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41 You're a troll
42 Bad grammar comments

Oh my god I hate people

43 it would be nice if venturian didnt play gmod so he wouldn't take up the search for garrys mod

NOPE! I think he should play gmod so I can get my daily feed of funny videos and gmod mods and maps.

44 Best Part of This Video;

Best part of the video is NOTHING!

45 Hey!,check me and my friends video's out!,we lyke do sketch videos lollol,there really funni tho!

get some real subscribers

could you spell anything right or be less annoying - footballanytime

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46 do your NORMAL life then ALL THE WHOLE WORLD EVRY FRIKING body will die TOMARROW it'S THE END OF THE WORLD and they say oNLY i wILL SURvive *

Such stupidity. The grammar is atrocious, and who the hell believes that everyone will die tomorrow but themselves? Reading this comment just wasted 5 seconds of my life. - Element119

This is utter b***s***. Really has no significance at all, and why would someone even waste time writing this! Youtube has become full of spam because of these idiots.

47 Who's watching in [year]?

Most repetitive and annoying comment ever. Distracting and superfluous too.

On the I found a way lyric video, that comment somehow got 170 likes. - Kooper1193

People need to stop typing this.

UGH, I HATE THIS! Stupid people get THOUSANDS of likes just for commenting this. IT'S SO ANNOYING! IT'S LITERALLY NOT EVEN A 'COMMENT'!

Rant over.

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48 You are a Too headed billeygoat body & im not talking about miley im talking about you ya you the one who posted that i HATE YOU!that's rite enjoy you'r life now because you'r not ganna enjoy it after you meat me cause you'r not ganna have? it soon.YOU'R

. . . This person needs to work on their grammar!


This was found on a miley cyrus spoof video, suprise suprise

49 what the f___ did I just watch?

People sound so dumb and immature and they think they sound funny saying stupid crap like that.

This is Also on Rebecca Black's Friday Music Video.

This is ALL OVER the Turn Down For What music video.

Depends where you post it

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50 I'm the best teenage girl in the world because I like Nirvana, anime, dark poems, and video games. Every other teenage girl sucks because they like Justin Bieber, Disney Channel, Instagram, and fashion.

At my school, girls that obsess over Pokemon and Nirvana are just as annoying as those that obsess over Justin Bieber and fashion. - anonygirl

51 wtf is this s-----?! V 1 Comment
52 here is how you speak in nothing bitch language here it goes------------------sdjhdfsfdjhfsdjfhhsdjfhdjgfdf ggfsdjh gjg g sdfdshgdjhdfdfgfdjdfsssssssssssssssssssssshsdjfhdshjfsdFAILTROLLSIGHTjdflfskgjjjdjkldjkfdsgfjkfgjgfjk

I'm sorry, I don't speak watermelon. - ExxonWireless

I don't know what to say.

I'm sorry, I don't speak n00b - BorisRule

53 How is there 1 billion views when there's only 7 million people in the world?!?!

Are people idiots these days? There are 7 billion people in the world. Or there just trolling little craps. - Mumbizz01

The person who added this here is a legend! This is the worst comment ever it should be in the top 5! It's all over the gangnam style video!

No, lots of YouTube videos have fake viewers. And there's not millions of people living in the world, it's actually less than that. You stupid people on here think you know everything, but I bet you dummies didn't know that people BUY FAKE VIEWERS, FOLLOWERS, LIKES, ETC. on YouTube and many other websites. The internet is full of fakes.

It's a little thing called rewatching.

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54 nintendos for kids

Have you ever heard of conkers bad fur day? Hook it up, and they putted a south park game on Nintendo

I'm not a gamer, but even I still know that Nintendo basically pioneered the modern world of gaming in like the 1980s when video games had a low stock market crash. Nintendo pretty much saved video gaming from plummeting even further. So why are people saying it's just for kids when without Nintendo the video gaming world would be a lot different. - Anonymousxcxc

If Nintendo is for kids, then why exactly are the Super Smash Bros. games rated T instead of E? Also many people at my college still play these kinds of games. - NuMetalManiak

Conker's Bad Fur Day was not made by Nintendo. Nintendo PUBLISHED it. Conker was made by Rare when they teamed up with Nintendo. Also CBFD was awesome. - Discord

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55 worst video i have ever seen
56 First Comment!!!

So your just the first coment it does not mean your going to get a million dollers

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57 Hades you got to be kitting me saron shold be frist you itiot
58 Get free coins for <Insert game name here>! <Link> V 1 Comment
59 Like if you're watching this in ______

If you post "who's watching in 2017? " then I guarantee you that most of the people who see your comment have indeed watched this video in 2017. If it's the start of the year, fine; but if we're already halfway through the year, what's the point of asking? Obviously, no one from 2016 is going to see your comment. Even if someone sees your comment in 2018, who cares!?

Comment if you're reading this in 2017.

These comments are so annoying

60 Jonas brothers are f***

do not like 'em, but the comments get old QUICK...

They're completely irrelevant now. So why are they even brought up?

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