Worst Things That Ever Happened to YouTube

Here's a list of the worst things that happened to YouTube.
YouTube was once a great site, but eventually, like many things, it went downhill, and not only that, it went downhill like nothing else, it went way downhill too far.
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1 Lucas Cruikshank sold the Fred Channel to Trolls in August 28, 2014

What a day where YouTube's greatest legend, Lucas Cruikshank, the guy who did Fred, made a horrible decision, he sold the Fred Channel to a bunch of little trolls, and he did that just to make money, he wanted to be rich, how stupider can he get?

Some of us find Fred annoying and obnoxious, especially with his high pitched and squeaky voice from when he sped up his videos, but he had TONS of creativity and imagination, yet he was like no one else, creating a vivid character and becoming the first YouTuber to do many things, get a million viewers and subs, make T.V. guest appearances, make movies (even in the form of a trilogy) and make T.V. shows, he did all of that because he had talent and creativity.

But then in August 28, 2014, he sold his Fred channel with a video uploaded on that day, at first you feel glad that he's returned, but then you realize that you're wrong, he says he turns all those trolls to Fred, and he is "gone".

Saddest tragedy ever to happen ...more

This is a moment where YouTube has lost it's greatest and most successful user.

YouTube has no good users anymore, it used to be full of entertainment, but now it's just full of crappy vlogs about idiots sharing the worst parts of their personal life to people.

he can't make any good videos anymore because he's greedy and narcissistic.
And others are doing the same things, and it's irrelevant and unoriginal.

YouTube is impossible to go on, and I don't want a fight.

He was good, but then became bad, and ever since he was with Jennifer Veal, he took the Miley Cyrus path, and not only that, that's how he got into the curse mouth, and he worse, the next year, he sold his Fred channel, which is what this vote is about.

He didn't give Fred a proper ending because he was too greedy, he was BEGGING for MONEY! Because he thinks his life is all about money now,and he can't do anything right or smart.

All he does now is make personal videos on his personal channel about porn, and he talks too much about it now.
I know you guys might not believe that, but he's doing that, he just isn't popular anymore, because he sold his Fred channel, but he does porn now, thanks a lot to him coming out gay with Jenny, and MONEY!

Lots of other YouTube people are doing the EXACT SAME THING, making the EXACT SAME VIDEOS!
Just doing random and stupid stuff about sex and porn, yet they say bad words in almost every sentence, and they rape people, Sam ...more

I can't believe this isn't number 1 anymore.

The person who made this list really can't even express her anger with the choices he's made.
He sold his channel because he's greedy, he lost so many fans and he can't get any back, he's getting poorer every second and he has no friends, now he rapes people in his videos as jokes, and he wastes money on stupid products, yet his DIY's are stupid and uncreative.

He has no talent anymore, he lied at the end of his last Fred video this year, saying that he would "see them next time".
Which meant that he would make another one on his personal channel on Easter and April Fool's Day, but he didn't.

He's a raging liar and serial rapist who can't do anything original anymore.

He had a great life and creativity back then.

And ever since he sold his channel, other YouTubers have messed up the same way, doing stupid vlogs about their personal life for money.

YouTube is Dead, Please put this back at ...more

2 Comments Disabled on Family Videos

This not fun, it not the same without comments on family channels

3 Trolls Invaded YouTube

Remember when YouTube was such a great place, full of awesome videos, people, games and searches.

Very fun to go on.

But not anymore.

Now, ever since 2013/14, it became infested with worthless trolls, people making stupid videos just for shock value and money, they talk about and make fun of sexual content and drugs, show off their body parts, make sexual/drug stories, and make stupid food eating videos, their "food" is usually barf, it's the worst kind of food you'll ever find.

No wonder they're so greedy, Drew, Joey, Jenna, Shane, Sam, Jenny, and stuff.

Those stars were once good and funny, but now they messed up, and this is only a fraction of the total trolls out there.

Let's see, there's the one guy who thinks tornadoes are fake and tried to get everyone else to believe him, the one dude who took the time to dislike several of my videos a few years back, and many more.

Trolls on YouTube are 50-50 for me. Some are hiarious, and some are flat-out idiots.

Nope, actually, trolls have existed since Day 1 or so.


I get that they were trying to protect kids from bullying me, but you shouldn't really have a YT account under 13.

Worst thing youtube could ever do.

5 YouTube Star Sam Pepper Raped People

YouTube's Sam Pepper was once thought to be an average YouTuber, until he sexually abused people, making sexual videos while raping people, just for his "experiments" and "pranks", he's such a mean troll, he even got in trouble for that, yet he also made a video called "Killing Best Friend Prank", and he got into trouble for that too, yet when he apologized, he never really meant it, it was a joke, he did all of that because he chose to do that because he wanted money, what an @$$ (censored to stay clean).

Thankfully at least he gave up and left YouTube, so Hallelujah.

6 People Complained About Copyright
7 People Started Making Porn Jokes
8 People Started Posting Mean Comments

Everyone now is just so toxic one time jzboy deleted his animation when down in the comments everyone acted so toxic and forcing haters to not hate, like WHAT? Everyone is so immature that just needs to learn to live and all you have to do is post a comment and wait for someone to bee man to you. Literally everyone learned to not bully turns out 80% don't listen.

"Mean comments". Do you mean opinions? Or ad hominem attacks on arguments?

This should be called demonetized comments that should be moderated

9 Too many Sword Art Online haters

I can't go to any Sword Art Online-related video without seeing two or more annoying hate comments about the anime series! I don't need a Frozen treatment!

Guess millions of people never watched Boku No Pico.

It's called opinion m8

10 Vlogging Went Downhill in 2014

YouTube was once a great place to go on, even vlogging was once great back then, but eventually, people decided to make stupid vlogs and act stupid in them just for money, they used to be creative, but not anymore.

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11 Adding "Made for Children" Feature

Duo Cartoonist literally deleted their entire channel because of this! Thanks a lot COPPA update!

I not looking forward to this change! It going to ruin my subscriber that makes family vlogs they sometimes do kid related things

12 People Started Making Stupid "Challenges"

Is this what YouTube has come to these days? It was once great, but then one day, some stupid trolls decided to make up stupid "challenges", they're unoriginal, stupid, boring, and nonsense, yet sometimes, they're even abusive.

Even those who were legends are doing these stupid "challenges", they do some of the grossest things on the planet, and harass one another.

Why watch stuff like the Condom Challenge or Charlie Charlie and stuff like that?
People have become so stupid (no offense), and have lost their creativity.

And they're doing all of that stuff because they are just too desperate and hungry for money, Money isn't the most important thing in life, although it's one of the things that keep us living, but still, greed is just the wrong thing to do, Greed ruined YouTube.

This should be number one because people are dumb these days and one of the worst of these challenges is the tide pod challenge and people need to stop doing these challenges because they could get arested or die!

Pour a bucket of ice water down your back. are you aware that can kill someone?

13 Advertising Went Overboard

Advertising is one thing to get attention, but too much advertising during a video is getting out of control, there's stupid ad strikes and ads that even involve drugs, porn and violence, it's just ruining our minds with garbage and interrupting our videos, why look at stupid ads?

As if Ads before videos wasn't bad enough, now we have ads DURING videos!

Let's see

ads before and after videos
ads during videos
then unskippable 30-second ads (which may have been gone for a bit, but may come back later)
then having TWO ads before a video
apparently a change that NO ONE mentions when they complain about ads is that there's usually a yellow thing on the slider which means you can go to it and possibly play it so that when you watch the whole thing, the ad doesn't interrupt your video, but now that luxury is impossible to determine because the yellow thingie disappeared.

lemme remind you all that ads are mere cash grabs to make the rich already more rich than they need.

14 Joey Graceffa Started Planning on Marrying Daniel Christopher

This is part of gay marriage, and he's gay, Man the world is screwed up.
Religion tells us positivity, and our world is full of negatives.

15 Google+ Bought It

Google+ is a good reason why YouTube started to decline. It was shoved in our faces for half a decade; you needed a Google+ account to comment, and you were constantly asked to use it. Thankfully, Google listened, and they aren't merging that crap with YouTube anymore.

Google is great, but Google+ was one of the things that messed up YouTube, YouTube was pure gold, but Google+ was one thing to decline the gold quality.
Videos became less entertaining, and people started making mean comments, what's wrong with humanity?

What did they do with it

16 Google Plus
17 Fake Giveaways
18 Google Buying It
19 Logan Paul's Suicide Forest Video

Why does that place exist?! What should I be saying is why did Logan Paul do this?

20 It's Now Normal for 8-year-olds to Be Having YouTube Channels

YouTube used to be an adult website. But nowadays, if you're 15 and have a YouTube channel, you're considered an elderly person.

To be honest nobody really watches them anyway. But I agree that they're annoying, where are their parents.

21 Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven performance was removed

The video had nearly 200M views, then in 2017, they removed the audio because of "copyright" and later the entire video was gone.

22 Demonetization
23 Vines

I hated when Viners became Youtubers, some are acceptable, while the rest of them ( Like Logan and Jake Paul) upload vlogs that aren't worth seeing or remembering, since they act like 5 year olds with a camera.

I'm serious. I have the right to say, vines are mostly inappropriate and a waste of everyone's time.

This isn't vine, it's YouTube. If you wants vines go to vine.

24 People Started Coming Out

I decided to put this in last place, because this might bother some people who like it when people come out.

YouTube was once original, and later, people started coming out.

Coming out may be interesting, as we get to know more about a part of people as well as a part of their lives.
But it's one of the things that's putting YouTube downhill, they talk about their sexualities.

And usually after they come out, they start talking more about sex/porn, it's no wonder that coming out has become such a weakness to YouTube.

And sexual talk is one of those things that must not go overboard, and yet people keep talking about it.

It's one of the biggest problems with vlogs these days, people come out and talk too much about sex, and while sex is ok, it shouldn't be taken overboard or even joken about, and also porn isn't how sex works.
Remember that porn is just abusive and wrong, whereas sex is loving.

Remember that when porn gets into your head, ...more

I am bisexual, but when I see a 10 minute video of someone going deep into their life stories and ending with the same message, "It's only a part of me," I just want to smack them. Seriously, just do it like iDubbbz and make a short 3 second clip saying you're gay.

25 PewDiePie Quit YouTube

He just stopped making videos after being accused of being white, I guess every white YouTuber will quit.

He never quit, That was just a joke. He trolled the internet.

But I can see, he really messed up with that.

No he didn't he still makes videos.

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