Best Future Diary Characters


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1Yuno Gasai

Okay people. This is an obvious first place. I mean, come on.

I can relate to her because of the fact that she is obsessive. I am a Yandere, so of course I would love her. I'm even thinking of cosplaying as her.

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2Minene Uryu

She was actually the least crazy person in the show. And didn't die

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3Yukiteru AmanoV2 Comments
4Deus Ex Machina
5Aru Akise

Akise was comic relief, genius, and lover all in one. Not to mention the plot twist involving him that I can guarantee NOBODY saw coming.

Seriously? 5th? Akise is such a complex character, he doesn't deserve FIFTH! AND the fact that he kissed Yuki... Boy love! ~ - iCanSeeYourPixels

6Keigo Kurusu
7Tsubaki Kasugano
8Yomotsu Hirasaka
9Ai Mikami
10Marco Ikusaba

The Contenders

11Reisuke Houjou

He was just so cute yet so twisted at the same time :3

12Kamado Ueshita

Why isn't she in the top 10? She's so caring, and not crazy or a killer.

13Takao Hiyama
14Muru Muru
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