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1 Internet Explorer 8

The internet is Great! I just discovered google Today

-Sent 2001, Arrived today

Sponsored by Internet Explorer

Can't even load youtube half the time. Glad microsoft abandoned it.

The worst browser. Most of the website is slow while loading and no proper alignment

Way to slow to even open Google search engine.

2 Microsoft Edge

This the worst browser in world because it always crashes and spoil the other apps in windows and let the system very slow even though we have good internet connection . so this is the worst browser ..

In windows 10 microsoft edge is the default

web browser It is the worst.
This web browser keeps on changing accounts .This web browser is very slow.

The senile grandpas of Microsoft actually managed to build a browser that doesn't suck but is still just medicore at best...and now there are so proud of it and claim this piece of crap is the best thing ever.
I know it's not the worst out there but the simple fact that Microsoft treats Edge like the innovation of the century should make it number one.

Any web browser that has to tell you its good, whilst in the middle of using a different one, (Edge telling you it's faster then Chrome, for example) smacks of desperation. Microsoft is outdated and should be removed from all new computers.

3 Mozilla Firefox

Ugh this is the worst browser ever! It is slow most of the time and freezes! Chrome is better than this Mozilla Garbage because Chrome is faster!

It's definitely one of the better browsers out there, in part because it's open-source. That being said, there websites that it simply does not like connecting to.

It's been a hell of a time getting it to connect to Google Search.

They stopped using plugins except for adobe flash which I can't access anyway. Promised to be fast, but ain't. Doesn't respond, Doesn't open most of the time. Doesn't let you close out when frozen, forcing you to use the task manager to force a close out. If I could swear in this site, I Would give this the worst rating of 5 out of 5 F-Us. Stay the hell away from Mozilla websites at all costs. They claim they're for people, not profit. But gives all people a big middle finger experience.

Slowest web browser I have ever used. Worse than safari and edge and I remember the first time I downloaded it I got flooded with adware.

I don't know why chrome is the second worst on this list its actually the fastest browser I have used to date. Firefox is so awful.

4 Safari

Safari is the IE7 of this century. Apple refuses to make it remotely useful, and the thing should be banned from the Interwebs.

Safari is by far the worst. Supports far less features than the competing browsers, and the ones that are supported only do half-assedly. Riddled with bugs too.

Safari is most unresponsive, un adaptive, insecure, praised for absolutely no reason except its by apple.

Made by apple, witch explains everything. Works almost as well as windows 95 when windows 10 came around.

5 Internet Explorer 10

Arrow in the knee

6 Internet Explorer 6

Internet Explorer 6 can't load most websites. Only works with google, but at least you can (barely) download firefox on it

Mozilla Firefox is better than this atrocity of a web browser

7 Google Chrome

So glad to see some common sense, and although, just opinions. Opinions from a genius! How do I know...? Only a genius can call it, as it is. Not a good browser if you don't like being someones lab rat or model buyer of overly glorified crap... Of course everyone likes it and so does, Mikey... I want to know "where is the beef"... O' its over at Duck Duck Go! A little slow and sometimes generic feeling, but never misleading. I search and it gives. Crome... I search and it tracks me, taunts me, and gives me what it wants me to have... You know... Things like communism, tearany, and dumb views, that try to keep me from critical thinking. The best way to know whats wrong with being tracked and logged, is to take a step back in time. Go way back and see how many times and where being nieve to power structures like google has gotten us... Sorry but America is really in trouble...

It's fast, but it's also a RAM hog that freezes randomly, even on decent hardware. It also has poor security compared to other browsers due to its popularity, which makes it an easy target.

So many bugs - unbelievable. Chrome doesn't even work well with Google's own products (Drive is one of
the worst). Drive with Firefox, however - not bad at all. Anyway I'm done with Chrome. Every time I hit a bug and search the web for a solution, I see the same problems posted from years ago! Is this code even maintained - or just a constantly growing bloated pile of new and untested features?

Chrome is the worst browser I have ever used. Slow, crashes frequently, eats up RAM, and is the most prone to malware. Firefox has always been the browser I have stuck with for years, and still do.


I tried AOL once, and it crashed within 30 minutes. It hasn't been updated since 2004, it's slow, pathetic, gives you a notification for EVERY SCRIPT AND COOKIE and it is just plain outdated at this point. Heck, even Internet Explorer 8 is more updated than this piece of yesterday's trash.

I used this browser and it is just slow like heck. It crashed in 20 mins and the worst part of it, it made my computer very slow.

9 Android Browser

Same reasons as Google Chrome, and plus it ONLY has Google as the ONLY search engine.

Andriod browsers could include so many things. If you mean the "Internet" app, that's trash

10 AOL Desktop
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11 Opera Browser

One time it somehow got onto my computer without me saying it could and it was awful! The design was bad, it was slow as hell, it set itself as default browser without permission, and it was so confusing! After that I uninstalled it from my computer and I will never go back to it again.

I use this all the time and... it's kinda average and I wish it would be the fastest browser in the world.

Very overrated. It crashes too easily and it sometimes never starts up.

I honestly believe that opera is better for MY NEEDS and is easier to use tgan any other.

12 Internet Explorer 7
13 Netscape Navigator

Not bad for a 2007 browser!

14 Vivaldi

This browser adapts to me, not the other way around meaning I can change it to my wants and needs. You can even have social media on the sidebar and split screen tabs!

15 Google Chromium

For the most part, it's good because it's not as heavy as Chrome, is more secure (coming out with many updates a day), and can be installed anywhere. However, it can't update by itself.

Chrome Canary does its job better.

Not a "virus", it's just an open-source browser made by Google.

Worse than Chrome, although I honestly like Chrome.

Horrible because it's a virus. Watch out for it!

16 Internet Explorer 5

The worst because the earlier the version, the worse it is.

17 UC Browser (Android)
18 Chromium MS Edge
19 RockMelt
20 Wii Internet

Internet explorer and Microsoft edge are my favourite browsers of all time.

21 Opera Mini
22 Lynx

Not nice; this browser is useful for those who can't use graphical browsers, and good at what it's meant to do.

23 Maxthon
24 Comodo Dragon

This is awesome

25 Avant
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