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21 Cabbage Patch Kids Doll

What were those people thinking when they made a doll that eats plastic food, and can eat hair and fingers? There isn't even an off switch, so maybe that causes death?! Poor guys. Plus, this doll looks creepy.
I feel bad for those people who got hurt because of this deadly toy. I still think Lawn Darts are deadlier. This toy is like a paper shredder that shreds body parts. Thank God I don't have this ugly doll.

They were supposed to eat little plastic foods, but then they started feasting on kids' fingers, toes, and hair, one girl was scalped and killed because of this
There was no off switch, resulting in kids having their hair pulled out and their fingers and toes broken

They're just old dolls with clothing big enough to fit tiny babies, literally. - Anonymousxcxc

I never understood their appeal. The Dolls faces look like Butts with eyes.

These dolls freak me out

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22 Pop The Pig

I don't get it why do you have to make a pig fat aren't they already fat like come on and there's a PURPLE HAMBURGER THAT NIS NOT POSSIBLE IN LIFE!

23 LEGO Friends

Yeah, I know. Legos are completely fine, but Lego friends has actually been deemed the worst toy of 2012 on multiple lists. The reason why is not because there is a choking hazard or anything, but because its too girly. for instance, they made a martial arts set for Lego friends and instead of it being normal, everything was bright pink, light blue, some grey, a lot of white, and flowers everywhere, and the person who was the martial artist looked like she just came out of a hair salon or something. Completely steriotypical girly crap. so stupid. - username34

The Lego company tries to make a Lego toy for girls and guess what? There failed! I mean Lego is for creating something imaginative. Not something that looks like a create your own doll house set! That's A REALLY BAD IDEA! So Bottom line, These toys suck.

Seriously Lego? You made could have made a giant space star, or a large tower sculpture, these days you make Lego Barbie mini figures that don't even look like Lego

If you knew me, you'd know I hate stereotypes. I'm a girl, when I was younger I wanted pirate ship lego, and other stuff that many would consider ''boyish'' but, guess what? For my birthday I got this instead. I would have more fun building a giant skyscraper instead of a pink-splattered explosion. - RaccoonCartoon

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24 Mr. Potato Head

My baby sister is so obsessed with Toy Story 3, that she got two Potato Heads, and Toy Story figures for Christmas. I think the movie and the toys are okay.

LIARS this toy is awesome take it off the list now you put every toy on this list take this off!

What's wrong with this toy? I love these toys! - SheepBuggy

In my butt - Officialpen

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25 Gooey Louie

Seriously. Company who made this, get this god damn abomination off the shelves. - SanicHeghog123

This game is so messed up. I don't get why the little kids like this. - Powerfulgirl10

Seriously? First dog and now this!

Worst 90s toy.

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26 Toy Omnitrix

The Omnitrix is a cool toy. It belongs to a cartoon character whose name is Ben Tennyson (from Ben 10). Ben 10 is created by Man of Action. Ben 10 is owned by Cartoon Network. - playstationfan66

Man of Action should be called Man of Boringness.

I don't see the need for this to be on the list. It wasnt a choking hazard or an inappropriate toy just a cool toy to play with

The most useless toy ever. - TwilightKitsune

27 Lawn Darts

Number 1 glad its banned why did they make it in the first place

What was the creator thinking of creating a game that uses murder weapons.

Why is this 11?!?!?! This should be at least 5!

It was extremely dangerous. - Catacorn

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28 Monster High Doll

They are super weird, a two headed doll is coming in 2016. Seriously!?!? A two headed doll for kids! That pushes it.

I'll give you the answer to why Mommy and Gracie I boxing these all the time: IT'S BECAUSE THEY LIKE THEM AND HAVE AN OPINION. Plus, I don't really like them that much.

They're ugly and once again, it's just girly crap. I was so annoyed when someone gave me this for my birthday. - SheepBuggy

These are creepy

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29 Furreal Friends

If this said Funeral Friends, then that would be sad and inappropriate. These toys are okay.

There is a crapping dog like always... Why...?!

SO many toys involve crapping dogs... I hate people now...!

These toys are okay. But some of them are gross, like there's dogs that poop. Usually people buy robot pets instead of real pets so they can avoid cleaning their poop! - RaccoonCartoon

The only thing I have from FurReal Friends is a little bunny 🐰 that, when you press its back, wiggles its tail and nods its head for a few seconds - Mii24

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30 Kinder Surprise

These are all the rage on YouTube kids videos nowadays. They're just chocolate eggs with a boring foil picture. the capsules can also be impossible to open sometimes, And also, Most of the toys are cheap plastic rubbish you can forget it in less in ten days. The only thing I like is the SpongeBob toys. Other than that the crap in it is boring. Kinder, step up your game and make more quality toys n quantity junk.

31 Pokeball containers from Burger King

Usually, toys from fast food restaurants suck.

Kids must have had disabilities if they were recalled for choking on these. a kid with a regular brain wouldn't.

32 Ugly Snugglies

Don't judge someone by their looks! Meanie - SheepBuggy

I saw a commercial about them. UGH... just hearing their name makes me shudder!

Sounds pretty stupid

Sounds ugly - Officialpen

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33 World Trade Center Toy

God. Did they have to make a 9/11 reference? - Powerfulgirl10

9/11 toys are supposed to be way higher

Sad. A horrible reminder of 9/11.

9/11 toy,please place this higher

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34 McDonald's toys

McDonalds toys were fine until now, nowadays they just give you piles of plastic. Old ones were great though - SheepBuggy

I feel bad for the sweatshops that used to be forced to make these toys. These toys used to be good, but then they started getting worst and worst. This is about the 16th time they've made Hotwheels car toys and My Little Pony toys! It's so repetitive! - RaccoonCartoon

The old ones were decent, but nowadays, you just get cheap, piles of plastic junk that barely does anything. LAME. - Powerfulgirl10

I have 7 Furby Connects from McDonald's. I named one orange one Amber, the pink one Bubble Gum, the purple one Grape Sauce, the red one Rishon, one blue one Sid, the other orange one Tina and the other blue one Valerie. I wish there was a Furby emoji though... - Mii24

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35 Talking Lost Galaxy Power Rangers
36 LEGO Elves

It sucks I hate girl toys my sister doesn't care about them

Decent because they are still Lego. - Mii24

37 Bratz

Yeah Brat. Thank God these dolls were after my childhood.

Bratz. Name explains it all. - Mii24

38 Little Sprouts
39 Dak Ralter Minifigure
40 LEGO Gods

I mean were the hell was that supposed to go most people haven't even seen the religious hate so they took it of shelves.

Never heard of it. Sounds weird.

Decent because they are still Lego. - Mii24

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