Top Ten Worst Things That Can Happen to You In Smash Bros. 4

The Top Ten

1 Making it all the way through Classic Mode on at least 8.0 Intensity and then being killed by Master Core's stupid overpowered sword form

Dammit dammit I hate master core more like masterbate

Seriously, why does the difficulty HAVE to lower when you continue? It's the sole reason why I STILL haven't reached Master Fortress yet for f***'s sake. - xandermartin98

2 Getting cheap deaths in All-Star mode
3 Attempting to defeat Master Core using Little Mac
4 Trying to complete the "survive Cruel Smash for 60 seconds as Luigi" challenge and dying right at the 59-second mark
5 Accidentally leaping off the stage and falling to your death through the unfortunate misuse of a special move

King Dedede, Jigglypuff, Meta Knight, Bowser, etc. - xandermartin98

6 Being forced to play All-Star mode on Hard difficulty using clearly bottom-tier characters such as Duck Hunt
7 Losing an unlockable character match

Think it's bad here? It's even worse when it happens in Ultimate.

That happens to me sometimes.

8 Failing a recovery attempt
9 Barely missing the point requirements for Target Blast challenges
10 Dying in Crazy Orders mode

The Contenders

11 Playing as Wii Fit Trainer
12 Trying to get a score of at least 85 in Rival Smash against the CPU
13 Playing against a Fire Emblem character user with a sixth sense for countering

Oh my God, don't even get me started on this one. - xandermartin98

14 Playing against Level 50 amiibos
15 Playing against Level 9 AI
16 Losing to Jigglypuff

That's pathetic in any game other than Smash 4. - PeterG99

17 Being hit by heavyweight characters' attacks
18 Getting your shield broken
19 Making it all the way to the final boss of Classic Mode and then losing one of your lives on the Hands phase because of that annoying platform attack
20 Not having any friends to tear down the credits with
21 Attempting the "Kirby's Crazy Appetite" challenge on Hard mode
22 Being killed by that annoying crab who always sneaks up on you on the Pikmin stage
23 Getting hit by cars on the Port Town Aero Dive stage
24 Being hit by a Final Smash
25 Forgetting that Ganondorf has invincibility frames added to his Warlock Punch
26 Being hit by a Hammer or Golden Hammer
27 Being killed by explosive items (especially by hitting them)
28 Losing a Master Orders match in which the reward is a CD
29 Getting all of your game data deleted
30 Waiting several years and still not seeing Cave Story stuff appear in the game


Nintendo: you mad, bro? (troll face) - xandermartin98

31 Dropping your Final Smash and getting it picked up by your opponent
32 Being hit by Little Mac's ground attacks
33 Accidentally falling to your death by performing Toon Link's midair down stab at the wrong time
34 Attempting to use a grapple recovery and somehow missing the ledge
35 Being hit by Luigi's kick taunt whilst hanging from a ledge
36 Receiving a critical hit from Luigi's Super Jump Punch
37 Getting caught in Mii Brawler's Onslaught move at high damage levels
38 Realizing that one of Ganondorf's moves is actually called "Wizard's Foot"

LOL that move must really "stink" - xandermartin98

39 Being somehow hit by Ganondorf's strong up attack
40 Being killed by Wario's fart attack
41 Losing a Sudden Death match
42 Being forced to play on the Donkey Kong 25m stage
43 Not knowing how to unlock the Magicant stage
44 Playing with only two players
45 Playing free-for-all For Glory
46 Losing to Wii Fit Trainer
47 Getting taunt-spammed by Shulk, Captain Falcon and Wii Fit Trainer, all at once


Stretch those shoulders!
I'M REALLY FEELIN' IT! - xandermartin98

48 Having to play Target Blast mode
49 Trying to hit Sandbag precisely between 1640 and 1656 feet in Home-Run-Contest mode
50 Losing to the Miis in Classic Mode
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