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1 Advertisements

One of the worst ads I have ever seen is the anti-smoking ad that features annoying and trashy music and somebody singing about "butts" over and over again. What is worse is I could not skip it. In addition, there were some racy ads I could not skip and had to back off for awhile (the videos I usually watch are clean).

The advertisements have gotten so awful, especially the ads talking about COVID-19 when you're ready to watch a video.

There are way to many ads in YT. I just want to enjoy the video, not watch a stupid car commercial!

Ads are just plain annoying, I absolutely hate them, and for the millionth time, I do not want a Nissan, I don't want progressive insurance, and I do not want to eat at chili's

2 It's Not Good Anymore

So true youtube making a change on jan 1 to videos for kids it really going to suck, by having no likes, dislikes, add to playlist, shares, comments, end screens or cards on kids related videos not even a subsribe button on a channel for kids, I not looking forward to this, I miss the good old youtube where you could comment on vidoes for kids, like, or dislike, add to playlist or share or able to subscribe to kid related channels, it really not going to be the same, this started on feb 23 2019, when they removed all the comments on kid and family videos, I wish that day never happened

It's mostly just clickbait, fake videos, or YTPs (YTPs are bearable).

The old YouTube is good. But true.


3 The Comedy Is Gone

Was it ever there

Amen to that

My videos are funny watch them NOW jk they aren’t funny but I want views

4 YouTubers Now Become Bad People

So many of the big name channels that we all loved like Smosh have just fallen from grace and turned into garbage, there's almost no good channels anymore

*cough* Logan Paul

Pewdiepie doesn't deserve subs. He is racist.


Anyone with at least one brain-cell: You're messed up.

5 Buffering

I wanna demolish buffering

Buff buff buff buff buff bufff

Buff Buff buff that's all YouTube do even when it's important 😣😣😣😣

6 9-12 Year Olds Having Accounts

Not actually bad, but some of them don't respect opinions what ruins the comments sections quickly.

They ruined FNaF.

This is age-racism essentially.

I have a 9 year old cousin and she has an account

7 Reliance on Shock Value
8 Google+

Google+ is a rip-off to Tumblr.

No one likes you Google plus

Google plus you got no fans!

Google plus sucs

9 Swearing

Why don't you shut the hell up? That's the majority of YouTube.

Oh my god stop saying swearing is totally unacceptable and is one of the worst things about youtube

They swear too dang much

I would be surprised if this entry isn't a joke

10 Copyright Strikes

At the 3rd strike they kill you (not really)

The worst!

Sometimes I want to watch something but a company blocks it! e.g. music

I tried to watch "Hercules and the Apollo Mission" on YT but Disney blocked it because "it's their property"! >:(

The Newcomers

? Replies of Comments are Often Offensive or Hateful
? Videos Getting Blocked Worldwide

I remember this happened when my friend uploaded a Call of Duty gameplay video with in-game music.

The Contenders

11 Plagiarism

This have plagiarism because different language top channels copy english channels by translating

12 Clickbait

Don't forget the clickbait video titles! That's just a waste of time. You see a certain title of a video, you click on it and the whole video is not related to the title like what

I'm looking at you Michael Green.

I'm looking at you MatPat and Game Theory!

*cough* Morgz *cough*

13 "Fake and Gay" Comments

Illogical 12 year olds.

14 "First"

Wow! You're first! You earn nothing at all!
What's that? You tapped on a notification and sent a comment faster? You deserve my children!
Woah bro! Did you just comment FIRST one second after the video got released? HOLY NUTSACKS! Take my money! All of it!
Or, you could just comment something related to the video. Which is more tolerable.

Wow! Congratulations! Good for you! Here's Your PRIZE! *fires pistol at the comments*

Congratulations to the ten people who were first on the most recent video on YouTube!

So annoying. People think they're cool when they do this.

15 The Channels Aren't Good Anymore

Smosh is a good example of a good channel gone bad.

Metts is right

16 Google Buying YouTube in 2006

2019 youtube going down hill, I hope they don't ban kids in videos, if that happens, I will delete my account on youtube

YouTube is dead. Letting Google buy it was a mistake.

17 YouTube Kids Cartoons

They are just inappropriate.

There are videos of living bugs/worms inside people's stomachs (along with a disturbing thumbnail) and blood (not just a tiny amount of blood as in when you scrape yourself, full on blood) in these videos. Whoever thought this was "kid friendly" has had a pretty messed up childhood.

18 An error occurred. Please try again later.

Happens to me constantly

YoutTube errors--- they're here to annoy us all!

Oh yeah, like there’ll ever be a later! Seriously!

19 Copyright

Precisely true! I really hate B_Viacom, SME, and UMG.

20 Copy and Pasters

copy copy
I get those vidios get lots of subs but not nice to copy

21 YouTube Heroes
22 "Message to the Haters" Videos

If you make a video like this, then that proves you take opinions too seriously.

The only "hater" around here is you, for "hating" on your "haters". Haterception.

People are allowed to have opinions on your channel. Not everyone is going to like it. Deal with it.

Some of my favorite YouTubers do this. I dong have a problem with it. People say it's just their opinions when they write bad comments when really it's just community guideline violations.

23 Video Not Available On Mobile

Very pointless and stupid. I hate these

Someone take it off please

Why does thia even exist?

This sucks when you want to watch a music video and it doesn't work, the only way you could watch it is on computer or YouTube T.V. or video game app like videos unavailable on moble work on my ps3, and being unavailable I can only watch I got a feeling music video and I don't like the music video

24 Bad YouTubers

That's who we all have now, and we're getting more of them, even the best ones are turning into bad YouTubers.

25 The Video Takes A While To Load

I made an 8 minute video that took 50 minutes to upload

I have slow WiFi and this always happens

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