Top 10 Best Assault Rifles


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Should be at the top of the list. Heavy round, effective range is broader, extremely accurate, light for it's caliber, and the recoil is light and flat.

It also is an easy field strip.
Well you really have to look at the purpose of the rifle. How are you planning on using it? Hard or soft targets? At what range do you expect you may need to shoot? I have owned a handful of these rifles in this pole and hands down the Scar 17 takes the cake in my opinion. I have Personallty gotten sub MOA accuracy out of it. There is an ever increasing parts availability for it as well. Check High desert dogs web page. Conversion kits to 5.56 7.62 X 39 and a miriad of other calabers. The piston system in this rifle is like none that I have ever seen. The Bolt carrier group seems bombproof as well. The G36C has a similar bolt carrier group... The rifle breaks down in 2 minutes flat. Easy to work on and clean. Tough rifle that is being fielded by the operators. Some of your guys have it right- the AK47 and M16's times have come and gone. Yeah they will do the job if needed but that doesn't make them the best now does it. Before you argue perhaps you should pick one of these up and study it physically for form and function rather than reading about it on the internet. For your FAL guys sure its a fine rifle but the Scar is its modern replacement.
The Fn Scar should be at the top of the list for 3 reasons 1:can fire 2 different variants 1 chambered with m16 ammunition and 1 chambered with a round similar to the ak 47 round. 2:more customizable than ak 47 3:more relaiable than m16(slightly lighter, less jamming, etc. )
[Newest]Lower recoil, higher damage, lighter, better than an ak-47
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It may be just a battle rifle to some people, but it's the smallest weapons that make the biggest difference. The AK shows up in virtually every conflict worldwide. AK-47s have been driven over by tanks, filled with mud and water, abused to where they're covered with rust, AND THEY STILL WORK. They require very little cleaning too. No weapon has ever caused more death. They'll be around when all of us are long dead. If any weapon deserves to be known as the best weapon in the world, let alone best assault rifle, it is the AK47.
The AK-47 is THE premier assault rifle in the world, and it probably will be until the world ends. It has amazing reliability, throw it down a well, then drive over it with a tank and it will still work. And Its accuracy isn't AS bad as people have been saying, a trained operator can hit a man sized target at about 440 yds. (I would know) Also the round has MORE kinetic energy than a 5.56.
By far the AK47 is the best assault weapon. I would take the AK47 any place in the world with a back pack full of loaded magazines and feel safe. The AK47 is built to withstand the worst possible conditions. Unlike our foolish M16s the AK47 is not prone to stove pipe jams that cost our troops lives all the time since the vietnam conflict till the present day. If you are firing a lot of rounds the AK47 just says feed me more. I tried to kill one of my cheap romanian variants and after 900 fast fire rounds the the front hand grip just caught on fire and I ran out of bullets. If I had a pot holder and some more bullits I would bet anything it would keep firing till the barrel melted off. It has a large trigger guard to allow winter gloves. The AK47 has an easy to use selector switch for full semi and safe. The AK47 has quick and easy sights that almost beg to be put on target when you sight down the rifle. Do to how simple the design is it comes apart easy and anyone with basic life skills can figure out how to use one within minutes of picking one up. I stand behind my vote that the AK47 is the best assault weapon because it has killed more people then any other firearm. I love you AK47 thanks to Russia for having good vodka and the best damn gun for killing.
[Newest]This is a true assault rifle
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How is this not the top one? The AK-47 is unaccurate while this thing is targeting. This runs off a piston system while the m16 runs off a gas system and jams or breaks every 30 seconds becuase of it. This shoot ss at 900 rounds per minute while the Kalashnikov and the AR 15 shoot at 600. This can shoot under water, buried in sand or drenched in thick mud. Try any of these three things with another rifle and the gun goes kaboom with the receiver stabbed in your eye. If it overheats, just pop it open, hand the heating rod to someone and it will be ice cold. This weapon cannot break unless parts are removed.
People are constantly going off about the AK's poor accuracy. It is really not that inaccurate, saying so is simply trite, fire one for yourself. I know that for myself I can shoot an AK just as well as I can shoot an AR. And a piston system is still a gas system, the M16's gas system is referred to "direct Impingement". The cyclic rate of fire is not nearly as important as you make it out to be, slower cyclic rates help to keep the weapon controllable. Saying this weapon cannot break unless parts are removed is completely absurd, fundamentally a firearm is a mechanical device, as the mechanical complexity increases, so does the risk of failure.
The HK 416 is the perfect replacement for the standard issue M4 carbine, its piston gas system makes it more reliable and improves the overall life of the rifle by reducing chamber fouling. It is a much better option over any other competitors due to its similarity to the M4 and therefore has a familiar feel for soldiers reducing the time needed for retraining. The HK 416 is more accurate and reliable than the AK-47 and can be thrown into all the dirt mud sand and water you want without jamming or losing the smallest bit of accuracy. It is a hell of a lot more versatile than the AK-47 with full set of rails and a full length top rail allowing for more optics than you could ever need. It is a complement to the world renowned precision German firearms manufacturing company that brought us the famous MP5 and many others. The rifle has been adapted by many special forces world wide including the U. S Navy Seals and the Australian Special Air service.
HK 416 is being widely tested and can be considered as the best assault rifle available.
It is more accurate than an AK and more reliable than a M4.
It has been tested in water, mud, sand and horribly abused. The results were surprising:MORE RELIABLE THAN AN AK!
[Newest]The HK 416 is the perfect.
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Extremely accurate.. Low recoil. Easily customizable. Top 2 easy.
Best gun no doubt, accurate low recoil and it will work with almost any assault rifle round
It is extremely accurate, and can be customized to fire any round. It is the official replace for the M4 so it must be good!
[Newest]The Remington 6.8 ACR is the best assault rifle on the whole world...
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5M16 Rifle
The M16 is the best rifle, no doubt. The AK47 is nowhere near the top spot and I can prove it. The M16 is lighter than the AK47, so you can carry more ammunition. The M16 has a higher rate of fire (950 rpm) than the AK47(600 rpm), so you can get more lead down range and you have a better chance of getting the enemy. The M16 has much higher range, as you are able to hit a point/bullseye target at 1804 feet (550 m), while an AK47 cannot hit an area target at 330 feet (100 m). This was proven in the Youtube video called " AK47 vs M16 Part 1". Also the M16 is has very low recoil, while the AK47 kicks like a mule. The only advantages the AK47 has are lesser jamming and power. However, the M16 is very close to these two advantages, as it's hard to jam and has a much faster bullet (indicating power) so it is still reliable in both situations. There is no possible way an AK47 is better than this.


The M16 has to be the finest assault rifle the world has ever seen and all of the rifles that have been made on the 16's frame are a testament to this fact. Although the AK is a wonderful rifle at close range it is not the be all due all that a weapon going into battle needs to be. Yes, I know the horror stories about the M16 but these go back to the early days of development and have no bases for the rifle used today. One other problem has been the US military asking to much of the design as in the M4 with a gas block placed to close to the receiver causing many problems but the M4 is not the M16 and that fact is often over looked. Could the M16 be improved with adding a simple piston system and high tech dry lube coatings, well yes! But over all the military can find no weapon the is truly leaps and bounds above the M16 or they would buy it. With the way we spend money on the military, spending big bucks for a finer weapon is not a concern. But someone has to build it first.
There actually aren't very many rifles that use the M16's internals, just the ergo features (Some of them) there is a reason for this.

I guess you just ignore the horror stories from places like Wanat which are only a few years ago and have massive relevance to the M4s and M16s used right now.

Actually the US military has tested a number of weapons leaps and bounds better, the main hurtle is money and corruption. The US would rather have fancy expensive new jets that don't work than a reliable effective rifle.
The M-16 works great in a battle. It does need cleaning like all guns do (other than AK's I guess) but you clean your gun between battles. The m16 is light and easy to carry 99% of the time your lugging this thing around... It's also accurate so you can hit what your shooting at... Not just spray bullets like the AK... And my real reason for voting for the M16... The AK does not fit comfortable for me to shoot.. It's the most uncomfortable piece of junk I've ever shot.. I have to pull the little stock ( made for little people? ) right up to my face then the shells almost hit me in the face when they come out. The sights are not as nice as the M16... I bought the AR15 $1600 triple the money an ak costs... But I wanted a gun that was fun to shoot... Not something that is built to just spray bullets
[Newest]Better then AK rifles...
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A good gun, all together. It's accuracy is pretty deadly, and most all special operations groups use them as a main choice of weaponry. They've also made a big impact throughout many video-games, being the "good-guy gun". Its "older brother" the M16, was used through many wars before degrading into the M4, which I s a lighter and more compact weapon, basically a smaller and lighter M16.
This is a standard, miltary gun. Next to the M-16 it's one of the recommended guns. It's a good looking gun with a high fire rate. At 30 shots a mag I could take out the russian army alone... If they didn't shoot back
Easily upgradeable. Full auto/semi auto. Long barrel short barrel. And now made by fn
The makers of the scar
[Newest]Lightweight, easily accessible, and accurate, although the newer versions the real weapons of choice (M4A3)

7Heckler & Koch G36
This gun is as robust as the AK-47. It can fire straight out of water or mud, it won't quit on you.

It's more accurate than the M-16/AR-15 series.

It's lighter than most the other guns on the list.

It's ambidextrous. It can be field stripped in under 2 minutes with no tools.

It has several different sights built into it for different ranges.

AK-47 is old and outdated and is definitely one of the worst weapons on here. For those who don't know the AK-47s. 30 round is actually weaker than the NATO 5.56 mm. It's bigger but the 5.56mm flies faster and transfers more energy to the target when it hits. So much so that it actually shatters into dozens of pieces in side the target. So it's actually more powerful than the AK-47 as well.

Sorry guys but this is the best one. It's even been tested in comparisons with the M-16 and AK-47 and came up on top in every different test.

SCAR and F2000 are in the running for 2nd and 3rd. All of the other ones are outdated though and can't compete with these more modern weapons.
Looks Cool
Very Accurate
And gets the Job Done
Can fire directly out from water, never jams in dirty environment, lightweight you can carry easy, reliable than AR15 platform, and lightyears moderner than AK47...
[Newest]Best saw weapon should b on no. 1

Most of you are extremely stupid, you get your "facts" from call of duty. I highly doubt that any of you stupid bastards have ever even fired a weapon. The fn fal fires 7.62x51mm fully automatic or single fire, kicks like a mule, but is my number 1 choice for splattering sum bitches that think they know everything about firearms because they have played some child's T.V. game
I'm sure you mean well but people won't listen to insults, they tend more to listen to reason. You may know a great deal but you sound foolish especially since you don't know any of the people you are insulting in this venue. Perhaps it would make sense to be considerate, I'm sure your loved ones would agree.
Was the #1 choice for over 90 free world countries and has been thoroughly battle tested in all environments. It is proven and the best choice of 7.62 battle rifles. 5.56 or similar round is a more practical round for most battlefield environments but FAL is best 7.62
I owned 2 FN FAL, 1 FNC and 1 AR-15. Among those rifles, my favorite is still the N FAL. It is heavy but very accurate. With a good scope and bipod, it is a sniper rifle good up to 1 Km range. A well built weapon, all parts are machined, it is a reliable weapon and the FN FAL is still a king of assault rifle.
[Newest]It's a Battle Rifle, not an Assault Rifle.

The M4a1, I try to avoid it whenever I can. Let's run over things people say about it.

#1: It's accurate. So, exactly how often can you exploit that accuracy. War ain't a bench rest precision shooting competition. I've never run into a person who could use the fantastic AR accuracy in combat while running and gunning against other moving infantry. Shooting machine gunners and snipers doesn't count; they're stationary targets!

#2: It's customisable. And the AK isn't? I can put a grenade launcher and an optic and a bayonet on my AK. What else do you want; a pizzeria?

#3: Navy SEALS use it. Here's a dirty little secret: the SEALS and all other such guys do have choice when picking arms. They can have pretty much just about anything you could ask for. However, if they pick anything other than an M4, then the guy has to pay for it out of his own personal pocket. ALso, the military won't supply anything other than 5.56 ammo. So good luck if you picked something different.

#4: 5.56 is lethal enough. No, it's not. It's great when everything goes right in terms of fragmentation, velocity, range, cover, body armor, etc, but now when things go wrong.
Navy seals don't have to buy their weapons m4 is one of the best, watch triggers assault it will tell you wats better
Well it is a improvement on the rugged reliable m4 which is the improvement of the m16 one of the first assault rifles to be made up primarily of high tech poly carbonates. This feature is not the only reason why most assault rifles that are used in battle, but is a major factor. The m4 family also uses the lighter 5.56 round which does take away some stopping power but allows the soldier/user to carry more rounds, which is invaluable on the battlefield. I am not going to argue the AK is the best assault rifle to be manufactured, all I am saying is the m4 should be ranked in the top 3, it is a rugged battle proven rifle that has origins going back to the 50's.
Actually to all you clowns saying the Seals use it, you're wrong about the reason. Yes Seals can choose their weapons, but the military usually only gives them one or two options, anything else and they need to buy it themselves. Also it should be noted that the HK416 is much more popular with the US Special forces community not just seals but delta too and it has been pretty much since the weapon arrived on the scene.

Furthermore the special forces community doesn't suffer from the same problems as the army because they are in combat less, and have time to meticulously maintain their rifles. For a general combat rifle all DI systems have proven themselves lacking in practically every conflict they have been in. But especially in South America, the Pacific and deserts. Any country that can is getting rid of these weapons.
[Newest]This gun is hideously ugly.
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10Steyr AUG
This should be 1st. Not to sound like a teenie bopper, but ak is overrated and yes reliable, but way to heavy and not accurate. Besides its made almost all the time out of wood, which is once again heavy and expensive with a lot of time to make. It's time new technology came in this world, the Styer AUG is exactly that. Light, tough exterior wich is cheaper than wood and made with ease. There is also not a bunch of metal pipes going every where like the ak. It also comes in different sizes for different area missions. Powerful caliber sizes pack a punch like the ak and more. But out of all things it's reliable because Austria and Germany designed it.
The weapon is Bullpup automatically it should be first the weapon is short yet has a decent length barrel and is also light weight. The weapon also fires the extremely accurate 5.56 mm which is small easy to carry and hardly kicks I know this because I MYSELF have fired it not played a video game with it in. If you have ever fired the AK-47 it kicks to much, you can not fire it full auto 30 rounds without the muzzle lifting up of the target. The ak is also very heavy and not very accurate, the only reason a lot of undeveloped countrys have used it is because of its reliability.
My brother in law used this rifle in the Austrian army, never stops gushing about it. I personally have fired a civil variant and it's a beautiful rifle fits nicely into the shoulder very accurate very reliable, the only thing I could complain about is the sight but hey! They already fixed that with the two newer models. The bullpup configuration is a huge advantage and this rifle brings it out in spades.
[Newest]Barrel is interchangeable to fire longer ranges. Low recoil. Bull pup. Featured on top guns hosted by history channel. Lightweight. 5.56 NATO

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it barrel is longer than mostly every weapon because of its bult up designe making it a very accurate rifle pluse its rate of fire and shortness helps it in CQB battles and you can add any atchment I would give the famas an 9 out of 10
Pretty high accuracy and a good 3 round burst. Low damage. But does that job fast and it is a great gun for less recoil then the ak-47.
Best assault rifle ever made! Try it!
[Newest]Good a accuracy but a lot of jams and have to use steel cased rounds with it because the action tears standard rounds apart and also the steel casings increase fouling and jams

The M14 is a fairly heavy rifle but not for any reasonably strong male. I carried one in '67/'68 in Vietnam and am thankful I was issued the best semi auto rifle available. It is extremely accurate and was used as a sniper rifle in Iraq. It is at least as durable as any other assault rifle and the 7.62 round is a long range killer round. There are no "fragile" parts on the M14. It is the IMPROVED "son" of the M1, the rifle that George Patton called "the finest battle implement ever devised." The FN FAL is also very good as is the HK G36, but if one needs a rifle able to perform well in all weather and terrain, jungle or open fields and mountains, I would still choose the M14! The civilian version (the standard M1A) is essentially the same as an M14 except it can only fire on semi-auto but Springfield also makes a national match and super match M1A. I own a M1A super match and I would never part with this rifle!
Durable, highly accurate weapon, and with the new stock you can fit all the fancy attachments you please. Plus it fires the 7.62 nato, the best assault rifle cartridge of all time
An excellent, reliable battle rifle. Proven in combat. Never should have been replaced by the m16.

It certainly qualifies, by any objective standard, as among the top 5 or 6 "best battle rifles" on earth.
[Newest]The best pound for pound rifle every made

Less recoil than an ak47, more accurate than an ak47, the only difference is the fact that it doesn't have as much damage through a concrete brick like the 47's 7.62x39 round compared to the 74's 5.45x39. The 74 is a stealthier weapon in my opinion and is just as good as the ak47 and if not, better. I would take a 74 over a 47 in combat. Does just as much damage to a human's flesh as an ak47 does
Also known as the AK-47's underrated little brother, the AK-74 has the same design but with a skeleton butt that can possibly fold down, if you want it to of course.


More accurate, better ballistics, lighter round than ak47.
[Newest]Best Russian assault rifle

Standard assault rifle for the us military today, it beats the ak by a lot in accuracy, and its nifty 3 round burst is quite effective.

15Tavor TAR-21
As most all Jewish do I spent time in the IDF and there had the chance to use the Uzi, Colt M4, Galil, FN Fal and the Tavor. Although not as powerful as the 7.62X39 this 5.56 mm bullpup weapon was much tested in Gaza by myself and I can report that there are now a few more "bad guys" not going to shoot kasam rockets into Israel anymore. The weapon was supplied with a MARS sight system and overall it was beyond what I had hoped. A true rifle you can bet your life upon
Had an experience with the SCAR, G36C, M4A1, TAR21 and some others.
I have to say that TAR21 is an amazingly accurate piece of gun!
It light and very comfortable and the most best feature of it that with this gun you will decrease the shade of yourself while on a mission or something like it.
I think it should be in the top five!
Travor is the best assault riffle you can use in close combat urban environment. The weapon is abused by the Israel fighters that use it. It remains durable from abuse and is compact enough to lay, hide and wait, or stalk an enemy. This weapon can clear a corner and is very light and the bull pup design allows you stabilize the weapon. This makes the user a moving target. In today's environment you should want to move and shoot it will keep you alive.
[Newest]One of the best rifles along with AK and SCAR.

I own a 223 galil since 93 and have put way over thousands of rounds with no jams most accurate rife I've ever owned m16 was a jammer so was the ar15 the hk93 was lighter but when shooting in extreme cold [-10] it started to jam but the galil kept going
Galil is one of the most durable and heavy-hitting rifles around, an improvement from the low accuracy fo the AK-47 as made in Russia. If anyone knows what they're doing when it comes to assault rifles, its the Israelis (see the Tavor assault rifle for more examples of such military genus).
Carried one of these in combat, best of all world's combined. I can't say enough about how all of its features come together to form an excellent package.

I personally think that the only reason ak is at the at the top is because its an "original" and "tough". I know nothing about firearms nor do I get my facts from first person shooters, but the xm8 is a EXTREME HYBRID. it could be fired as an smg or used as an assault rifle, heck you could probably use the darn thing as a sniper rifle. this was suppose to be the ULTIMATE weapon, capable of adapting to terrain, highly mobile. Truly something of the future.
Supposed to take over from the m4, as reliable as a AK, more accurate than the HK416, as light as a submachine gun, I mean you seriously can't get any better than that, like come on, this should be number 1, what do you guys know about guns. You guys are way better than that! This is the best rifle on the frigging market
Too bad it never go into production :(

It is the latest version of AK47 and has all the qualities of it. It can also be fitted with different sights, Suppressor, grenade launcher and a 100 round high capacity magazine. It is more accurate than before. It can also be modified for firing different rounds such as- 7.62x51mm, 5.56x45mm, 12 gauge and many other. It must be at the top of this list. I am thinking why people are not voting this superb rifle? So, if anyone reads it then please think that it is the latest version of AK47 and vote it!
AK-47 Is now old man! For how many Days does people will run after it? They must take a look at this rifle which is The latest version of the AK47. They Can see the difference in Wikipedia's pages. In my opinion the AK-12 is much better.


Super upgraded ak-74 yes please. The ak-74 is possibly the best modern combat rifle simply by virtue of its simplicity and ease of use. The Ak-12 is essentially and ak-74 with ergonomic refinements, more rail space, better sights etc. Before anyone loses it. I mean ak-74 not ak-47 its not a typo it's a more modern Ak chambered in a modern caliber.

I used to be a assault rifle tester for the military and the best assault that I've ever tested before is the Car-15. It is so much better than Ak-47, or any of the FN type guns. The only gun that even comes close to this gun is the M4 but, the Car-15 is amazing. It's accuracy is phenomenal and has an outstanding rate of fire. I can't believe this is ranked no. 17!
Car-15 is an amazing gun. I used to own one before I sold it to my buddy, anyway it has an amazing firing rate and accuracy. I don't know why all special ops teams use this gun. Props to whoever posted this
Used by the Navy SEALS, it has and incredible firing rate, extremely accurate, and very good for close quarter combat. Despite it's name, this gun is outstaanding.

20SG 552 Commando
"Rolex AK" Not so much the 552 but it's replacement the 553 and including the 550 and 551 Many HK enthusiasts will even refer to Swiss arms rifles as being built by the gods. Even the flash hider is milled into the barrel on the 551! With ilaflon coated steel the gun is almost indestructible, unfortunately in this world of everyone owning an m4 or AK these are overlooked. The Swiss arms guns are meant to last a lifetime with barrel life lasting over 60,000 plus rounds think "steel bristle" cleaning kit! Built in tritium sights. Also it is derived from an AK so you can expect near AK reliability very easy to clean, no tools required.
The down side. Not many records of combat usage also very heavy for an assault rifle.

21Gas Piston, .308 M4 Platform.

Russian assault rifle with extremely accurate two-burst function, so precise with next-gen technology Russia does not export it too any other country.
There is a reason why the spetsnaz use this. Downside is it takes some training to use effectively.
It's by far the most advanced assault rifle I have seen.
It's 2 rounds burst is hell accurate and it's a true body armor killer.
[Newest]Best of best putin

The full metal version of the AK-47
Really not that practical but badass

Awesome gun, you can get 100 round drum magazines for it, slide fire stocks ( make it fully automatic), grips, flashlights. Best gun purchase I ever made
Best all around gun
It's is used for mostly home defense which makes it good

25Mk 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle
One of the most versatile weapon systems around. The weapon is able to deliver moderate power at decent ranges, Great for combat.

26Sig Swat 556
The Sig 556 is the most reliable 556/223 ever made. It can fire reliably between 10K rounds before cleaning. The all metal receiver/fire-control/piston make this the most durable next generation assault rifle available, and it has no plastic receiver parts!
Accurate, beautiful and reliable.
It's a Sig. Enough said!
[Newest]Simple and ergonomic, reliable and tough. Robust ejection.

27IMI Tavor TAR-21
A great Israeli rifle

28vz. 58
Plain but simple. Solid assault rifle and rock.
Best rifle of all time...
People do not know it, but all who have it knows, that it is better than AK
[Newest]Lightweight and very powerful

Extremely accurate, cleaning is an option, take m16 mags (any kind) will shoot any brand of ammo without jamming, has 4 position on the piston; closed (will not eject the brass real quite when using a suppressor) normal, suppressed, and adverse (when you might have to shoot 1000 rounds). Has a cold hammer forged barrel that will last 20,000 rounds of non-steel core 10,000 rounds of steel core. Just a great gun.
Out of all my guns this is the best in all areas. It is a little heavy but it does everything very well...
Lwrc is the best of the best the king

30SG 550
As accurate as a swiss watch. The 5.6 cal version (Swiss army version) is much more accurate than the 5.56 version (NATO version). They even make a sniper version of this gun. Very good long range assault rifle. There are carabine versions for CQB.
"If you think I am wrong you have never had a SIG" That about sums it up. Accurate, reliable, handles well, has a heavy nose, but I find the extra weight on the barrel helps with muzzle rise on hammer double taps. Very controllable weapon. Cleaning is optional, but I like cleaning the SIG, easy to field strip.
Best of both worlds. Accuracy of the M4/M16 platform but with the reliability of an AK. No gas fouling in like the M4 but also lacking barrel whip found with the AK's.

31VHS by HS Produkt
VHS is one of the most advanced rifles in the world also newest ones it is on it s way to become standard NATO issue...
Best assault rifles in world.
This is one of the newest assault rifles also one of most inovative and it is also on it s way to become standard NATO issue

32SIG SG 516
This gun has a reputation with many gun nuts that look into international firearms. It is smooth just from the look and the various posts people have made show how good it is. This needs to be closer to 1 on more lists, and I don't say that out of bias, the preference to either classic international firearms or American ones is hurting the popularity this gun deserves.
€ Gas piston operating system
• Four-position gas regulator
• 5.56 x 45mm NATO
• Free-floating military grade chrome lined barrel
• M1913 Picatinny flat top upper
• 7075-T6 Aircraft grade aluminum upper & lower receiver with hard coat anodize finish
Very well made. Accurate, Very reliable.
[Newest]Best Swiss gun ever

33Heckler & Koch HK417
Everything the hk416 is with more punch, assault or marksman
Best 7,62 rifle in the world

Very accurate, reliable. The weight and length is greatly reduced. It shoots the Chinese 5.8mm round, proved to be very powerful, light, and ballistic tests shows that it tumbles once it strikes human tissue. The new version, qbz 95-1 has excellent ergonomics. I not the best, this gun is one of the best rifles in the 21st century.
Chinese: 95式自动步枪. Highly accurate, shoots in all temperatures -50 to 100 C. Is said to be very reliable, although this seems suspicious, since this gun has so many parts. I personally have never handled one of these but my friend has, and he says its ok.
I like it's model and it shoot pretty straight as well... nice accuracy and never get jammed

The only rifle that is not gas operated. Undiscovered but someday all guns will be pneumatic valve and rod system. Best discovery by Filipinos

36StG 44
This is easily one of the most innovative weapons of all time. If Germany had this earlier on the war they may have won, or at least done more damage.
If you don't pick this assault rifle, you are stupid. The AK-47 wouldn't be here if it weren't for the StG44. Every assault rifle wouldn't be here and we would still be using semi-auto rifles in the military.
How on earth is this on no 27! Should've easily been in the top 10, this is the daddy of all assault rifles.
[Newest]Well it isn't 27 anymore... 78 that's just terrible

My 1903 can reach out and touch someone as far as I can see. It's dead accurate.
"Enfield" is not very specific... you might as well be referring to the Lee-Enfield which isn't even an assault rifle.
The mutts nuts I have shot one many times

The reliability of the a1 gave this rifle a bad name but those who have shot it will be astounded at its sheer accuracy, that pretty much leaves every other assault weapon standing (fact) but I would not like to pay for my own one. Ha ha but makes a lot of other weapons feel cheap in comparison. Even the LSW is more accurate than most on this page.
Sa80a2 is a very accurate gun and after the recent modifications that the british army has asked h&k to make on it, has made it a very reliable gun also. I am in the royal armored corps and have had the opotunity to fire many guns. I would also like to point out that the sa80 has a longer effective range than most other assault rifles which gives it a massive advantage over other rifles on the battlefield
Certainly the most accurate weapon in the world but is also much more practicle for close urban and house to house warfare. The A2 is far more reliable than its predecessor and is also one of the most expensive rifles to produce. This is one of my favourite weapons that I have ever fired (my favourite being the Lee Enfield).
[Newest]A2 puts many others to shame! Used many times and would not swap

39M4 Carbine
Though it does not have a very high range this thing is lethal at close range

40Heckler & Koch G11
Probably the most innovative AR since the AK, it uses caseless ammunition and was the first and best to do so.

41CZ-805 BREN
Why is this not in number 1?
Cross between ACR and SCAR, extremely acurate and very powerful.

42FN F2000
Just because it works well in a video game does not mean it works well in the field. Have you ever even fired a weapon in real life?
I've never handled the F2000 but I have handled the FS2000 it's handles beautifully, a bit of a creepy trigger but aside from that it has surprisingly good ergonomics and preforms very well. The only gripe I have is the the sights are not as impressive as they look. It's just got a bulky cover.
I like this kind of rifles

Fail. This rifle was exlcluded and never made it to mass production.

44Zastava M21
Zastava can't be in alist of top rifles because it rust and it's barrel not lined with Crom
Serbia for the win

It is the latest version of the AK47 and has all its qualities. Now it can also hold A mounted sight, a suppressor and a grenade launcher. Its also more accurate than AK47 Because it is modified for this. So, I think it mustbe at the top of This list.
Yes. AK 47 is a great gun but its really old. AK 12 is made in 2012 and its a lot better than the original.
It is the latest version of Ak47 and Has all the qualities of it, plus It can hold a sound suppressor easily and has picattiny rail for Sight Fittins which is absent in AK47. It can also be modified to fire 3 types of new rounds, such as- 5.56x39mm, 7.62x51mm and Onwards. So, I think It must Be at the top of This list.

46RK 62
I used this in my military service on Finland, and I think its better than other assault rifles...
Very accurate and reliable weapon that can whitstand terrible weather.
A finnish assault rifle. AK-47 copy but better than AK. Best assault rifle of all time! Why don't any Call of Duty have this.

47RK 95 TP


49Galil ACE

50M1 Garand
I like its accurate shots without consuming a lot of time. 9Its speed with great accuracy is a thing that makes the gun different from the other rifles of its time.
I have owned an M-1 for over 50 years. It has NEVER failed, is always dead accurate and of course when that 30-06 hits, enough said.
First mother semi auto rifle ever. No questions asked. Without this, we would've lost World War II.

51SAR 21
- Very low recoil! Very good weapon. Best rifle in my opinion

52Zastava M70
Hands down best weapon than all others above. This should be number 1. Reliable, and with little to no modifications can reduce recoil.
The serbian version of kalashnikov
Its better then all of the weapons above look it up
The AK-47 is the "Pick up truck" of the rifle world, and the M-70 is the HEAVY DUTY INDUSTRIAL TRUCK version! 1.5 mm thickness receiver vs. 1 mm of the standard AK, and the M-70 has a much thicker barrel which improves it's accuracy. I own two of them. Very rugged, and quite accurate even with iron sights.

53RK 95
In really cold environment this would be your choice.
Also called as Rich mans AK-47.

54Type 81

55Hk Mp7
So accurate and handy

BD -08 is best for the jungle war. No shake, high rate of fire, easy to jump with it. simply awesome.
Experts love it as well as best rifle in the world.
Best 7.62 rifle is BD-08 now in the world.
[Newest]You can trust it for jungle war.

57Ferfrans SOAR
This should be the new favorite of all. Gas piston type, low recoil. Very accurate, no jamming. The US SWAT find this assault rifle as the best they have ever seen for a long time.
Extremely reliable and accurate at full auto.

It has a hard hitting 7.62x51mm rifle round that can punch through most body armor! I wouldn' recommend fully automatic though because of extremely high recoil. But as a designated Marksman Rifle nothing beats it! :D
M14 fired a better round 7.6x51 was a dependable platform and all around most dependable and most accurate by far.

59FN P90
Small but it has a really good aim and it's easy to hide
Good mag capacity, easy to handle, light, accurate. high rate of fire for CQB situations. The top choice for room clearing.
Goodmag capacity, easy to handle, ambidextrous, accurate. High rate of fire for CQB situations.

A shorter version of the AK5 which is a modified FN FNC that has been rebuilt and reinforced to be able to handle the extreme Swedish climate. It is very rugged and very accurate but is as a result a bit heavier than a M16.

This rifle is a licensed version of the galil it is very versatile easy to maintain, not as accurate over long range as the fn but excellent combat weapon, slide from AK47 actually fits in this weapon but of course cannot be used due to difference in calibre. I personally would chose this rifle over any other due to having being trained on it.
Inner working based on ak 47
Used it myself in the old SADF in South Africa-a VERY reliable and accurate rifle, tried and well tested in combat over many years.

The R5 is a 5.56 mm assault rifle that was introduced into service with the South African defense Force in the early 1980s, replacing the earlier 7.62 mm FN FAL rifle, that was manufactured in South Africa under a license agreement from Fabrique Nationale. The R5 is produced by Vektor (a small arms division of Denel corporation, currently Denel Land Systems). The weapon is a licensed variant of the Israeli Galil assault rifle with several modifications; notably, both the stock and magazine are now made of a high-strength polymer and the stock's arms were lengthened, adapting the weapon for the average South African soldier. The R5 is a selective fire, gas-operated weapon that fires from a closed bolt. Been in service for over 30 years same as R 4

63Steyr ACR
It's fletchet round is so fast the sights have no elevation because the bullet trajectory is flat to max range
But… It's not designed yet!

64Armalite AR10
308 in an AR platform? What's not to love? When cost, workmanship, accuracy, familiarity, and a butt kicking cartridge all come into play, the AR10 in 7.62 with a 20 inch barrel is really hard to beat. I've owned a lot of top end rifles. This is the one I'll reach for when the SHTF. It's the best $1400 I ever spent. I love this rifle!
At a thousand yards this has the kinetic energy of a 357mag at point blank range... On the ar platform you can't beat it!
Accurate. Solid. Can be used as a club... Strange as it sounds, the ARs cannot, nor can the AK be used as a pry bar when oftentimes that's all the AK and AR are useful for. The 308 will puncture things that the 223 will not. To me, that's critical because the bad guys sometimes stay inside of trucks and such.

65USP 45.
It equal to old colt.45 1911 but better as it is much lighter and higher ammo. capacity
Why is this even on this list?
Great and Powerful Special Forces Pistol

66Kbs wz. 1996 Beryl
-it's more accurate than ak74
-fires 5.56x45 NATO round
-piccantiny rails
-double fire selector
-burst fire mode

67Korobov TKB-517
Without a doubt the best ever made.

68SG 751 SAPR
Like the SG550 but with wider range and more stopping power, because it uses the 7.62x51 NATO round
It' accuracy makes it almost a sniper Rifle,
It comes with a long and a short barrel


I agree completely the lwrc psd is accurate durable and in all cases very fun to shoot
Any of the Lwrc line up should be top of the list. Where is the Reper? Or their new six8 ic?

71LWRC Six8 6.8 SPC
Takes new p mags. Ambidextrous lower. Better punch than 556, can Carry more ammo than the 7.62 an easier to control. Just as reliable as an Ak and will go above and beyond Ak ability.

72Robinson Arms XCR
Isn't in top because no one knows this poor one!

73C8 Carbine

Best than the other assault rifle in the world. Simply love it.
Updated version bd 13

75M1 Carbine

76IWI X95L Flattop
Lightweight, accurate, reliable and functional. Not perfect or ideal but pretty close. I don't believe in one best overall, firearm or caliber. Each has its pros and cons. User must decide what is best for their situation, which can always change and usually varys. Maybe one day we will have a true do it all firearm and caliber but until then this is my choice. Yes bullpups have their drawbacks and the 5.56 NATO certainly does but for the versatility of this weapon and the availability of the round I'll take it for now and I'm sure will cus both of them from time to time. But probably less than others. Hopefully.
Solid, versatile, good trigger pull for a bullpup, familiar safety and mag release.

Why no one cares аек-971? It's one of the best AK base AR's
It is derived from AK series and has a high fire rate of 900 RPM. It is very interesting because it is the first Russian assault rifle to have sucha high firerate. I was once an AK-12 fan but now I realised that it is the best! It fires the same AK47 cartridge with high firerate. It must be at the top.

78POF P416
Why would the POF not be rated the same as the HK416 since it is virtually the same rifle only the pof has better metal and coatings... Is just as accurate if not more so... One difference is the pof has a 1-8 twist[55gr. to 80gr. ]and the hk has 1-7 twist[62gr. to 90gr. ]The hk 416 gets a lot more exposure?

79L85A2 (SA80) Susat Scope

Just as reliable as AK47 but it's more lighter, and more accurate as the M4 did


82HK IAR M27
It's basically the HK 416 Carbine with a longer barrel and more ammunition, pretty decent if you ask me. Not as much recoil too.


83HK 53


85Imbel IA2
Brazilian assault rifle. Small, powerful, extremely fast and accurate.
Best assault rifle in the world

86Barrett REC-7

87C7 Carbine

88Remington 223

89CAR 816


The FN FNC with the 450 mm barrel, made under licence from FN, is a simple weapon that I used in service in the nineties.

Simple to handle and use with a light kickback but also with some disadvantages:
Snow, AK 5 and degrees below freezing point was not always a good combination. The mechanism got stuck.
Sand. The smallest grain could make a bad moment even worse.
Plate. It was easily done to damage the metal in the box. Then you couldn't close the weapon...

I had just fixed sights on my rifle but with a telescopic sight, for example, it would have reached the next level. Despite its disadvantages.
The first model of the FN FNC, made under licence, had the 450 mm barrel.

I used this version during my service. It was a simple weapon and easy to use but it had some disadvantages:
Snow, degrees below freezingpoint and AK 5 was not a good combination.
Sand was another, even the smallest grain could mess things up.
Then, the box was to fragile and could quite easily become damaged.

Any way, we liked this weapon and maybe it can be called "a beginners assault rifle"?

92HK USC 45
Close to medium range shooting, very reliable and ammo is everywhere to get. Lots of options to add. This gun has a small kick so it can be used by anyone

93M27 IAR


It is the most reliable mid-battle field Assault Rifle with its Effective and sharp Accurate range of 500m. I used to use it in place of AK-47 when I was in a Paramilitary personnel. And it has more Accuracy and light weight and recoil than AK-47. Even though for effective battle with more MASS I will prefer AK-47. But in public I will use INSAS. Now we are improving INSAS with some modifications. Hope it helps our Military Personnel.
It is a unwarranted, unsuccessful and defective rifle supplied to the Indian Army because a soldier can not fight close battle with this rifle. Lethal effectiveness of the round of this rifle is very poor. Some time in quick response fire it stops and it has such major defects which can not be rectified at once and death of a unlucky soldier is certain without any fight. It is the lowest weapon in the history of the riles all over the world. A wanton is thousand time better than this rifle. Recommended it must be withdrawn from the Indian Army and a sophisticated rifle matching M 16 or Travcor should be supplied to the Army. Such weapon is not a cheating against the Army but also loss to the State exchequer.
Fires 5.56*45 mm + 40 mm ubgl.
has 3 mode single, 3 round burst, full auto.
750 rpm.
[Newest]Ultimate weapon! Less recoil, extreme accuracy!

96Heckler & Koch G3
Firing 308 Winchester (also known as the 7.62*51, this weapon is the perfect balance of power, weight, accuracy and range. It's not as reliable as its kalishnikov counterparts, but that's not saying much, not many guns R. It has an effective range of 800 meters, and can be equipped with a scope to serve as a sniper weapon. It's well balanced and incredibly accurate. Also, it is more controllable in automatic fire than an AK is. G3 is the best assault rifle in the world, bar none.
7,62x51. It tells everything about it. Long barrel, strong ammunition, what more do you need when you go for a hunt?

Perhaps its recoil is a bad too strong for automatic fire, but who cares if 1 shot is enough?
Extreme practic, long range 7.62x51mm, good looking, lot of countries still use it like mexico, it is the main weapon in mexican drug war.
A gun that still win wars even with 50 years old.
[Newest]Bangladesh ordinance factory made.

The fact that someone even thought the PPSh-41 was an assault rifle reinforces the abounding ignorance of this list.
No. It is a submachine gun.
Rapid fire low accuracy and even better a cheap gun

98Pindad SS2
Proud of nation. Indonesian special forces owned, best range in air sea and combat in term ability as well durability. I have brother in special force which told about ak47 nor m16 comparable to this
I'm not saying it's the best, but surely it could be nominate as one cause it's designed and created by a nation that is not as modern and well budget as America, Russia and other advance nations and still this weapon can bring Indonesia wins some competitions. Good joob.
[Newest]This is perfect rifle

99Lee Enfield SMLE
Probably the no.3 rifle of all time, no.2 being the m16 and number 1 being the AK-47 which it is on this list. This list is not realistic and it could not be anymore inaccurate to the real figures.
The most reliable weapon of all time no doubts.

100Heckler & Koch MP-5
This is just the best and most multifunctional small gun I have ever seen!
It sucks like your momma

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