Top 10 Best asdfmovie Skits

If you don't know this, I LOVE asdfmovie and I watch them everyday. So I will make a list about it.
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1 I Like Trains

This is my favorite of all time.
I like singing!
I like dancing.
I like trains.
(Train zooms by)
L8r in the series
Now son, what are you up to?
I like trains.
Haha, yes you do.
You know who's gay? Y- (Train zooms by)
I love this part, because it is just flat out get-to-the-point humor.

This one is the best by far! It cracks me up every time I see it!

This one's a piece of basic humour.

In memory of Edd Gould

2 Everybody Do The Flop

No one can pass Standing Up School with this dude.

This is everything good about asdfmovie.

Everybody do the flop!

3 Desmond The Moon Bear

How did I get here?

4 I'm Gonna Do an Internet!

This one, while not funny, it's amusing and awesome.

I'm gonna do a book. *sighs*

I'm gonna do a book! Aw.

5 Not Today!
6 Doctor, I Might Be a Homosexual!
7 He Has a Nose?

Got your nose! Look out he's got a nose!

This one is awesome

8 You Know Who's Gay / I Like Trains
9 Who parked their car...on my sandwich!?

My all time favorite
"Who parked their car..."
"on my sandwich?! "
"DID! "
dun dun DUN!
*nuke explosion*

Who parked their car... on my sandwich?

I find it really funny

10 I'm a Stegosaurus!

NO Susie don't walk in the road! Susie: look mom I made it *squish* I Am A Stegosaurus!

The Contenders
11 Pie Flavor

I forgot about that. Hilarious stuff!

I baked you a pie

12 The Science Show

Piano! (Smash) Who's idea was this?!?!

13 It's a Lovely Day to Walk Down the Road
14 Mine Turtle
15 Jimmy, Take Out the Dog
16 Throw to Cheese
17 It's Muffin Time
18 Suddenly, Pineapples

This does not help

19 Buy Me More Jewelry!
20 Beep Beep, I’m A Sheep

Now you're probably wondering, how DOES one beep beep like a sheep? Take it away Gabe!

Meow meow I'm a cow I said meow meow I'm a... NO!

21 But it’s Opposite Day.
22 Ahh You Got My Lungs

Hey it says gullible on the ceiling.

23 Cow Pretending to Be a Man
24 Hey Kid You Can't Skate Here

You can't tell me what to do!

25 You're fired! You can't fire me, I Quit!

My favorite skit. Makes me crack up every time. I even redrew it on my YouTube channel.

I am not gonna post it all but this was by far the BEST asdfmovie12 skit

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