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21 ItsJerryandHarry
22 Bodil40

He is one of the most funniest trolls on YouTube

23 mrsmokeydogg7
24 Krazy Games

He had not made a video for a month but he is a dumb racist kid who harasses popular YouTubers such as SkyDoesMinecraft,TheDiamondMinecart and other popular YouTubers.its no surprise his old account got terminated. He only harassed one popular YouTuber and that is SkyDoesMinecraft. There is a hate account out of him but he only made 2 videos

25 Stephen Quire V 1 Comment
26 TheAwesomeCODgamer
27 Mariotehplumber

You probably all know him. Racist, sexist, stupid, contridactful, says a million cuss words a second. Watch his M64 review. It will kill your ears. Actually, don't, unless you want to hear the f word every millisecond.

28 BobbyIsPoopy
29 RebelTaxi
30 Game Sins
31 Cinemasins
32 Music Sins
33 UnstoppableLuck

This guy makes hilarious griefing and trolling videos on Minecraft, Halo, and Grand Theft Auto 5. I always get a laugh from watching him troll unsuspecting players. - SailorSedna

34 BCC Trolling
35 Luke Gartrell

He loves every baby show in the world and he dislikes big kids shows he makes dislike videos out off good users

36 Oobi G

He makes videos out good youtubers

37 Liquid Chris
38 PewDiePie PewDiePie

Biggest troll ever

39 Markiplier Markiplier
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