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1 Internet Explorer 8

The internet is Great! I just discovered google Today

-Sent 2001, Arrived today

Sponsored by Internet Explorer

The worst browser. Most of the website is slow while loading and no proper alignment

Slow, unusable, and unsafe.

It's only useful if you want to download a better web browser

2 Microsoft Edge

The worst open slow the Favorites are useless even after importing low to open as well, in fact, everything about this browser slow can't even have a Google Toolbar on it you have to use their crappy search engine or nothing my default web browser is now Google Chrome while its not perfect it will have to do since Microsoft is doing away with Internet Explorer 11

If you think IE is bad, then Edge bring it to next level. Call it useless is understatement.

Its slower than chrome contrary to what Microsoft says when you first open the browser. thanks Microsoft.

Any web browser that has to tell you its good, whilst in the middle of using a different one, (Edge telling you it's faster then Chrome, for example) smacks of desperation. Microsoft is outdated and should be removed from all new computers.

3 Mozilla Firefox

They and their fanatic fans claiming to be the faster but in fact, it's not!

Slow as hell, all vpn and proxy functions are not working properly (vpn can disconnect at any random time), eats more RAM than Chrome and Opera combined

Mozilla is actually better than it was

Mozilla Firefox is a terrible browser that crashes every time I go to any website. I'm now just using Microsoft Edge.

4 Safari

Made by apple, witch explains everything. Works almost as well as windows 95 when windows 10 came around.

It's better than internet explorer, but hey I lived with Windows through my teens.

The bugs during development is just the worst on Safari, especially on phones with modal forms

Hey I USE SAFARI! I honestly find that the most insulting thing on thetoptens!

5 Internet Explorer 6

Mozilla Firefox is better than this atrocity of a web browser

Any internet explorer is garbage


In 2017. it basically can't even load 90% of the modern websites. you can still get firefox on it

6 Google Chrome

So many bugs - unbelievable. Chrome doesn't even work well with Google's own products (Drive is one of
the worst). Drive with Firefox, however - not bad at all. Anyway I'm done with Chrome. Every time I hit a bug and search the web for a solution, I see the same problems posted from years ago! Is this code even maintained - or just a constantly growing bloated pile of new and untested features?

So glad to see some common sense, and although, just opinions. Opinions from a genius! How do I know...? Only a genius can call it, as it is. Not a good browser if you don't like being someones lab rat or model buyer of overly glorified crap... Of course everyone likes it and so does, Mikey... I want to know "where is the beef"... O' its over at Duck Duck Go! A little slow and sometimes generic feeling, but never misleading. I search and it gives. Crome... I search and it tracks me, taunts me, and gives me what it wants me to have... You know... Things like communism, tearany, and dumb views, that try to keep me from critical thinking. The best way to know whats wrong with being tracked and logged, is to take a step back in time. Go way back and see how many times and where being nieve to power structures like google has gotten us... Sorry but America is really in trouble...

The ugliest piece of tech. Ugly outside and inside. It was never fast, never was functional, never was private. The way it is forced upon users sucks as well.

Very right, Today I was using google chrome, This junk drained my mac's battery.

7 Internet Explorer 10

Arrow in the knee

its sucks


I used this browser and it is just slow like heck. It crashed in 20 mins and the worst part of it, it made my computer very slow.

I tried AOL once, and it crashed within 30 minutes. It hasn't been updated since 2004, it's slow, pathetic, gives you a notification for EVERY SCRIPT AND COOKIE and it is just plain outdated at this point. Heck, even Internet Explorer 8 is more updated than this piece of yesterday's trash.

Freezes, it's slow, it's just BAD

Better than edge in my opinion

9 Android Browser

Andriod browsers could include so many things. If you mean the "Internet" app, that's trash

That's not a web

10 AOL Desktop


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11 Opera Browser

Very overrated. It crashes too easily and it sometimes never starts up.

One time it somehow got onto my computer without me saying it could and it was awful! The design was bad, it was slow as hell, it set itself as default browser without permission, and it was so confusing! After that I uninstalled it from my computer and I will never go back to it again. - myusernameisthis

That's a fake version of Opera. You probably got a malware if it installed without permission. - UL

Opera is an underrated browser that is actually pretty good.

I use this all the time and... it's kinda average and I wish it would be the fastest browser in the world.

12 Internet Explorer 7
13 Netscape Navigator

Yes was the greatest browser ever made was faster then any other and never crashed
wish someone would support it and bring it back

Greatest Browser of all time and NOT DEAD!

Not bad for a 2007 browser!

The best browser there ever was

14 Vivaldi
15 Torch

The worst of all (browser with pups and many more)

The best for low end laptop

16 UC Browser (Android)

Olschool browser like the Internet explorer or edge.

17 Google Chromium

Worse than Chrome, although I honestly like Chrome.

Horrible because it's a virus. Watch out for it! - neehawgamer

An open-source software made by Google is definitely a "virus". How is it even a virus? This is an ignorant comment. - UL

Not as good as Chrome.

Not a "virus", it's just an open-source browser made by Google. - UL

18 Maxthon

Basically I used this on my s2 and it was ass my phone installed siri and alexa and they started to have a chat

I heard this web browser puts a virus on your computer

19 Internet Explorer 5

its internet explorer how good can it be

20 Chromium MS Edge

Combination Of Malware And Poop. - Jojosizzareadventure

It's so bad

21 RockMelt
22 Comodo Dragon

This is awesome

I spent 29 hours thru 6 sessions with 7 different techs and all I can get is "not responding" messages from the Dragon.Had to buy new computer.Never given a super or mgr. To speak to.Call center in India.Twice they ended a session without even telling me they had left.No way to complain or cancel or get refund. Big scam. It cost me a lot.Very dishonest.

23 Wii Internet

Internet explorer and Microsoft edge are my favourite browsers of all time.

Terrible, simply terrible

WII INTERNET IS GOODDD BETTER THAN CHROME! it has col music and you can have miis nice job nintendogs - Sent from my chrome book

It's good owo

24 Firefox Quantum

The best browser I've ever used

The worst firefox ever

25 Lynx

Not nice; this browser is useful for those who can't use graphical browsers, and good at what it's meant to do. - airbb

26 Epic
27 Opera Mini
28 Brave

Best browser I have ever used❤️

29 Avant
30 Wii U Browser

I grew up with wii u this browser is mazing

Too slow

31 SlimBrowser
32 Playstation 3 internet browser

Garbage damit this is for hobos

Oh god... - JustSomeRandomDude

Your mum frekin so gey dood

33 Yandex Browser


You can't set google.com as your homepage
You can download Opera extensions

34 Nintendo DS & DSi Browser

Yes I uses bik time oveten muhc

35 Bing

It's horrible, the only good thing is that it doesn't judge you if you want to commit suicide They usually encourage you to.

Basically Internet Explorer in web browser form

Not Even A Browser. Search EnGINe

36 SPIN web browser

The most infunctinal browser

37 360 Secure Browser
38 Chrome Canary

Too Chromy! It looks sleek but is still very Chromed up! Too much bloatware!

39 Midori

Midori seems to be clean for Malware, Viruses, Trojans etc but just runs slowly and awfully!

40 Giustino e Marilù


41 Aloha Browser
42 DuckDuckGo

Just absolute garbage. Hate it. Claims to be more honest, but it is actually less honest. Plus it’s just a junky browser. Kind of like internet explorer bad.

43 Apus browser

If you want a browser that spams with ads than you have to use this browser.

One word zu describe this browser: trash

44 webOS Browser

Slow and chunky, also searching up things with a T.V. remote is extremely annoying.

45 Waterfox
46 Puffin Browser

It's pretty good, it's great for playing flash games on mobile but they also leaked my home address and porn search

47 AVG Secure Browser

Worst browser Ever!

48 Webroot Secure
49 Internet Explorer 11
50 Tor Browser
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