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41 (Insert number of dislikes on a video here) are (Insert lame insult that is either related to the content of the video or has something to do with Justin Bieber here)

Here's some examples for you: "219 people rode the lightning", "9324 people don't wanna be a rockstar", "94 people are gay for Justin Bieber", "Justin Bieber created 63 accounts and disliked this video". You guys are so clever, aren't you? Can't you nimrods just get over the fact that not everyone in the world likes the same things that you do?

And these comments get SO many likes! REALLY people?

No, they just have a fake amount of likes, that's all.

Why this isn't in the top 5? Is the thing I hate the most... IF SOMEONE DOESN'T LIKE THE VIDEO YOU DON'T HAVE TO HATE HIM - FrancescoBertini

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42 How is there 1 billion views when there's only 7 million people in the world?!?!

Are people idiots these days? There are 7 billion people in the world. Or there just trolling little craps. - Mumbizz01

The person who added this here is a legend! This is the worst comment ever it should be in the top 5! It's all over the gangnam style video!

No, lots of YouTube videos have fake viewers. And there's not millions of people living in the world, it's actually less than that. You stupid people on here think you know everything, but I bet you dummies didn't know that people BUY FAKE VIEWERS, FOLLOWERS, LIKES, ETC. on YouTube and many other websites. The internet is full of fakes.

You can watch a video more than once, and it still counts. Case closed - MChkflaguard_Yt

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43 Yeah check out this website that's giving out free ipads *website name*

Oh my god these are EVERYWHERE! I HATE THEM!

I WISH they were giving out free iPads! - RiverClanRocks

Fake comments and bots at its finest!

They are so annoying, and are backed up by other bots saying stuff like "! It's working! "

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44 playstation all stars is original ssbb is a rip off!!!

Actually, Heihachi Mishima from Tekken was in the game, and he's a liked character.
Seriously, I don't know who would wanna buy a game where Nintendo characters fight each-other for no reason at all (SSBB). Better call it Nintendo Mascots Who Never Fought In Their Lives Fight In A Game That Is Crammed Down Everybody's Throats.

Sorry, but that's my opinion.

IKR! Ssbb is also WAY better than Play Station Nobodys Fight In A Game That Nobody Wants. Seriously, they are not all-stars. Nobody likes them, except Crash, who's KINDA cool, and they didn't even put Spyro the Dragon in that game but they put PaRappa in it. Dumb. - Discord

Playstation all stars is THE RIPOFF

No ssb came out first then sony copied ssb. - Jane9352009

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45 Why is it 301 views but (insert number higher than 301) likes?!?!?!

This is a YouTube glitch, cause they proof if a view is a real view, when the video has over 301 views to avoid bots.

And likes: You can only like a video once per account.

This is true I once saw a new buzzfeed video it only had 301 views but 20,000 something likes! I don't get it!

Ikr, It's also annoying when people say that YouTubers get paid lots of money for making videos. Like no, where is your proof that YouTubers get paid on the first place? Oh wait, you have no proof to back you up. NOBODY gets paid for making a video.

It's a glitch. - Fullwalking2

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46 You're a troll
47 Bad grammar comments

Example: I love this video I give it an like - Feliciafurrypaws4ever

Oh my god I hate people

48 Check out my channel

Good advertising. You made me want to click the not interested button on all of your videos. - Skullkid755

It's even worse if the comment is "Sub to me and I'll sub you back" or the likes.

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49 I hope the morons who own and run Cedar fair drop dead from chronic hemorrhoids and flesh eating yeast infections for the destruction of this coaster and thunder road

It's Fine If Your Upset About A Classic Coaster Being Torn Down, But That's NO Excuse To Give Death Threats To The Company - JPK

50 it would be nice if venturian didnt play gmod so he wouldn't take up the search for garrys mod

NOPE! I think he should play gmod so I can get my daily feed of funny videos and gmod mods and maps.

51 what the f___ did I just watch?

People sound so dumb and immature and they think they sound funny saying stupid crap like that.

This is ALL OVER the Turn Down For What music video.

This is Also on Rebecca Black's Friday Music Video.

Depends where you post it

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52 Hey!,check me and my friends video's out!,we lyke do sketch videos lollol,there really funni tho!

get some real subscribers

could you spell anything right or be less annoying - footballanytime

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53 Best Part of This Video;

Best part of the video is NOTHING!

54 do your NORMAL life then ALL THE WHOLE WORLD EVRY FRIKING body will die TOMARROW it'S THE END OF THE WORLD and they say oNLY i wILL SURvive *

Such stupidity. The grammar is atrocious, and who the hell believes that everyone will die tomorrow but themselves? Reading this comment just wasted 5 seconds of my life. - Element119

This is utter b***s***. Really has no significance at all, and why would someone even waste time writing this! Youtube has become full of spam because of these idiots.

55 Who's watching in [year]?

Most repetitive and annoying comment ever. Distracting and superfluous too.

On the I found a way lyric video, that comment somehow got 170 likes. - Kooper1193

People need to stop typing this.

UGH, I HATE THIS! Stupid people get THOUSANDS of likes just for commenting this. IT'S SO ANNOYING! IT'S LITERALLY NOT EVEN A 'COMMENT'!

Rant over.

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56 You are a Too headed billeygoat body & im not talking about miley im talking about you ya you the one who posted that i HATE YOU!that's rite enjoy you'r life now because you'r not ganna enjoy it after you meat me cause you'r not ganna have? it soon.YOU'R

. . . This person needs to work on their grammar!


This was found on a miley cyrus spoof video, suprise suprise

57 Scary chain comments

These aren't just on YouTube there on Facebook as well. Don't they realize little kids go on YouTube as well.

I love them and I'm a kid

58 Whoever like this is (insert insult)

Wait... you WANT to deal with that guy's new siblings?

60 I hate Google+

Google+ is good for me. People just don't want to get used to it.

What is so great about Google in general? NOTHING. Same thing with yahoo, etc.

Google+ is pretty useful!

Google+ is OK. No more integration of Google+ with YouTube.

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