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61 People who claim to be part of a certain religion but do not know anything about it

While I was in middle school, there was a reviling, asinine girl that I knew. She gossiped, bullied, and even degraded Christians back when I was of that faith and you know what religion she claimed to be a part of? Just take a guess. All right I will tell you; she said she was a Buddhist! If she truly believed in Buddha, she would not bully people! She would have talked about love and peace; but instead she gossiped about shallow, stupid things like if someone is "gay".

I was dared to worship Islam for a week and I did a pretty good job at it. No I didn't act like an ISIS member. I acted like an actual Muslim and dressed like one. But, I never said I was Muslim once. I am a Christian and have Christian faiths - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I was listening to someone talk about this girl I had history with and he was like, " I would have sex wIth her but rIght after she would be lIke 'wanna come pray wIth me? '"

Most people in my school claim to be Christian, but don't act like it. - NikoX

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62 Ghetto kids

Okay when I see a real ghetto kid I feel bad for him since his clothes are dirty and doesn't have much money and could be shot the next day by a gangster, but are son trying to be ghetto is wrong and offensive. It's making fun of the actual ghetto kid and the guy trying to be ghetto is actually rich and becomes a racist stereotype for ghetto people. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

This is 100% more annoying if they're not actually ghetto but they try to be. For example, my school is filled with a bunch of middle-class white kids who think that they're drug-dealing rappers. It's so annoying.

Where are the quotations on this item? Some people just want to think they're "ghetto", so they listen to cRAP music, and walk around sagging their pants. - Turkeyasylum

No, most ghetto kids are nice. I went to a ghetto school back in Kindergarten and first grade. Most of the kids were kind and sweet. Every time I went into the hood, the people were actually cool and respectful. The school I'm in now is full of upper to middle classed black kids who act like and think that they are the stereotypical ghetto person, but in reality they are frauds. They try to sag their pants and call themselves, real N words and bad B words when really they are not. They are wannabes. - NikoX

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63 Jerks

This person who put this one on the list didn't go into much depth or detail on what he means by "jerks". I don't know I'm just going to make an assumption that he's talking about jerks in general

I've been called "Annoying" "Teachers pet" "Spoilt Brat" by this one kid, IN ONE DAY. They make things easy and nice for themself, and they constantly dream up results. They point at me if the teacher asks them about anything.


64 The Girl Who Sings Stupid Songs

Where do I start with this one... Well, there's a girl at my school like this. She lost all her friends due to her behavior and some reasons that aren't allowed to be discussed or she'll be expelled. She tries to be emo, even though her life is way better than some people living in poverty around the world. Hell, there are children in Africa wishing they had as much access to food and water as she does (She wastes a lot of healthy food her mom packs her and eats junk food she buys, but oh well, her loss) She sings disturbing songs that aren't even songs and she disturbs us all. I recall there was this one song she sang about a little girl who murders people. I've been traumatized ever since. Now, I bring headphones to school and listen to the Beatles or Queen to drown it out and think of happier things.

The way you're saying it sounds like she's doing a good job being disturbing - SirSkeletorThe3rd

There's this one girl at my school who is one of the smartest kids at my school, yet she is a Justin Bieber fan girl and clearly doesn't have a refined taste in music. Teen and preteen girls just listen to the stupid pop artists. They are overrated on so many levels. It just goes to show that even the "smart" people exhibit and display some signs of ignorance and bad tastes in music because of this pothole in our generation and our society

One of them are Frozen Fangirls. I hate The Stupid Damn Song on that Movie. - SwampertBABY

You know, the girl who sings stupid songs at school AND a guy. Four words.

Shut the @#$% up.

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65 Toilet Humor Haters

Actually this one of the more decent kinds of people in school.

Toilet humour jokes aren't even funny...

Toilet humor is disgusting... why someone would put this here - MChkflaguard_Yt

I'll admit I like toilet humour. Just not if it's overused like "Harambe" jokes. - Lunala

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66 Immature People
67 Tomboys

Better than girly girls. And seriously! How is this higher than racists? It's much worse to discriminate someone because of their skin color than being you know

I actually prefer tomboys over more feminine girls, some of the girly girls are too pushy

Why is this on the list? I am sort of a tomboy, and I have many friends who are tomboys. They are nice and fun to talk to! - Minecraftcrazy530

Tomboys are the best things about going to school - CinderpeltandCinderheart

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68 Hypocrites

I really hate them so much! They always yell at you not to do something when they do the exact same thing!

There was a kid called Joel who did that

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69 Fake Friends

Like I would try and dap them up I don't exist but when another friend dap them up I exidt

70 Autistic People

Yes yes I know they can't help it but when somebody is cringing you to death with awkward voices and stupid jokes, you really feel bad for yourself.

Psychopaths voted for this. - JakePlaid


71 Homophobes

I never understood why so many people make such a big deal out of homosexuals. Honestly, who are they hurting? NOBODY. An that's nobody's business but their own anyway. Seriously, people need to grow up.

I may not approve of gay marriage, but I also disapprove of their discrimination.

It's fine to be a bit uncomfortable when it comes to homosexuality because it is really a sensitive topic. Not saying I'm homophobic, I'm actually a Lesbian myself, but don't just outright discriminate them! - LordKitty

I can't stand them. They can't mind their business. - NikoX

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72 Emos

I've never really had a problem with any of them (just as long as they don't try dragging me into their culture, THEN we'll have a problem)

I never had a problem with them - NikoX

My hair is sort of emo and I listen to emo music...

Emos aren't bad, but I do understand why they're on this list. I guess I'm kind of emo? I like things that apparently a lot of wannabe emos like (Twenty Øne Piløts, Panic! at the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Dan and Phil, memes, Undertale, etc.) but I just really hate those wannabe emos. You know the ones, are usually 10-13 year olds and get mad when someone doesn't like their bands and sings their songs all the time and is probably a fake fan of all of them irl. I hope whoever added this was talking about THOSE emos. The ones who are shy and like a ton of bands and have real depression, those are not bad people. I think wannabe emos are what you wanted to put on this list.

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73 Student Teachers

Man, where do I start? Sure, I should know not to judge them, but they are just way too young and inexperienced to be real teachers. They need college training and a master's degree before you put all your eggs in one basket. Also, I am aware that they are more part-time, but sometimes they can display immaturity. I can easily hear it in their whiny, nasally voices. They are also noticeably strict compared to even the older teachers and similar to them, their age is the main issue. Elderly teachers just get too old for their job and desperately need to go into retirement... Now! The retiring age should be changed back to 62. Why would they make it older? Pension income and social security will hopefully provide them with a substantial living and a decent home. But young people on the other hand, you just can't sympathize with and simply let them off the hook just because they beg you to. They need to understand that life is unfair and you won't always get what you want just because ...more

All the student teachers that I've had were awesome. They not only know the struggle of being a teacher, but also being a student, which full time teachers cannot usually relate to. They usually know what to do.

Well I teach people in my class but I don't do it for a living and only if they need help

Students can teach others about stuff (I do preaching at school) but don't try to act like a teacher

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74 Vandalizers

In 5th grade someone in my class went around and broke a bunch of peoples pencils in half when no one was looking. Luckily they never touched my pencils. If I remember right, the teachers gave us a lecture about it. - Spiritfall

Someone spray painted "Shrek is love, Shrek is life" in a school library one time. (Not my school) - SirSkeletorThe3rd

NOO SOMEONE WROTE "Poo" ON THE LOCKER. Wait, someone wrote "Butts" on my 1500 word online essay. NOOO

DUM la la dum dum going to my locker! Dum la la dum dum WHAT THE HELL? WHO DREW A PENlS ON MY LOCKER? WHO WROTE "Idiot" ON MY RULER?

75 People who try to imitate gangsters just as bad as being one.


These are the people who hang out in flocks to scare old people and kids, but would probably crap themselves if Al Capone walked into the room.

I've had SO many of those. I've had one in my class, let's call him A, and he would always be mean to people just because they weren't gangsters. And he had this weird little sidekick, K, who would always support him. Like, we would just be happily playing and he would come by and say, "you idiots you aren't gangsters." - CinderpeltandCinderheart

76 The kid that tries too hard to be funny

Ugh... I have to deal with someone like that everyday. There was only one day he wasn't at school, and that is one day I took for granted. Anyway, this person constantly pesters me and everyone else in a desperate attempt to make us laugh, and he NEVER gets the memo that we don't find his humour funny. He never learns his lesson, and I don't think he ever will.

So much at my school. It's pathetic honestly

I wish my class didn't think that bullying/making fun of others or bringing up "Donald Trump" is funny. - Lunala

True - NikoX

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77 Fanboys

We Nintendo. Nintendo is a great game company. I don't see what harm is done in liking an electronic and software developing company. all we are is a group of people who like something other than being a lifeless retard on the internet. - username34

Nintendo is a great company and it offends me because I'm working Nintendo fanboy. Nintendo has many great games such as Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. What about your company? Huh? - JaysTop10List

Some kid in my English class this semester boasts about their "prestiges" in Call of Duty, and of course, other popular boys clap like they won some gold medal in the Olympics. - Turkeyasylum

Stfu mlg csgo players who listen to deadmau5 or knife party everyday and yells out RUSH B CYKA BLYAT is still better than white asian girls who listen to bts and draws anime and ignores awesome people like me - akyreaper

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78 Metalheads

Who the hell put this on here?! Metalheads are awesome they're WAY better than those popular guys who are ginna have a dead end job with they're girlfriend since high school and have barely enough money to pay for his 5 screaming kids. Oh so you think metalheads are all emo and that they're satanists with no friends! Well I'm a metalhead yes I get bullied yes I'm not popular and no I'm not a satanist or emo. I would love to see whoever put this on there and force them into the shoes of a metalhead who gets bullied all the time.

We are a proud people. DON'T MESS WITH US!

Metal heads are awesome... Much better than crazy FANGIRLS. - Pony

Who put this here?! - NikoX

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79 Kids who are jerks yet still teacher favorites

I have a classmate like that. He's as annoying as hell, I want to slap him!

80 Snooty People

There are five snooty girls in my class and they think that they're better than everyone else and that they can get away with anything and lie and steal and bully others

True, I know a private school in my town where 98% of girls are snooty

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