internet video service Vine, in which the athletic Paul engages in physical comedy, including slapstick pratfalls and public splits.

Wow is it, you realise that this is the WORST thinning about youtube not the best.



44 Popular annoying YouTube Partners

Onision, PewDiePie, Smosh, you name it.

45 Package Opening Videos

All they are is opening a package and play with it that is a waste of life

46 "First"

Wow! You're first! You earn nothing at all!
What's that? You tapped on a notification and sent a comment faster? You deserve my children!
Woah bro! Did you just comment FIRST one second after the video got released? HOLY NUTSACKS! Take my money! All of it!
Or, you could just comment something related to the video. Which is more tolerable. - UnlawfulMatron

Wow! Congratulations! Good for you! Here's Your PRIZE! *fires pistol at the comments* - Gehenna

Congratulations to the ten people who were first on the most recent video on YouTube! - AliciaMae

So annoying. People think they're cool when they do this. - Userguy44

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47 They Took Away Chat Rooms

Yes, there was a time when YouTube actually had chat rooms, but they were taken away in 2010.

They still have them, they are just hard to find

48 YouTube Poop

Why would anybody wanna watch this stuff? YouTube poop videos are equivalent to pornos and snuff films.

They're not suitable for work and probably not suitable for life.

Some could be done correctly, and at least have a story.
Others just think random is funny (which isn't) - UnlawfulMatron

Cs188's poops are AWESOME! Most other YTPs are dumb.

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49 Video Is Not Available In Your Country

Oh my god! I absolutely HATE it when this happens! Why the hell does YouTube even have this every once in a while? That's something I'd like to know! - Stazemar000

This is so dumb my favorite nhl team in my country streamed an event live, now the playback is blocked in canada, but lucky they put clips up from this, and 2 preseason games when my canada team vs coytes and other time when it both canada teams got blocked in canada this made me mad! Why block it in canada when probably 90% fans are from canada, they should of blocked it in like russia or sweeten or something but not in canada or usa

Well, that is one great example of being as a racist.

I hear most videos aren’t available in Germany. - AliciaMae

50 Raging Feminists

Feminism is ONLY important for the 1960s. God! When will this end?

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