Top Ten YouTube Videos That Can Ruin Your Childhood


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1 Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life

Trust me, compared to some of the videos I have watched lately, these look like kids shows to me. Nothing on this list would come close to my version. - gemcloben

I never watched it, but I've heard such bad this about it. Someone please explain before I do something I'll regret...

This video should be banned. For life - Jonerman

Dan Howell said that

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2 Squidward's Suicide

Too static it sucks

I accidentally clicked on this video once.
Let's just say that I'm never watching spongebob again. - wrests

This isn't even a scary creepypasta..
So showing this video to a spongebob fan wouldn't do much.

IT is scary! I couldn't sleep after watching squidward's suicide! - ShaunFan04

3 Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour

This is like my favorite video - LizardKing99

The pizza is aggressive

My favorite video...the video is aggressive - CerealGuy

Bond with me Jimmy.
The pizza is aggressive. - Lunala

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4 Racist Mario

It's so dumb

5 Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

And two. Gosh the songs are the most catchy and twisted and most open to interpretation I've ever seen. - keycha1n

You should never eat food from a strangers plate a strangers plate A STRANGERS PLATE

"What's your favorite idea? Mine is being creative" - Jonerman

6 YTP: Dora's Miscalculation

Why.. the hell is this on here? THris UTP sucked!

7 The Truth Behind Adventure Time
8 Gary The Rapping Snail


9 SpongeBob and Patrick Get Down and Dirty
10 The Death of Mac

Is that a Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Creepypasta? - TemmieHoi

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11 Scientifically Accurate: Barney The Dinosaur

I've seen it. It's not as bad as other stuff on this list apart from the dino ding-dong joke at the end. - Lunala

What we don't care about barney so remove it from the list

When Barney becomes a real Tyrannosaurus, I'm guessing.

Scientifically Accurate Barney:
A bunch of kids playing with a Dino doll like it talks to them.

12 M&M Superbowl Commercial 2012

Those of you who grew up with the M&M guys, get ready to have your childhood ruined by this commercial.

Bashed my childhood into pieces. - PizzaGuy

13 Dining Room or There Is Nothing
14 Prostitute Mickey
15 The Story of Evil Elmo

I remember seeing this as a little kid - mayamanga

16 McDonald's Playground Slaughter

Worst video of all time I did not want to watch it but I did kids do not watch that video viewer description is advised I want to save millions of viewers thank you

17 Mr. Krabs Unquenchable Bloodlust

Eh, the intro kind of got me a bit with the shock value with its creepypasta when I first watched it, but the rest of the YouTube poop is actually quite fun to see unfold with its own original plot and can be funny if you have a dark sense of humor. If you don't, expect to feel like a kid scarred for life if you're watching it for the first time. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

18 Squidward's Suicide Red Mist Episode
19 Salad Fingers

I've seen this one. It's not scary, it's just really boring and I stopped watching out of pure boredom. But still gives off that slight off vibe every now and then. - Lunala

I thought it would be cool when I first saw it but after watching it I WISH I NEVER CLICKED ON THAT VIDEO

I have not watched but I like Rusty Spoons.

Hahhaha yeah its pretty bad

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20 Zootopia vs The Human World
21 Childhood Ruined


22 Evil SpongeBob
23 Anything By Michael Bay
24 Evil SpongeBob 2
25 YTP: SpongeBob Gets Crucified by Angry 90's Kids

What does this have to do with childhood?

A Shaye Saint John video... That's all I have to say...

27 Wingardium Leviosa

Lol I remember this - mayamanga

28 Agamemnon Counterpart

How is this not on the top 10?
Agamemnon Counterpart starts with a message saying that is was found on a blue planet, then a static cartoon with a deformed muppet and a blue alien head with speech bubbles saying "a" and "o". The quote on the top says "Let's make a new friend! ". The screen changes to an eyeless man with his mouth moving. The rest of the video features ugly things jumping around, bright colors, laughs of children, happy music, and creepy sounding screams

To the visitor, you know this, Hand Thing, and I Feel Fantastic are not kids videos. So why even bother putting them on this list anyway?

Hand Thing and I Feel Fantastic aren't childhood ruined videos, but this video makes me think I'm watching a lost episode of Sesame Street

This video should totally be on the top ten, when I watch it, I feel like I'm watching a lost episode of Sesame Street

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29 Pixar Intro Parody

The ending where Luxo was tied in a electric chair was extremely disturbing for a good reason

Uh...what did I just watch? XDDD

30 2 kids. 1 sandbox

This actually exists? I'm PRAYING the video is just two kids building a sandcastle. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

31 The Powerpuff Girls Reboot

Dude, that is bad CN show, but WHO CARES?!?! - BorisRule

32 50 Shades of Grey

I'm a kid, and I already know the book and movie are not for kids. There was some very negative reveiws about the movie, so I won't be watching it until I'm 40. 50 Shades of Grey isn't even popular anymore, The Girl One The Train took its place. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

33 Dipper Goes to Taco Bell
34 Dora No More

I watched it and I laughed I hate Dora - Officialpen

35 Street Fighter II - Guile Theme (SM64 Soundfont)
36 Mako's Collection: Dee Dee Transformed Me With Science
37 SpongeBong HempPants
38 Scientifically Accurate: Santa Claus
39 YTP: SpingleBlab Gets a Horrible New Job
40 YTP: Spingebill Experiences a Horrifying NDE
41 Cartoon Hook-Ups: SpongeBob and Sandy

I feel bad for any child that clicks on that

42 YTP: Star Shrek- The Next Generation
43 YTP: Spingebill Plays Exotic Instruments
44 YTP: Squishward Feigns Krabsperger's to Squeeze Sponges in the Employee Lounge
45 The Top 20 Childhood Conspiracy Theories
46 I'm Gay

What a childhood killer, a popular YouTuber starts to ruin childhoods by making THIS!

47 How I Realized I'm Gay

This is a big example of why good stars can turn to bad stars, the guy used to be a decent role model until mid 2013, he started to make coming out videos and did nothing but sex crap, how could anyone, even the best people, do this?

48 Rant Against the Sonic Fanbase: You All Ruined Sonic

Sammyclassicsonicfan Really Has Issues

49 Feed the Walrus


50 I Feel Fantastic

Again, what does this have to do with childhood?

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1. Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life
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1. Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life
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1. Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life
2. Squidward's Suicide
3. Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

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