Top Ten Best YouTube Movie Reviewers

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1 Jeremy Jahns Jeremy Jahns (born May 8, 1981 [age 38]) is an American YouTuber that makes weekly movie reviews on the newest film releases. Jahns is known for his traditional suit, with red background and delivering his thoughts on movies.

He is the man

I'm starting to notice something he does now that started with his review of fant4stic, he gives the movie the alright but you're not gonna remember it in t minus whatever, then in his very next review he talks crap about that same movie, has anyone else noticed that?

2 Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic is an American web series created, written, edited, directed and performed by Doug Walker.


3 Chris Stuckmann Christopher "Chris" Stuckmann is an American film critic, author, and YouTube personality. As of June 2018, he has over 1.2 million subscribers and 341 million views on YouTube.

He was the only on that though transformers the last knight was a fun movie

Clear and concise, providing great detail and knowledge on all film making accpects

The best movie critic,he understands and is passionate about what he does.Unlike other reviewers he make sense and has profound knowledge on filmmaking and movies.

4 YourMovieSucksDOTorg

sucks - PeeledBanana

5 Screen Junkies
6 I Hate Everything

Personally I hate everything deserves a 7.5/10 because he says stuff that is true like The emoji movie is trash because it’s cringe. I personally dislike watching his videos but some people actually enjoy his videos - Megsball108486

7 ralphthemoviemaker

The god of inside jokes

Underrated - Phillip873

Praise be

8 The FLICK Pick

It's gonna magical and mystical - idontknow

9 Beyond the Trailer
10 Schmoesknow

The Contenders

11 What the Flick?
12 Cinemassacre
13 Fanboy Flicks
14 BlackCriticGuy
15 Saberspark

While many people enjoy his videos, I personally don’t. This YouTuber sometimes complains which is annoying in my opinion. There is nothing bad about this Youtuber (I might be wrong about this). Since many people enjoy his reviews and his thoughts, in my opinion he deserves a 7/10. - Megsball108486

I love his review for Leo the Lion as I seen it before and I could listen to his thoughts.

16 Jambareeqi
17 Hewy Toonmore
18 Stoned Gremlin Productions

My only problem is he has no regard for any fans who hate spiders and shows them not caring if he upsets his fans

I added them awhile ago. But they're my favorite!

Great cult movie reviewer

I love the Cinema Snob. At least he doesn't freak out and screams like a maniac like NC and doesn't need silly gags and juvenile humor. And he actually keeps reviewing old movies and doesn't change his style like NC did. Honestly his videos are much better in comparison to the last NC episodes...

19 Red Letter Media
20 Ralph Sepe Jr.

More known as ralphthemoviemaker on YouTube I totally reccomend him, he's funny, and he's really hard on movies, he even makes movies too - Phillip873

21 Bobsheaux

Great guy, his reviews are agreeable with and actually knows what he's doing. Very underrated indeed.

Yeah, he's great!

He's so funny! he reviews bad and good movies. He's for ages 12+

22 TheMysteriousMrEnter

He is great people, sure he overreacts a little but he has a condition so it's not his fault.

He is a horrible reviewers.

He's over hated - DCfnaf

I can't believe I used to like this YTER all of his reviews movie related or not are extremly biased and he takes cartoons too seriously.

23 Sean Chandler Talks About

His content is quality and awesome check himout

24 Rachel Wagner
25 TrilbeeReviews

Also known as MrTardisReviews.
He may not be the most well known or bombastic personalities of other movie reviewers, but his professionally structured and no-BS honesty is why he particularly excels in the reviewing aspect.
Also give the guy credit as he works damn hard with everything he does. When he's not working in T.V./Film production he's either working on one of two podcasts he does or he's writing reviews for his website. - SuperSonic17

26 MTCN Review Team
27 PhantomStrider Josh Strider (born February 3, 1989), known as his YouTube channel name PhantomStrider, is a Canadian Youtuber known for his top 10 and 6 coutdowns, Vlogs and movies.

He's... okay... His bit on Snow Day killed me though!

28 Doctor Wolfula
29 Sams Channel
30 ElectricDragon505
31 Aficionados Chris
32 CinemaSickness
33 Cinemawins
34 Cinemasins CinemaSins is a movie-related YouTube channel created by Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson. The channel produces the Everything Wrong With...
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