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41Jules Bianchi

Great member for the team and possibly future world champion.

He is a quick guy and deserve to join ferrari.

Look how he raced in Marussia. He scored points for a team in the 2010 trio and as of today (few hours before Baku practice 3) is the only wrong. I was shocked at his death. RIP

Beautiful angel

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42Roland RatzenbergerV1 Comment
43Rene Arnoux
44Stefan Bellof

Started the 1984 Monaco race stone dead last on the grid, in the only non-turbocharged car in the field, and by the halfway point in the race, he was up to third and catching both Senna and Prost. He also holds the ultimate lap record of the Nordschliefe.
He was somewhat like Senna, only even faster and more fearless. The ultimate 'what if' story in Formula 1.

Would have won 84' Monaco race if it gone a few more laps.

45Vitaly PetrovV1 Comment
46Jean Alesi
47Tiago MonteiroV1 Comment
48Giancarlo Fisichella

Great driver with low budget teams. In 2005-2007 reno gave all his support to alonso.

49Kevin Magnussen

He took a second on debut and will come back stronger

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50Fran├žois Cevert
51Carlos Reutemann

He never had a team working for his world title's conquest.

52Eddie Irvine
53Jean Eric-Vergne
54Felipe Massa

He has made some of the greatest starts in modern f1, and some of the greatest overtakes. A very unlucky driver, deserved a championship, but ferrari mistakes were far too serious. Also a humble sportsman, and a good guy. I hope people will always recognize the talent of this man.

Awesome driver, unfortunately he has never been as good as he was after his accident

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55Mario Andretti

This is an insane list without one of the fastest most versatile drivers of all time. I'm a big fan and never heard of some of the drivers on this list.

Andretti should always be a list of best drivers in F1 and any other racing class.( he has driven practicly every sort of racing car...)
The ultimate American racer!

Should be in the to 15 at least.
By the way, where's Nuvolari on this list.
Should be in the top 3.

56Taki Inoue

Hahaaahahaahahaaha! Come on! I thought this was a joke but this is just taking the piss

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57Max Chilton

I don't think he is as talented as most people think

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58Markus Winkelhock
59Yuji Ide

Some of the amazing accomplishments of Yuji Ide
-voted one of the five worst f1 drivers of all-time
-finished only one of his races
-best qualifying result was 21st
-had his super license revoked
-one of the greatest Japanese drivers ever

-father of pastor Maldonado

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60Daniel Ricciardo

Give him a better car/ engine and watch the paddocks heads turn. Has big potential of being one of the greats. Remember only driver to get 3 wins other then Mercedes team drivers for 2014.

His actually very good but give him a better car engine and stuff like that he should be at least to 20

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