Triple H

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Paul Michael Levesque, better known by his ring name Triple H, is an American semi-retired professional wrestler, corporate executive, and actor.


As for me I think that Triple H's got to be the top one. I really think that Triple H and Shawn Michaels have a same power, but if it comes down to one... I will go with Triple H, Not that I like to say Triple H is better than HBK.. but. Triple H the 13 time world champion, that is just the only thing I'm gonna list because if I try to type all things that Triple H have done it's gonna take me 16 years. Because in every year every match of his career it's been a hell of a match, and most of his career he has been a main event. I have no words to describe Triple H and his Career, Triple H is one hell of a Wrestler, he has an amazing career, he is the GAME, he is the King of Kings. And that's for Triple H and HBK, I LOVE'EM TO DEATH. long live. RULES, for life.

Triple H is a WWE star sensation, he's had 17 world titles in 13 years, He had won a royal rumble, and taken away 2 world titles at Wrestlemania, He has the best weapon in WWE. He is the most badass superstar of all time. He beaten, ALL of the legends on this list!, Hulk hogan, stone cold, John Cena, the rock, AND The Undertaker, He's the leader of the Worlds GREATEST WWE tag team of all time, He's comedy too, His theme song kicks ass, He's been the owner of WWE for awhile, which NO OTHER WWE superstar have done. He's been in ALMOST wrestlemania main event eversince he started WWE. That's why I say he's the Best WWE WRESTLER OF ALL TIME... H we love you - SmoothCriminal

Triple H is the best wrestler in the history ever!
He is a 13 time world champion. BOW DOWN TO THE GAME!

Always one of the top on the records book. HHH dominates the WWE Championship, World Heavyweight Championship, even Tag Team championship. Triple H was part of groups that have revolutionized the WWE, everyone is familiar with the likes of D-generation X and Evolution. Furthermore, he was part of the WWF during the attitude era which was probably the hardest time a wrestler can win a championship due to the competition. Yet, regardless of his young age he as able to be one of the greatest wrestlers during that time. After the attitude era, and the retirements of these wrestlers, he still dominated the ring against the likes of John Cena and Edge.

The only thing you can deny is that HHH doesn't have a strong record like The Undertaker or Shawn Michaels. However, despite his age, he still active in the ring to this date as he is the current World Heavyweight Champion!


He has won basically every title! And beaten basically every one! He deserves to be number 1 for the many times he has beaten The Undertaker!

How can The king of kings not be 1st?
Lets look at his achievements...
13 Time world champion, 2 Time European Champion, 5 Time Intercontinental Champion, 2 Time Tag Team Champion, Royal Rumble Winner, King Of The Ring, Defined Hell In A Cell, Defined Elimination Chamber and part of one of the most famous tag teams in history,. Tell me who has done more in their career than that. All that is left to do is end Undertakers streak then there will be no arguing!

He devoted his life for wrestling I don't any wrestler with such a age fight like him he helped WWE the reach biggest milestone that WWE had reached. John Cena, rock etc have become famous by doing nothing but he came up every night and gave the what they want he battled every superstar and make them believe why he is hailed as the king of kings so I piyush sharma request you to vote the king of kings the triple H. Come back to ring triple h because it is time to play he game.

Triple h is currently one of the greatest wrestlers of all time with his amazing in ring and out ring talents he can always cut a promo as well as have a exciting match even with the least talented of superstars definitely better then cena!

All the wrestlers are unique. Everyone has a choice, but in my and all other friend's choice who have voted for triple h gain a strong support from my side. He is the biggest champion. He's the game, the king of king's. His Pedigree can beat almost every wrestler. HE'S THE BEST.

Wow this is crazy triple h has won 13 world championships in the 16 years he has been in the organization. Without h the WWE would not be where it is today. Just think about this, he is one world championship away from tying ric flairs record, he has beat the rock, stone cold, randy orton, goldberg, shawn Michaels, cena, bret hart, taker, edge, kane, batista, etc. He is amazing. Number 6 is a ridiclous place for him.

Triple h has beat everyone on this list so far except The Undertaker he is the king of the ring 13 time world heavyweight champion 11 time WWE champion he is more electrifying then the rock he even is one of the only ones to beat brock lesnar that is a champ right there

Since 1994 and rey 2002 rey is a 2 time champion Triple H is a 14 time world champion triple h is strong and bigger and better finisher rey mysterio did not beat hogan Triple H did rey mysterio did not beat Cena, Stone Cold, The Undertaker, the rock, and HBK triple H beated all of them Live with it - SmoothCriminal

Won the WWE and world champion and a royal rumble winner. he was a world tag team champ and the most elimination chamber match. - dkiller

No one is able to beat triple H in one on one fair single fight. No only the wrestlers but also MMA pro, MA artist, Boxers... No one can do it lived in the planet... He is the best on earth.

I think H is the best wrestler in WWE and he has beaten Big Show, The great Khali, and Undertaker. I am a very big fan of H thanks to and evolution and I would never ever ever jet down H and 1 day, I bet I would be like H.

He wins Matches, He wins Championships, Nobody is better. He is the KING OF KINGS AND HE REIGNS OVER THE WWE - AbdullahSaeedKhan

Laugh out loud now he is the CEO of WWE. God, this guy is RIPPED! Don't let the game get a hold of a hammer, or else he shall batter your brains with pleasure. He looks like thor and he is pretty much as dangerous as him! Laugh out loud go triple h

Triple h should not be the sixth. He should be in between the ranks of 3. Triple h is known as the game. He has almost defeated all the WWE superstars. He had played wondreful matches with greatest superstars like undertaker, batista. For the past 16years he has played his best. He is the king of kings

Triple H works as a heel or face and is a great actor as well. He has bucket loads of talent and charisma and you just can't match his career. WWE should've booked him to beat the streak. Side note: Why the hell is John Cena on this list?

Triple H is the most dangerous wrestler ever. I love him so much... I like his entrance... As well as his finishing move.. I am the biggest fan of triple h in the whole world.

Triple h is better than stone col he is better than all he is 13 times world champion no one can break it

Triple h is best not the rock. rock is only knows the style, actually he doesn't know about wrestling

HHH did a lot in the ruthless aggression era. He went up against the best of the best and helped put over Cena and Batista. Evolution took Triple H to a whole another level. As far as one GOAT, no, he'll never surpass Flair or HBK

Who doesn't love The game, The king of kings, the Cerebral Assassin? He is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, and rarely ever loses. He's a dirty fighter, But that's why everyone loves him. - TheViper

The Undertaker might e the best player in the game... BUT don't forget triple h is the game - sourav