Top 10 WTF Moments from Fandoms


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21 Skeleton Porn - Undertale Skeleton Porn - Undertale
22 Sanic - Sonic
23 Treecko Foot Fetish Art - Pokémon

The fact this exists is disgusting and ruined the complete fandom for me. - Swellow

24 "Waluigi Is A Genie" Theory - Mario
25 My Immortal - Harry Potter My Immortal - Harry Potter

The biggest problem was how it's clichés didn't have anything to fix them up. - Swellow

My Immortal was written by a “goff” - Lunala

26 Requesting Shrek To Be In The Game - Super Smash Bros.

Lol - Lunala

27 Espurr Memes - Pokémon

Excuse me they are hysterical

28 Rule 34 - Kirby

I got nothing to say.

29 Theory Wars - Five Nights At Freddy's
30 "I want Mettaton to give me a thigh job!" - Undertale

:throws phone into wall:

31 Already Having Cringe Compilations Less Than Five Months After Its Release - Undertale

Don’t look up “Undertwerking” on Youtube. It isn’t sexual, but it has butt jokes and it’s like Breadwinners and it is unwatchable. I saw it in a lot of cringe comps - Lunala

32 The Fanfic "Alphys Gets Overly Intimate With The Amalgamates" Gets A Sequel - Undertale

FIVE sequels, to be exact. - xandermartin98

33 Lemon Bread X Alphys Vore Fanfiction - Undertale
34 The Giantess Scene From Alphys VS Undyne - Udnertale

One of the few fanfiction scenes to be less than 6,000 words long and contain literally over 70 different fetishes.

Trust me, its role-swapped sequel is far worse. - xandermartin98

35 Giantess Undyne X Alphys: Fetishistic Boogaloo - Undertale
36 Filthy Frank's Gays 4 Donald song - 2016 Presidential Election
37 SammyClassicSonicFan - Sonic

He's so stupid it's hilarious.

38 Pokémon-Amie Molestation - Pokémon

Thank god they renamed it to pokemon refresh - Lunala

39 Brony Gives Pinkie Pie A Swing Ride - My Little Pony

Perhaps a fan-made video - Neonco31

40 My Little Brony - My Little Pony

A website? - Neonco31

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