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1 Internet Explorer 8

The worst browser. Most of the website is slow while loading and no proper alignment

Slow, unusable, and unsafe.

99% of people use this to download Chrome and/or Firefox, if they're lucky enough to get it to work. - ItsPisces


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2 Mozilla Firefox

They stopped using plugins except for adobe flash which I can't access anyway. Promised to be fast, but ain't. Doesn't respond, Doesn't open most of the time. Doesn't let you close out when frozen, forcing you to use the task manager to force a close out. If I could swear in this site, I Would give this the worst rating of 5 out of 5 F-Us. Stay the hell away from Mozilla websites at all costs. They claim they're for people, not profit. But gives all people a big middle finger experience.

Mozilla is actually better than it was

This should be 1st place of worst browsers ever but internet explorer and safari is better than Mozilla Firefox (aka Mozilla garbage) so safari is better than internet explorer but Mozilla Firefox is WORST BROWSER EVER!

I had so many problems with this browser. Screw firefox. - zombefied115

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3 Safari

Should be number 1. Even Internet Explorer is way better than this garbage.

A developer's nightmare.

I'd better using Dillo & Lynx as full-time browsers instead of this Apple crap. The same applies to Internet Explorer.

Safari is by far the worst. Supports far less features than the competing browsers, and the ones that are supported only do half-assedly. Riddled with bugs too.

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4 Microsoft Edge

Any web browser that has to tell you its good, whilst in the middle of using a different one, (Edge telling you it's faster then Chrome, for example) smacks of desperation. Microsoft is outdated and should be removed from all new computers.

Microsoft Edgy persuading me into thinking their connection's fast! I downloaded Google Chrome which is 10 times better. I'd rather download AOL on Windows 95 than deal with Edge. - daneboi

Basically the Windows 10 version of Internet Explorer. I'd rather shove a twig up my ass than use it. - ItsPisces

AMAZing how microsoft manages to create useless software again and again,

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Freezes, it's slow, it's just BAD

6 Internet Explorer 10

its sucks

7 Google Chrome

I don't know why this is on this list. It's a fine browser, but people are too thick skulled to realize that Google Chrome is the most used web browser in the world.

Chrome is the worst browser I have ever used. Slow, crashes frequently, eats up RAM, and is the most prone to malware. Firefox has always been the browser I have stuck with for years, and still do.

Why is Google Chrome on this list, in my opinion, it's a very good browser? I have been using it for a long time, and number two!

All a web browser is required to do is open a web page and display the content the way the developer intended. Chrome is bloated beyond belief, does a load of crap in the background that you don't know about or ask for and drags performance down to the point of unusable. If ever there was an example of useless over-engineering.. this is it.

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8 Internet Explorer 6

Mozilla Firefox is better than this atrocity of a web browser


In 2017. it basically can't even load 90% of the modern websites. you can still get firefox on it

9 Android Browser
10 Opera Browser

Opera is an underrated browser that is actually pretty good.

I use this all the time and... it's kinda average and I wish it would be the fastest browser in the world.

I honestly believe that opera is better for MY NEEDS and is easier to use tgan any other.

Personally, I hate this broswer. - ShaunFan04

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The Newcomers

? Yandex Browser

You can't set google.com as your homepage
You can download Opera extensions

The Contenders

11 Netscape Navigator

Greatest Browser of all time and NOT DEAD!

12 Vivaldi
13 AOL Desktop
14 UC Browser (Android)
15 RockMelt
16 Lynx

Not nice; this browser is useful for those who can't use graphical browsers, and good at what it's meant to do. - airbb

17 Wii Internet

Terrible, simply terrible

18 Maxthon

I heard this web browser puts a virus on your computer

19 Avant
20 Torch

The worst of all (browser with pups and many more)

21 Comodo Dragon

This is awesome

I spent 29 hours thru 6 sessions with 7 different techs and all I can get is "not responding" messages from the Dragon.Had to buy new computer.Never given a super or mgr. To speak to.Call center in India.Twice they ended a session without even telling me they had left.No way to complain or cancel or get refund. Big scam. It cost me a lot.Very dishonest.

22 Internet Explorer 7
23 SPIN web browser

The most infunctinal browser

24 Google Chromium

Worse than Chrome, although I honestly like Chrome.

Not as good as Chrome.

25 Midori

Midori seems to be clean for Malware, Viruses, Trojans etc but just runs slowly and awfully!

26 360 Secure Browser
27 Chrome Canary

Too Chromy! It looks sleek but is still very Chromed up! Too much bloatware!

28 SlimBrowser
29 Playstation 3 internet browser
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