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Amazing personality, beautiful, seducing, strong. She gives me life in fairy tail! I would love to see her further strength! I believe she'll go up as the first in this voting! Keep up on er-chan~!

She's the coolest female in FT I think mira jane and erza are equal some people say... But I think its not cause she has lots of magics and can change her armor and some weapons but mira jane turns to demon the outfit is 2 its red and blue but I think erza is much tough and stronger than mira jane

Erza is amazing and beautiful character. Her strength isn't about the magic too, but also the motivation to live

She's one of the strongest.

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Gray is a wonderful character simply because unlike the other members who each possess unique abilities E.G. Dragon Slaying, ice making magic can be learnt by almost all mages but it is up to you to hone it. Gray is creative (gosh, his intelligence is always overlooked, I have no idea why. Maybe because he enjoys his silly but friendly fights with Natsu too much? ) His battles usually include strategy (take his fast reaction by freezing his blood while fighting Ultear even though she only mentioned a detail once for example). His back story is heartbreaking but he chooses to live on. He is selfless. He has saved many souls (e.G. Lyon, Juvia, Ultear.). He is unbelievably kind and gentle (look how he treats the exceeds. Even Frosch! ) Plus he's ' hot.

He's so awesome! He has awesome skills and is by far he hotter one!

"There is a time when a man has to... STRIP! " coolest character ever!

Gray is clever, fun, strong, loyal and is a good strategist.

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I'm sorry but all you people going and thumbs downing supportive comments for natsu it is rude and not needed. If you don't support the character don't vote or comment. I don't understand why some people are hating on this great character. You say he has no character development well I find this funny considering he has literally the most character development and complex personality of any of the fairy-tail characters and they haven't even done a specific arc on him yet like they have for the other characters. You go and comment on how you don't like him and I ask well why do you like another character. They all have much simpler personalities and pasts and yet you hate on natsu for no reason. Some of these comments may not be specific as to why they do like him but not everyone has the time or energy to think of every reason and write it here I think you should respect that. If you need a reason to like this character here it is. NATSU is a very kind person. He accepts almost anyone and does not hold grudges he ven defends laxas and jelal after they both harmed his famly. This is a big deal because nothing is more important to natsu than family tjis is stated and shown numerous times in the show and manga. He is good with kids as shown with him playing with osca and even letting her win at games. This is big considering natsu is highly competitive. He has a strong sense of justice and will fight for what he believes in with no regrets. He is very courageous and brave and yes overwhelmingly powerful. YOU may say he wins by powering up randomly at the end of the battle after saying something about family. This is because NATSU HAS FLAMES OF EMOTION natsu is highly family oriented, nothing is more important to him and when losing or his friends are in danger he gets angry and frustrated and fearful causing his flames of emotion to power him up also being a dragonslayer he has the ability to strengthen himself by consuming out of the ordinary elements( fire, lighting, dark flames, god flames, etherion) so yeah he will win with a burst of power and if you pay attention he gets exhausted after battles so he's not invincible. He has been in fairytail since ge was a kid and the show/manga has done several flashbacks to his relationships with other characters. And regarding lissanna yea he was very close to her as a kid and during the flashbacks they show natsu as a kid and his playful, kind,rambunctious, and openly romantic personality, and his relationship with lissanna, but after her 3 year disappearance he is more close to gray, happy, lucy and erza, so its onl natural they'd have grown apart a bit, plus since family is important in fairytail and lissanna is blood related to mira and elfman she tends to hang out with them and they have always been a team in the first place. Natsu also has determination and never gives up. In the dragon king festival arc even though the world had been overcome and everyone but him and lucy had died he still kept more

Probably one of the worst characters ever. Over the course of 400 chapters he has received no character development whatsoever. There were moments where he could have some development, but they were just thrown out the window. For example, it was implied that Lisanna and Natsu have a very close bond with each other. Yet a few chapters after Lisanna is reintroduced to Natsu, she is then given the same treatment as Max almost complete irrelevance. Another moment was when Gildarts told Natsu that one should notice their weakness to become stronger. This solid piece of advice was completely shoved to the side as well when Natsu was fighting against Zancrow. He should just bailed the fight along with other members and hid for a couple of years to train then do a massive comeback. Instead, he does his typical friendship gimmick and pulls off an insane move (granted it did look pretty bad-ass). Which brings me to another fault in his character, the friendship philosophy. A very common philosophy in shounen, however Natsu overkills friendship by spouting every single time when he is losing and every single time he says something about friendship *BAM* power-up. No training, no explanation, just a friendship speech. On top of that, he always wins. Sure he is the main character and he is destined to win nonetheless, but even main characters in other mangas have lost now and then. For example: Luffy vs Aokiji, Ichigo vs Grimmjow (the two previous bouts), Naruto vs Orochimaru, etc. This type of thing gives the character an urge to become stronger to protect things that are important to them and thus have them train for their power-ups (of course all mangas will have their questionable power-ups no doubt, but in Fairy Tail you get a power-up, you get a power-up, everybody gets a power-up), but in Fairy Tail the power-ups are just handed out like free samples. Lastly to conclude this rant of mine, what ever happened to Natsu's goal? His goal, as stated in the beginning of the story, was to find his dragon father. He has made ludicrously minimal progress in that goal. All he has done up until now is encounter a dragon slayer and asks what happened to their dragon mentor and then proceeds to fight. That's it. Is Natsu an enjoyable character? In some ways yes, there are many people who enjoy a main character who kick ass and Natsu does just that. He gives out a really positive vibe and many readers are a fan of such thing as opposed to a more darker and grittier character, and you know what, that's cool. Fans are free to be a fan of whatever character they want to be a fan of, but when analyzing a character, separate your analysis from your enjoyment.

A lot of these Natsu aren't really giving good reason as to why Natsu is the best (or worst) character in the series. There are two that I've seen so far that has given a concise reason as why they think so with facts from the story. Others are just "Oh he's Natsu" or "He is sooo funny", those aren't reasons.

Natsu is my favourite character. I like characters that control fire. On top of that, Natsu is strong as a dragon. The best part about Natsu is that he always finds a way to give hope to his friends and the way he never gives up. He may be 4th on this site but doesn't mean we should follow it. Not everyone voted on this site.

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4Jellal Fernandes

I love Jellal! He was a jerk at first, but hey, he was possessed. When he became the kind Jellal he used to be, well, who wouldn't like him?

I just love Jellal. in the beginning he did some bad things, but he couldn't really control it, but he spends the rest of his life doing good things to make up for it. he's so cool, strong, and beautiful and him and ERza are so cute together.

I love jellal he's handsome and awesome

Because he's sexy and super nice

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I personally find Lucy to be conceited when it comes to her looks, and annoying when she simply sits back and watches as Natsu, Gray, Erza, etc save everyone. But when she actually gets up on her feet and fights, she's fairly strong. She has a lot of potential, and I believe the reason her power isn't as great as say, Juvia's, is because she spent so much of her life cooped up in a mansion. She also incredibly smart, if not a bit naive and superficial, and also cares for her friends. I think the reason she's not as driven as many of the other characters is because the traumatic events in her past weren't as severe. Overall, she's either my 5th or 6th favourite

Lucy Heartfillia may not be the strongest but her personality makes up for it. She's hilarious, always keeps a smile on her face, always positive, emotional, and always puts other people ahead of herself. And even though her magic's not strong, she tries her hardest to fight for her guild and her friends. ♥NatsuxLucy♥

Lucy save the the world when she sacrifices Aquarius's key in manga chapter 384 in order to summon Spirit King and defeat Jackal. She's also gain Aquarius water controlling ability and uses Urano Metria to defeat him. After that, she restored the humanity and making everyone come back to Earthland. It is also a very curious thing that her mother's death date is the same as the dragons disappearance and she knowing the secret of One Magic. Lucy displays so much compassion towards her comrades and not wanting any luxury provided by her father and not through her hardwork. She doesn't like her fate to be decided and cared deeply towards her spirits she called friends. Moreover, she is also very kind even to someone she don't like. For example, her father Jude Heartfilia, she even go to the guild, Love and Lucky when she heard that her father may be in danger and beat the guild Naked Mummy. For me, she is the best character.

Lucy is my favorite! She's so nice smart and pretty

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6Sting Eucliffe

Sting is not only super strong but he constantly works hard to improve his skills and knows the true meaning of friendship. also he is so cute especially his friendship with Lecter and the way he looks up to Natsu is adorable.

He is uber strong, a funny person, calm, makes the BEST facial expressions... He is like my life in that show

He is way strong and a hunk. 😍😍😍

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I just love her. After all that happened to her (I mean her sisters "death") she was still strong, because she knew she had to protect her family. She always smiles. She know, that every single person is good inside. She always cheers everyone up, and if she cries, I'm crying too. She always believes in her friends and that there's rainbow after clouds. Such positive character! Besides, she's sometimes very funny.

She is one of the favorite character of this anime series but needs more story and fight scenes on her.

I like Mirajane because she is beautiful and strong and she is one of the weekly sorcerer and she's kind too that's why I like her.

I love her so much, Mira is the soul of Fairy Tail.

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8Freed Justine

He is strong and intelligent. He can defeat all the fairy tail members if he got the time

I love his cuteness and Laxus-addicted. He also look like a girl in that long green hair!


I'm sorry but Juvia is just so sick I don't understand how she could be at this ranking...and it's pretty sad I mean she's funny, weird, cool, smart, and very powerful when she's ready I'm lost why Lucy is before her and not to mention the other way awesome characters in all of the series like Rogue or Zeref? There's more but I'm just so upset at this shocking revelation that I can't even think clearly...JUVIA ROCKS AND DON'T HATE ON HER!

Juvia is awesome powerful funny always gets me on the floor laughing and is in love with gray. Her love for gray makes her so op also she's really hot

Why? I know Juvia is just weak but for anyone she love is been hurt she will kill anyone who does that. She is the best even though she's a stalker.

Juvia is the best and way better than lucy. She is prettier and stronger, and needs more love.

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He is honestly one out of a small handful of tolerable characters in Fairy Tail that make the series somewhat watchable/readable. Over the series of Fairy Tail he actually receives some character development and actually improves his personality over the course of the series. Whenever he gets into a fight, it's worth enjoying it due to it not being heavily one-sided. However, when it comes to him in GMG his character regresses drastically when he quotes Natsu and he one-shots Jura because that is not normal when it comes to Laxus's character. In fact, it really is unfortunate because he had trained to fight against Jura and we were given a power chart to see where the characters were power-wise (Jura and Laxus were pretty so they should have had a pretty equal fight lasting for 4-5 chapters). In the end, Laxus is still an enjoyable character since he rarely ever partakes in the nakama silliness of the guild members and he actually has some character development.

Laxus Dreyar is the only reason I still watch fairy tail, No one as quick as laxus, strong as laxus, in a fight there is no one better!

Laxus is Strong, handsome. Cool! And I love fairy tail! ='). , -Laxus and Mirajane-

Hail! The Lightning Dragon.

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?Max Alors

Best character ever. Honestly. Brave. Heroic. Max is the best character in Fairy Tail. His backstory is so touching. I wish I could become a member of Fairy Tail, create a time spell, go back in time, and hug Max until his spine breaks in half. His sand magic is obviously the coolest magic possible. What can't you do with sand? Time and time again, he saves Fairy Tail from imminent doom. Fairy Tail would be a pile of ashes if it wasn't for the hero of the series, Max. He loves talking to people and having friends, and we all know friendship is the main theme of Fairy Tail. He embodies the spirit of Fairy Tail. He practically IS Fairy Tail. He is the human manifestation of love, friendship, and Fairy Tail. And that is why he is my favorite character. P.S. did anyone else notice the scene where Max was passed out with a broom in his butt?


Jiemma is the ultimatum of Fairy Tail. Sabertooth is now weak without him. Rest in peace. - SelfDestruct

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11Kagura Mikazuchi

This woman could destroy anything without even unleashing her sword! That is power! If it wasn't for Erza telling her about Simon's death and getting Kagura so emotional(which broke her focus on the match) then I truly believe that she could have taken Erza down. While watching her fight, I truly thought to myself "Erza might lose." Super strong, a great wizard, needs more screen time. Also, she wear clothes! She's not running around trying to fight in high heels and a bikini! She looks like a warrior, and I love that!

Kagura is so hot yet so cute, and she is strong yet fragile

Kagura? She is powerful? KAGURA SUCKS! I hate her! Very much! Why you don't accepted that she is weak! KAGURA LOSE!

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Should be #2, to be honest. She has a great story and motive to her previously villainy that dig ever deeper. She never truly wanted to commit said deeds despite having been "abandoned" as a child, manipulated by countless of those who have delved too deep into magic (Hades, Oracion Seis' Brain, etc), and have had been treated as a lab rat. Such a past would drive people to complete evil, if not insanity. Nonetheless, Ultear persevered and only committed them to achieve a magic power that would undo all of said acts and help her attain happiness that was unjustifiably stolen from her at such a young age. Her good will is also proven when she protects and takes care of a young orphaned girl whom she had just met (Meldy). Furthermore, once she was shown the light by Fairy Tail, she turned her back against evil, and rather than stay locked up in a cage regretting her actions but not atoning for them, she formed an independent guild called "Crime Sorciere", along with former criminals, Jellal Hernandes and Meldy. Even so, she did not run away from the fact that she still committed evil, but accepted the responsibility of such a heavy burden and shouldered it. She drowned herself in remorse even when battling evil. She owned up to her actions when Kagura and Milliana were astonished and angry at Erza's forgiveness towards Jellal, and admitted that she had manipulated him. Furthermore, she has the rare ability of using two different and highly powerful magics, namely, the Lost Magic "Time Arc" and "Ice Mold" Magic. She is a strong female character and a brave one at that, sacrificing her lifespan for the sake of humanity and her comrades (by reversing time by a minute worldwide and thus saving countless lives and averting the otherwise inevitable doom of the age of dragons), though she would not be acknowledged anyhow. A true hero indeed.

Ultear... My favorite character... she had to go trough so much! And gave her life to save the world.. AND her Ice Maker magic is badass better then Grays by far! Also she is the 4 strongest female next to Ul, Erza and Mavis

She sacrificed her life in the grand magic games arc for the sake of others. Period.

Ultear has the best power

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13Rogue Cheney

I don't understand why he isn't higher. He was the only member of Sabertooth that questioned what their guild was doing, even going as far to call their guild's motives wrong. He didn't join them in the arena when they were going to throw down after Minerva hurt Lucy, not did he watch Minerva beat her up. He also has such a soft side for Frosh which is ADORABLE. And then there's the whole shadow thing. He's had to deal with the fact that in the future he could kill Sting, and yet he still strives to be happy. Honestly, I love Rogue. He should be at least 12.

In my opinion, Rogue is much more better-looking than Gray. At first, he shows his disinterest in everything and everyone, with Gajeel as the only person and thing he was interested in. He longed to surpass Gajeel. Rogue actually spoke up and questioned the Sabertooth guild's policies. After a while, he shows his caring nature towards his comrades. Rogue should be in the top ten.

Strong sometimes jerk like sting but it's funny how he changed and is a gajeel fanboy. Plus frosch hangs around him lucky plus he's so nice to he's cat who's in a frog suit and who's well kind of not the sharpest tool in the shed

He's just awesome I love his abilities and his look. His exceed is the best one. And I just really like his character

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HAPPY IS SUCH A CUTE PIE! I want him to be my pet! Aye!

You have got to admit, Happy is the soul of Fairy Tail, both as a guild and an anime series.

Happy is very very funny. He always has the greatest facial expressions!

Happy because he is so adorable and so hot like him so much

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15Gajeel Redfox

He's so funny! Definitely deserves to be in the top ten!

Not only natsu rival but a awesome fairy tail wizard

He's just a tough guy on the outside but on the inside he just wants a flying cat

You've got to love his style!

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16Rufus Lore

Awesome magic that can make or combine magic and don't know how he got two move shoted by gray.


Um, he's amazing... What more is there to say? - freeflight

The most mysterious and badass character in Fairy Tail spoilers:

I'm still waiting for him to return

He's like the batman of Fairy Tail

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Lyon is so handsome and likes juvia

I have a soft spot for Lyon because he looks like Hitsuyuga from Bleach.


Loke is my bae

Bae is Danish for poop you, know...
Just saying...


Is part of jellals guild and is ultears adopted daughter. She's nice and happy after the time skip. She's also hot and friends with Juvia, Jellal and ultear.

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