Worst Things to Accidentally Throw Away

What would make you sick to realise you'd accidentally thrown away? Come on. Add anything you like.

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1 Your Pet

I cannot ever imagine that someone would throw their pet snake away and not realise... You'd know surely. You would... Wouldn't you? 'Course you would... - Britgirl

Hey, Gemma, girl, where's that ball I threw into the incinerator for you, then? Gemma? - PositronWildhawk

You cannot throw a pet away they are to big

I'd do anything to find my pet.

2 Your Wedding Ring

That would be dead idea - BorisRule

Imagine the Missus finding out that her husband accidentally throwing away his ring... - RickyReeves

I'd hate ti throw this away by mistake. Imagine how infuriated your spouse would be. - Turkeyasylum

Ah.. I can't wait to propose her
( drop ring)
aaah oh no...
( falls in crack of the sewer )
nooo I wasted $800.00 dollars
damn she can wait a few more years

3 Your Last Pound

Being the North American that I am, I assumed this was a good thing. - PetSounds

This list was made by Britgirl, who (by her title) is british. It means money.

The pound is the British currency. - Turkeyasylum

Aka, my bus fare. Gah! - Britgirl

4 Your Credit Card

That would be bad! Whenever you go to the store, you go get everything you need, including a T.V. , toys, food, and whatever. Then you go to the checkout line, wait a while, then when you get your wallet out you forgot your credit card and you don't have cash, so you have to tell your kids that they can't get their toys that they need and you can't get food until you find cash.
The realistic, tragic story of a mom. - funnyuser

"What is this useless piece of trash, it's just a card, what's so special about it? "
That's the only thing a toddler would think if you handover your credit card to him/her. - Kiteretsunu

Throw this away, and lose everything you paid for.

"Hey, where'd my Visa go? " LOL that would be a terrible thing to throw away! - RockFashionista

5 Your Lotto Ticket

I did this and then I found out I would've won. I could have been a billionaire and instead I'm vacationing in my neighbor's trashcan where food and lodging are free. You should be crying now. Yeah.

Unless it's a winning ticket...

Seriously it just a loto ticket you can always get a new one they only cost five or one dollars

Oh god!, I faint - PrincipeAzul

6 Your Photographs

My father had memory cards filled with pictures and video of his late brother, having them in a camera bag with his prized camera ready at the back door ready to go to his sons house, he herd the rubbish man so grabbing the rubbish he grabbed the camera bag by accident, by the time he realised it had been compacted and buried under tons on waste. He cried for one week. When ever he thinks about it he breaks down.


I cherish my photos. This would be a shame - happyhappyjoyjoy

During the rennovation of my flat, I accidentaly threw away pre war photos of my granma, a Holocaust survivor. Alongside with her letters written in 1929 to my grandpa. They were in a plastic bag and I had intended to bring it to another room, and I think I confused it with a trash bag at some time.
I must have been exhausted, when that happened. I am broken down. And I have a feeling I have failed my granparents.

7 An Important Phone Number

To this visitor : ^0_0^, I love your comments! Thank you for voting on my little lists! - Britgirl

Its easy to lose this, so be glad if it never happened to you.

8 Your Mobile Phone

I can’t live without my music

This happened to me once, when I was 8 I was so upset when I found out I accidentally threw it away - RickyReeves

ALMOST did this. thank God I realized it before I actually did it.

9 Your Passport
10 Your money you won from the lottery

One million dollars hooray
um... its heavy
oh no I dropped it in the rain
now its ruin

The Contenders

11 Your Driver's License

Pay day, cash check, forget to take out ID from envelope and threw it out... way to go :-(

12 Your Notebook

The book I write story ideas in was accidentally thrown away with old newspapers. I felt sick for weeks. - Britgirl

13 Your Glasses
14 Your Computer

Not very likely for this to happen - PatrickStar

15 Your Wallet

Lost everything I had in it - PrincipeAzul

a lot

16 Your Present
17 Your Life

God gave us life. And a better life in heaven if we believe Jesus died for us. Some will never know

How do you throw your life in the garbage? I'm guessing you don't mean literally?

18 Your Hockey Tickets

Uh this is the thing you do NOT want to lose this is one britgirl lol

19 Money

No Question Money would be the worst.

20 iPod
21 Handheld Game System
22 Your Purse
23 Your Coursebook
24 Your Retainer
25 Tablet/iPad
26 A Book You Really Like
27 Your Little Sister's Favorite Doll
28 Your Mom
29 Your Homework

This is a good thing

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