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21 I can play the guitar better than Page, Gilmour, Slash and Hendrix

"Yeah, I'm Dave Mustaine"

Dang. That's quite a challenge to achieve. It's gonna take lots and lots of skill to sound that good.

Jimi hendrix is one of the best guitarists of all time. I like how he even plays the guitar with his teeth.

What if you play a guitar they never played? - 445956

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22 Canada has no Music Talent

That's like saying england has no music talent. They gave us some of the greatest artists to ever hit the us like the Beatles, led zeppelin, black sabbath, the rolling stones, radiohead, coldplay, Pink Floyd, the who, queen, motorhead, judas priest, iron maiden, and oasis.

There's great canadian bands like rush, the guess who, and the barenaked ladies (and before you get up in arms they're men. Not actual barenaked ladies. And their songs aren't dirty. Their actually really good).

Rush? No. Geddy Lee sounds like a woman and there music is boring as hell. Sorry to disrespect your opinion, but I will agree that Guess Who and Barenaked Ladies are good. - 445956

My favorite bands/singers from Canada include rush, three days grace, simple plan, finger eleven, sum 41, neil young, and leonard cohen.

Well it gave us Justin Bieber and Nickelback, but also some great artists. - 445956

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23 There's Been No Good Hip Hop Since the 90's V 1 Comment
24 Music is bad V 1 Comment
25 Nu Metal SUCKS!!!

Limp Bizkit is Nu Metal. And they suck. - 445956

26 Justin Bieber > Bob Dylan

I'd rather listen to forever young by bob dylan 247 than baby by Justin Bieber.

I hope that NO ONE in my lifetime says this to me... don't even think about it! - zam67

Bob Dylan is the greatest songwriter ever, but in terms of singing ability, he is garbage. - 445956

Some noobs need to have an opinion.

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27 Gangnam Style is awesome!

Amen, gangnam style is annoying - belieber4life

28 I listen to Justin Bieber everyday! V 2 Comments
29 There's Been No Good Music Since the 70s

60s 70s 80s and 90s were the best music decades. Some great bands are out today, but they are mostly underground non-mainstream bands. Which I see as a good thing - ryanrimmel

What about disco, psychedelic rock, and the rising of heavy metal?

Yeah, these days music are way better (sarcasm) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

30 All of Nickelback's Songs Sound the Same

I've never met anyone who likes nickelback. So feel free to say this - ryanrimmel

Nickelback suck anyway. Most of their songs talk about drugs, sex, And strippers.

Yeah I hate nickleback anyway but their songs don't all sound the same

31 Pop > Rock

If someone actually said that to me I would punch them in the face

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32 Blood on the Dance Floor is 1,000 Times Better than Marilyn Manson

I really don't want to hear the rest

I like both of them but id say mansons was better

Blood on the Dance Floor is 1,000,000 times worse than One Direction.I hate the latter,but the former might be THE worst band EVER.Unless I find something even worse,which I hope will not happen. - Elina

I hate both but Blood on the Dance Floor is still 9999999999999 times better. - 445956

33 Camren isn't real

It isn't real! Stop shipping people together that are not actually together, it's annoying!

34 One Direction is better than Three Days Grace

There is nothing better than Three Days Grace.

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35 Muse is the worst band ever

KILL ALL THE MUSE HATERS! Lets chop all of their heads off!

Muse are the best! I would kill someone who says that!

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36 Mocking Demi Lovato/Lady Gaga/Avril Lavigne Fanbase V 1 Comment
37 Ariana Grande Is the New Mariah Carey

Haha, honey no. She's way better than Mariah.

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38 Ariana Grade > Mariah Carey

Laughing because it's true

I'm a diehard arianator but I think mariah is better

That's true, check out Ariana's music. Way better than Mariahs!

Ariana sounds like a slut and looks like a slut. Mariah doesn't

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39 Artists Such as The Beatles and Elvis are a Myth

The Beatles are the most selling group and Elvis Presley is the most selling individual artist ( still today in 2017 ). Also, more than 100.000 people were at Graceland to celebrate the 40th year anniversary of Elvis's dead. Doesn't sound like a myth but as hard real truth to me.

People say they are a legend, so saying they are a myth doesn't change anything. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

40 Stupid Hoe Is the Greatest Song of All Time

If someone actually told this to me, I would kick them hard in the balls.

"Duuuhhh... You stupid hoe you a you a stupid hoe" does NOT sound like meaningful lyrics that had effort put into it. - NikBrusk

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