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If you say my|phone means it is low-Price phones, it is Dual Sim, and it is Filipino brand of various stunning phones, based on my experience I used one of the best touchscreen phones T23 WIFI Duo I experienced a lot of things of it, Crystal Clear Camera, High Speed Internet access via WIFI WLAN and GPRS, Various Java Premium Games, Online facebook Chat, Gmaps if you are lost, Yahoo messenger, MSN, and other Various Applications. You can download & upload easily in all social networking. Real Time SMS & MMS, nice visual graphics, free access internet everywhere via WiFi hotspots!, and you can play HD & HQ Youtube Videos. I say my|phone is like no other features in other phones.
The quality of this phone is lasting compared to china made android phones but almost of the same price range. I would recommend this phone if you are looking for a phone with a right budget but wants a quality phone. The only par is RAM. It would be much better if the RAM is at least higher compared to high end phones. But for its price range it is better than others.
So long Philippines, we hope this will be our flag carrier when it comes to phone just like samsung to South Korea.
They think about how to create and develop the product before they even release it. What's so great about this product is they tenaciously look into every detail that would fit for Filipinos. Two thumbs up for this Filipino-made phone. This should be at number 1, because it wiped out other International brands in this Market.
Good quality, good price and the performance of their phones specifically their android models are similar with well-known branded mobile phones. I can say that myphone is the best Pinoy branded phone and I can say that I am proud to own one of your android model (A919).
MyPhone puts value for money and value for the Filipino race. One only has to get one MyPhone model to know that not everything that costs cheap should also come cheap in quality. MyPhone cell phones are truly world-class just like the Pinoys behind it.
I love android phones of MyPhone. They have a prayers too. Proudly Pinoy.. Hope they not stop making android phones and discover a phone that the other brand do not have. More powers and keep it up MyPhone! Thumbs up!
Great feature for a budget friendly phone.. The best phone I ever had... Since the absence of motorola mobiles here we found this local phone that amaze us beyond belief I personally recommend this phone to those people who's always looking for a great budget and feature wise phone... God bless
This is a great phone brand in terms of quality and content. It meets the need of the masses for a good phone with better value but not too pricey. I am personal user of MyPhone handset, using A818DUO it is perfect for me.
MyPhone = best quality of the Philippine local brands. I'm using MyPhone for about a year now and it's still working great. To top all of it is that it just cost half of the mainstream phone's in the market with just almost the same quality. I love Myphone. More power!
Good quality phone! What can I say MyPhone suites me whenever I go. Style and quality are of the hook. This phone is not expensive but it is like a luxury phone that is so durable. That's why Filipino's love it. Giving it the best among the rest. I'll vote for My Phone.
MyPhone is obviously improving!... Hoping to have more support and improvements in Android phones. The Quality and cheaper price is a big factor. So why not consider this brand?.. Two thumbs up myPhone!
Very affordable but has great quality. You really get value for your money with MyPhone. Awesome brand! Promotes nationalism too, GO Philippines!
MyPhone is the best when it comes to affordability and durability. They also have very nice phones that they update regularly. I am onto my third MyPhone now and my first and second phone with them are now with my younger siblings. Go Myphone!
Well pinoy nowadays is searching for motivations of smartphone. To tell honestly phones coming from this brands are competitively awesome. For the price and specs they are all in one. For me here in the Philippines this brand is so perfect.
Everyone can afford all their units and that's what matters nowadays. And the Myphone company capture the heart of the FILIPINOs.. Now I can say that I'm so proud to be a myphone user.
I really love MyPhone super affordable then pinoy made! Proud to be Pure Pinoy! More units of phone that are super affordable and super useful!
This brand is nice. Affordable, Pinoy made, and many nice mobile features.. I like it very much! Should be proud to have a Pinoy made phone!
Great android phone, quality is the best, cheap and easily to upgrade, a great pilipino proud devise that busted all over the world now easily understand and capable as like the popular name brands. I am so empress how this devise response am proud to have one and I am proud as a Philippines citizen.
Very nice quality and durability. Reasonable prize based on the phone's features. I really recommend Myphone! I love Myphone!
Myphone is very good phone. This Is my phone. It has cheap price but the quality and experiences are good. I save My money because of Myphone. Thnks
Budget friendly, good quality, satisfaction guaranteed. Eversince I tried my first myphone, I totally switched from nokia brand. I am currently using 848 duo and its the sixth on the family. Why buy expensive ones when myphone can deliver almost same results.
Great quality and very affordable! I’m totally impressed with the functionality of MyPhone. I can say that MyPhone is more practical to have as compared to its other equivalent Android phone brands (with similar specifications). Highly recommended!
Good Quality Phones offered at an agreeable price. Especially ICS Phones. Love the processor speed. Playing games is great. Go MP
Good value for the money... Great devices for the masses.
You'll have everything you need in a device that is penny-friendly..
Good Quality, Appearance/Design and cheap price :) features are so amazing! I love this model! Go Myphone and more power.

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