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1Yuno Gasai

Okay people. This is an obvious first place. I mean, come on.

Am I the only one who doesn't like Yuno, I mean she kills all the interesting characters in the show.

So crazy yet so awesome wish the series could have more to it

I'll trade places with Yuki any day.

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2Minene Uryu

She was crazy, but she was a justifiable amount who knew how to take charge. I loved her character

She was actually the least crazy person in the show. And didn't die

Most awesome character with a huge plot twist.

Be honest; you all secretly love her.

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3Aru Akise

Aru was my absolute favorite! Sure, there were times I disagreed with his manipulative nature such as when he got his friends involved with the future diary havoc without them knowing. But it is evident he cares for them greatly. Even until his end, he tried to protect the world and his last friend Yuki. There are instances when I find myself thinking "My god, this guy is a genius." His intellect stuns me along with his calm demeanor and determination. I admit, I was kinda pissed when the writers had him have a crush on Yuki. Mainly because it seems as if in his last moments he was reduced to simply being a love interest instead on focusing on his actual goal saving the world (also I kinda hate Yuki). But I still believe that he was doing it for the greater good and thought Yuki was best as God and he didn't do it simply because he was his crush. He is an awesome and complex character

Akise is SERIOUSLY a genius. Honestly, I like him much more than Yuno because he does a lot of things that NO ONE had coming. Especially the scene where he takes his crush for Yuki to a new level- kissing him! But really, Akise should be in the top spot.

He is always right, Whenever yuno is always wrong and he is cute (lel help me I have problems) when I saw the episode when they saw each other I thought he was a diary owner but near the end of the series, he became one but how is it possible, untill how the dairy system works to become a diary owner so aru confess to Yuki which I hate Yuki and he is flow when he is relaxing by himself. Have Yuki and akise together is best then yuno (SCREW YOU YUNO HOPE YOU DIE FOREVER AND I WANT AKISE AND YUKI TOGETHER SO I WANT U WITH DESU IN A CAGE GETTING TORTURED WHENEVER THE WORLD IS GONNA END) so aru is the best character in the series, no one is cute and aru and HE IS THE BEST CHARACTER.

I love this guy

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4Deus Ex Machina
5Keigo Kurusu
6Yukiteru AmanoV2 Comments
7Tsubaki Kasugano
8Ai Mikami
9Yomotsu Hirasaka
10Marco Ikusaba

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11Muru Muru
12Reisuke Houjou

He was just so cute yet so twisted at the same time :3

13Masumi Nishijima
14Hinata Hino
15Takao Hiyama
16Kamado Ueshita

Why isn't she in the top 10? She's so caring, and not crazy or a killer.

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1. Yuno Gasai
2. Minene Uryu
3. Aru Akise
1. Yuno Gasai
2. Minene Uryu
3. Yukiteru Amano
1. Aru Akise
2. Minene Uryu
3. Yuno Gasai



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