Top 10 Best Youtube Channels With Under 1 Million Subscribers

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21 TheProGamer1991
22 Justin James Hughes

In my opinion he is a great vlogger/actor/anything that's good on youtube! I you don't know him you should definitely check him out.

23 GameXplain
24 The YOMYOMF Network

This channel is excellent bringing out new and original content constantly, I'm surprised they haven't already got 1 million subscribers.

25 MattShea

I love MattShea! His content is quality, and his eyebrows are stunning! Long live the wiswards!

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26 Matthias

He has over 3mil subs by the time I'm typing this but he's just too underrated.

Possibly one the BEST comedy you tubers that are on YouTube!

He is incredibly good at communicating with his fans!

This incredible youtuber is incredibly versatile. He makes skits, vlogs and songs/music videos. All of which are amazing!

27 Maxmoefoe

This is one of Australia's finest youtubers. His channel is full of hilarious prank calls and challenges that will have you in tears by the end of the video.

He has over 2 million subscribers as of February 2017.

More than one channel = more than 1 mill subs

28 Cr1TiKaL
29 Attackingtucans
30 Channel Awesome

The home of the nostalgia critic - nickdoritosyum

31 Phantom Strider

Easily the best top 10 channel, since he uses his opinions, which make his lists unique. He only has 260,000 something subs as of now, so he counts for this list.

I like how calm he is when talking about things he hates. He doesn't even truly yell, it's more like raising his voice.

I want to see his channel grow! He shares his opinion and has great humor. - scarmark

Makes good cartoon top10s

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32 The Kloons

This group of 3 are hilarious! Every week they bring out great content that is well edited, well written and all that kind of stuff. Once again go check them out.

33 Studio C

Studio C is hilarious! Super funny skits and awesome acting. I love them! Especially Stephen and Natalie and Matt and Mallory!

Actually, they finally reached the status of being one of the best channels with more than 1,000,000 subs.

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34 Megan Batoon

If you're looking for an attractive, funny and all round great youtuber then this is who to go to. Not only does she create videos but she dances, all while looking extremely hot.

35 Yogscast Strippin

I know you're thinking, but the yogscast are mainstream. No, only a small handful o the yogscast members have reached 1 million subscribers, and out of the ones that haven't I believe Strippin is the one that deserves this spot. He is a great gamer and has plenty of great gaming videos to show you.

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36 NintendoCapriSun
37 miniminter
38 Chris Stuckmann Chris Stuckmann

Sadly EvantubeHd has more subs than him!

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40 DavidParody

He started YouTube before many people in 2016 he has about 500 000 subs and he loves his fans and does more types of videos than many YouTubers

I love DavidParody he's so funny and joyful and look's like a fun person to be around

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