Top Ten Worst Types of YouTubers


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21 The "Filming a dead body" Youtubers

*cough* Logan Paul *cough*

Logan Paul is on here twice. - RaccoonCartoon

22 The Made by Kid YouTubers

Sometimes like channels like react or evantube it’s just some random reacting to something in a stupid manner that just annoys me other YouTubers like these kids that make 3 am videos that are just really cringe to watch examples don’t make slime a 3 am don’t spin the fidget spinner at 3 am sure I’m actually younger than the kids who do that 3 am thing and other videos like real vs gummy is just kids eating stuff and to be honest these videos aren’t worth your time

23 The Critic YouTubers

Ok, this one is low on here because some of my favorite YouTubers actually critique things. But they are of a small majority. A lot of critic channels tend to fall into the category of whiny or over the top when they don't like something. This could apply to the critique of any media. - Phillip873

I can only watch critic videos if it's somehow funny. Serious critics are just boring. - RaccoonCartoon

I hate the snobby and pretentious ones the most. That means you, Mother's Basement and Digibro... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

*cough* ARTV *cough* - NiktheWiz

24 Plush YouTubers

I don't really care for plush YouTubers. The closest thing to me ever liking a plush video was those SpongeBob plush videos by Fried Chili Cheese Dogs. Heck, the Everything video had Plankton lampshading commercialism since it's what most plush videos on YouTube are all about. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

SML (Super mario logan) swears in his videos which to me makes it funnier. I don't really care for the plush videos that are intended for little kids but I don't hate them - venomouskillingmachine

Plushtubers are awesome like SuperMarioLogan, TheLegendOfJohnnyAlbert, AndrewJohn100, BigYoshiFan.

The only 3 plush channels I like are mariomario8989, stachbros, & Fried Chili Cheese Dogs. Otherwise supermariologan sucks now. And don’t get me started on bootleg plush channels

25 Storytime YouTubers
26 Show Off YouTubers

These are the ones I hate. Ones like morgz who get ten thousand pounds to show you how rich they are and then pretend they are just playing paper toss?! And all they talk about is their merch?


27 The Tutorial YouTubers

They make videos like "How to Make Popcorn" and "How to Clean a Kitchen Floor." Who needs these? They just make tutorials on stuff anybody could easily do.

28 The Roblox YouTubers
29 The “Stick to It” YouTuber
30 The Christian YouTubers

They suck! Enough said. - FireOfHell666

31 The Call of Duty YouTubers

Mostly made by drunk 8 year olds

32 The Preachers

This basically applies to any YouTuber who tries to throw pseudo-insparational speeches at us. - NiktheWiz

33 The Laughing at Dead People YouTubers

Why the hell is Logan Paul on this list three times? - RaccoonCartoon

34 The Beauty YouTuber
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