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Phillip Jack "Phil" Brooks, also known by the ring name CM Punk, is an American comic book writer, actor, upcoming mixed martial artist and retired professional wrestler who is signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. more.


I don't hate John Cena, I don't even dislike you... What I hate is this idea that you're the Best, because you're NOT. CM Punk is the Best.
CM Punk's been the best ever since day 1, when he walked into this Company and has been Vilified and Hated because Paul Heyman saw something in him that Nobody else wanted to admit. That's right He's a Paul Heyman Guy.
He's the Best In The World.
On that Microphone, in that Ring and even at commentary Nobody can touch him.
He is the Best "Wrestler" in the World.
There's one thing that Cena's better at than CM Punk is, and that's kissing Vince McMahons ASS. I'm not sure if Cena is as good as "Dwyane"(The Rock) though he's a pretty good ASS kisser.

So pissed that this guy left WWE. CM Punk is The Best in the World. On the microphone, in the ring and even on Commentary. He accomplished the WWE Championship twice (including one of them for 434 days), the World Heavyweight Championship three times, the ECW Championship once, the Intercontinental Championship once, the World Tag Team Championship once and two Money in the Bank Briefcases. And Despite all that, he was never given the chance to headline Wrestlemania. I hope he gets more success in the UFC.

CM Punk should be number one, because he is the best in the world.
HE has got the full package:
Amazing wrestler
Looks (he is so hot! )
He is straight edge (which means he is better than you! )
Awesome tattoos
Amazing at a mike (Pipe Bomb! )
And last but not leas:
Great attitude and humor.
Best in the world!

Their is not one area where CM Punk doesn't exceed greatness. Probably one of the best at selling promos. When he steps in the ring his matches are always classics(2011 MITB vs John Cena, 2013 Wrestlemania vs Undertaker, 2013 Summerslam vs Brock Lesnar). On the mic he has to be one of the best if not the best. And probably the thing that is insane about Punk is that it didn't matter if he was a heel or face he was still the man. Arguably CM Punk is a top 10 wrestler of all time for sure.

CM Punk is a great wrestler the initials for CM stands for chick magnet, and he has an incredible body and sexy and has a cool song which is the band living colour the song Cult of Personality song I think that song really made him popular and he also has will power against alcohol and drugs, CM Punk is a good wrestler of WWE, and did I mention he is sexy.

He has more charisma than anyone else in the WWE, his personality doesn't change whether he is good or bad, he still speak and act the same, that makes me feel that he is the only true thing in the WWE, unlike those phonies like John Cena, the Rock and Shaimus. Plus he is a very talented wrestler and he has great mic skills, in fact, he uses the mic as weapon! I think I should say words speak louder than action laugh out loud!

The Devil Himself, The Best in the World, CM Punk is my Idol because he is both a role model and someone who I can identify with. Everything he says and does sounds like something I would do or say. He grew up a loner not liking many people and still got to become one of the greatest success stories in wrestling without having to sell-out to the business or the fans. Also, Punk has by far the best DVD of any sports documentry, it needs to be seen by everyone.

He is the best in the word. I mean just look her style. Look her body language. He is not afraid anyone. He is the biggest challenge for we and all of us. I'am big fan of this guy. My totally biggest dream is I wanna make me a best guy like CM Punk. He have any thing like people's respect, he skills. And many more. One of country in the world "India" have biggest total of fans for CM Punk. I watch her every fight. He is the new face of we university.

As Punk Hold The Champ Belt over 300+ days and Beaten players like taker batista Cena sheamus jeff hardy Rey kane that's why he called Best in the world and as his speeches seem impressive his attitude is also good so William I support you at the last End

CM Punk is much better than John Cena I mean really. John Cena is ego centric.

Punk was the reason I started watching wrestling at all, which is a shame because it was only a short time before he left that I did. Punk worked hard as hell and got so little in return yet continued to smash matches with a spark that nobody else had. Best in ring and on the mic

John Cena and The Rock got nothing on CM Punk, they are over rated. CM Punk has the skill in the ring and mic, he is entertaining and exiting, except of undertaker he should be number 1 while punk number 2

Hands down the greatest performer to ever step foot into a ring. The way he's able to capture an audience and have them begging for him at every single show is absolutely amazing. From his in-ring work to his mic work, no one can ever touch the best in the world.

He's best wrestler/talker in the world and he has proven it multiple of time. His championship reign of 434 days ain't a joke and it could've been even more if Vince didn't restart the match on Royal Rumble with The Rock. and even without that it's the longest reign in past 25-26 years.

I'm so proud to say CM Punk made the top ten, and he sure deserved it! He, like he says, earned his way to to the top. CM Punk also listened to the crowd when no one else would, gave us entertainment, made us laugh our spines off, and isn't bad looking to be honest. BEST IN THE WORLD

CM Punk is the future of this company! He's still got a good 10 years at the least of working with WWE! He's always been a top performer since the day he shot that promo in 2011.

Best wrestler ever. WWE didn't give him the opportunity to show the world what he is capable of. They just lost the only unique superstar of recent time who has the best fan following.

CM Punk is without a doubt one of the best wrestler in WWE history and he deserves to be on the top according to his attitude skills and moves. I love the way he answers those unskilled wrestlers who talk junk for him he absolutely is BEST IN THE WORLD...

Punks better than everyone in the hall of fame. He's also better than cena, triple h, undertaker and the viper

CM Punk is the best in the world. No body can stop him, he is the most talented superstar in the WWE. CM Punk deserves to be in the top ten rating of WWE Superstars. He deserves to be first in the WWE top ten rating.

People can't fathom that he speaks of his mind and shoves it in the faces of people who he has a problem with but nevertheless he is the best in the world on the mic in the ring even in commentary

CM Punk is the best last night he defeated big show and the little guy John Cena I mean look at cena he hasn't won the champion chip in like 1 year in a half big show getting all mad suck it up now I got 2 words for yeah suck it!

As a youngish fan, CM Punk was my number one since 2011. It sucks that he's gone though, but his in-ring ability, mic skills, and everything else makes him the Best in the World. - YoshiDragon240

How is punk not in the top 10. He is the best talker in wrestling history and probably one of the best wrestlers. He held the title for 434 DAYS and was pretty much the Stone Cold of the modern era

CM Punk is the best in the world, his outspokenness cannot be matched, if you don't believe listen to his pipebomb. Not only was he the best on the mic, he was also the best in the ring. In terms of overall performance he is the best. Just look at his 400+ day WWE champion reign, name any superstar in the modern day who has held the belt for longer.